[Chapter 342, The Distress of Data Technicians]

A month after Xie Mingzhe's last card submission, the official audit department has recently been idle. Most players' original card intelligent database can be directly solved. Occasionally, several cards are submitted to manual channels, and the skill design is simple. One or two datalogists can decide whether to pass or not by counting.

The employees of the Data Department had a hard time getting off work on time for a month, nine nights and five nights.

However, everyone's heart was always hanging, after all, Xie Mingzhe had given up his personal race before. Why did he give up? The answer is obvious, it must have taken more time to get back to playing cards.

As a result, Xie Mingzhe still hasn't made a move after all the individual group matches.

Is it playing cards with bottlenecks? Or is he saving something?

It happens to be Friday.

After lunch, everyone sat in the office chatting at leisure and bored. "The hexadecimal eight of the individual race is about to begin," said Lao Zhang. "Nirvana is left with Chen Xiao's unique seedling. ”

Sister Liu couldn't help but frown: “Don't mention Nirvana, it's not easy to be quiet for a month. I think of Xie Mingzhe, I'm all big. ”

Old Zhang helplessly shrugged: “I can't help it, I should come sooner or later. He gave up his personal race to go back and make a card, and I don't know what happened? ”

Zou Xiaoning put away the light on the table and said with a laugh: "The Lord of Cardmaking still hasn't made a move this week, maybe we'll have another happy weekend! ”

The voice just dropped and a familiar system mechanical voice suddenly came from the ear: "Emergency notification, 50 cards have been submitted to the manual audit channel, please complete the audit as soon as possible. ”

Everyone: “??? ”

Am I right? The data just mentioned by the system mechanical sound seems to be… 50 copies?

Zou Xiaoning's face was white and he jumped from his seat “tentatively" and rushed to the front of the big screen at a speed of 100 meters. His voice trembled and asked: “How many? Would you mind saying that again!! ”

The mechanical sound of the system said emotionally: "50 sheets. ”

Datas: “………"

Xie Mingzhe, you want to go to heaven, right?

The Great Demon King Xie Mingzhe hasn't moved in such a long time, it turns out he has released another ultimate trick!

Everyone's face immediately changed to a depressed look, someone slapped his chest, someone bit him in the teeth, if Xie Mingzhe was there at this time, maybe everyone would hold him up and beat him to pieces.

Liu Xiaoning looked at Zou Xiaoning complainingly: "Xiaoning, every time you say you don't have to work overtime, you can rest like this, Xie Mingzhe will hand in a card, you crow mouth has a fight with Nie Shen. ”

Zou Xiaoning's face was bitter, she used to be Fat Uncle's death fan, and now it's almost dark.

Director Zhou Jiayao took a deep breath and tried to say in a calm tone: “50 cards, definitely will not be audited today, all stay overtime on Saturday, think about the high overtime paid by the company, is it more motivating? ”

"“ … "

Our weekend ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Zou Xiaoning has been searching for "Hair Strategies”, “What about young people who always lose their hair", “What shampoo is not easy to lose hair"... Now she finds that searching for these is useless, rather than looking for a good shampoo, ask Xie Mingzhe - can you please not submit so many cards at once? Talk to me, give us a way out?

Listening to the sighs of colleagues, Zhou Jiayao was very heartless, and she found herself making a big mistake.

Xie Mingzhe used to submit cards in the middle of the night, 3 to 5 cards at a time, which probably had something to do with his habit - getting up in the morning to make cards and submitting them at night after confirming completion. Zhou Jiayao suspected that he was submitting cards in the middle of the night, causing everyone to work overtime, so he was reminded when sending him a review message: Please try to submit cards at work time.

Xie Mingzhe said with great cooperation, OK, I will save some more for submission later.

Since then, he has not submitted cards in the middle of the night, instead saving some time and submitting them in bulk.

Previously, the Ten Palace Yan King and Eight Immortals series of cards had already made the datalogists scorch their heads. As a result, they lost heart this time, saving 50 cards to submit together - 50 cards! Nima, some second-rate clubs don't have 50 total cards!

Zhou Jiayao really wanted to open Xie Mingzhe's head and see what was in it.

At 2: 30 p.m., Zhou Jiayao quickly calmed down. "Sister Zhang and Liu, go through the skills of 50 cards first to see if there are any maps, stunts and sound effects that need to be reviewed, so I can make sure to leave several other departments behind. ”

Overtime alone is better than working together. How can this “good thing” of making overtime on a weekend leave their data department alone in bad luck... No, enjoy it alone?

Old Zhang and Sister Liu are experienced datalogists who have worked at Star Card headquarters for many years. After swiftly sweeping 50 cards, they quickly discovered the problem. Old Zhang scratched his head. "Director, I found that many of them were old cards that had been previously reviewed. Lately, special effects, sound effects, such as Iron Fan Princess, Send Song Guanyin, Yue Old, have been reviewed before. ”

Zhou Jiayao nodded: “I have all the impressions. What is the situation? ”

"Smart Database submitted 50 cards to the manual channel at once, most importantly because of this -” she magnified a review application form on the screen, pointing it out to everyone, "Xie Mingzhe wants to set up the card race alone. ”

"" …………… "

It's still too easy for everyone to think about Xie Mingzhe.

You think he only makes character cards? No, he's gonna be a new race!

Zhou Jiayao walked over with interest: "Independent race? Immortals?”

Everyone looked at it curiously in front of the big screen.

Xie Mingzhe describes the appearance of Immortals similar to that of humans, but does not suffer from illness or old age. Immortals have millions or tens of millions of years of longevity. They can lift clouds, drive mists and enter the heavens and the earth. They are super powerful and call for rain, and protect the people of the world in the heavens.

This is a common characteristic of the Immortals. According to this common characteristic, he adjusted old cards such as Princess Iron Fan, Old Moon, Queen Wang, etc., and the card appearance can float, with cloud fog or Fabao representing the Immortals appearing at the foot.

Later production of Eight Immortals, Thunder Meteor Mother, etc. obviously Xie Mingzhe had already thought about independent Immortals, so he added cloud fog, holy light, Fabao and other Immortals characteristics to the card design.

Xie Mingzhe wrote this Immortal Independence Application Form which is sincere and well-founded. Although everyone in the data department hated that Xie Mingzhe made them work overtime, they had to admit that the guy was quite talented.

Silence in the office.

After a long time, Zhou Jiayao rubbed his swollen temple and said: “Xiaoning, you should invite the directors of the Map Department, Special Effects Department, Sound Effects Department and Engineering Department to meet with me. These 50 cards have some old cards, there are many new cards, and the next weekend is busy. ”

Zou Xiaoning had to painstakingly call someone.

A moment later, the employees of other departments came to the conference room with a dark face. Zhou Jiayao had not spoken yet, so everyone agreed: “It's Xie Mingzhe again? How many more cards did he submit this time? ”

Zhou Jiayao said: "Fifty. ”

“Oh, the five words are fine...” He immediately stared into his eyes when he noticed something was wrong: “Wait! How many more? ”

Zhou Jiayao repeated unemotionally: “5, 10, Zhang. ”

Everyone: “………"

neat and tidy breathing in the office.

A moment later, the Director of Engineering whispered, “Why isn't Xie Mingzhe in heaven? ”

Zhou Jiayao smiled slightly: “He really went to heaven this time. ”

How did Xie Mingzhe go to heaven? Weren't Xie Mingzhe mad at you for saying something like that?

As a result, Zhou Jiayao magnified the Immortal Independence Application Form on the projection screen at the next moment: “This batch of cards he made will be made independently of the 'Immortal Family’. According to the description in his application, this race is the cards that can go up to heaven. ”

"" ………… "

Xie Mingzhe, you really want to go to heaven!

Looking at other departments, Zhou Jiayao was somewhat delighted. He said with a laugh: "This is the highest number of cards reviewed at a time in the eleven years since the establishment of our Starcard Data Department, and it is worth remembering. ”

The director of the map department said bitterly, "Are all 50 new cards? How many are related to the map? ”

Zhou Jiayao's answer barely reassured everyone: “A large portion of these cards are old cards, re-skill effects have been made, or some skill descriptions have been changed because independent Immortals have to submit to the manual channel. There are only 20 new cards, do you feel more relaxed? ”

It's not much easier than 20, is it?

However, compared to 50 new cards, this is already worth having fun with.

Zhou Jiayao Thunder is very windy to divide old cards for everyone to review as a priority. The Eight Immortals series and the Thunder Meteor series have all been recently reviewed, and the cards have not changed. However, it is necessary to finalize the ethnic affiliation, which can be put aside for the time being.

This batch of cards by Princess Iron Fan, Queen Wang and Yue Lao, modified the card image, added the design of "cloud fog” and other Immortal elements, slightly adjusted some skills and data, and it is also very easy to review.

The old card was cleared at the end of the day, which relieved everyone.

Zhou Jiayao then magnified the new card and said: “In order, look at the water god co-worker and fire god blessing first. ”

The two card effects are very cool, "The skill light effect is too gorgeous to affect the player's field of view in real time, and there are too many colorful skills to help the audience see the game clearly, both cards need to be adjusted, and the light effect needs to be weakened. ”

After all, Qin Xuan is not a professional special effects artist. The overall idea is correct. The details definitely need to be adjusted. Zhou Jiayao has become accustomed to the opinions of the special effects department. The data on these two cards are not much of a problem and will be adopted soon.

After successfully reviewing two new cards, it was already dark, and an engineer who didn't know the rules smiled: “It doesn't seem as hard as I imagined. ”

Sister Liu of the data department immediately whispered to him: “Don't crow mouth! ”

Zhou Jiayao said: "Everyone go to dinner first, then come back after dinner to work overtime. ”

The full eaters returned to the office at 7: 30 p.m., and Zhou Jiayao continued to change cards in sequence: “The next group, Niu Lang, Weaver, changed Queen Wang, the three cards are linked. ”

Three cards were magnified onto the screen, and everyone looked up.

A moment later, the conference room sounded a gutter--

“Fuck! What do you mean, no disturbances are allowed during card appointments, and other cards are left standing still? ”

“Niu Lang and Weiqiao meet up and watch them go on a date, do you think this is a card TV show? ”

“Xie Mingzhe really came more and more like a director, why didn't he go to the entertainment circle and waste talent in the card circle! ”


Follow closely, the rear and rear emerge.

The map department is going insane...

“I've only seen maps on the ground. What the fuck is a moon palace painted in the sky? ”

“In other words, we have to get a moon palace in the sky for her every time she comes out? ”

“Xie Mingzhe is going to heaven, who cares! ”

“He's messing up the ground. Not enough fighting, and scourge the sky? ”

Zhou Jiayao couldn't help but have fun watching the people in the map department collapse.

As a result, the moment the rabbit jumped and added blood, her lips were stiff —— I fucked up, the rabbit jumped and added blood, which required a lot of data to calculate. How do you jump, add a blood-cooled CD and how much treatment per second will affect balance?

The office sighed for a moment, and everyone was so busy with their noses and their faces glowing.

The engineer who just said, "It's not hard," shrunk his neck and his head drowned down to his chest, like a grieving quail.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 342, Immortal Independence]

The weekend was supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable time, but the star card headquarters was incredibly lively. Because employees from several departments stay overtime at the same time, even more exaggerated is that everyone sleeps directly in the company, and the house is not home!

Starcard headquarters has established a temporary lounge area on the 20th floor for overtime staff, with many small soundproofed rooms for temporary accommodation. If someone from another company sees this scene, they will surely admire the hard work and dedication of the staff at Star Card headquarters - these lunatics, for the sake of performance!

In fact, this is also compelling.

Working late into the middle of the night, it's boring to go home, so why don't you sleep in the office and get up tomorrow and get to work.

Many of the young men and women who work at Starcard headquarters are single. The group was energetic and came to the Data Department's office early Saturday morning and raised their sleeves to continue reviewing the cards.

As a result, when you see so many lovers' cards, single dogs are stuffed early in the morning with their mouths full of food ——

“Dong Yong and Qi Fairy left together. I'm so sad about the bachelor card, I envy it... Xie Mingzhe is looking for a fight right?!” “I'm single too, I have to work overtime on weekends, I'm even sadder!” 'I live better than a card? ”

On Saturday morning, the others were still in a warm nest. Not only did they have to get up early in the morning and work overtime, but they were also forced to see a "card love story”. The skill descriptions were all “Because they were so sad to be single, group silence” and "Look at them leave together so envious, group silence” - Daiga was already very depressed. Seeing this, I really wanted to catch Xie Mingzhe and beat him up.

The crowd speedily vetted Xie Mingzhe as he vomited madly.

Although Xie Mingzhe's card skill description is annoying, but in terms of data, Chen Qianlin Gateway, coupled with the fact that he has made so many cards, he has already figured out the bottom line of the official datagrapher, obviously he has mastered the small skill of designing cards, so after detailed data calculation, all the cards passed.

In the White Snake Herald series, we saw another great show of vengeance.

Zou Xiaoning couldn't help but say: “Legend of the White Snake, if it was a TV show, I would definitely watch it. Bai Suzhen is very beautiful. Snake demon has become a man to repay Xu Xian. What's wrong with two little bites of peace and stability? Why did Fahai have to break them up? ”

Liu pushed her glasses, curious: “I wonder if the director would want to make a movie on this subject after the release of the cards? Xie Mingzhe himself is a director, why don't you let him develop a side career to make a" Card Love Story "? ”

Everyone agrees - you've really broken Xie Mingzhe's heart and thought about his way out of retirement.

It was difficult to review the White Snake Herald, and it turned out that there was another family of Snakes.

Where the connection between the haunted sea is too complicated, Li Jing shifted instantly, where the suicide was resurrected, Jin Xiao refreshed his skills, Mu Xiao raised the attack, the datalogists are as big as cows, it took all morning to compute the data alone.

After reviewing this batch of cards, it was another Battle of Seven Stars!

Zou Xiaoning crumbled and grabbed his hair: "Ten Palace Yan King, Beidou Seven Star, can he please stop playing this kind of cards all the time! ”

The original “Ten Palaces Yan Wang" gave everyone a headache, the name was too obvious. What kind of greedy Sirius, Wen Qu Xing, Wu Qu Xing are “Beidou Qi Xing Jun" nowadays? Are their skills so varied that they can't be distinguished from each other?

Especially Wen Qu Xingjun's pen ink paper yarn, the four skills are validated separately, and we also have to consider cooling the CD, skill balance - everyone counts baldness just by counting the data.

The Bao Lotus lamp review of the Three Virgins has also lost a lot of effort. The Bao Lotus lamp can add blood, resurrect, remove negative effects, and trace the designated target. It is the most comprehensive auxiliary card, and it cools for only 15 seconds. It is really too BUG.

Collectively, the datalogists objected, and it was clear that the card was too strong.

After careful consideration, Zhou Jiayao suggested: “I propose a modification plan to remove the resurrection skills. After all, the resurrection is a 10-minute CD, which is not suitable for Pauline lamps. The ability to add blood to the population, remove negative effects from the population, and single traction is preserved, in addition, the CD used by Pauline lamps is increased from 15 seconds to 25 seconds. ”

Once again, according to the director, the data of the Pauline lamp was found to be within reasonable limits.

Although Pauline is fully functional, it has a huge flaw - every time you use one skill, the petals turn black, and when all seven petals turn black, the Pauline lamp loses its function, meaning that its skills are limited by the number of times it is used.

Most secondary cards have unlimited skills, which also somewhat reduces the intensity of Pauline lamps.

Jade Emperor, the number of heavenly soldiers is limited to 10, up to 10 targets are attacked simultaneously, the lowest amount of blood of the attacked targets can be brought back to heaven, not everyone can be taken back to heaven by the heavenly card fire.


On Saturday or two, everyone was busy not touching the ground and didn't even have time to go to the bathroom.

Until 10: 30 p.m. on Sunday night, this batch of cards was finally cleared.

Zou Xiaoning grabbed the back of her head, and then grabbed a huge amount of hair. She really wanted to cry - she lost her hair young, fell bald quickly, why did she learn math when she was young? Why did you meet this demon Sherminger after two years of work?

Listen to my predecessor, the data department is obviously very relaxed.

Tang Muzhou submitted a large number of plant cards, Gui Sirui independent ghost cards, Pei Jingshan made the trickworm genre... There were also excellent original players to make a large number of cards before, but the data department has never been this busy. Because most players' card skill descriptions allow intelligent audit robots to pass directly, not many cards are issued to manual channels.

More importantly, those players are more normal, unlike the lunatic Xie Mingzhe, who scared the hell out of himself by submitting 50 cards at a time!

The office was covered with a mournful atmosphere until Zhou Jiayao clapped his hands and said: “Thank you for your hard work, I invite you to dinner and night. ”

Some vitality has only been restored in the office.

Everyone comes to the barbecue stall near the company for a big meal - turn grief into food!

After eating and drinking, everyone was in a much better mood. Zou Xiaoning turned to the director: “Sister Zhou, do you think Xie Mingjie's application for independence of the Immortals is feasible? ”

Zhou Jiayao said: "There are no errors in the application process, and the 30 basic conditions far exceed, but there is a key… I think his Immortals, and the Divine Clan of the Temples, have some resemblance? ”

When people heard this place, they suddenly understood.

Liu Xi calmly said: “It does resemble, it can float, long life and so on..."

Zhou Jiayao said: "So I was worried that HQ would pass his application? ”

The Data Department is only responsible for card data review, but race is a big affair that affects the entire star card game and requires official and allied votes to pass. Once Xie Mingzhe's application form fails to convince the official and coalition, it's likely that his cards will be attributed to the most similarly characterized, temple-inspired gods.

The official datagraphers were very concerned about Xie Mingzhe's overtime, but everyone recognized Xie Mingzhe's talent. His cards, many of them were personally vetted. It would be particularly kind to see these cards appear on the field, and it would be honorable to see Xie Mingzhe win the game with them.

So emotionally, you're still hoping that Xie Mingzhe's application for independence will be passed - so that you won't be busy this weekend!

Zou Xiaoning said, “Sister Zhou, can you do something? ”

Zhou Jiayao shrugged: “I only have one vote, and the concrete results depend on what is said above, as well as Xie Mingzhe's own reasoning… If I'm right, the official may invite him to participate in the debate. ”

Haunted cards, demon cards, tricksters, these cards are easier to independently race because they have never been similar before. Xie Mingzhe's fairy card features are indeed somewhat similar to those of the shrines, and it is hard to say whether he can be independent in the end.

* * *

The next morning, Xie Mingzhe received an official e-mail to him - most of the cards he had submitted had been reviewed, only a few needed to be modified in some detail, with little change, and he had been very cooperative in changing them.

The email also states: "The Immortal Independence Application Form has been submitted to your superior, please wait for official notification. ”

Xie Mingzhe replied politely, and all he could do next was wait for the notification.

Three days later, Xie Mingzhe received information, which was officially sent to him, inviting him to attend a validation conference at Headquarters on Thursday afternoon.

Xie Mingzhe was confused and asked Master: “Why did I have to go to the conference myself? I remember Brother Pei said that when Pei Jingshan applied for independence, he could just submit the application form, right? ”

Chen Qianlin speculated: “It's probably a problem, I need you to personally explain why the Independent Immortals. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded, carefully sorted out his fairy cards, and thought ahead of time about what he was going to say.

On Thursday afternoon, Xie Mingzhe arrived at the official headquarters, where he met the weekly president of the Career Union, as well as several legendary official executives, directors of the Map Department, the Data Department, the Procedures Department, the Special Effects Department and a number of bystanders.

The meeting was held in secret and the outside world did not hear any wind blowing.

The meeting room was full of people, and Xie Mingzhe walked in and found everyone watching him.

Normal athletes are expected to be nervous when they see the scene. Xie Mingzhe has a thick face and smiles slightly at everyone without fear of life.

“The debate on the Independent Immortal Card has now officially begun," he said. "First, please explain in detail the reasons for the independent 'Immortal' race. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded, went to the stage to clear his voice, and repeated the reasons listed on his application form.

Everyone has seen this reason, and asked him to come here obviously does not feel that the reason is sufficient. The next free question time is the key. If Xie Mingzhe is unable to convince the official leader, it is likely that the Immortal Independence Plan will have to be soup.

Indeed, the serious-faced head of official cards, General Manager Qin, calmly asked: “According to your description, these cards are very similar to the Divine Clan of the Temples, why not directly attribute them to the Divine Clan? ”

Xie Mingzhe said impolitely: "The features of these cards are somewhat similar to those of the shrines, but the background stories and cultural customs do not have any similarities. The medals of the temples, using Nordic mythology, Greek mythology and legend stories, I designed these cards, which are completely different from their mythological systems and cannot be classified in the same category. ”

Say it and take out the comparison diagram that you have already prepared, "You can look closely at the medals of the temples, many gods have wings behind them, white angel wings, black demon wings, and many weapons also use canes. ”

“And the fairy cards I designed, the cloud-driven fog, the royal sword flying, the weapons are musical instruments, wooden sticks, petals, etc. Their clothing, appearance, painting style are also distinct from Lucifer, Michal and other divine medals. ”

“I keep these cards independent, respecting not only my design achievements, but also the designers of the Temple cards. Our design style varies too much. Once I design this batch of cards that are forcibly added to the Temple's 'Divine Card System’, it will only look uneven. Fans will find it strange and the Temple's players will not recognize it. ”

He looked sincerely at all present: "I hope that you will consider my proposal carefully and adopt the application for independence of the Immortals. In the future, I will also make more Immortal cards to enrich the pool of star cards in the world. ”

Zhou Jiayao: “..."

Give us a break!

Zou Xiaoning of the data department is in a complicated mood. Although Xie Mingzhe's a hater at playing cards, he himself is really... so handsome!

Faced with a large number of official executives and Alliance presidents, the 19-year-old player was not frightened at all, stood on the stage and talked, for the reason that the head - indeed, the divine medals of the temples were too different from his Immortal Card painting style, the Divine Cards were dressed in armor, battle robes, with complex and gorgeous wings behind them, and looked more dignified; his Immortal Cards wore robes, gauze skirts, cloud-driven fog, and felt more floating.

In fact, comparing the two cards together, the features are very clear. Forced to belong to a race will only cause fans on both sides to strangle, no one will disagree with anyone...

Zou Xiaoning thought so, and when the official high level saw the details of Xie Mingzhe's comparison chart, it also found this, and discussed it privately. The medals made by the shrines are supported by Nordic mythology, Greek mythology and other mythological storybooks. The cards made by Xie Mingzhe do not belong to these two mythological systems. It is indeed very reluctant to be included in the medals. Everyone exchanged views and felt that independence was feasible.

President Qin, who is officially in charge of card integration, finally asked: "Do you intend to improve their stories in the future with these fairy cards? ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded with a smile: “Yes. When this season is over, I'll take the time to sort out the cards' stories and form a complete system of fairy tales. ”

Several executives looked at each other and did not ask any more questions.

Next up is the on-site voting session. Xie Mingzhe was so nervous, but on the face of it, he maintained his style, he just secretly held his fist until he saw it on the on-site ticket recorder - the whole vote passed!

Xie Mingzhe relieved and immediately bowed to everyone: "Thank you! ”

There was a warm round of applause in the conference room.

Chairman Zhou of the professional league stood up with a smile and patted him on the shoulder: “When you abstained from the personal race before, I guessed you'd make a big move. I didn't expect you to surprise everyone - Immortals, that's great, there's a new race in the cards world! Looking forward to your performance in the tournament, come on. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded excitedly: "I will, thank the Chairman! ”

There were a lot of people watching him as he left the conference room, and his complexity made him almost stare out of a hole in the head.

Xie Mingzhe did not know that these people were being tortured by him to the bald jury, and he smiled friendlily at everyone and bowed before turning away.

People: "…”

It's no use bowing, we won't forgive you - we'd rather take your hair off.

Xie Mingzhe, who had left Headquarters, was shaking his fingers, and he immediately told the people of Nirvana the good news: “The validation meeting was passed. From today on, the Immortal card can officially become independent of a race! ”

Chen Xiao, Yike Ke, Qin Xuan and Chen Qianlin were also very happy for him, and applauded his expression.

Xie Mingzhe was very sentimental, from making the first card, Lin Daiyu, to now directly independent of a card race “Immortals", he finally became the top card maker in the star card world from a small transparency in the card making world.

In the future, there will be more and more cards with him, and these cards will be active in every corner of the star card world - everyone will know that a man named Xie Mingzhe has made a lot of strange cards, and the stories and legends about these cards will be widely disseminated in this strange star world until they become known to the family.

That's what he originally made the cards for, and he's never forgotten.

Let the people of the world love those wonderful stories through cards - he will continue to work towards that goal!

When I first counted the Immortal cards, I missed the Iron Fan Princess of the Western Series, plus the Iron Fan Princess, the current Immortal card should be 43 cards, the total number of cards submitted this time is exactly 50. Previous chapter bug has been modified, thanks for the reminder ^_^

The Immortal Card is officially independent as a new race. It is an Oriental Immortal distinguished from Western gods. Give Cher a round of applause. Please leave a message and ask for a nutritional solution.