[Chapter 348, Semifinals]

On the evening of 26 September, the other two showdowns of the 1/4 final were held on schedule at the officially designated venue.

Xie Mingzhe and Nirvana's teammates all came to the scene to watch the game.

The first was Tang Muzhou vs Pei Jingshan. The two of them were friends who grew up together and understood each other's style and rhythm very well. Therefore, the fight also appeared to be particularly intense. Each round was glued to war, and the hearts of the audience were hanging on the scene. In less than the last second, no one could confirm the final winner.

In fact, as the competition progressed to the top eight stage, most of the players were equally strong, and the winning and losing were all played on the spot. Today Tang Muzhou played clearly more stable. After the first two rounds of 1: 1 leveling, the key finals, he cheated Pei Jingshan's key defensive moves with a massive summoning of plants "attack”, forced Pei Jingshan's Ace Spider Queen to win by a difference of 1 card!

Pei Jingshan shook his hand helplessly to congratulate him, joking: “Why are you getting tired of the game style? Was it the one in your house who tried to trick me? ”

Tang Muzhou said with a smile: “I was already full of bad water. I don't know if I influenced him or if he influenced me. ”

Pei Jingshan couldn't help laughing, two people with bad water together, scourge the whole league, can anyone manage?

The second game Xu Changfeng vs Ling Feng Tang, also played well. Xu Changfeng is best at “cooling flow play", cards with double acceleration, all cards have reduced skill cooling, release skills more frequently, and can produce a lot of output over time. But Ling Zhengtang's weapon card is very critical. Before Xu Changfeng's acceleration flowed away, give him his key acceleration card for a second!

Ling Zhuangtang killed the key cards very fast, Xu Changfeng was difficult to fight, plus he didn't bring too many defensive cards in this game, Ling Zhuangtang used violent suppression to beat the two games in a row, and at 2: 0 he simply landed to take the game.

So far, the four-point list of the eleventh season's individual games has been officially--

Tang Muzhou, Ling Xuantang, Shanlan and Chen Xiao.

This list is unacceptable to many fans.

Haunted Prison Club, Lao Zheng, Gui Sirui, Liu Jingxu, none of the water players in Liu Jingxu are in the top four. The water system players in Liufrost City have also been defeated. The ruling said that fans thought that Nie Shen would be in the top four. The result was a civil war between the eight and four divisions. Nie Shen lost to Xiaolan instead?

Chen Xiao is on the top four list and looks really unethical.

In the top four of this year, Tang Muzhou won two individual championships. Shanlan was last year's individual champion. Ling Xuantang, as the Golden Nose Ancestor, won the championship as early as the second season. In recent years, he just didn't compete in individual competitions. His strength is still widely recognized by fans.

Chen Xiao is the only one who has never won any awards in a professional league. Though he is not a rookie, he played in the fifth season, but Chen Xiao's performance was unbearable - he lost fifty times in a row and left the league in a gray way!

How did such a man get into the top four?

There are a lot of questionable voices online, think Chen Xiaojin is not qualified enough, the schedule hit the luck.

After careful analysis, this assertion does make sense. Chen Xiao's schedule is really lucky. The hardest way to reverse is to defeat Zhen Mun, Qiao Xi in a row, lose to Liu Jingxu, and the team is out of line 2. If he hits top single-players such as Ling Xuantang, Nie Yuandao, Tang Muzhou, etc. in the hexadecimal eight or eight to four stages, he may not win.

However, the hexadecimal eight encountered Lao Zheng-Zheng Feng's Turkish cards are good at defense, and the output capacity is not strong, which is why Chen Xiao used the map to drill the void; while many star charts encountered in the eighth and fourth stages, although the player was single-handedly powerful, the player's attitude was prone to problems, light enemies, arrogance, being studied by Chen Xiao through the circuit, and seized the opportunity to kill back.

Chen Xiao himself knows that he did have a boost in luck along the way, but luck is also a part of his strength. When God gives you good luck, it is crucial to seize this opportunity. For Xu Xingtu, meeting Chen Xiao in the eighth and fourth is also good luck. He beat him in the steady winning game. Isn't that a missed opportunity?

External questions are loud, but Chen Xiao doesn't mind.

He was satisfied to be in the top four, and he did his best in at least every game, and he was well deserved.

* * *

At the end of the game that evening, the official head of the tournament came to the backstage with a box and assembled the top four players. He said: “At the start of the semi-finals, the tournament will be a five-game three-win system. Opponents will also draw lots to show fairness. Please come to the drawing of lots to decide the next opponent. ”

Shanlan was in a depressed mood after winning the master before. He was forced by Nie Yuandao to watch the game today. He watched two fierce rivalries. At this time, he had adjusted his mind and smiled: “Smoke first, just leave me one. ”

Tang Muzhou politely said: “I don't care. ”

Chen Xiao, of course, was embarrassed to smoke first, so he said to Ling Xuantang Tang: “Why not, Ling Shen first? ”

Ling Zhuangtang gently reached into the box and said with a smile: "Okay, I'll do it, I think it's blue! ”

Reach out and draw blue.

Ling Zhuangtang indicated that Chen Xiao then smoked, and Chen Xiao drew a red card.

Different colors, which means he won't be shocked in the semi-finals. Chen Kao's heart was relieved, his style was similar to that of Ling Feng Tang, and he liked to spell hard on the front. If he matched this great god, his chances of winning were actually very low.

Ling Zhuangtang is 30 years old this year. Strangely, there has never been any sign of a decline in the status of this great god. In the past few years, there has been a tendency to fight harder and harder, and he has not been a disciple, what a strange man.

Chen Xiao picked up the red sign in his hand and looked at Tang Muzhou and Shanlan. "You two, it's your turn. ”

Tang Muzhou let Mountain Lan smoke, and Mountain Lan drew blue.

The last one left for Tang Mu Zhou is naturally a red card. He picked up the red card and looked at Chen Xiao and said with a smile: “I'll fight you. ”

Chen Xiao nodded helplessly: "Hmm. ”

Semifinals, Tang Muzhou vs Chen Xiao, Ling Xuantang vs Shanlan.

This result complicated the mood of many spectators. Tang Muzhou and Chen Xiao were wooden plant civil wars. Tang Muzhou won two individual races. Chen Xiao tried to beat him not so easily. But Tang Muzhou's master and brother are all on the same team as Chen Xiao, and Chen Xiao is not completely hopeless.

The results of the drawing of lots will soon be posted on the official website and the semi-finals will be held in three days.

When Chen Xiao and his teammates left, Tang Muzhou suddenly called him and whispered: “Chen Xiao, remember what I told you five years ago when you left the Alliance? ”

Chen Xiao shrugged, reluctant to recall the moments of the past - when he lost fifty individual games in a row and encountered fifty consecutive victories in Tang Muzhou. In order to leave the sanctuary as soon as possible, Chen Xiao did not play his part in the confrontation with Tang Muzhou, but tried to calculate the timing of Tang Muzhou's skills release, “just in time” to lose two consecutive games.

At that time, a lot of the audience were scolding him, saying that he was embarrassing his brother Chen Qianlin, saying that he was not worthy of being a professional athlete, and that the scene was filled with stinging whining, Chen Xuan turned around and left, but heard Tang Muzhou say behind him: “When you return to the Alliance in the future, I hope that there will be a real comparison between us. ”

Chen Xiao did not answer at the time. His guilt towards his brother and self-loathing for missigning the contract prevented him from raising his head in front of Tang Muzhou. He had to slip away and escape all the spit on the Internet.

But today, he finally bluntly glanced at Tang Muzhou and smiled: “I remember. ”

Tang Muzhou also smiled and patted him on the shoulder: "Come on, I'll see you on the field. ”

Chen Qiao stared firmly: “See you on the field. ”

* * *

Preparing a game in three days is a matter of time.

The opponent is Tang Muzhou, I don't know if this is bad luck or good luck.

Chen Xiao knows Tang Muzhou, Tang Muzhou also knows Chen Xiao. Five years ago, they both followed Chen Qian Lin to learn to make cards. They became silent friends. They practiced together in the arena every day. Many of Tang Muzhou's cards are still made with Chen Xiao's help. Even Tang Muzhou's sexual orientation, Chen Xiao is also a few people who know the secrets. You can see Tang Muzhou's trust in him.

In the fifth season, Tang Muzhou won a series of individual games, and Chen Xiaolian left regrettably. At that time, the Internet was filled with comments that “the wood system can only rely on Tang Muzhou” and "Chen Xiao Rolling Out of the Alliance”, but Tang Muzhou knew very well that at that time, Chen Xiao, his strength was not lost.

But that was then.

Today, Tang Muzhou is no longer the teenager who studied card making with Chen Qianlin.

It is clear to Chen that Tang Muzhou, after so many years of competition cultivation, is far better than his ability to react on the spot, speed of response, accumulation of experience and tactical skills than his five-year player who left the league.

It's like, when they were standing on the same starting line, they had the same strength. However, Tang Muzhou had been running forward for the past five years, and Chen Xiao stopped.

It's not that easy to catch up with him now.

Except for the heartless metaphor that Ke maintains an optimistic attitude, the rest of Nirvana thinks it's a rare game.

Xie Mingzhe did not dare to say more, afraid to influence Brother Chen's attitude.

But Chen Qianlin said directly at the meeting: "Chen Xiao, your chances of winning Tang Muzhou are up to 40%. He hasn't missed any games from the fifth season to the eleventh season, and you haven't played a professional league in five years. He can suppress you with his vast competition experience. I hope you can recognize this reality. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

Master really didn't give it any face, and the words were too offensive.

Fortunately, Chen Xiao did not mind at all, listening to his brother, he smiled slightly, his eyes were flat and calm: “Brother, I know that the gap between me and him for five years is not so easy to catch up, the winning and losing of the game is not important, when I made an appointment with Tang Muzhou, when I came back, I would like to have a real comparison with him again - I just need not be as wolf as I lost five years ago, as long as I can properly play my strength, it is enough. ”

Everyone heard there were some surprises here.

Chen Qianlin also looked back at him and didn't seem to believe what Chen Xiao had said.

My brother did grow up to be no longer the rebellious, radical teenager he was.

That's right, all he wants is a real showdown.

- No longer repressed by contract, but by being decent and playing a game with your best friends.

Whether you win or lose.

Chen Qianlin Song breathed and his eyes hardly eased: “You can think of the best. Five years, you can't imagine his progress, but your changes are equally unpredictable to him. You used to play aggressively with him when he was PK, and this time, I want you to hold on and figure out the details of the war. ”

Chen Xiao nodded forcefully: “I understand. ”

Chen Qianlin said: "I will give you some opinions on the card group, but I don't know Tang Muzhou as well as five years ago. I can only analyze it theoretically. It will be random then, or it will depend on you. ”

He picked out several sets of cards for his brother on the spot. Xie Mingzhe also helped to come up with ideas and pick out maps. He said that Ke and Qin Xuan would accompany Chen practitioners - all Nirvana Club members - on a round-the-clock basis to get ready for the semi-finals.

* * *

Three days later, the officially designated venue of the competition.

The 11th Individual Semifinals have officially begun!

The first scene of Lingzhengtang vs Shanlan was as fierce as imagined. The airborne birds of Shanlan were displaced flexibly and attacked quickly. Lingzhengtang's weapon brand hit high enough and was extremely repressive. Shanlan won the next round at home, but followed closely, Lingzhengtang pulled back three consecutive rounds, winning 3: 1!

The semi-finals "five-game triumph" increases the number of matches and minimizes chance.

A 3: 1 score is enough to prove the strength of Ling Zhuangtang's old athlete.

Game two, Tang Muzhou vs Chen Xiao.

Before the competition, Tang Muzhou is predicted to have an absolute upper hand. The strongest representative of the current tree system is him. The fans accumulated over the years are not comparable to Chen Xiao. But Nirvana's fans also voted for Brother Chen. The most tangled is the teacher fan, who likes Chen Qianlin, Tang Muzhou, Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao fans at the same time, and can only remain neutral.

Suyang's excited tunnel: “Chen Xiao and Tang Muzhou, this is a wooden civil war, one is Chen Qilin's younger brother, one is Chen Qilin's apprentice, they both hit the top four, so Chen Qilin is the ultimate winner, right? ”

Wu Yue laughed: “Broadcast to give us a shot of Lin Shen! ”

The broadcaster cut the lens to the backstage, the spectator's seat, Chen Qianlin's face had no expression, even if the camera pointed at his face, he remained calm, the shallow pupil recognition was extremely high, it looked clear, he put on a light attitude of the spectator, as if the game had nothing to do with him.

The fans saw Chen Qianlin and screamed to brush the screen: “Lin Shen is so handsome!” “Lick my master's face.” “The facial value of this master's door is against the heavens. Chen Qianlin led the way. Tang Muzhou, Chen Xiao, Xie Mingzhe, none of them are ugly?” "Does that mean that Lin is a masculine control?“ ”“ Lin God said, "Don't call me a teacher if you look ugly!" ”

When Chen Qianlin showed his face on the big screen, he was still unemotionally sitting as a human statue.

The director was helpless and had to cut the camera back to the big stage.

At this time, Chen Xiao and Tang Muzhou had entered the scene, and the two gently hugged each other in the middle of the stage, patting each other on the shoulder, and each returned to sit on the rotating chair.

Needless to say, today they will all play their part unreservedly.

It was a five-year late showdown, and the promise they had made in their youth was finally coming true at this moment.

* * *

[Chapter 349, Tang Muzhou vs Chen Xiao]

There was no luck in the semi-finals "five wins and three wins, and the luck factor was minimized.

Each person has two opportunities to choose their own home map, depending on who can take the lead.

Tang Muzhou drew lots in the back hand, Chen Xiao in the first round.

Chen Xiao chose Nirvana's home map "Three Minutes of the World”.

The number of cards in the three scenes of Wei, Shu and Wu will change randomly in the 20v20 tournament only once in the first half of this map, 5/7/8 against 8/7/5, each side has its own advantage camp, and each side has its own disadvantage camp.

In the individual race, the three camps of Wei, Shu and Wu divide the seven cards into two, three and two numbers. That is, Wei Guo's territory only allows the appearance of two cards, Shu Guo's three cards and Wu Guo's two cards. Both sides have equal numbers of cards in each camp, but it is up to the players to queue up the formation.

This is equivalent to forcibly dividing a 7V7 Battle into 2V2, 3V3 Battles.

Chen Xiao did this because he feared that Tang Muzhou in the first inning would send the "Ultimate Combined” succulent card group that had been used in the doubles. His dark plant card game succulent card group had not a high chance of winning, so there was not so much uncontrolled.

Once the field is divided, Tang Muzhou will not be able to play ultimate connectivity.

True, Tang Muzhou did not bring succulent cards in this inning and brought many flower medals.

Chen Xiao is also a flower brand, but Tang Muzhou's flowers are bright in color, skill lightness and white, blue, powder and other flower colors are consistent. Chen Xiao's flowers are a clear dark system, skill lightness is only black, dark purple, blood red.

Competition begins.

Camp Shu Guo, Chen Xiao's beautiful banana, black rose, black magician against the desert rose of Shangtang Muzhou, four seasons sea crayfish, embroidered ball flowers!

Black roses and desert roses are similarly packed, but with different skill mechanisms, black roses are linear attacks of petals that can be packed together; desert roses are red rose petals sprinkled across the sky, creating a massive attack.

Both sides placed the output cards on 3V3 plates without agreement.

Suyang quickly noticed that something was wrong: "Shu Guo Formation 3V3, both sides are output cards, Tang Muzhou's [embroidery flower] can be attacked widely, for a long time, the output of this card will be higher than other flowers that depend on skill to eat. But don't forget, Chen Xiao's [Beauty Banana] can suck blood, it's hard to kill. If you let her live to the end, it's hard to say whether she wins or loses. ”

Wu Yue followed closely: “Wei Guofang, Tang Muzhou did not summon cards, Chen Xiao did not summon cards; Wu Guofang were both two output cards... the two men's platoon arrangement is very similar? ”

Liu Sam said: "Output the match, it depends on who kills who first! ”

The interesting thing about this map is that at the beginning, the three main camps do not interfere with each other. The skills released by the cards of Wei Guo plate do not affect the cards of Shu and Wu. The plates are like transparent air walls, which will isolate all skill exchanges.

But what if it keeps going like this, once both sides of a plate have put their shields on? By the end of the game, did the shield and the shield stare?

So Xie Mingzhe also made a special design for this map - if a card on a plate kills all the cards of the opponent, then all three of the player's plates become “unlocked”, killing all the “Kung Sen” cards of the opponent and surviving, you are free to enter other plates.

That's three cents of the world, eventually united.

That is, once Chen Xiao's three output cards on Shu Guo's territory kill all three of Tang Muzhou's output cards as quickly as possible, he can let the surviving output cards into the territory of Wei Guo and Wu Guo to help!

Small strengths can roll snowballs and become big strengths, which is the key to the "Three Minutes of the World” map.

The Wei Guo section is temporarily unnecessary, neither of them has summoned a card.

Wu Guo 2V2, Shu Guo 3V3, two players simultaneously two-way control, one mind and two uses, two waves of small-scale team battles are extremely intense!

Because Chen Xiao's beautiful banana can suck blood on Shu Guo's side, Tang Muzhou's three cards are difficult to rapidly kill her. As a result, Chen Xiao replaced Tang Muzhou's desert rose and four seasons of haitong with black magicians - with two cards left 1V1, the advantage of beauty banana sucking blood was amplified, finally grinding down Tang Muzhou's plant attack cards.

The Shu Nation camp Tang Muzhou three cards were extinguished, and the surviving beauty banana was quickly transferred to the Wu Nation camp.

At this time, Wu Guo was still in 2V2, Tang Muzhou took the upper hand, Chen Xiao's output card had been broken, one of them was about to hang up.

The addition of Beauty Banana immediately reversed the situation - instantly killing back two botanical cards from Tang Muzhou!

Though he also died in action, Chen Xiao is still alive with two cards.

4V2, looks like a big advantage.

Tang Muzhou Yard card dead light, must summon a new card within 5 seconds, only Wei Guo is left to summon the card, Chen Xiao also let the two cards come to Wei Guo section together.

The next moment, only a white light flashed through, Tang Muzhou violently summoned the white opium poppy - mass chaos!

Chen Xiao's two cards are all messed up!

His output cards were bleeding, releasing his skills in chaos, killing each other, and turning a blind eye to his own skin. Follow closely, Tang Muzhou releases the signature flower card - White Iris!

This is a single attack card with extremely strong output. Two skills go on, and Chen Xiao's two output cards die instantly.

The card ratio is pulled back to 2: 2.

But the next moment, Chen Xiao quickly summoned the two remaining dark cards - Bloodsucking Vine and Black Parrot.

The former range sucks blood and returns blood to teammates. The latter constantly generalizes attacks to reduce the opposite defense...

The moment two cards appeared, Tang Muzhou knew he was going to lose.

Black parrots use sharp serrated petal edges to rotate and cut rapidly, reducing the defense of white irises to 50%, and constantly stacking poisoning. Blood can be added while sucking on the vine. The two remaining plant cards in Tang Muzhou make it difficult to beat Chen's card set.

- First inning, Chen Kaosheng!

The result was a big surprise to the audience.

After all, Chen Xiao has been called "Rebellion King” for a long time, always “to lose first”. The fans are used to losing his first round, and today, he actually won the first round?

The fans in the broadcast room were a little confused: "Brother Chen didn't lose today?” “We'll lose first!" Chen Xiao lost my first bet, Chen Xiao accompanied me on my bet! ”

There are also many viewers who analyze the battlefield intelligently: “This round of Chen Xiao map is a good choice, the battlefield is forcibly divided in three minutes, Tang Shen's method of controlling the field cannot be played at all.” “The key is also beautiful banana and blood-sucking vine two blood-sucking plant cards, Tang Shen does not carry a healing card, hard spelling on the front, but blood-sucking plants are also normal.” “I feel that this map and card team have the credit of Archer and Lin God. Tang Muzhou is so miserable, you have to face the three master, good brother and little brother to clamp!? ”

The people in the live broadcast room said different things.

At the explanatory table, Su Yang exclaimed: “Chen Xiao played in great detail in this round. In terms of the platoon layout, he left behind a residual game of blood-sucking vines and black parrots. In fact, no matter what card is left in Tang Muzhou, both cards can suck blood, one of which is a defense that continues to fall, and there is a chance of remaining in the residual game. Tang Muzhou's idea was actually correct. He intended to quickly resolve Chen Xiao's plant card in Shu National Camp, unlock the three-minute map of the heavens, and then summon the white opium poppy chaos to play a wave. I didn't expect Chen Xiao to unlock the map first, it was only 2 seconds away! ”

At that time, the moment the beauty banana killed the embroidery flower, the embroidery flower also beat the beauty banana into a bloody skin, and the result was that for the last two seconds, the beauty banana blew out a skill - sucked a breath of blood and didn't die!

If it was Chen Xao's card, then Tang Muzhou would unlock the map first, let Pu attack the card to help Wu Guo, and naturally build a huge advantage, and let the surviving card come to Wei Guo for a wave of chaos control field, which is a crushing bureau.

But the game isn't that much if. A blood suction at a critical moment, detailed controls, allowed Chen Xiao to take advantage of the three-point sky map feature, the snowball effect kept the advantage to the end, and the home field took the lead in winning a round.

Su Yang was pleased to say: “In fact, five years ago, I also saw the game between Chen Xiao and Tang Muzhou - at that time, Chen Xiao lost particularly badly and was crushed by Tang Muzhou at 2: 0. I looked really impatient. Today, when Chen Xiao returned to the Alliance, I finally saw their two wonderful wooden civil wars - now Chen Xiao, enough to compete with the strongest wooden player, Tang Muzhou! ”

Wu Yue followed closely: “In the first round, Chen Xiao, whether tactical cloth or detailed manipulation, showed the level of first-class players. I think those who question his ineligibility to the top four will be impressed by his performance today - I look forward to a great match between the next two players and let us enter the second inning, the home of Tang Muzhou! ”

I can't finish today, will I finish this scene tomorrow? Everybody!