[Chapter 350, Home Site of Tang Muzhou]

The map that Tang Muzhou chose in the second inning was called Sunset Forest.

The long-running map made fans scream on the scene, and the old players watching backstage were very surprised - this is the map that Tang Muzhou used to win his personal championship in the fifth season.

Late autumn, the evening forest, the sunset glow falls through the leaf gap, rendering the whole scene a golden ray of light that looks extraordinarily warm.

However, the seemingly warm forest is deep in crisis - after the competition begins, there will be a large number of purple vines in the forest, which will continue to spread, trapped in place as soon as the card is touched, causing a three-second paralysis control. Meanwhile, maple leaves, blood-red maple leaves, sharp leaves will cut into cards like sharp knives every other time, causing a one-off 20% blood volume of Critical Damage.

In the fifth season, Tang Muzhou proved himself in the final with this map - the smiling sharp teenager, flexible walking skills, precise skill release, amazing the entire audience, and from that day on, Tang Muzhou replaced Chen Qianlin's position and became the strongest representative of the professional league wood players.

Today, the civil war in the wood system, Tang Muzhou came up with this map five years ago, commemorating his friendship with Chen Xiao, and also trying to prove his strength —— the same map, can Tang Muzhou suppress his opponents as they did every five years?

The fans were full of anticipation, and Suyang was excited: “Sunset Forest, this map is a special test operation, Tang Muzhou only used it once in the final of the fifth season, then it didn't work, not that this map is outdated, but that this picture is really too hard to beat! ”

As the map plays on the big screen, Suyan quickly explains: "The difficulty with the sunset forest is that the vines do not appear once every other time, but that the beginning always exists, and the spreading vines on the ground can seriously disrupt the players' position. Maple leaves in the sky are not necessarily hit, you can hide from them by walking away. As long as the maple leaves do not fall on the cards, it will be fine, and if it hits, it will bleed. In this way, the athlete avoids the vines on the ground, the maple leaves in the sky and the skills of the opponent at the same time. ”

Wu Yue moaned: “If it were me, I'd be busy with my hands and feet. I don't know where I'm going. ”

Liu Shan also said: “In fact, the most important thing is the vines. If the vines on the ground touch the cards, they will cause 3 seconds of paralysis. If the maple leaves fall, it will really add to the snow. ”

"The Sunset Forest is also characterized by a growing number of Goto vines at the start of the competition and a gradual increase in the frequency of maple leaves falling - a map of increasing difficulty and increasing pressure on athletes. ”

At the beginning, there were only three or four vines. At the end of the day, there were vines everywhere at the foot, and every step of the way could be tied up. The players would really be as big as cattle. Especially the melee like Nie Yuandao. The most annoying map is Sunset Forest, none of which.

Nei Yuandao's view of the backstage war was serious, and Shanlan came over and asked: “I think Chen Xiaosheng is unlikely to win, what do you think? ”

Neiyuan nodded: “Not many people can beat Tang Muzhou on this map, but not necessarily. Chen Xiao is likely to bring some odd winning cards, such as the last round of blood sucking cards. ”

After being equipped with "Crow Mouth” skills, Nie Yuandao spoke less absolutely when predicting before the competition, because once he spoke too absolutely, it would certainly be like “Pre-Event Drama King”. Shanlan discovered that Master didn't say who won, so he had to do it. He participated in the competition and cast 100,000 bet coins to win this round of Tang Muzhou. Hopefully Tang Muzhou won't let him lose his money.

At the start of the competition, Tang Muzhou was carrying the Vine Munka group.

The scene vine plus Tang Muzhou's own vine, this game is obviously going to bring the displacement control field to the end.

Chen Xiao's cards are quite complicated. In addition to the "Black Master” and “Black Rose” two main groups attack the output cards, he also brought blood sucking vines and blood roses, the former with blood, the latter bleeding across the street, obviously trying to play “poor blood volume”.

Su Yang: “Chen Xiao's thinking is very clear. Bring the blood-sucking vine and continue with the wide range of blood-sucking teammates. Blood rose allows the opposite side to continually overlap the negative state of the bleeding. I suck blood, you bleed. The longer the time, the more the blood volume of both cards will pull away. If you slow down, he will have a chance of winning. ”

Wu Yue frowned slightly: “But there is a problem, Tang Muzhou side has too much control skills, Chen Xiao's blood-sucking vine is likely to be forced to kill. ”

"" It depends on who has more firepower, "said Liu Shan." Who kills the key card across the street first! ”

The game has officially begun.

The sunset forests are lit with warm golden light, yet there are dangerous purple vines on the ground - these are the vines that come with the scene, and there is a clear difference between the colors and the cards made by the players. They “swim” around like spiritual snakes, and whenever they touch a card, they are unpolitely grounded and paralyzed for 3 seconds.

If you manipulate too many cards, the vine is difficult to hide, but if you summon too few cards, you risk being dropped by Tang Muzhou seconds, so Chen Xiao has summoned a lot of 5 cards in the opening, while quickly dispersing the vine, while trying to probe the sexual attack.

Tang Muzhou also summoned 5 cards, including Green Vine, Mountain Tiger and Pearl Hang Lan.

Only an elongated green vine continues to spread along the ground, and the green spherical blades of the pearl lantern gather around - both aligned, the blood-sucking vine of Chen Xiao.

Bloodsucking vines are cards with great late-stage capacity, sucking blood per second and proportionally converting it to group therapy. Once the vines die, Chen Xiao will not be able to drag late-stage.

Tang Muzhou apparently quickly caught the key card and tried to kill the bloodsucking vine.

Chen Xiao cautiously retreated the blood-sucking vine, and Green Vine and Pearl Hang Lan remained in a tight pursuit.

At this point, the audience from God's perspective discovered that Tang Muzhou actually manipulated the mountain tiger, divided the three vines, and instantly tied Chen Xiao's black magician, black rose and black parrot to three attack cards with a thunderbolt!

--Songdong hit the west, this wave of operation against the Vampire Vine is all an attack!

Pei Jingshan sighed at the game backstage: “Tang Muzhou is a five-line operation, Chen Xiao can't help but guard against it. ”

He lost the 1/4 final to Tang Muzhou, also because the guy cheated on him at a critical moment. As the champion of two individual games, Tang Muzhou's single-handed strength is really perverted.

Pei Jingshan had difficulty in simultaneously manipulating so many manipulative multidirectional displacements, but Tang Muzhou did so - five vine cranks, five directional displacements, along with the scene vine movement trajectory on the ground, with the clamping momentum, Chen Xiao really has nowhere to hide.

One athlete has limited energy. Chen Xiaozhou discovered that Tang Muzhou wanted to collect his blood-sucking vines. Naturally, he would protect the blood-sucking vines first. Who would have thought that Tang Muzhou was just pretending to kill the blood-sucking vines, while simultaneously manipulating the climbing tiger, dividing it into three parts, and controlling the other three output cards?

Chen Xiao only feels numb in the scalp when he sees this scene!

In five years, Tang Muzhou's manipulation skills were terrible.

After holding three cards, Tang Muzhou immediately kept up with the subsequent output, when the sky began to drift massively down the maple leaves, and the blood-red maple leaves touched the cards, causing a one-time 20% Critical Damage!

Tang Muzhou's climbing tiger was unable to retreat because he was controlling his opponent, forcibly eating this wave of damage.

But not at all - because Chen Xiao's three cards were smashed by Maple Leaf, all three cards bled 20%!

Tang Muzhou seized the opportunity to summon the output cards, and a wave of Critical Strikes directly took away the "Black Mage”.

Chen Xiao immediately opened the "Blood Vine Sucking Skills” group to return blood to his card. But once the black magician dies, his output card is obviously insufficient, combined with the multiline operation of Tang Muzhou, it is difficult for the vines to escape. Chen Xiao wants to turn the table, unless he can drag Tang Muzhou alive to death in the later stages.

Tang Muzhou certainly wouldn't give him such an opportunity.

Another five-way operation, using a three-branch climbing tiger to force the opponent into position, the green vine monomer strong control, the pearl lantern flexibilities are maximized, the surrounding green pearl leaves instantly gather and explode - the black parrot is also forcibly killed!

Su Yang looked really cold on the back of his spine: “Tang Muzhou, such a multidirectional vine bundling method, is really too perverted. ”

In the previous double-player race, Tang Muzhou had exited the Vine Manga group, but at that time he and Xu Changfeng operated together. Xu Changfeng was undoubtedly an excellent player, but there was still a gap compared to Tang Muzhou, so the vine maneuver in that round was not the peak level.

Today, Tang Muzhou manipulates seven vine cards at the same time, which is a good lesson for the audience on the scene —— what do you mean by vine control field?

dense and numb vines, spread in multiple directions, forcing you to have nowhere to stand!

Front, rear, left, right, all over his vines. Melee fighters are driving him insane. Even if Chen Xiao is a remote player, he is also controlled by the vine swarm with a cracked headache -

Stereotyping, paralysis, walking one step at a time, tied one step at a time, maple leaves in the sky still don't stop, so annoying!

He finally figured out why Tang Muzhou was recognized by the Alliance so quickly after the fifth season.

Chen Xiaoxin was still a little uncomfortable at the time. He thought Tang Muzhou was young enough to win the championship and replace his brother as the representative of the wooden player? Why did he replace Chen Chi Lin?

But now, Chen Xiao understands.

The final of the fifth season, if Tang Muzhou uses today's method to push away and control his opponent to death, then no one in the league will question his level. Multi-directional manipulation is difficult, combining the negative state of the two scenes on the ground and in the sky to grasp the details, which is even harder - and the terrible talent and power of the teenager who did all this is no longer in question.

Tang Muzhou is indeed eligible to become a representative of a new generation of wood players after the retirement of Master.

Chen Xiao lost in the second inning and lost orally.

Xie Mingzhe also admired the backstage viewer - controlling the five vines to force his opponents from different directions. He has not yet mastered such difficult operating skills. Brother is a good brother. He undoubtedly stood at the top of the pyramid on card operating skills. Chen Xiao wanted to win Tang Muzhou. The spelling skills can not be spelled, there is only one other way.

With a current score of 1: 1, Chen Xiao is home in the third inning, and Xie Mingzhe feels that Chen Xiao is likely to take another inning.

At this point, Mountain Lan is opening his light brain and his fingers slide quickly on the screen.

Nie Yuandao glanced puzzled and found that he was investing in the guesswork channel of the Official Website Forum. In the second inning, he guessed that Tang Muzhou had won, pitched 100,000, with a odds of 1.2, and earned 120,000. Shanlan was very happy, and in the third inning he guessed that Chen Xiao won, throwing in 150,000 in one breath.

Neiyuan asked: "Are you afraid of losing all your money by mistake because you cast so many sex votes at once? ”

Shanlan smiled and pressed the confirmation key. “No, Chen Xiao's home won the first round. I think today's game is most likely to be won by Chen Xiao Home, won by Tang Muzhou Home, played 2: 2 ahead, and won and lost in the final. ”

Nie Yuandao didn't say anything because he thought things might not be as simple as Ran thought.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 351, Chen Xiao's Counter]

The third inning soon began.

Chen Xiaoliang revealed the main site map: raid the Grand View Garden.

As with Grandmother Liu entering the Grand View Gardens, the raid of the Grand View Gardens is also a scene map with dynamic events.

After the start of the match, a group of NPCs, led by Wang Xifeng, will raid the Grand View Garden. All cards named must stand in place for 3 seconds, and each card will not escape the fate of being inspected.

Such incident interference will repeatedly interrupt the skill connections of the card group. Tang Muzhou's continuous control field is difficult to achieve. Chen Xiao can also fight back at the rhythm of the card, and both sides have a chance of winning.

During the raid on the Grand View Garden, NPC Wang Xifeng will name the cards in the order in which they appear.

This means that the cards appearing first are checked and forced to stand upright, unable to release any skills. On this map, the order in which players summon cards is crucial, and the key output cards must be left behind to summon, otherwise if Wang Xifeng is punished, the opponent will most likely seize the opportunity to force your key cards.

At the beginning of the match, both sides initially probed for sexual assault. Tang Muzhou first summoned some cards with high blood volume. The same applies to Chen Xiao. Even if he accepts Wang Xifeng's inspection of the original punishment station, he will not be immediately killed by the opponent's fire collection.

Soon, Wang Xifeng appeared with a group of NPCs, and there was a call message on the screen.

- “Golden Fish Grass” and "Flowers” should be checked.

Map naming design is very Xie Mingzhe cheap style, the lines are very annoying, good plant cards were caught by Wang Xifeng to the punishment station, goldfish grass and flower plain standing eyes staring.

Goldfish grass is Chen Xiao's group fear card, Tang Muzhou's flower is a group hallucination, blood volume is more than 150,000.

At the moment when the two cards were sanctioned, Chen Xiao immediately launched an attack, trying to kill Tang Muzhou's main output white iris first. As a result, Tang Muzhou also launched an attack, forcibly taking Chen Xiao's main output card black magician!

A wave of brilliant skill exchanges between the two sides, with two cards falling simultaneously.

Wang Xifeng continued to count, and the second card of both sides being punished was still an auxiliary card, but the first card had been freed by then, and the two were like hearts and minds, simultaneously opening up mass control skills--

Hallucinations, fears, both cards are charged, no one can move!

Suyang thrilled with a pat on his thigh: "Beautiful! Both players reacted quickly and opened their skills immediately at the end of the penalty station, but unfortunately they thought together, nobody succeeded in capturing the rhythm point... Has Tang Muzhou studied the map of Nirvana seriously? ”

"After all, Master and Little Brother are both in Nirvana," said Wu Yue, laughing. "Tang Muzhou was afraid to carry all the maps of Nirvana. ”

The search for this map of Grand View Gardens is completely different from the way Grandmother Liu entered Grand View Gardens.

The latter is to manipulate the card to move quickly, as long as you keep up with Granny Liu's footsteps, it will be fine; the former, in fact, is the order of appearance of the cards, which card is punished first, must be arranged in advance, otherwise, Wang Xifeng suddenly named your output card penalty station, and you just need to output, isn't that the whole rhythm?

Guessing the order of the opponent's cards while arranging their own, how to restrain and counteract them, is key to this picture.

Of course, it is also important to operate in real life. For example, if a person reacts so slowly and is controlled by a wave of opponents, it is likely that the team battle will completely collapse.

Due to their understanding of each other's thoughts, the platoon was mostly guessed, so both sides of the match were unusually glued, Chen Xiaolian killed Tang Muzhou two cards, Tang Muzhou also killed Chen Xiao two cards, the gap could not be opened.

Until the race lasts five minutes--

There are only three cards left on the field for Tang Mayu and Chen Xiao. They have no skills and must summon new cards.

Chen Xiao summoned the black rose. This card is extremely capable of mass attack. Tang Muzhou's card has not much blood left at this time. Strike the black rose with a wave of mass attack. Lower the blood line. Follow closely to summon the harvest card "Midnight Secret” to kill the blood card. Naturally, it can lay a victory.

Yet, at the moment of the appearance of the Black Rose...

Tang Muzhou suddenly summoned a card that was incredible to all viewers.

A skinny woman with a few pink petals in her hands - Daiyu buries flowers and dies!

Tang Muzhou summoned Lin Daiyu very quickly, so that Chen Daiyu could not recover. Black Rose was killed in seconds just after putting his skills into play, while Wang Xifeng began to name - please “Lin Daiyu” and "Midnight Secret” for examination.

Originally, Wang Xifeng had already checked the other cards in the order of appearance, and the next one was Black Rose.

At this time, the black rose has let go of its skills, and the penalty station is completely irrelevant.

However, Chen Xiao did not expect Tang Muzhou to suddenly use dead cards to disrupt Wang Xifeng's order of checking cards!

Because the black rose was seconded, Wang Xifeng couldn't find it when he named it, he could only extend the next contestant - the secret of midnight appearance after the black rose. At this time, he had not had time to release his skills, and Wang Xifeng caught him at the original punishment station!

Lin Daiyu had nothing to do with being punished. As an instant dead card, she had finished her mission by stopping the black rose.

But when Midnight was secretly punished, Chen Xiao's rhythm completely broke.

Tang Muzhou calmly killed Midnight Secret with the next card, and Chen Xiao's remaining 3 cards were no match at all for Tang Muzhou.

- Third inning, Tang Mu Zhousheng!

This result surprised the backstage players, and Mountain Lan regretted that his intestines were blue: “My guess coin...” He looked at the master somewhat depressingly. I didn't expect Nie God's crow mouth to be so powerful, he just said, "Aren't you afraid of losing the light?” I lost everything!

With regard to the apprentice's grieving eyes, Nie Yuandao's lips softened. “No more guessing coins? ”

Mountain Lan depressed: “I saved half a month to save 200,000, I just lost 150,000. ”

Nie Yuandao simply logged into his account on his optical brain and gave him half a million Forum Coins. "Master, here you go, keep guessing. ”

Mountain Lan: “…”

Shit, when did Master save up so many speculative coins?

Looks like the boring Nie Shen usually plays a lot of pre-game guessing games!

Mountain Lan, who suddenly got 500,000 Forum Coins, narrowed his eyes and decided to vote for Tang Muzhou in the fourth inning. He felt it was reasonable to win 3: 1 in Tang Muzhou's state today. Besides, the fourth inning is Tang Muzhou's home field, which will definitely win. But for the sake of deductibility, he only invested 100,000 in it this time.

On the stands, Xie Mingzhe's complicated, because Tang Muzhou actually used dead cards to disrupt Chen's rhythm - is that what he did to Chen? Kill yourself?

Chen Xiao didn't expect Tang Muzhou to do the same. But a closer look reveals that Tang Muzhou actually planned to forcibly cut his rhythm with Lin Daiyu from the beginning, which suggests that Tang Muzhou may have long guessed that he was going to use the "raid on the Grand Garden” map in his personal contest.

While preparing his own tactics, Tang Muzhou is also studying carefully. Opportunities are only given to more prepared people, and there's nothing to complain about if you lose. However, the current situation is not very optimistic for Chen Xiao.

Su Yang regretted: “Actually, if all the secret skills at midnight were released, Tang Muzhou's side would perish. But the timing of Lin Daiyu's appearance was very good. He directly used the scene name to break Chen Xiao's rhythm, and the home field lost. This is very detrimental to Chen Xiao, because Tang Muzhou is now 2: 1 and has already taken the lead in the race! ”

After winning three games in five games, winning three games will determine the victory. Tang Muzhou has won the game, and the fourth game is his home game. There is a great chance of winning the game in 3: 1.

There was also a lot of brushing in the live broadcast room: “Looks like it's 3: 1 Tang Muzhou Sheng today?” "Tang Shen is so bad, all kinds of deceptive tricks, I feel that Chen is still a little young compared to him.” “After all, Brother Chen hasn't played in five years...”

The fans will naturally speak for the idols, but there are also a lot of cynics: “Lost to Tang Muzhou at 0: 2, lost to Tang Muzhou at 1: 3 today, haven't you made much progress?” “My brother is better than my apprentice. Don't know what Lin Gon thinks?” “Chen Xiao is still far worse than Tang Muzhou, I told him he was in! ”

These inflammatory comments are invisible, but he can also guess the online controversy at this time.

Good thing he often “loses first” in this personal contest. Stabilizing his mind in a backward situation is his biggest gain.

Chen Xiao took a deep breath and quickly calmed himself down.

In the fourth inning is Tang Muzhou Home, Tang Muzhou's home is famously difficult to beat, but the fact that it is difficult to beat doesn't mean that it can't be beaten - spell a wave, at least let Chen Qianlin know that his brother is not bad, and let his fans know that they don't like the wrong people.

Fourth inning, Tang Muzhou's track.

Su Yang wondered: "Don't know what map he would use? If he continues to use the Sunset Forest, Chen Xiao really won't beat him... etc., what he came up with is... Eternal Night City? ”

Wu Yuexiao stared widely-at him: “If I remember correctly, is this a map of a ghost prison? ”

"The least visible night view on the map of the whole league," said Liu Shanzhou. "Tang Muzhou, is this a blind fight? ”

The audience screamed excitedly, even Xie Mingzhe sat upright.

Blindfolding is an extremely advanced technique, that is, judging the position of the opponent's card and skill release angle by feeling, hearing, and responding quickly in situations where vision is unclear.

Of course, the City of Everlasting Night is not dark enough to see anything. The map is visible for less than five meters, but every 10 seconds, the scene lights up for a brief period of one second, giving the player a chance to adjust their field of view.

The map is small and unobstructed, testing the athlete's sense of prediction. Perhaps the moment the map illuminates, you'll find your opponent's cards all behind you, which is terrible.

The City of Eternal Night is one of the most exciting night vistas of battle.

The audience was puzzled: "Didn't Chen Xiao take advantage of the night view? His flowers are all black and more invisible at night...” “It's useless, even white flowers can't be seen clearly in this diagram, the visibility is 5 meters, more than 5 meters are all black, the map can be seen when the lights are on.” “Blind fight, Tang Muzhou intentionally made it difficult for Chen Xiao? I wonder if Chen Xiao has ever practiced blind beating?” “I doubt I have ever practiced +1, Chen Xiao's game is suspended. ”

Tang Muzhou chose this map and really wanted to see Chen Xiao's level of blindness.

No one else knew, but he knew everything.

As a teenager, Chen Qianlin taught them to play blind consciousness. The Alliance has many cards as “blind”, “dazzling” and “hallucinating” control fields. Such control field skills can only confuse the player's vision. In fact, the position of the cards remains the same. Even in the “blind” state, the skill can accurately hit the opponent.

At that time, Tang Municipality and Chen Xiao were at similar levels. Chen Xiao didn't know if there was any waste all these years. If he really didn't practice much and lose to himself, he could only blame him for not being well prepared.

The arena is cruel, even if it is a friend for many years, Tang Muzhou will not release water to Chen Xiao.

As soon as this map appeared, Chen Xiao knew what Tang Muzhou meant.

A long-running duel, just like when they were younger, they used hearing, perception, and prediction to speculate on the position of their opponent's cards, playing back and forth...

Blindness is difficult, and this round is Tang Muzhou's competition, you must focus on yourself and never be distracted.

Chen Xiao closed his eyes and organized his emotions. When he opened his eyes again, his eyes were calm.

The map playback ends with both parties submitting a card set.

Tang Muzhou's five illuminated cards are flexible flowers. Chen Xiao is also a flower card. Due to the difficulty of hitting a single attack skill in the night view, they both brought more group attack cards together without an appointment. As for the dark cards, nobody could have predicted them before they showed up.

The fourth inning is officially starting!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 352, Final]

Players can't see their opponent's cards clearly in the night view, and the audience can't see the black screen, so the "Night Vision” mode is turned on when God's perspective is live, so that the audience can clearly see where each card is located.

The cards summoned by Tang Mucheng and Chen Xiao in the opening are just opposite corners and are a long way away.

Both sides are rapidly arranging for cards to take off, defending the cards in front of the station, behind the output station, while moving around.

At this point, the night suddenly brightened a ray of light and the whole scene was illuminated, but for a moment, the scene darkened again.

In a short 1 second, the information that can be captured is limited, but both Tang Mayu and Chen Xiao reacted at great speed. At a glance, they could see the position of the opposing card. Tang Mayu's four seasons of Haitang changed the state of the group attack. The petals that laid the heavens and the earth rushed towards the position where Chen Xiao card was located. Chen Xiao's black rose was unwilling to fall behind and let out the group attack as well!

Petals float with extra clarity in the ear.

Both sides crossed the group at the same time, all the cards in attendance were beaten off a block of blood, Tang Muzhou quickly walked toward the back of Chen Xiao, while the audience from God's perspective found that Chen Xiao was still in place.

His cards, none of them moved.

The audience wondered, "If you don't move at all, you'll be surrounded by Tang Muzhou later?” “He couldn't see Tang Mu Zhou's movements, so he didn't dare move?” “I don't know what Chen Xiao thought. Tang Muzhou had just seen his position when the light was on. He didn't run yet, waiting to die? ”

At this time, Chen Xiao's mood was particularly calm.

When it comes to manipulation skills, he is certainly not as experienced as Tang Muzhou. In the absence of certainty about Tang Muzhou's actions, he/she may well have left his/her position indiscriminately. So at this point, the best way to do this is to -- not change everything.

At the end of 10 seconds, the light comes on again.

The brief lights made Chen Xiao see Tang Muzhou's cards and the audience's hearts mention their throat eyes!

Tang Muzhou did move quickly, manipulating all the cards in the night to surround them, and actually surrounded the Chen Xiao regiment from behind.

It's like in the night, two masters fight each other, they can't see each other, and one turn around and the other is behind them ——

It's so creepy!

After Tang Muzhou quickly circled, the group that opened the white opium poppy was confused, followed closely by a wave of attack skills and smashed all the cards of Chen Xao.

It was a wave of rhythm, but for a moment, the situation was completely under control by Tang Muzhou.

Su Yang couldn't help but exclaim: “Tang Muzhou's ability to play blind is really great, just a glance, he remembered the position of all the cards of Chen Xiao, quickly surrounded the opponent. But Chen Xiao stayed put, I don't think it's that simple! ”

As soon as the voice went down, Chen Xiao summoned a new card.

By then, the scene had recovered to darkness, Chen Xiao summoned the card 5 meters away, Tang Muzhou was invisible.

The card he summoned was the most commonly used "Blood Vine," which absorbs each other's blood volume and converts it into healing, temporarily relieving the stress of his card being broken. Though Tang Muzhou lost his sight, with Tang Muzhou's blind beating technique, he could hit his card with closed eyes, and his card was continuously attacked and bled.

Summoning blood sucking vines to return blood, arguably a routine operation.

But at the same time, he summoned another dark card, a strange smell in the air, strange sounds in his ears, Tang Muzhou noticed that the bad time was already late ——

It's not that Chen Xiao blindly beat the poor skill, will not walk away from hiding, but that Chen Xiao deliberately stayed put, leading his cards to gather in one place!

The secret card must be a broad array attack card, otherwise your card won't bleed so fast.

Tang Muzhou retreated quickly, but he found himself in a trap of blood-sucking vines and all the cards could not move.

Ten seconds quickly arrived and the scene lit up again -

Tang Mu Zhou, standing in the distance is a giant flower of up to 3 meters.

Its petals are purple, each leaf is about a metre in size, and many small leaves are produced on the branches of the inky green leaf shank, clearly a flower that looks like a small tree.

- Giant potato, and a more picturesque name “Corpse incense potato”!

This card, designed by Chen Xiao, is a typical “suicide/suicide/assault”. After its appearance, the petals will automatically begin to wither, the blades will gradually darken, and the smell of plant rot will be emitted to the surrounding area, causing the range target to bleed continuously, and the moment it bleeds to death, it will trigger a 30-metre large corpse burst of poison!

The moment Tang Muzhou saw the giant potato, the moment it died.

3 meters high, the giant potato dies at visible speeds, all petals and root stems rot, and huge flowers collapse, while dark purple poison gas spreads instantly all around, causing up to 300% of group Critical Damage to all hostile cards!

At the same time, Chen Xiao released the Dark Magician--

The Black Master can attack a single target, but the spilled damage will be converted into a mass attack. Chen Xiaomei sharply targeted Tang Muzhou's lowest blood volume card. The Black Master killed the blood card in seconds, and all the spilled damage will be converted into a mass attack.

Only heard a loud bang, accompanied by the fall of the giant potato 3 meters tall, the black magician struck out simultaneously - Tang Muzhou's cards were instantly killed three times!

This wave left the audience stunned.

Thought that Chen Xiao had been besieged by Tang Muzhou, this game must lose. As a result, Chen Xiao did not move to bring all Tang Muzhou's cards in place, and then opened the giant potato's massive bleeding array and morgue skills, combined with the blood-sucking vine and black magician's group attack, instantly killed Tang Muzhou's 3 cards!

Once again, the scene darkened. As Chen Xiao began to quickly walk away and wait for the next wave of opportunity, the audience felt frightened and frightened.

Who says Chen Xiao level is bad? How dare Nima hit so hard in the night scenery!

He grasped Tang Muzhou's mind to surround him, deliberately led Tang Shen to hook up a wave of eruptions and fight back, killing the other party's three cards before dispersing his cards, relying on the range of blood sucking vines to slowly grind.

It can be said that Chen Xiao in this situation, to be manipulative, conscious!

Chen Xiao manipulated the card in the dark and quickly walked away, constantly harassing the opponent with the blood sucking vine, while leaving the universal card black parrot for a chance to sneak up. Tang Muzhou was unable to return to heaven when the number of cards lagged behind - the fourth inning home field, Tang Shen actually lost?

With Tang Muzhou grabbing the track, Chen Xiao withstood the pressure and stubbornly moved back to the game?!

Looking at the 2: 2 score, no one can believe it, because in the fourth inning, Tang Muzhou took up 90% of the audience, even Chen Xiao's fans felt that Tang Muzhou's home, Brother Chen would definitely not hold up.

Didn't expect that Chen Xiao stubbornly gave the score even?!

Until now, the spectators have been blinded by the brilliant confrontation between the two - everyone has recognized Chen Xiao's strength, and he is indeed qualified to fight Tang Muzhou.

The commentary wind in the live broadcast room has changed again: “Chen Xiao was really good today, the wave of fighting back just now, the explosive force is amazing, force Tang Shen to kill three cards!” “Chen Xiao's wave is really strong, I think Tang Muzhou was a little too.” “The home field wins one game each, the Away wins one game each, as a wooden powder, today is really successful! ”

In addition to some radical fan-only fans, most rational fans look forward to seeing collisions between masters.

Today's game did not disappoint everyone, every inning is extraordinary!

Backstage watchers sighed helplessly - he guessed wrong again.

What about the promised home win? Who would have thought Tang Muzhou Home could lose?

Sneaking a peek at Master Eye, Nie Yuandao also looked back at him. He seemed to have a little smile on his mouth. "You guessed wrong twice and lost 250,000 guessing coins. ”

Mountain Lan's ear is red: “Bad luck today. ”

Neiyuan asked: "Do you need Master to help you guess in the fifth inning? ”

Mountain Lan nodded immediately: "Well, you can still guess. ”

"Bet on Tang Muzhou, put all the rest of the money into it, and make steady money. ”

Shanlan had no doubt, and cast all the forum currency just given by the master on Tang Muzhou.

Why did you bet on Tang Mu Zhou?

Because Nie Yuandao knows Tang Muzhou well enough, Tang Muzhou has experienced countless competitions, the winning rate of the individual finals is more than 90%. In fact, the first four rounds can be seen by careful observation, the spelling of details, Chen Xiao can't spell Tang Muzhou. After all, Chen Xiao hasn't fought for five years, and the window period is too long. He can only win with novel tactics or instant bursts.

Chen Xiao's performance today was very eye-catching when he was able to win both rounds of Tang Muzhou.

But in the final round, Tang Muzhou will definitely not take risks, which means Tang Muzhou is likely to bring defensive/healing cards to a steady late stage.

Chen Xiao wants a wave to solve it is difficult.

In the fifth inning, randomly out of the map, each side disables one and leaves the "City Square” behind.

Simplest maps, and arena rankings in games are also very common.

The simpler the map, the more operational details the player will be tested.

Chen Xiaokai tried to quickly spell out a wave of explosions, but was forcibly blocked by Tang Muzhou's "Ivy" chain damage, and returned a wave of blood with group treatment flowers.

In fact, at the moment Ivy appeared, Chen Xiao knew that this game was difficult to win.

Late and detailed with Tang Muzhou, the Alliance can beat no more than five people. Although Chen Xiao has a strong explosive power, once a wave of explosions is blocked by Tang Muzhou, it is not possible to establish the advantage of card difference, it is difficult to find another opportunity.

The fifth inning ends in six minutes.

Chen Xiaozhou tried his best to kill Tang Muzhou 5 cards, and all of himself was eliminated. Tang Muzhou won by 2 cards.

The audience on the scene looked at the 3: 2 score and were in a complex mood.

By this moment, the winning Tang Muzhou has not attracted much excitement from many passers-by. On the contrary, more passers-by will regret Chen Xiao - because in terms of today's competition, Chen Xiao is actually hopeful to win, Chen Xiao's strength is not much worse than Tang Muzhou's. He is very speculative, very courageous, he brought you the best wood civil war, and it is a real shame to lose.

But it is also intellectually clear that the position of the strongest player in the wooden system is not easily shaken after all these years of games in Tang Muzhou. Chen Xiao challenged him with dark plants with very different styles, repeatedly leveling the score. The significance of this game is more important than the ultimate victory.

Tang Muzhou used to be in a "hard to beat" state. No one in the wooden system could beat him. Xu Changfeng was brought out by him. Shen 'an was also his apprentice. But in the future, it will be different. With Chen Xiao, Tang Muzhou must always be vigilant that the throne of the strongest player in the wooden system is stolen.

This is a gospel for fans of plant brands.

It's always extra fun to watch experts compete!

On the big stage, Tang Muzhou took off his helmet and walked to Chen Xiao.

Chen Xiao stood up and outstretched his hand frankly: “Congratulations, you are much stronger than you were then, I am oral. ”

Tang Muzhou: “You, too, have given me many surprises. Congratulations on finally coming out. ”

Chen Xiao, coming out of the shadows of the past, is impressive enough.

They smiled at each other and hugged each other tightly.

When he was a young friend, now he can finally come to a confrontation in a bright and righteous way. In fact, Chen Xiao had long anticipated the result, but what he cared about was never the result, but... he was righteous enough to be himself.

He is still young, and he will work with Acher, Qin Xuan, Yike Ke, and his favorite brother, Nirvana.

You don't have to repress yourself anymore - even if you lose, you lose quickly!

It feels so good, like looking up into the warm sun and breathing the freshest air.

A warm round of applause was sounded on the scene, giving the winner of the match, Tang Muzhou, and Chen Xiao, who brought a wonderful match.

Wu Yue sighed a little in excitement: "Congratulations Tang Muzhou on entering the final of the Individual Games! At the same time, I think we should also give Chen Xiao our most sincere regards! Five years after leaving, he came back and stood on today's stage as a challenger. His tenacity, courage and determination all impressed us! ”

Liu Sam was also excited: “This is definitely a great game to rejuvenate! Cutting battlefield in the first inning, vines in the second inning Ultimate control field, the third indulgence is to disturb the inspection sequence, blind play in the fourth inning, Chen Xiaoliu erupted... This game is really exciting to see, thank you both, it brings us such a wonderful visual feast! ”

In contrast, Suyang was much calmer and smiled: “The two private friends are very good friends. I think that regardless of winning or losing, the game has more significance than the outcome itself. Chen Xiao should have no regrets today. ”

Chen Xiao really doesn't regret it.

His agreement with Tang Muzhou was five years late, and today, it was a wish to complete his youth.

Without winning Tang Muzhou, he still lacks experience in leaving the competition for many years, and his consciousness is not as good as that of Tang Muzhou. But it doesn't matter, losing to Tang Muzhou won't blow his confidence, it will give him more impetus.

He and Tang Muzhou have been such “enemies and friends” relations, urging each other to make progress together, improving wooden plant cards together, while constantly competing within the wooden system.

Perhaps this is their best ending.

Today we added a chapter, three more, more than 10,000 words, one breath finished this wooden century battle, seek flower encouragement!

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