[Chapter 361, Team Opening]

The Alliance requires major clubs to announce the pool before the tournament begins, mainly in preparation for endless patterns.

Unlimited number of cards in endless mode. If you don't know anything about other clubs' pools, you have no idea what cards your opponent will play, let alone how to deal with them. The game will definitely be a mess. After the announcement card pool, everyone has at least a bottom in mind to know which cards the opponent has.

For other squads, the cartoon announcement greatly relieves everyone's stress, but for the temples, the cartoon announcement does not say relieve the pressure, but increase the pressure!

Ling Zhuangtang did not sleep well that night, Xie Mingzhe always appeared in his dreams of messy cards - he sometimes saw Fahai pressing Bai Suzhen under the tower of Lei Feng, not a moment later, Dong Yong knelt in front of him and sold himself to bury his father, Li Jing angrily rushed after his youngest son, Mink Cicada went to complain to Lubu, finally, Thunderbolt Mother appeared at the same time, thunderbolt in the sky, woke Ling Zhengtang.

The stunning plot performed by the cards forced Ling Zhuangtang to watch the film overnight.

When he went to the bathroom and washed his face with cold water to keep himself calm, he turned back to the training room, Xu Xingtu and Xu Hang brothers, as well as the new arrival this season, Zhou Xingxing, the card designer Ye Suqian, was also there, the divine color was terribly cold, the atmosphere in the training room seemed a little strange?

See Ling Zhuangtang arrived, Ye Suqian's face only slightly eased, "Zhuangtang, I want to talk to you. ”

Ling Fengtang's eyes swept through the training room and found Xu Xingtu's back stiff. The expression on his face was ugly. He instantly understood the reason. He nodded towards Yeju and pushed his wheelchair and walked away.

After coming to the next office and closing the door, Ling Feng Tang whispered: “Is Xiaoshu messing with you? ”

Ye Suqian shrugged helplessly: “I can't hide it from you.” He picked up the cup on the table and took a sip of water and moistened Runsa's dumb throat, which only went on to say: “Yesterday the card group announced that Xie Mingzhe had made the Immortal Card, and a lot of internet friends left messages under our club's Weibo saying that the Immortal Card he had made would replace our Divine Card. Xiaoshu woke up this morning to see those messages and scolded Xie Mingzhe for deliberately doing the right thing with the temples and saying that Xie Mingzhe was determined to test... I couldn't hear him and said a few words to him. ”

“Does he still have the face to scold Xie Mingzhe?” Ling Fengtang's face sinks, "the personal race lost to Chen Xiao at 8 in 4, ridiculed by many internet friends, he has always had a grudge against Nirvana, I see, he was spoiled by your master! If you hadn't given him the medal in the first place, with his own strength, he would never have reached this level today. ”

“I do blame my apprentice for not being cautious enough.” Ye Suqian smiled bitterly. “At first, I saw that his talent was quite good. He wanted to worship the master with all his heart. He came to me repeatedly and begged me. I promised him with a soft heart. I didn't give him any more tests...”

Ling Zhuangtang gently pressed Ye Suqian's shoulder and sighed. "After losing the personal race to Chen Xiao, Xiaoxu's condition was not quite right. I told him many times, but his nature was difficult to change, arrogant, no one in his eyes. Every time he lost the game, he didn't look for problems from himself. He always looked for excuses. If he didn't clean him up properly, I don't think he would learn to be good. ”

Ye Suqian nodded in agreement: “I also found that he has not been in good shape lately. He has won many awards in individual races before. This time, he was accidentally eliminated by Chen Xiao, which is completely out of sight. It was too hard on him... How are you going to handle him? ”

“I want to change Little Shu for a while in this final season to calm him down. ”

“Change?” Ye Su Qianqian, “replace him, who will manipulate the temple's medals? ”

Ling Fengtang looked at each other with a smile: “You come. ”

Ye Suqian: “…”

Ling Zhuangtang grabbed his pale finger gently and said: “I know your legs are inconvenient, all these years back behind the scenes, make cards for the temples, even if you are Master Xu Xingtu, you won't let him mention this... But when it comes to understanding the Divine Medal, no one can compare to you, Xiaozhu only learned a little fur, I believe that the only person who can fully utilize the power of the Divine Medal is you. ”

Ye Suqian is irrefutable, because Ling Pang Tang is absolutely right.

Knowledge of divine medals, no one can compare to him. He personally made this batch of medals and gave the medal a distinct skill. As a professional card designer, his spiritual strength can go to the competition, and the reason he did not enter the competition, he withdrew behind the scenes, because of his small disability, he did not want to be told by outsiders.

Wheelchair games will certainly attract a lot of attention. Ye Suqian doesn't want to face those eyes that are either curious, sympathetic, or ridiculous.

Ling Fengtang knew what he was thinking, squatted down in front of him, looked him in the eye and said softly: “Leaf, you also saw this batch of cards made by Xie Mingzhe. The number of cards is amazing and the design of the skills is top notch. We have a week left to go to the group game in a small state, and our temples will no doubt lose. If you do, maybe we still have hope. ”

“However, I will cooperate with you...”

“That's not the problem.” Ling Pang Tang interrupted him, “the usual training you've been involved in, Xiao Zhou is still the new person you bring with you, my rhythm is also very well understood, instead of Xu star chart position, operation of the medal, team will definitely be easy to grind together. ”

“…” Ye Suqian continues to remain silent.

“For the temples and for your beloved medal, don't you want to have a bright and upright confrontation with Xie Mingzhe?” Ling Zhuangtang whispered, “or do you want to watch your apprentice get blown up by Xie Mingzhe with a medal? ”

“…” Ye Suqiu lowered his head and Ling Panic Tang stopped talking, just looking gently at him.

After a long time, Ye Suqian lifted his head helplessly: “Your mouth is really good, I can't talk about you. ”

“Is that a yes?” Ling Fengtang smiled slightly and looked at the pale man in front of him.

In fact, the talent and talent of this man, no one in the professional league will deny that besides the Divine Medal, many of Ling Xuantang's weapon cards are also the result of his efforts to control data and skill design, the "Blood Sucking Dagger”, a well-known harvest card of the league, and the cooperation between the two people. Unfortunately, he kept falling behind the scenes and took in another ill-minded apprentice, which drove the popularity of the medal downhill.

If he continues to flee, perhaps Xie Mingzhe's Immortal Card will completely replace the status of the Divine Card. As the founder of the Divine Medal, he also did not want to see his heart crushed by others.

Ye Suqian took a deep breath. When he looked up again, he had a smile in his eyes: “Thank you for trusting me so much, let me try. ”

Ling Xingtang was delighted and immediately leaned over and hugged him: “Great! ”

* * *

In the training room, Xu Xingtu is still brushing his tweets with a cold face.

Yesterday after the Nirvana Bulletin Card Group, it caused a sensation. Many internet friends poured under the official Weibo of the Temples, saying that Xie Mingzhe made many fairy cards and his skills were interesting. He would surely defeat the Divine Medal...

Xu starred and cut his teeth, typing quickly with a trumpet, one slipped back.

At this point, a familiar wheelchair spinning sounded behind him, Xu Xingtu's back stiffened and immediately turned off the web page.

Ling Zhuangtang pushed Ye Suqian's wheelchair in and said softly: “I announce a decision - Xiaoshu, the match with Nirvana, your master will personally play, you rest. ”

Xu Xingmei glanced back at Master and couldn't believe his face.

Ye Suqian Wen said: “You have been in bad shape lately, Ling God wants you to adjust, if you..."

Ling Zhuangtang interrupted Ye Suqian's warm words and persuaded each other, coldly: “If you can't adjust, you won't have to play next season. ”

Xu Xingtu: “?? ”

Ling Fengtang looked at him and his sharp eyes almost penetrated his heart: “Lose to Chen Xiao, don't go to sum up the experience well, after the personal competition, don't train well, open small numbers and online friends every day to scold, do you really think I know anything? I didn't say anything about you in front of your master. Shu, it's time for you to reflect. ”

The tone of this phrase is very calm, but it makes Xu Xingtu fall like an ice cellar - turns out everything can't be hidden from Ling Shen!

Ling Fengtang rarely lost his temper and rarely spoke to the team members. Today, the team members were rarely criticized. Everyone had to drop their heads to silence, afraid to piss him off. Xu Xingtu's head was about to drift to his chest, and the whole person was stiff as a statue.

The air in the training room was like being condensed. Ye Suqian had to actively break the silence: “Xiaoshu, Lingjin is also thinking for you. Master will finish the next team game for you first, you can also take a good look from the viewing angle. ”

Xu Xingtu sounded like a mosquito: “… Got it. ”

Ling Xiangtang submitted an application for a replacement with the professional league on the same day, and the league quickly approved it - no one expected that the Temples would temporarily change hands in the post-season games.

* * *

At this time, Nirvana's conference room is also prepping for the next match.

Each season the club submits a list of 4-10 players to the league, Nirvana is a new team with only 4 players, just enough to play in a team. But there are a lot of other big club players, and the list will usually be full of 10 players, four main players, six alternates, and of course, most of the alternates will only be named and will not have a lot of opportunities to compete.

The list of entries to the temples was seen by Chen Qianlin in the first half of the year, including Ye Suqian. However, Chen Qianlin has been following the professional league for five years and has never seen Ye Suqian appear on the professional league field. Everyone knows that the designer of the temples has outstanding card making talents, but because of his physical disability, Chen Qianlin can't compete, so he doesn't think much.

The medals of the temples have always been operated by Xu Xingdian. Chen Qianlin had no idea that Ling Xuan Tang would replace Xu Xingdian! In his view, the four-man main team of Xu Xingtu, Xu Hang, Ling Xuan Tang and Zhou Xingxing are the best configuration of the group battle of the temples, and the main formation of the temples has never changed this season.

Chen Qianlin carefully analyzed the style of play of the four players, and finally concluded: “Ling Xuangtang beating competition is stable, Xu Hang is a first-class aid of the league, Xiao Zhou's talent is extremely high, we can only use Xu Xingtu as a breakthrough. ”

Xie Mingzhe said: "Xu Xingtu this guy intentionally sniped at me in the game and gave me a war book. I felt that his second illness was a bit serious, 10 times more serious than the daily shouting to hack my little bamboo. ”

Ye Bamboo just said that he had no malice towards Xie Mingzhe, but Xu Xingtu always felt that he hated himself from the heart, and for what reason Xie Mingzhe couldn't understand. He couldn't help but wonder: “Does he seem to have a problem with our Nirvana? ”

Chen Xiao smiled, “He doesn't know how to make cards, he relies on the help of designers. You can do so many cards, plus I beat him personally, he hates that we're normal too... maybe jealous. ”

“There's no need to look into why he hates you.” Chen Qianlin interrupted the topic, "Chen Xiao, you fought him personally, he lost to you, you continued to target him in the tournament, Xiao Ke cooperated from side to side, breaking Xu Xingtu as quickly as possible, then jointly against Ling Xuantang. ”

“Understood." Chen Xiao and Xie Ke nodded immediately.

“Plus, we've just announced the card pack, and there's a lot of new cards, and they'll have more headaches if they play endless modes. Home of the temples, it is likely to choose the 'light and dark' mode.” Chen Qianlin Dao, “20v20's light and dark card mode, the formation is prepared according to Archer's tactics. Tetsu, tell us more. ”

“OK.” Xie Mingzhe magnified his 20 cards to the screen and explained them in detail.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 362, unexpected players]

Time went by so fast that both players were preparing for the final season.

Turn around, a week goes by.

On October 17, the first round of the playoffs officially went off.

Saturday night was a Fenghua vs Shadow match, with Fenghua winning at 3: 0.

Xie Mingzhe lay on the bed and turned the other way. He's been wondering if Xu Xingtu's strategy works. He finally fell asleep confused. In his dream, he suddenly returned to the All-Star Arena. From God's perspective, he saw the desolate island survival model. Ling Xuetang and Zheng, Qi, Nie and Lan circled around, leading two groups of disciples to fight each other. Sitting down to harvest the fishery profits was brilliant.

Had it not been for Xie Mingzhe and his brother, Ling Xuan Tang would have been the ultimate winner in that game.

Later, in the character design, Lao Zheng designed the skills for Ling Xuantang as “no apprentice is very sad”... Ling Xuantang seems to be the only one of the five senior gods who confiscated the apprentice?

Xie Mingzhe dreamed in a daze and woke up the next morning with this strange dream in mind.

Ling Zhuangtang's first-hand weapon card allowed the Alliance to change the rules for the review of gold cards for him, fighting extremely cold violence. His performance in the all-star impressed Xie Mingzhe, Ling God never set the shelf of the Great God, seemed kind, often grabbed red envelopes in the crowd, and joked with young players... However, this person was actually extremely sensible and could find the best solution in the dilemma.

Nirvana is going to use a star chart as a breakthrough. Wouldn't Ling be prepared?

Xie Mingzhe met Chen Xiao and Chen Qianlin at the restaurant. He couldn't help but ask: "Master, Ling God has no apprentice, right? I remember Zheng always joking about it. Do you know why he didn't take in the apprenticeship? ”

Chen Qianlin shrugged: “Why are you asking about this all of a sudden? ”

Xie Mingzhe said: “I'm just a little confused. The temples have so many talented newcomers. Ling Pang Tang never thought of taking an apprentice and passing the weapon card to his apprentice? If he wants to take it, there must be plenty of people grabbing the worshipper. ”

Chen Qianlin shook his head: “I don't know why he didn't take the apprenticeship, I'm not very familiar with Ling Xuantang. ”

Among the five old players, Chen Qianlin and Suyang had the best relationship, and had the usual relationship with Zheng Feng and Nie Yuandao, and had the least exchange with Ling Xuantang, so he really didn't know much about the Temple.

Xie Mingzhe had to stop asking. It doesn't seem that many people know what the master doesn't know. However, Ling Zhuangtang seems to have a lot of secrets on him that people can't see through.

In the afternoon, everyone practiced tactics again, and at 6: 30 p.m., everyone came to the game after eating in advance.

At this time, the scene was already crowded with fans of both clubs, filled with "Nirvana Cheers” and “Temples Must Win” posters.

The official competition starts at 7: 00.

Xie Mingzhe met a lot of acquaintances in the background, and Baixu came and asked, “Who do mink cicadas really like? Aren't you young and handsome, Lubb? It doesn't always taste strange. You like that old man Dong Zhuo, right? ”

Xie Mingzhe laughed and teased him: "Why should I tell you? You and Ye Bamboo joined together when my black powder. ”

Bai Xu froze and seriously clarified: “Nothing, I don't know Ye Zhu well. ”

“…” is a princeless guy, Xie Mingzhe reached out and rubbed his white brother's head, "Mink Cicada is finally with Lubu, the specific story will be finished with the encyclopedia of cards, you can keep an eye on it. ”

Bai Xu, who guessed correctly, asked excitedly: "That Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian...”

Before the end of the conversation, Tang Muzhou grabbed the back collar and carried his brother to the side like a chicken: “Ask these chaotic influences of the game, and have a chance to tell you a story. ”

Baixu's ears slightly blushed: “Who wants to hear his story! I asked for Ye Bamboo. ”

He just ran away with the oil on his soles and seems to have forgotten what he just said: "He doesn't know Ye Bamboo"?

Xie Mingzhe couldn't help but smile and looked at Tang Muzhou. “Come to watch the war yourself? ”

Tang Muzhou smiled and said, "Yeah. After the first round, the next game will be half a month later, anyway, I will personally refuel you on the spot. ”

Xie Mingzhe shook his hand and said: “Then lend me the luck of winning the first game. ”

The two were talking and the players from the temples arrived.

Xie Mingzhe looked back and saw Ling Xiangtang pushing a wheelchair in front of him, sitting on a wheelchair with a young man with a clear appearance, behind him was Xu Hang, Xu Xingtu, Zhou Xingxing three players, and the manager sister of the temples.

The atmosphere in the background suddenly gets weird. Lao Zheng took the lead in returning to God and walked over to laugh: “It's rare! The rumored Temple Cardmaker Ip Suqian, also came to watch the game in person today? ”

Ye Suqian's lip corner revealed a shallow smile and politely nodded to him: “Long time no see, Senior. ”

Xie Mingzhe was surprised and asked Tang Muzhou softly: “What brings him here? ”

“The game was extraordinary, and it was said online that it was the 'Fairy Fight', the first open confrontation between the Divine and Immortal medals, and it was normal for him to come and watch the game himself.” Tang Muzhou explained, "Don't think about it. Fight hard later. ”

“Mm-hmm." Xie Mingzhe promised, looking back, he just closed Ye Suqian's eyes.

A man's eyes are clear and bright, like they can see into the heart. Instead of appearing hostile to Xie Mingzhe smiled proactively when his eyes were opposite, like an old friend he hadn't seen for a long time.

Xie Mingzhe walked over and said, "Hello, Ye Suqian, this is the first time we've met in real life. ”

A long time ago, Xie Mingzhe saw him in the game. He told Xie Mingzhe about the origins of the Divine Medal and said to Xie Mingzhe, "I hope that next time we meet you, you will come up with more interesting original cards. When you become a pro, we'll fight. ”

Now that we meet again, Xie Mingzhe not only presented his original card, but also founded a new race - the Immortals - that is enough to fight against the Divine Medal.

Ye Suqian looked up at him: “This is indeed the first time we have met in real life. Hello, Xie Mingzhe. ”

Xie Mingzhe carefully weighed him, which may have been the cause of his illness since childhood. His face was paler than the average person's, but he didn't seem soft. He had a blanket over his leg and a thin blanket that covered his ankle. Although he could only look up in a wheelchair, his eyes were calm and he had no sense of “inferiority”. Instead, he had a slight arrogance in his eyes.

Xie Mingzhe smiled and whispered in Ye Suqian's ear: “Don't worry about the comments on the internet. I didn't make Immortal Cards to replace your Divine Cards. I also very much approve of the Divine Cards you made. ”

“I know." Ye Suqian looked at Xie Mingzhe and said in a mutually audible volume: “Cards of any race have their raison d 'être. Those who talk about replacing the unsubstituted have no idea what it means to make cards. ”

“So you came to the scene in person today, didn't you come to the entertainer to ask for guilt?” Xie Mingzhe joked. Then he heard a gentle sound in his ear: “I came, just to fulfill one of your promises. ”

“... a covenant?” Xie Mingzhe's blind.

“What are you two whispering about?” Ling Zhuangtang smiled and interrupted the two of them. Ye Suqian nodded to Xie Mingzhe, then said to Ling Zhuangtang: “It's time to get ready. ”

“Well, I'll see you on the field.” Ling Xiangtang said goodbye and pushed the wheelchair away.

Looking behind them, Xie Mingzhe still didn't understand what Ye Suqian meant. What's the deal?

* * *

At 7: 30, the game officially begins.

Players from both sides came to the big stage in a warm round of applause.

Nirvana leads the way - Chen Xiao, Xie Mingzhe, Yike Ke and Qin Xuan take the stage in turn.

Since he abstained in the individual race, he hasn't appeared in public for a month and a half. The fans missed him so much, saw him come out, the whole scene immediately burst into a scream, posters with Xie Mingzhe Q's avatar, Nirvana's Xuwei poster were all raised in the heights, and fans on the scene even excitedly played with the wave: “Nirvana, come on! ”

Shouting is deafening.

Su Yang exclaimed: “Nirvana is really popular! ”

Wu Yuedao: “Although Nirvana took fourth place in Group B in the first half of the regular tournament, it was astonished to qualify for the post-season tournament, but now Nirvana is not the hardest team to get out of the line. After six months of polishing, Nirvana has greatly increased its strength, and Chen Xiao also won the quarterback of the individual tournament! ”

"" Besides that, Xie Mingzhe abstained in the personal race to prepare the card set. He originally created the kind of fairy cards. Nirvana's announcement of the card pool really opened my eyes. I still can't remember the names of the Ten Great Yan Kings, the Eight Immortals and the Seven Star Kings... ”

Su Yang said with a smile: “I don't remember either, so I look forward to Nirvana's performance in the post-season. ”

"Let's give a warm round of applause to the four Nirvana players! ”

Four players were introduced on the big screen, often with cards, and the audience's applause almost went over the roof.

"'Next,' said Liu Shan, 'there will be four contestants from the Temple of Lovers. ”

Wu Yue followed closely the introduction: “This team of the Temples is an old-fashioned team established in the second season. It represents the athlete Ling Xiangtang. I am sure everyone is very familiar with it. Today, he will bring his teammates...”

On the big stage, the audience discovered a strange scene as the chase lights found Ling Fengtang's figure -

Ling Pang Tang pushed the wheelchair to the big stage, a young man with a pale face and a clean face sat on the wheelchair, his divine color was calm, his hands were placed on his knees, he was wearing the uniforms of the temples, the white uniform made him look very thin, his legs were covered by a thin blanket and the blanket dropped all the way to the ankle position.

Xie Mingzhe: “..............."

Audience: “?????? ”

The bullet screen in the live room is almost going crazy: “Shit, what's going on? Where's the wheelchair guy? Do the Temples have players with leg disabilities?” “Isn't he the chief card designer of the legendary temple? ”

“What does it mean to push a designer on stage! Ling Shen, this is a big joke! Am I dreaming? This is Ye Suqian? Originator of the divine medal?” “Playing the game with the audience? What the hell is this Ip Su Qian doing? ”

The audience was so ashamed, they couldn't understand what the temple was doing.

Chen Qianlin, who watched the backstage battle, looked slightly different here: “I didn't expect this to happen... I underestimated Ling Zhuangtang. ”

Tang Muzhou's color is complicated: “Ling Liangtang's trick is really harsh. ”

Xie Mingzhe would love to drop his helmet at this time!

Nirvana's recent tactics of preparing for the war are based on the tactics of "targeting Xu Xingtu” and “prioritizing the collapse of Xu Xingtu”. It was completely unexpected that Xu Xingtu did not appear, and he actually changed to Ye Suqian, who had never played in a professional league!

Ling Xiangtang was unexpected.

No wonder he hasn't been comfortable these past few days, since his recent dream was to warn him - don't underestimate Ling Xiangtang.

In the all-star desert island survival mode, one can live to the final circle, and let Zheng return to the disciple and the Nelan disciple confront each other. Sitting down, the calm and wise of Ling Xiangtang is not comparable to the average person - he obviously saw that Xu Xingtu would become the bust of the temples, so he simply landed and replaced this bust!

What is Ye Suqian's method? Nobody knows. What should I do about it?

At this moment, Xie Mingzhe only felt cold on his back for a while.

Ye Suqian just said that in order to fulfill a promise, he finally figured it out.

Ye Suqian once told him in the game that when he became a professional player, he would have another real showdown. I thought the other party's “showdown” meant the making of cards. I didn't expect that the other party would actually come to the field in person!

Halfway through Wu Yue, she suddenly saw Ling Xuantang pushing her wheelchair onto the stage, and she almost bit her tongue.

Fearing the leakage of information, the name league of the contestants from both sides will not be distributed until three minutes before the start of the competition. At that time, Wu Yue opened a sealed list and saw “Ye Suqian” and then some unbelievable. At this time, seeing Ling Pang Tang really pushed the wheelchair to the field, Wu Yue's mood was complicated and his voice trembled: “Sitting in the wheelchair, this is Ye Suqian, the chief card designer of the temples, the original author of the Divine Medal, he is not here to watch, but to enter the competition! ”

"The four contestants in the Temple today, the list does include Ye Suqian, Ling Xuantang submitted a replacement application a week ago, and Xu Xingqian changed the star chart for the competition. ”

Su Yang was just explaining the guest. He didn't know anything about this. He suddenly saw Ye Suqian in a wheelchair. He was scared. After a moment of silence, he said: “Ye Suqian rarely showed up in front of the public. He has always been the designer behind the temples. He made all the medals. Even some weapon medals from Ling Xuan Tang. He also participated in the design. I didn't think he actually came to play the game... personally? ”

Backstage, we are discussing the follow-up of the White Snake Herald, Ye Bamboo and Bai Xu immediately stop the discussion.

Bai Xu stared widly: “Is that all right? Isn't Ye Suqian a professional designer? He can still play games? ”

Tang Muzhou whispered, “He is also a professional player. ”

Bai Xu turned to his brother and found his divine colour extremely complicated. He said word for word: "In the fifth season, I fought him in the Master Games. His strength was not lost to me and he won the runner-up of the Master Games. However, he was in a wheelchair and there was so much controversy online about him that he retreated behind the scenes after signing the shrines and did not compete as a professional player - but he was a professional player and the League had his registration. ”

Listen to Tang Muzhou's narrative, the great gods watching the war backstage look at each other in opposition.

I have only played the Grandmaster Competition and have never participated in a professional league. Lack of experience in the Competition will be the biggest defect of Ye Suqian.

However, as the original author of the Divine Medal, he knew absolutely more about each of the Divine Medals than Xu Xingtu. Besides, he was involved in the design of many cards of the Temples, and even to make the "Cannibal Flower” cards for Xie Mingzhe, he was not less familiar with his teammates and opponents than Xu Xingzhi.

The tournament is led by Ling Xuan Tang, who can work perfectly together by keeping up with Ling Xuan Tang's rhythm.

Everyone thought about it and pinched a sweat for Xie Mingzhe.

Previously, when the Nirvana Card group announced, everyone was sympathetic to Ling God-- poor Ling Pang Tang had to get used to so many strange cards of Nirvana in the short term, and his head was going to blow?

Now, however, everyone starts to sympathize with Xie Mingzhe - Nirvana certainly did not expect Ling Xuan Tang to temporarily change people, so that the previous tactical arrangement will be useless, the commander must be randomly straightened out, according to the situation on the field change strategy, the difficulty is not ordinary.

Xie Mingzhe pitted Lingzheng Tang. Lingzheng Tang pitted Xie Mingzhe again. Both sides pitted each other and tied hands.

The game hasn't started yet, even psychological warfare is so fierce... Later in the game, it looks like a real "fairy fight”!

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