[Chapter 369, Light Temple]

After the second inning, Chen Qianlin came to the big stage again. Since there was only one chance to apply for a pause in each game, he had already used it. The rest time was only 3 minutes, and every minute and second had to be hurried.

Seeing Master take the stage, Xie Mingzhe immediately stood up and wanted to hug him. Chen Xiao grabbed his brother first and said with a smile: "Brother, the tactics in the second round were too handsome. ”

Chen Qianlin patted his brother's shoulder, pushed him away and asked seriously: "What are you going to do next? ”

Xie Mingzhe thought about it for a moment and said: "I have an idea, Master, can it work? ”

Chen Qianlin looked back at him: “Say it. ”

"" Use Zhang Guo Lao to deal with the shields of the temples, "said Xie Mingzhe. ”

Chen Qianlin nodded happily: “You can think of it so quickly, indicating that you have understood the core of the temples. In fact, I also think of Zhang Guolao, let him eat the shield, in conjunction with the outbreak of the output card, and force Ling Zhuangtang's weapon card. ”

"As long as Ling Zhengtang's cards are killed, the Temple's lineup will not break itself," said Chen Xiao. Of course, Ling Xiangtang will definitely be protected by the focus of the teammates, trying to isolate the protection of the teammates, I think of a card - Jia Zheng. ”

Xie Mingzhe's eyes lit up: “Let Jia Zheng write to Ling Xuantang, his card will not be treated, and then we will set fire to kill him? ”

The two were discussing it, but Chen Qianlin shook his head. “Don't forget, the temples still have a map that can immunize the whole scene against the negative effects. ”

“... Light Temple?” Xie Mingzhe soon remembered this map. Most maps of other clubs have negative effects, but the "Light Temple” is completely different and is the only scene in the map library that “immunizes against any negative effects”.

In the Light Temple game, all frozen and dizzy strong control skills, confusion, displacement, alien dominance skills, bleeding, poisoning and other negative effects, all fail. This map is called "The Temple of Light” and cards must be confronted brightly and positively, and no negative effects are allowed to affect the opponent.

After Chen Xiao heard the name of the map, he said headaches: “Brother, you mean that the home of the third inning of the Temple of Light might use this map? ”

“What do you think is most scary about Ling Zhuang Tang?” Chen Qianlin asked back.

“He fears being controlled by his opponents and crushing all his weapon cards.” Chen Rolling Tong, "said,“ If you use this map of Light Temple, any negative effects will be lost. We Nirvana have too many cards with strange negative skills. Playing Nirvana in Light Temple is really a good option. ”

“If they really use this map, can they only touch it hard?” Xie Mingzhe stroked his chin thoughtfully.

“Well, spell it out with them, not without a chance.” Chen Qianlin looked at the four people and said, "The Temple of the Temple is Ling Xiangtang single attack eruption, Zhou Xingxing group attack auxiliary, Ye Suqian protection, Xu Hang treatment, but we can make three attackers on our side. ”

“Brother Chen, me and Xiao Ke output at the same time, only Qin Xuan can be treated alone?” Xie Mingzhe thought it was really possible, so he quickly passed the Nirvana card in his mind. "How about Qin Xuan carrying five healing cards? ”

“Yes,” replied Qin Xuan calmly. As a professional assistant, he is fully aware of the cooldown time and amount of treatment for each skill in his home treatment card. The usual game carries a maximum of 2-3 treatment cards. Today he carries 5 cards, which may be difficult to operate, but Qin Xuan is not worried because he believes in his teammates and in the results of his hard training over this period.

“Monomeric treatment of Huaqiao, Daqiao, Iron Crucible Li, group treatment of Shennong, protective treatment of Song Jiang.” Xie Mingzhe quickly said five treatment cards. There are many treatment cards for Nirvana, but Master Li and Little Joe both bring the group control, Guanyin Bodhisattva bring the decontrolling, Tang Monk bring the apprentices together, Xu Xian wants to link with Bai Suzhen... In the map of the Light Temple, the group control and decontrolling skills are not necessary, after eliminating these treatment cards, choose from the remaining pure treatment cards, the best solution he can think of is these five cards.

“…” Chen Qianlin looked at the apprentice with surprise, because Archer said the card exactly as he thought.

Little apprentice is definitely a little clear. With the ability to quickly pick out five of Nirvana's hundreds of cards that best fit the map of the Temple of Light, and the complementary skills of the cards, Xie Mingzhe's memory and ability to pick cards seem to have taken another step.

“Are these five okay?” Xie Mingzhe looked at Master's face and asked.

“Very good." Chen Qianlin smiled rarely and patted the little apprentice's shoulder, saying, "It fits perfectly. ”

Songjiang gang mates resist injury, sell blood treatment; Shennong's treatment array continues to lift blood, suicide at critical moments is a big move; Daqiao's 15-second single assault treatment adds extremely high amount of blood, and the emergency can also force the recovery of residual blood medals; Huaqiao single injury reduction, strong emergency rescue capability; Iron Crutch Lee is a flexible single treatment card, there are 7 pills in the gourd, one in 3 seconds, can quickly fill up the blood of the fire-fired teammates when Ling Pang erupts.

Five healing cards do their job. It's not that easy for Ling Xuantang to try to kill our cards.

Master Xie Mingzhe smiled. "All five healing cards will be given to Qin Xuan. Zhang Goo, who eats shields, will be operated by me. I will bring four more attack cards; Xiaoke and Chen will each carry five attack cards, and the 20-card line will be confirmed. ”

Chen Xiao thought about it and said: “I took the black rose and the black magician with me. Midnight secret and the beautiful banana with two single attacks. Then I took the Bamboo Prince and added the Bamboo Prince to the dark medal. His bamboo can kill the blood medal all over the field, later harvest. ”

Xiao Ke looked at Xie Mingzhe: "Cheol, what card do I bring? ”

He always listened to Xie Mingzhe. Xie Mingzhe was also polite. He said directly: "You take the cowhead, horse face linkage group attack to make up for the damage; Joe Sheng, even the city linkage single attack continued to output, and the ghost fire of the grandson Jiuwen, follow the rhythm of me and Chen to the second man. ”

Metaphor nodded excitedly: "Okay! ”

Chen Qianlin was very pleased that everyone was actively discussing the strategy for the next game - this is like a team.

In the last round, Chen Qianlin personally came out to finalize the map, tactics and card group because the Nirvana Four had been beaten up a little bit. But after the last round of the competition, everyone knew how to play the temple and restored confidence, so Chen Qianlin in the third round decided to hand over the initiative to Chul, who believed that if he gave the key hint of "Light Temple”, Chul could find the most reasonable solution.

Archer has also proven to be very talented and thoughtful in matching cards.

Mass attack, mono attack, group therapy, monomer treatment, the entire set of cards is both guarded and equipped.

Just in case, Chen Qianlin added: “The map submitted by Ling Xuan Tang, if it is the Temple of Light, we will use this set of cards. If not, change the treatment cards according to the opposite card group, with control and protection cards, and adjust randomly. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded forcefully: "Yes, don't worry, Master. ”

The 3 minute break soon arrived. Chen Qianlin patted the team members' shoulders with encouragement and turned around and walked off the stage.

He did not return to the backstage and continued to stand under the stage to watch the game.

The contest begins with a familiar selection screen.

Ling Xuan Tang will soon submit a map - Light Temple.

"“ Ha ha, I got it! Lin god is such a prophecy, he has a fight with Nie's crow mouth. ”

Chen Xiao smiled slightly with pride in his tone: "It shows that my brother's analytical skills are strong. ”

Three: “…”

Brother Chen Xiao Daily Quan, everyone has been automatically immunized.

Xie Mingzhe said: "Since the temples really use this picture, we can only hit the front. Qin Xuan, after the start of the competition, you summoned all the treatment cards. Anyway, there is no negative effect, and you are not afraid of being confused by the group. ”

Qin Xuan nodded: “Okay. ”

Healing cards are confused and adding blood skills back to the opponent. Light Temple maps ignore any negative controls, so he can easily maneuver and walk away with all five healing cards.

At the end of the 30-second countdown, both sides shine cards--

As soon as Nirvana's star came out, the scene made an incredible breath, and Suyang frowned: “Five healing cards? This therapy is too powerful..."

However, when the cards of the temples came out, Suyang wanted to roll his eyes: “It's also 5 healing cards! ”

Wu Yue moaned: “This game is not going to turn into a bladder game! ”

"" With so many healing cards, it's very difficult to quickly kill your opponent's cards. You add blood, I add blood, and immune control all over the map. Is this going to take half an hour? ”

Xie Mingzhe saw that there was also a headache here, "Everyone is ready for a long war. ”

There are many treatment cards on both sides, and this is the time to spell out the details.

Xie Mingzhe knew that he and Chen Xiao's operational details were temporarily less than Lingjin's, Qin Xuan's assistant might be a little less than Xuan's flight differential, but the other two members of the Temple, Ye Suqian, were temporarily on the field, had not much competition experience. Zhou Xingsheng was a new arrival this season, and the four of them only cooperated in temporary teams for one week; while Nirvana's four cooperated so long, the degree of acquiescence would be far stronger than the Temple.

Taken together, both sides should have a positive win rate of five or five, depending on who seizes the key opportunity first.

Light Temple officially loaded in 10 seconds.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 370, Therapeutic Pressure]

A white cloud sits in a magnificent temple with a magnificent temple that is characteristic of the realm of God in Western mythology. The golden sun from the sky spills on a pure, soft cloud, filling the scene with sanctity.

The venue of the competition is inside the Temple of Light, the floor-to-ceiling glass surrounding the Grand Palace, allowing all the sunlight to shine in, the palace is spacious and bright, you can see at a glance the edge of the map without any obstacles.

This picture is particularly simple, and the wide open space allows the cards to unleash their skills. But in fact, a map setting that immunizes any negative effects will make the match into a detailed match, when to treat, when to attack, and requires command to have the most precise control over the overall rhythm, otherwise, with all the therapeutic skills cooled down, there is a good chance that a wave will collapse.

Behind the scene of the war, Ye Bamboo said with some regret: "It is a pity that the negative effects have failed and the strange tactics of Nirvana have not been seen. ”

Bai Xu said: “Xie Mingzhe must really hate these maps. ”

Ye Bamboo agrees: "Yes, he loves some strange control fields, which is tragic. ”

At the beginning of the match, because the Light Temple is not afraid of negative effects and the two sides are not afraid of being controlled by their opponents, a large number of cards appear at the same time as the opening, and the temple's healing cards and Nirvana's healing cards are all in place.

"This was probably the most therapeutic game in the 20v20 team," said Soyang. ”

The temples have 5 healing cards, the divine cards Friga and Forest God are operated by Ye Suqian, the three weapons cards are operated by Xu Hang, and the five cards also combine group therapy, single-use, injury reduction and first aid.

In addition to this, the temples bring the Moonlight Goddess (group buff gain, single teammate additional damage) and the Goddess of Thoughts (group attack gain), both of which are assisted by the Divine Cards, Ye Suqian and Xu Hang each.

Xie Mingzhe's eyes quickly swept across the field. The Temple opened with a direct summons of 17 cards. Ling Shen brought 6 output weapon cards, Zhou Xingxin 4 Shen cards, which together are 10 outputs. It looks like the number of output cards is less than Nirvana. However, due to the presence of buff gain and additional damage in auxiliary cards, Ling Xuantang can be used as 1.5 cards. The overall output capacity is not weaker than Nirvana.

There are also 3 dark cards that have not been summoned, apparently the temples have retained a hand in killing.

Xie Mingzhe also left two dark cards, while Chen Xiao left Bamboo Son and other residues, the scene turned into 17: 17.

The audience rarely sees so many cards called by both sides in the opening of the light and dark card mode, and applause sounded.

Without clapping, both sides began the first wave of skill shooting.

Lucifer and Michal joined forces to launch a mass attack. The skills of Thor and Vengeance God were simultaneously smashed. Nirvana's cards suffered massive damage. The blood volume was instantly brushed to below 50%. Ling Xuantang immediately took the shot. Six weapons cards began to gather fire to kill Hua Xuan!

Hua Zheng is immortal and a single card is indestructible, so Ling Zhengtang's first goal is Hua Zheng.

Qin Xuan did not say anything to directly open Shennong Therapeutic Array, and returned 8% of blood per second for 10 seconds, stabilizing the whole group's blood line.

Weak defense cards include Big Joe, Iron Crutcher Lee monomer to repair the blood, and Song Jiang to help stop the injury - Qin Xuan operated five healing cards to calmly and quickly recover the whole group's blood volume, but healing Kaga's blood without Lingxiang's weapon card broke more damage, which will make the healing more and more strenuous.

With only the last trace of blood left in his eyes, Qin Xuan was compelled to take back Hua Qiao directly!

Big Joe's recycling skills are equivalent to bringing the card back to life with blood, so it cools down to 10 minutes and is not easy to use.

But Qin Xuan also has his own considerations. First of all, Hua Xuan's "scratch bone healing wound" is the strongest single first aid. It can instantly fill the blood and refresh all skills, but it cannot be used against itself. Otherwise, Hua Xuan is beaten to scratch the bone healing wound, and then beaten to continue scratching the bone healing wound refreshing skills, which will never die.

Huaqiao is great at saving people, and his ability to save himself is average. The other cards can't hold Ling Xuantang's fire collection of 6 assault cards, so Qin Xuan simply asked Daqiao to retrieve Hua Qiang and force Ling Xuantang to transfer fire. When Ling Zhengtang gathers fire, he sends Hua Zheng out to help his teammates, which can be delayed for a long time.

The facts also prove that Qin Xuan's choice was very wise. Ling Xuantang saw Huayou retracted and could only transfer fire to kill Daqiao!

When both sides have five cards, killing one of the opponent's cards first creates a "healing imbalance” - making the opponent's amount of blood added incompatible with our output, and winning the match is only a matter of time.

Ling Zhuangtang's strategy was very clear and rational. He killed Hua Qiu precisely to force Big Joe's recycling skills. It took 10 seconds for the card to be reclaimed to be called again, and it was possible that his weapon card could have taken Big Joe away in one wave.

At the same time, Xiaoke's cowhead and horse face spread Huangquan Road on a large scale, flowers across the bank, Chen Xiao's black magician, black rose petals danced; four cards together struck out a large number of mass offensive outputs, beautiful bananas sucked blood over a long range, Joe Sheng and Liancheng acted simultaneously, and the melee compressed each other -

Nirvana's healing pressures are high, as are the temples.

Ye Suqian stared closely at Ling Xuantang's card plus blood, Xu Hang came to take care of the whole regiment, the skills of both sides were released successively, the card was also constantly bleeding and returning blood, and the blood volume of Daqiao was pressed to less than 20% opposite, Qin Xuan immediately asked Song Jiang to help fight the injury.

Songjiang, as an earthly card, has a lot of blood and high defense, and is very difficult to kill for a time. But Song Jiang is immortal, and so are the other cards, because Song Jiang brings his own passive ridicule of "teammates help fight harm with low blood volume”.

Ling shook up here and frowned.

This newcomer named Qin Xuan is harder to fight than he imagined. Nirvana's five treatment cards are very clever to match each other. It's not easy to kill any of them. Fortunately, the outbreak of weapon cards, coupled with Ye Suqian's "Moonlight Goddess” will improve his attack power and add "Pursuit Damage” buff to his unbridled sword, he can add additional damage every time he strikes, Qin Xuan will always be unable to hold back.

You came to me for half a minute, the skill effect was blind, but no card was killed.

At last Song Jiang was beaten to only 10% of the blood. It happened that Hua Zheng could come out. Qin Xuan “scratched the bone to heal the injury", instantly full of blood, equivalent to white punch.

On the other side of the temple, Chen Xiao and Xie Ke jointly suppressed each other, Xie Ke even attacked the city several dozen times, however, with the protection of Athena and Friga's double shield, as well as the blood of Ziyun sword and Bitan sword, it was also difficult for the two to force any card.

Audience: "…”

It started so hard, no one could kill anybody.

Wu Yue helplessly said: “I told you this was a bladder game, I don't know how long it took to break out a blood outbreak. ”

Su Yang laughed: "Why don't we place our bets and watch the temple die first, or Nirvana die first? ”

"" I think it's Nirvana, "said Liu Shan." After all, Lingshen's 6 weapon cards are terrible for single-player output when gaining attack bonuses and chasing buffs. Nirvana has fewer single-player cards, all of which are predominantly attacked in groups. ”

Su Yang shook his head: “Not necessarily, pay attention to Xie Mingzhe. ”

Wu Yue was prompted by her predecessor to immediately follow Xie Mingzhe, and then she was surprised to find out: “Cheol seems to be playing soy sauce on the edge. When the first wave of skills was exchanged, the card skills he summoned didn't work very well? ”

"He should be observing the situation and waiting for opportunities," said Sauyang. With so many healing cards on both sides, even if the skills were released, it would be difficult to kill each other for a while and a half, and now both sides have 17v17, both with a backhand. ”

Liu Shan pondered carefully and his eyes lit up violently: “The temples and Nirvana both left 3 dark cards, and both sides of the treatment cards have long cooling group therapy skills. Perhaps Archer wants to card this cooling blank, to do a wave of burst output? ”

"" But I don't think the temples can go unprotected, either. Shennon's Therapeutic Array also has cooling time, they can also jam this time for a wave of attack! ”

It was explained that the audience had to be nervous.

Although there are many treatment cards, skills are not seamless.

For example, Hua Qiu, his scratch wound cooled for a long time. He saved Song Jiang with scratch wound just now, so his emergency rescue ability will be greatly reduced over the next period; Daqiao's recovery skills are cooled, and blood is added to the unit once for 15 seconds; Shennong's treatment array will also fall into cooling, and it will also cool down after the use of 7 medicines in the iron crutched luggage gourd. Can't Song Jiang sell blood treatment to sell himself?

Similar to the Temples, Athena's group shield and Friga's single shield have time or frequency limits. Forest God's group has been cooling for a long time. The weapon brand Bitan Sword and Purple Cloud Sword's single treatment, the disabled sword's group repair, all have cooling time.

Both sides start out so fierce, it looks like brainless shooting, but in fact, both sides are squeezing the opponent's healing ability, waiting for the healing card skill to fall into a massive cooldown, unable to keep up with the rhythm of the moment - the real offense will come!

Who's going to take this opportunity first?

Who's gonna get through this?

The comparison of this Light Temple, without any negative control, spells out precise control of warplanes and skills by both sides!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 371, Divine Predictor]

The game lasted five minutes and no cards were killed on either side.

It was also the only league in this Pro League to open for more than five minutes without killing any cards. You can see how glued the scene is when both sides attack, defend, and pull each other's saws.

Qin Xuan sweats all over the face.

This is the most stressful time since he became a professional player, with five healing cards, how to match his skills, which card to use to add blood to which teammate, without any mistakes. His mental strength is highly concentrated and he arranges the skills of the five cards in an orderly manner, but even so, he gradually feels weak...

Shennong tactics cooled down, Daqiao's single plus 8 seconds left. After using up a wave of Iron Crucible Lee medicine, we need to wait for the skill CD again. Songjiang's blood residue cannot be sold for treatment. Huaqiao's hemp boiling and scattering injury reduction can no longer be stacked on the 5th floor.

What should I do if another wave explodes?

That's when he heard Xie Mingzhe's resolute voice in his ear: "Withdraw all healing cards and keep Shennong! ”

Across the board, Archer noticed his predicament!

Qin Xuan relieved his breath and immediately manipulated the treatment card to retreat back, Shennong retreated fastest.

Ling Xiangtang will certainly not let go of this unique opportunity.

At this time, Hua Zheng's full skill cooled, Big Joe's blood, Song Jiang's blood, Ling Pang Tang was ready to burst out to remove these treatment cards at the same time. The voice channel of the temples, Ling Xuantang also gave instructions: "Prepare to attack… 3, 2, 1, hit! ”

By an order, Zhou Xingxing had already cooled down the great group of medals, and once again laid the heavens and the earth down!

Black and white feathers blend together, sweeping into Nirvana like a sharp knife. The swords of Ling Xuan Tang were launched simultaneously, and the dense and numb sword and light shadow covered all the blood brands of Nirvana.

Ye Suqian finally summoned two dark cards.

Pontos, the Nordic mythology of the "god of the sea”, has five children, each named Friendship of the Sea, Wonder of the Sea, Anger of the Sea, Danger of the Sea and Power of the Sea, equivalent to bringing five pets with him. Friendly and wonderful, they also hit Lingxiangtang's weapons cards; anger and danger are collaborative pets, and Lingxiangtang strikes whomever they want; and the power of the sea is the group attack bonus of 20%, although the bonus is small, the output of all cards can still be significant.

Another dark card is called the Goddess of Memory, and the Goddess of Memory has only one skill - memory reproduction.

She can record the attack of our designated card for the next 3 seconds, and in 3 seconds, let this attack reappear on any designated card - that is, if Ling Xuan Tang strikes 100,000 Crits in 3 seconds, the Goddess of Memory can write down 100,000 Crits, designate another card at will in 3 seconds, and instantly 100,000 Damages!

This card is equivalent to turning 3 seconds of sustained damage into an instant, removing the opponent's card by accident.

The appearance of the Goddess of the Sea and the Goddess of Memory completely blew the horn of the all-out attack of the Temples!

But Xie Mingzhe has long been guarding against this.

Nirvana has always used the Dark Card Pit Man, so he has been afraid to make a full offense until the Dark Cards of the Temples do not appear.

At this time, our healing card under the pressure of heavy fire all the skills cooled, Qin Xuan retreated, the temples definitely have to fight a wave, if not defensive, it is likely that Nirvana's lineup will instantly tear a gap.

Xie Mingzhe summoned Lu Dongbin in advance at the moment of Qin Xuan's retreat.

He doesn't know what the Temples carry, but Lu Dongbin's skills are enough for any kind of burst!

The audience didn't understand what the players were doing. At this moment, too many attack skills were released on both sides, especially Ling Shen's sword shadow, making the entire field snowflake.

With the auxiliary boost of Ye Suqian Shen, Ling Zhuang Tang's explosive power is amazing.

In the blink of an eye, Da Qiao was seconded, Li was seconded, Hua Qi was seconded...

Nirvana's defensive line was completely torn apart!

Wu Yuechin was frightened to battle: “The temples are a wave of rhythm. If Nirvana's healing card dies, you will lose next! ”

Su Yang did not speak because he noticed Xie Mingzhe summoned to the air and stepped on Lu Dongbin with a sword at his feet.

Three seconds quickly passed ——

The audience saw an incredible scene!

At this time, Shennong's blood volume was around 60,000. The Goddess of Memory had just remembered the damage of Ling Fengtang without a double sword. The damage inflicted by the two swords in 3 seconds far exceeded 60,000. As long as the skills of "memory reproduction” were successfully developed, Shennong would be instantly opened.

However, the blood volume of all Nirvana cards suddenly began to fully recover without knowing what was happening!

Ye Suqian's memory goddess skill clearly hit Shennong, but Shennong was not seconded, the blood volume turned to 80,000??

Hit the other side. Reverse the blood? Is this the system out of the bug?

"Lu Dongbin's Golden Millet Dream Effect Triggered! ”

Wu Yue was stunned: “Time Reversed 3 seconds ago?? ”

Soyang's voice shivered slightly: “This wave of skill exchange just now is too complicated and requires four times slower lens playback to see. ”

The broadcaster immediately slowly played back the group battle in the small screen in the lower right corner, and Su Yang followed closely: “Actually, this is a very detailed operation - Xie Mingzhe gave a precise prediction of the temple's attack rhythm, he guessed that the temple was going to card this point, so he summoned Lu Dongbin and opened Lu Dongbin's 'Huang Xuan Dream’ when he attacked the opposite side with all his strength. Once three seconds had arrived, the time was reversed, and the entire card blood volume returned three seconds ago. ”

Wu Yue: “……"

Life is like a big dream, not to be happy, not to lose grief.

This is described in Lu Dongbin Card Skills.

Lu Dongbin had a dream, when the dream awakened, all cards returned 3 seconds before the blood volume.

This card can handle any opponent's outbreak, and Xie Mingzhe opened it too quickly.

And so, Lu Dongbin had a big dream, so that most of the damage done by the temples in these three seconds was wasted. Shennong's blood volume returned to the three temples, from 60,000 to 180,000. Ye Suqian's reaction was slower than that of Xie Mingzhe by a few seconds. By the time he released his skills, Shennong's blood volume had returned to 180,000. Therefore, the great trick of the Goddess of Memory could not stop Shennong, and after beating Shennong, Shennong's blood volume became 80,000.

The settlement time of the two skills is too close, there is only about a few seconds difference, so in the audience's view, Ye Suqian's one skill beat, Shennong went from 60,000 blood to 80,000 blood, like a BUG.

But in fact, this is because Xie Mingjieca had a very detailed skill time lag that allowed Lu Dongbin's sorghum to dream and be released before the great trick of remembering the goddess!

The 3-second retreat of Golden Millet's Dream cannot revive the already dead cards, so Huayu, Daqiao and Iron Crutched Lee are still dead.

However, all the massive attacks of the temples are also equivalent to fighting for nothing.

Looks like Ling Feng Tang erupted instantly, tearing Nirvana's lineup apart a gap, but in fact, Xie Mingzhe and others are now--

At this time, the temples are cooling down and their healing skills are cooling down. This is the moment for Nirvana to strike back in full.

Xie Mingzhe only said two words: "Fight! ”

Chen Xiaoju decisively broke out the black rose and black magician's group attack, Yu Ke also followed the bull head and horse face group attack, the four group attack skills to make the mattress, followed closely by the Xie Mingzhe Immortal Card's comprehensive pressing field!

Aunt He Xian's lotus flowers flourished, Han Xiangzi's voice sounded all over the scene, Lu Dongbin summoned a massive sword rain -

The whole Nirvana clan is attacking, and the cards of the temples are pressed to less than 30% blood in one breath!

Xie Mingzhe swept the blood volume of the card across the eye and said on the audio channel: "Prepare to harvest. ”

Yike Ke immediately replied: "Understood! ”

Xie Mingzhe summoned Zhang Guolao and instantly moved to Ling Zhuangtang's weapons card, forcibly swallowing the shield on the three cards without a double sword, a broken soul sword or a cyclone sword.

Almost at the same time, Xie Mingzhe summoned the grandson Jiu Lady, Xie Mingzhe summoned the queen...

Nine arrows in a row, nine fires out!

As a regular partner in the doubles, Ko and Archer have long formed a tacit understanding of who you beat and who I beat. Xie Mingzhe's nine arrows split into three batches, and Ko's nine fires split into three batches, neatly smashing into three weapon cards that were swallowed up by the shield.

Seeing that the nine arrows are divided into three directions, the trajectory of operation and the nine ghost fires coincide perfectly, neatly as if fireworks had been set up, like a program set in advance by the light brain...

The whole audience was stunned. I had no idea Kirk and Archer were in such sync!

Nine arrows, nine fires, split from three directions, hit three targets, and will all be maimed across the street.

Then, Chen Xiao's bamboo boy appeared.

Mr. Bamboo, wearing an inky green shirt, a charming beautiful man, an anthropomorphic plant brand, one of the four gentlemen.

His skill “Gentleman as Wind” attacks, "Momentum as Breaking Bamboo” can cause extensive bamboo leaf shooting damage, and once "Momentum as Breaking Bamboo” kills the target, immediately generates a green bamboo at the target's location, and the leaves of green bamboo can continue to shoot around, causing wood system spatter damage within a 5-meter diameter circular range.

Chen Xiao and Yike Ke happen to divide Ghost Fire and Nine Arrows into three batches to play three residual blood medals, so that Chen Xiao's bamboo boy can harvest them.

So, the bamboo boy attacked a wave, no double sword, broken soul sword, cyclone sword all three weapons cards were killed, all three positions emerged emerged green bamboo, countless sharp bladed bamboo leaves began to shoot around.

--like broken bamboo!

- Group offensive harvest cards!

The cards of the temples were maimed and the appearance of the Bamboo Son amounted to a death sentence.

Ling Fengtang realized that it was bad and immediately went to force Shennong to kill himself, but Qin Xuan resolutely let Shennong blow himself up. After the suicide, Shennong left a wide range of treatment arrays in place. All his teammates continued to return to the blood. In the blink of an eye, Nirvana's remaining card blood volume was full.

Su Yang didn't even know what to say when he saw it here. In the end, he could only describe it in one sentence: “This wave of counter-attacks is so beautiful! Beautiful! ”

From Xie Mingzhe's prediction to the other party's rhythm point to summon Lu Dongbin for 3 seconds backwards, to the immortal, ghost, and botanical card group attack field, then to Xie Mingzhe and Xie Ke Jiu arrow shooting, the nine fires out of the tacit cooperation, then let Prince Chen Xiaozhu harvest, Qin Xuan Shennong self-explode...

At this moment, Nirvana does not seem to be fighting four people, but one person.

The brainwaves of the four seemed to have reached synchronization, shocking the players in the backstage - completely unexpected, Chul's wave of predictive counter-attacks instantly reversed the battle.

Lu Dongbin's time backwards was perfect!

0.1 seconds early and 0.1 seconds late, no such ingenious effect can be achieved.

And Xie Metaphor's cooperation also showed the audience what was called a tacit teammate - attack synchronization, skill synchronization, direction synchronization, the most difficult nine fires and nine arrows, just like a set program, precisely crippling three cards across the street.

In fact, Ling Pang Tang's decision is not wrong. Kill the treatment first, Nirvana must collapse.

But Qin Xuan's ability to resist pressure exceeded his expectations, and at a critical moment Lu Dongbin's dream of sorghum abrogated too many skills of the temples. Ling Zhuangtang wanted to rob the rhythm attack, but Xie Mingzhe was using his mind to rob the rhythm to strike back.

Ling Zhuangtang killed Nirvana's healing cards, but his weapon cards sacrificed too much.

The temple output was insufficient, Nirvana was fast, and they were not given the opportunity to drag their protection cards to a later stage.

--Third inning, Temple Home, Nirvana wins!

The result surprised the entire audience.

Thought it would take more than 15 minutes to play in this game, and suddenly a wave of changes occurred. The temples took the lead in tearing up the gap between Nirvana. Nirvana did not expect a full counterattack, killing the temples suddenly without defense.

Suyang concluded: "In this round, the key point is the release time of Lu Dongbin Huangxu's dream, and opposite the memory goddess crashed the car. Imagine that if the memory goddess first drove the skill seconds off the god farmer, then the temples can drag the Nirvana Crisp Skin Output Card to a later stage in the event of the Nirvana Therapeutic Card being wiped out. But the Shennon didn't drop a second and blew himself out of the healing array, causing Nirvana to strike back beautifully. ”

Liu Shan also praised: “Archer's ability to seize opportunities is very strong, his sense of smell on the field is very acute. He played Ling Shen in the first inning. Zhuge Liang's skills are empty. He may have kept an eye on it. This inning was dedicated to Lu Dongbin to prevent the outbreak across the street. ”

Wu Yue was so excited: “I don't think it was all Chul's fault to win the temples in the Away. The four players worked together especially well, especially the last wave of four! Cheol and Xiao Ke Jiu arrows and nine fires were fired simultaneously. Chen Xiao's group attacked and harvested the bamboo boy immediately after. Qin Xuan used his last skill to give his teammates treatment time and protect them from being killed backwards - it was precisely the synchronous cooperation of four people that allowed Nirvana to finally win this round! ”

A warm round of applause was raised.

In fact, both sides of the game were equal, the situation was once stuck in glue, only a few seconds after the key rhythm point, Nirvana won very dangerous, the Temples lost unfortunately.

Chen Qianlin was in a complicated mood to watch the war. He was also surprised that the game could be won, although the map had been guessed before the match and the corresponding card set had been arranged, but random strain was the key to the game. It can only be said that Archer reacted fast enough and had enough eyes. At the rhythm point, he pitched Ling Fengtang in reverse, while the other three teammates were able to keep up with his thinking in a timely manner and cooperate fully with his command.

Nirvana's ability to fight as a team is truly demonstrated in this game.

As Lu Dongbin said, life is like a big dream.

Time flies back, everything starts all over again.

And this opportunity to come back —— held tight by Xie Mingzhe.

It's Sangen again, nearly 10,000 words.

Few hard-working authors like me have to cherish love!

It's been going very well lately. Finish the temple fight tomorrow, OK? Good night, everyone.