[Chapter 376, Post-Match Agreement]

This match between Nirvana and the Temples eventually won by a 3: 2 ratio, and many of the tennis players who followed the league were surprised - Nirvana ranked fourth in Group B in the first half of the regular game, surprisingly qualified for the line, and the new endless pattern added in the second half of the year tested the club's Pool, Nirvana as the new team, and Kachi naturally couldn't compare to the old team.

In any case, Nirvana has no chance of winning.

Who would have guessed that Nirvana had achieved a staggering reversal without most people looking at Nirvana, and that instead of winning the endless model, the temples would be eliminated!

The playback after the match, to recreate the wonders of the game again - be it the Eight Immortals concert, the Nirvana Woven Bridge meeting, the Tomorrow Moon Feast of the Queen, or the last appearance of the White Snake, Xu Xian, Xiaoqing and the French Sea linkage, these novel fairy cards impressed the audience, as soon as the game ended, Nirvana Guanbo's message below broke through the six-digit.

Fans are thrilled to congratulate you on your victory, and many online friends have said they like Nirvana's cards. Nirvana has changed from the "least favored team” to the most unexpected Black Horse team of the season.

On the big stage, the Nirvana Four hugged each other to celebrate the victory of the game. Out of courtesy, after hugging each other, Brother Chen took the initiative to go to the temple and shake hands with each other.

Ling Zhuangtang reached out his hand with a smile and said to Xie Mingzhe: “At the same time, let me watch the card love story. This is an unforgettable experience. Thank you very much! ”

Ling God's face maintained a generous smile, but his heart bit his teeth, and he couldn't help beating Xie Mingzhe on the spot.

Over the years, the temples have won the team championship, and of course, they were eliminated in the final season. Ling Xiangtang is used to winning and losing, but it will not be lost because of the results of a game - just today's game, it is really big, listen to music, math, talk philosophy... say Xie Mingzhe is a scourge of the card world, surely no one objects!

Listening to what Ling Zhuangtang said, Xie Mingzhe did not feel faint at all. Instead, he greeted each other's eyes and humbly said: “Ling God is so proud, I am far from Master and Brother. ”

Ling Zhuangtang: “…”

You and your master, your brother, are you going to screw up the whole league?

Ling Zhuangtang couldn't help but turn around and take Ye Suqian back to his wheelchair, pushing him over to shake Nirvana's four hands.

Xie Mingzhe proactively extended his hand and Ye Suqian, sitting in a wheelchair, also extended his hand to hold him.

Thought losing the game would be sad or even frightening, but really losing, looking at Ling Xiangtang's light-hearted appearance, Ye Suqian found that he was less bearable than he imagined - now he, is not him five years ago.

Ye Suqian raised his head and looked calmly at Xie Mingzhe: “Congratulations, I lost orally. ”

Xie Mingzhe laughed: “You played well, too. ”

Ye Suqian believed that Xie Mingzhe's words were not a compliment, because he saw in the juvenile's eyes the full sincerity and respect for his recognized opponents. Ye Suqian smiled slightly. “Thank you, I hope there will be a chance to fight in the future. ”

"'Sure,' said Xie Mingzhe. ”

In fact, Xie Mingzhe had no problem with Ye Suqian's appearance, and it was not easy for him to come to the big stage in a wheelchair. Each athlete has the ideals he wants to achieve. Ye Suqian is just trying to get the Divine and Immortal Medals to have a bright and upright confrontation. Whether you win or lose, today's game will be enough for the audience to see this grand "Fairy Fight” scene.

Of course, losing the game is bound to face all sorts of questionable sounds. But Ye Suqian at this time, the divine color appeared calm and his eyes were clear. Xie Mingzhe believed that he was ready to endure all the public opinion after losing the game, which was also what he had to do as a professional player.

They shook hands with a smile, which was a complete conclusion to the fight.

* * *

During the post-game interview, the reporters most wanted to interview Chen Qianlin, because everyone saw that Chen Qianlin in the second inning suddenly called for a pause in adjusting tactics. They were curious to know what Lin Shen was thinking and exactly what he said.

However, at the end of the game, Chen Qianlin turned back to the background in a low profile - he didn't like to be interviewed, and he just had a headache when countless cameras were listening to journalists' questions.

Journalists unfortunately were unable to interview Lin Shen, but there were Archer and Chen Xiaodao. Journalists quickly began to ask questions in fear, and Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao were also very cooperative in the interview for a full five minutes.

The interview was too long, so some players had left when they returned to the stage, but many others were waiting for them.

Xie Mingzhe saw Tang Muzhou sitting in the front row at first sight. He stood up with a smile and gave him a very stylish hug. He said softly: "This game was a beautiful fight. ”

Xie Mingzhe gave him a hug and said, “It's amazing to win. ”

Ye Bamboo said excitedly next to him: "Xie Mingzhe, the finals left Butterfly Valley behind. You're really wise. That's my map. Do you think the scene is particularly beautiful? ”

Xie Mingzhe asked in confusion, "Do you want to hack me? Choosing Butterfly Valley as the final map is also a black dot? ”

“…” Ye Zhuqi, who wanted to invite merit but was misunderstood, half-dead, stared hard at Xie Mingzhe, whispering, "Don't encounter Nirvana in the next round, Xie Mingzhe's card is too annoying. ”

“The final is a knockout and only the winner will encounter Nirvana.” Baixu looks at Ye Bamboo like a fool, "are you cursing Dark Night to lose the next round? ”

“Ah?” Ye Bamboo stunned, looking back, rectifying immediately, “No! Down we go! ”

“But if you win, your opponent is Nirvana.” Bai Xu felt that Ye Zhu's logic was very confusing.

“…” Ye Bamboo's five officials all tangled together, standing there scratching their heads in confusion. Two or two of Team B's four squads, Nirvana has won the temples, and if they win the verdict, the opponent is Nirvana. He doesn't want to fight Nirvana, but he wants to win. What do we do?

Xie Mingzhe was dying of laughter when he walked over and carefully analyzed: “If you want to meet Nirvana, you have to win the ruling in the next round. If you don't want to meet Nirvana, you lose directly to the verdict. It's easy! ”

“…” Ye Bamboo grabbed his hair and turned away, as if he were traveling outside the heavens.

“This little guy is actually expecting you to praise him and say that his map was well done and helped you win the finals.” Tang Muzhou walked over and stood next to Xie Mingzhe, smiling softly. “Since you left Butterfly Valley in the final round, Ye Bamboo has been excited, as if he were playing the game. ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled: “No wonder his eyes are shining, I thought he was going to hack me, cough, really misunderstood him.” Just say it and send a private message to Ye Bamboo: “Bamboo, your butterfly valley is so beautiful, if it weren't for this map, we wouldn't have won the race. ”

Ye Bamboo: “..............."

Why does this phrase have the feeling of "Good boy, brother buys you sugar"?

Do you look naive?

Ye Zhu drove his head forward and hit Pei Jingshan's back with one end. Pei Jingshan almost threw up blood when he hit him. He looked back at him in confusion: "You didn't touch porcelain like that, did you? ”

Bamboo leaves with a sore nose: “…”

Pei Jingshan saw his face red and white. He couldn't help but wonder: “Is the expression so ugly? Who bullied you?” Think about it, Pei Jingshan smiled immediately, "Xie Mingzhe pissed you off, didn't he? ”

Ye Zhu hastily clarified: “Nothing!” He shifted his gaze in vain, so he said proudly: “I'm so happy! Nirvana wins the temples, which means that as long as we win the verdict, we can win Nirvana - I've waited a long time for this day! ”

“…” Pei Jingshan would very much like to say, Junior, you think too much.

However, seeing the look of Bamboo, he didn't have the nerve to hit each other either. He had to take Bamboo back to the club to avoid him walking around with his head hanging.

* * *

The Nirvana Four wanted to go back to the club, but Tang Muzhou took the initiative to host the feast. He directly invited the master to admire it, and Chen Qianlin could not refuse it. He took everyone to a restaurant in Tang Mu Zhou for a snack night.

Fenghua, who ended the race yesterday, has decided to move on to the next round, and Nirvana's victory over the Temples today goes on to the next round as well, which means that he is one step closer to the "finalists” agreed upon by Xie Mingzhe and his brother.

Since there are only four Nirvana players and five Tang Muzhou players today, there is nothing to hide from in the dinner, everyone can speak freely. Xie Mingzhe bluntly said: “Today, Ye Suqian suddenly appeared, it did surprise me. If Master didn't point out in time, we wouldn't necessarily win this game. Brother, do you know much about Ye Suqian? ”

Tang Muzhou frowned and remembered for a moment, saying: “In the fifth season, I fought with him in the Master Games, but the Master Games were only a folk contest, less influential than the Professional League. All I remember was that he was in a wheelchair, pale and weak, and I was afraid he'd faint half the game, and he was tougher than I thought, and it took him a long time to lose. ”

“After losing the game, a lot of people scolded him online, ridiculed him for his disability, and some people went through the mask of the internet, and those malicious remarks were really chilling. Ye Suqian was only sixteen years old and too young to withstand the pressure of public opinion, so he retreated to become a designer behind the scenes.” Don Mu Zhongtong went down, "In fact, Ling Pang Tang suddenly invited him out, not necessarily to make a confrontation with you, maybe just as an opportunity. ”

“Brother means that Ling Shen had planned to invite him out long ago? ”

“Well, Ye Suqian is only 22 years old, and if he is willing to face the pressure of public opinion to officially become a professional player, it is not too late.” Tang Mu Zhou Dao, “I guess Ling Xuan Tang was trying to get him to play the game, but he never got a chance. Ye Suqian was interested in you, and Xu Xingtu lost his personal postgame status, and using this opportunity to confront you to force Ye Suqian out, it is really easy to succeed. ”

“So Ling is also thinking about the future of the temples?” Xie Mingzhe couldn't help but feel sorry for herself. Compared to the situation of other club rookies, the temples of the talented are really not easy. No wonder Ling Xuan Tang is almost 30 years old. He is still not discharged from the service. He is probably just worried. But Xie Mingzhe believes that with the ability of Ling God, he can certainly cultivate a group of powerful newcomers.

Xie Mingzhe, the housekeeper of the Temples, was not interested in studying, but should now focus more on his opponents for the next match.

Xie Mingzhe looked at Tang Muzhou and asked: "Brother, who feels that the judgment and the confrontation of the Dark Night Capital are more winning? ”

Tang Muzhou said: "I don't have the prophetic skills of Nie God. Can I be right? ”

"'Tell me about it,' said Xie Mingzhe. 'I trust your judgment. ”

Tang Muzhou smiled slightly and said: "It should be a verdict, don't blame me for guessing wrong. ”

Brother Xie's inference is exactly the same as Xie Mingzhe's guess.

Despite the strength of the dark night capital, it was the dark night capital of Ye Tianyang when he was still there. At that time, the Pei Ye portfolio was surrounded by the divine aid of Ye Tianyang, the dark night capital won the team championship, and also thanks to Ye Tianyang.

Since the departure of Yitianyang, the Pei Ye group has remained strong in the double race, but the four-man battle has not been as strong as before.

If Pei Jingshan calls back to the Dark Night Capital this season, there may still be hope of winning the championship. Unfortunately, Bai Xu halfway cut off his leg, he unexpectedly joined Starlight Squad.

Indeed, Tang Muzhou followed closely: “After the departure of Yitianyang, the strength of the Battle of the Dark Night Capital was greatly reduced, and the best achievement of the last few years was the top four. But the ruling is still very strong, I know Pei Jingshan, and when I encounter such a crisp touch-hard method as Lao Ne, the tracking flow of the dark night capital is actually difficult to find an advantage. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded in favour: “I think so too. But the game is always unexpected, and it can't be too absolute until it turns out. ”

The two smiled at each other and felt quite connected - because Tang Muzhou said exactly what Xie Mingzhe thought, and Xie Mingzhe said exactly what Tang Muzhou was going to say.

The brainwaves of the two brothers are about to synchronize. The others can't plug in. They can only eat in silence.

When he left the restaurant, Tang Muzhou gently grabbed his brother's shoulder and whispered, “Next weekend's game, are you going to watch it live? ”

Xie Mingzhe thought about it and said, “Not necessarily, it depends on Master's decision. We'll probably be watching the game at the club and the master will be available in the conference room. ”

“It would be more interesting to go to the scene and analyze the discussion with other team members. ”


“Archer.” Tang Muzhou interrupted him with a smile and said softly in his ear: “Go to the scene and I will see you. Otherwise, I won't be able to see you for the next half month. What if I miss you? ”

“…” Xie Mingzhe was completely irresistible to Tang Muzhou.

It's really hard for the two of them to meet at the competition stage, and going to the game on site is the only chance.

He turned to Chen Qianlin immediately after thinking about it: “Master, let's go to the next game to see it! ”

Chen Qianlin wondered: “Why do you suddenly want to go to the scene? ”

Xie Mingzhe was serious: “It would be more interesting to go to the scene and analyze the discussion with other team members. ”

Listening to his reasoning, Tang Muzhou immediately smiled and concurred: “My brother has a point. Why don't you go to the scene and see it? We can also watch and talk. ”

Chen Qianlin did not think much, nodded and agreed: “Well, then go to the scene and come back and repeat the same. ”

Tang Mayu and Xie Mingzhe glanced at each other and had the guts to do bad things together to fool parents. Chen Xiao glanced at both of them and smiled. “It would be better to sit with Fenghua at that time, so it would be convenient to discuss it, right? ”

Tang Muzhou: "…”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

Don't say it. Is it easy for us to meet?

Chen Qianlin looked back at the three people and looked confused. What are these three guys hiding from him?

* * * * * *

[Chapter 377, Card Students Dreaming]

Upon returning to the club, the four Nirvana people opened their minds and brushed the web page to see the official release of today's game video directly topped the top three topics of the day by the netizens.

Tap into the topic to see a variety of emoticons and clips from talented netizens.

Lu Dongbin is out of the circle again!

Initially, a talented blogger made a motion picture with Lu Dongbin's "Dream of the Yellowfish" dynamic skill, accompanied by the words: “Life is like a big dream, you don't need to be happy, you don't need to be sad to lose. ”

And then a lot of people replied --

“Lucifer: The cardholder was like a big dream, I thought I could make a big move across the street, and suddenly the bull and the weaver started dating, and I stood by and watched, and I was a little sad, huh. ”

“No Double Sword: Card students are like a big dream, as a weapon, seeing humans dating fairies, I am not sad, because I also discovered the beauty of love and decided to have an arms affair with Brother Shura. ”

“Millennium Divine Tree: Cardsman is like a big dream. When I was uprooted by Lu Zhi Shenzhen, I wasn't sad, because I've been in love, had a baby, what's it to be pulled out? Can you grieve? ”

“Purple Vine Flower: It was like a big dream, and the moment I was thrown in the fryer, I had a long nightmare. I'm not food. Why are you frying me? Xie Mingzhe, do you have a conscience when you play cards? ”

“Liancheng: Card students are like a big dream. Joe Sheng and I are a ghost couple. Finally, we have our own ghost baby. I am happy, but I can't get too happy. Our ghost baby lived only 10 seconds and was brutally killed by no two swords. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “…”

He couldn't stop laughing while watching. This year's internet friends are so talented.

Of course, it's also because Lu Dongbin's skill description is so unbeaten, the internet friends began to play freely, simulating the cards of the major clubs to expand the vomit, the message below this microblog breaks through the five digits, all kinds of fun paragraphs.

The theme is called: Dream of a Card Student!

In addition to Lu Dongbin, there are also many motion pictures on fire.

For example, in the scene where Niu Lang and Weiqiao meet, an internet friend takes a screenshot of the scene, and puts a torch on all the cards around him, so he turns into a strange scene where "the cards set fire to the torch, watch two cards in love, and want to burn them down”.

The White Snake Herald series of cards also made a linkage diagram, which magically cleared up the story, turning the White Snake into an adult form of grace, dissolving the White Vegetarian Xianxian and his wife, the White Snake's suppressed thunder peak tower, and the whole plot of Xu Shilin's mother's rescue were painted in a complete four-gram comic.

Nirvana and Xie Mingzhe are on fire again with enthusiastic online discussions!

Networkers sighed. After the competition, everyone was discussing club players who played well, who had a strong tactic, and who played well by watching a lively audience...

Now, after the Nirvana game, the internet friends are discussing, all the resentment behind the cards?

One internet buddy concluded: "I like Archer not only because he's handsome, he makes strong cards, but because he gives life to them. It was always felt that cards were cards and could be replaced at any time with similar cards. But every card made by Archer, every card, is irreplaceable - they seem to have a life force, like living in the world of star cards. ”

This comment received tens of thousands of likes and was clearly shared by many.

The President of the Vocational Union gave a comforting smile when he saw these comments.

Xie Mingzhe is a very special player and gives the card life. Ever since he showed up, not only has he made great stories about character cards, ghost cards and fairy cards, but also plant cards, insect cards, animal cards, and so on, and so on, as if there was life —— these clips that the netizens played with, like the cards' own voices, are particularly interesting.

Professional leagues have been calm for so many years, but the emergence of the Nirvana squad has given the silent leagues new strength and made every card incredibly fresh.

As President of the Alliance, he loved the change - the cards also seemed to be vibrant, no longer merely paper and illusions, but best companions with the players.

* * *

A week later, the second round of the playoffs officially went off.

Group A Frost City vs Ghost Prison, Group B ruled vs Dark Night Capital, Nirvana's four people came to the competition with Chen Qianlin, Tang Muzhou had already arranged a seat - of course to sit with his brother.

The two glanced at each other and watched the game together in silence.

The first round of Stream City vs Ghost Prison was particularly fierce. Stream City's tournament was famous for its strength, and the four division brothers had no match for each other. The opening round took two straight innings to win the race. But the resistance of ghost prisons was unexpected, and the third and fourth rounds dragged back to the score for more than 10 minutes in a row to reach the final.

At this point, the depth of the ghost prison pool is reflected.

Riverfrost City is full of water-based marine life cards, but there are ghost cards, demon cards, stone spirit earth cards, and charms made by Wei Xiaotian. The card layers are endless, playing several beautiful defensive counters in endless mode, and Riverfrost City eventually defeated by a difference of 3 cards.

Let Er chase three, wrestle three games in a row, Ghost Prison, this is a really bad fight!

Xie Mingzhe applauded the ghost jail with excitement and followed closely in the ear of his brother: “Be careful in the next game of ghost jail. Their endless pattern is really strong! ”

Tang Muzhou laughed: “The wind is not weak either. ”

Xie Mingzhe thought about it. He said it was really very cheerful. Fenghua had snake cards of Zhenmeng, Shen 'an fruit tree series. He also made succulent cards, vine cards, flower cards, tree cards, and various moss, gardeners and other scattered cards - speaking of the depth of the card pool, Fenghua was not afraid of anyone.

Xie Mingzhe said with a smile: "Fenghua and Ghost Jail fight strong, I bet my brother won. ”

"'Fortunately you're not like Xiaolan,' said Tang Muzhou. 'Whoever you vote for loses. ”

Xie Mingzhe asked curiously: "Who did Mountain Lan really vote for? Who did he lose? If I were him, I'd vote all the speculation coins for Dark Night Capital today! ”

That came to mind with Mountain Lan.

Mountain Lan currently has a million guessing coins in his hand, and before the game begins, he voted all one million for the Dark Night Capital to win this Dark Night Capital - because whoever he votes for this time loses is like a super curse, so he decided to curse his opponent today.

Perhaps the curse power of a million competitive coins is too strong, and the ruling does take advantage at the beginning.

As Tang Muzhou said, the combined power of the ruling is stronger than that of the Dark Night Capital, and since the departure of the Dark Night Capital, the ability to join forces has not been as good as before. Although Pei Jingshan's commander is calm, he is not as old as Nie Yuandao.

The first three innings ruled 2: 1 to take the lead, and the Dark Night Capital could go into endless mode if it pulled back the fourth inning. Unfortunately, Nie Yuandao did not give his opponent a chance to pull back a city and simply ended the game in the fourth inning.

3: 1, the verdict wins.

Xie Mingzhe was somewhat unfortunate to see that the two sides' self-selected models in the first four innings were the secret card models, and today he could not see the endless pattern of the ruling, so that the next time he played the ruling, he did not have any reference experience.

Tang Muzhou frowned: “Without endless patterns, your next judgment against each other can only be arranged by imagination. The verdict pool is very deep, you have to be careful. ”

“Well, I know.” Xie Mingzhe said seriously, "When I get back, I will prepare with my master. ”

* * *

At the end of the game, the leaf bamboo color is complicated back stage.

After losing to the ruling, Dark Night Capital was also eliminated, leaving Group B with the ruling and Nirvana to compete for the first place in the panel.

Though he didn't have to go to Nirvana to relieve him, strangely enough, he felt very disappointed again - he couldn't fight Nirvana, he couldn't blow up Xie Mingzhe on the field, which is a shame!

Xie Mingzhe guessed his thoughts and smiled and went over: “Come back next year, I'll make more nasty cards waiting for you. Previously on Baochai Xue, it was just a butterfly card for you. The card I made next season will target all your butterfly cards. Afraid? ”

Ye Bamboo: “…”

Kill Xie Mingzhe now. Is it too late?

Ye Zhu rolled his eyes and said: "Am I afraid of you? Come on!”

Seeing that he regained his fighting spirit, Xie Mingzhe smiled slightly and rubbed Bamboo's head: “I will work hard, thank you for your encouragement. ”

Ye Bamboo's face was full: “I, when did I encourage you! ”

"'I see it in your eyes,' said Xie Mingzhe. 'You're cheering me on. ”

Ye Bamboo: “……"

Nima, the Ultimate Realm of Porcelain, is what Xie Mingzhe said: I saw XXX in your eyes.

Do I have so many things in my eyes? How could I not know?

Ye Zhu tried to kill Xie Mingzhe, but he turned to say hello to Shanlan. Xie Mingzhe walked to Shanlan and smiled. “Lanlan, next game, are you going to throw us all the guessing coins? ”

Mountain Lan impolitely said: "Already voted, 1.2 million. ”

Xie Mingzhe said: "I am a thick person, anti-curse, your skills of ‘who votes who loses’ do not necessarily work with me. ”

Neiyuan said softly, "What about my prophecy? ”

Xie Mingzhe interrupted him immediately: “I'm afraid, Nie Shen, don't speak yet! ”

Nie Yuandao's lips gently patted Xie Mingzhe's shoulder. "See you at the game. ”

Looking at the shadow of Master Nie Lan leaving side by side, Xie Mingzhe gently held his fist and cheered himself up.

Professional leagues positively have the strongest fighting ability, have a large number of high-output, high-explosive fire cards, and perfect cooperation in land and air warfare - the next opponent is the Alliance's old brand strength brigade, forming more than a decade of squads - ruling!

The decision-makers can also feed, presumably by the end of the week.

If you don't want to get fat, you can chase it, no card single game:)