[Chapter 383, adhesive ratio]

Fourth inning, award home.

Since Nirvana took the lead in the game, if Nirvana wins, today's game will end at 3: 1, and if the ruling recovers the score, both sides will enter the final.

Su Yang laughed: "Although Nirvana fans may be angry about this, I personally hope that Nie can get it back. I want to see the endless pattern of the finals. “

Nirvana fans: "…”

In fact, we also want to see endless patterns.

If Nirvana 3: 1 ends the game, people will naturally have fun. With the end of the race, no one would want to drag it down to endless patterns, possibly to be overturned by a ruling, which would have to be compensated. Fans are in a tangled mood and want to see endless patterns. Fearing that Nirvana will lose in endless patterns, they still prefer to take it directly in the fourth inning, so as not to have too many nightmares.

Same goes for Xie Mingzhe, the fourth inning is the best of nature.

But the fourth inning was the home of the ruling, and he wondered if Lao Nie would come back for another air war kill map.

It has also proven that the same set of decisions would not be used twice.

In the fourth inning, the map submitted by the ruling was called "Prairie", the designer Nie Yuandao. The name of the map corresponded very well to the painting style of men. Nie Yuandao very much disliked the fancy name “Dream Bubble Shadow”.

This map is the widest view of the Alliance, with no obstacle to the vague grasslands, snow mountain backgrounds in the distance, blue sky, white clouds, grasslands, snow mountains, makes people feel refreshed.

The scene effect on the prairie is simple - the full scene card moves 500% faster and the attack speed increases 100%.

Most Gain cards have 50% Attack Boost, directly increasing 100% is equivalent to instantly filling the Attack Speed; while the five-fold shift is also the highest speed prescribed by the Alliance, it is the speed of the Range Flying Poker, and 500% of the speed boost, which means that all cards will experience the feeling of "flying”.

Five times the speed, it's like the whole scene opens a highway, whether it's a beast, plant, ghost card, or human, you can add enough horsepower and fly wildly on this scene!

Pei Jingshan watching backstage couldn't help but feel sad: “Isn't this the oldest map of the league? I remember showing up in the first season and still not out of date - simple maps, classic too. ”

Tang Muzhou: “The speed increase is useless for the flying bird card of Mountain Lan. His flying bird itself is 500% speed shift. In order to take care of Xiaolan, Old Nie usually doesn't use this picture. I didn't expect to choose it today. ”

The Scene Bonus Effect and Card Bonus Effect cannot overlap more than the specified value. For example, if your card moves at 500%, the scene adds 500%, and it is impossible to stack it up to 1000%, then it becomes almost instantaneous, and the card will be out of control; similarly, the official maximum value is 100% double-boost, and if you exceed it, it will be unbalanced.

This map has no obvious added effect on the flying bird card boost of Mountain Lan, but Nei Yuandao's Beast Cards love the prairie - lions, tigers, wolves. Mercedes-Benz on the prairie is unobstructed. The speed and power of the burst attack will scare the opponent!

With the emergence of new and varied maps, in the Alliance Gallery, the ancient maps of the prairie are almost frozen. I didn't expect that Nie Yuandao would actually come up with the maps for the first season in today's game, which is obviously a retro trick.

When Xie Mingzhe saw the map, he guessed the strategy of the ruling.

At this time, he had two choices: first, to continue to fight rapidly with violence and speed, spell out and quickly resolve the ruling; and secondly, to bring more defensive cards to dissolve the ruling's onslaught defensively and then look for opportunities.

Xie Mingzhe thought for a moment and decided to choose a second strategy.

- Who can beat the grassland map to the beast of Old Ne? It's like striking a stone with egg!

Nirvana can only be preserved.

Therefore, the number of auxiliary cards in the card set out by Nirvana in the fourth inning exceeded twelve. Not only did Qin Xuan bring four cards to treat one resurrection, but Xiaoke also brought Wei Zheng and Tuili treatment systems, Mon Nan single-handedly controlled, Qin Guangwang counterwounded, Chujiang Wang Cold Ice Hell Descent attack. Chen Xiao and Xie Mingzhe each carry a mockery card, and the remaining output cards are eight cards, all of which are single strike cards.

Xie Mingzhe thought clearly, save his life with a large number of healing cards, output cards to kill alone, slowly build the difference between cards.

Old Nie's beast cards are all universal and have strong continuous output capacity, but some of Shanlan's flying birds, Shao Dongyang's herd of beasts and Li Yiu's small animals also depend on their skills to eat, their skills are always cooled, and the output capacity of the ruling cannot always be so fierce.

After resisting two waves of attack, try to calibrate their skill CD time to fight back, and use 8 single strike cards to forcibly kill Nie's Beast.

The strategy of "first-and-forth” is also a common way of thinking about ruling.

But in practice, Xie Mingzhe realized that the verdict on the grassland map was terrible ——

Lions, leopards that move five times faster, move lightning fast, and instantly plunge into Nirvana cards!

The lion's fierce claw attack causes extra damage when the number of hits reaches a multiple of five; the leopard's bite attack causes a tearing effect after stacking five layers to keep the target bleeding; the white wolf hits the highest, and the damage inflicted after gaining bonus speed is astonishing.

The antelope herd, deer herd and wild horse herd in Shao Dongyang cause extensive group damage. Li Yiu's little animals jumped around after gaining a boost in speed shifting and were incredibly flexible. Flying birds in the mountains are aided in the air, picking Nirvana's blood medallions, diving into the sky and striking crisis--

On the prairie, a lot of animals are running.

In the sky, falcon, golden sculpture and other raptor tigers circled blindly.

Nirvana cards are the most delicious prey in the eyes of animals.

Xie Mingzhe wanted to defend himself. The attack power of the beast, which can get increased attack speed, was too strong. Qin Xuan's treatment gradually became more and more energetic. The defense line was also torn apart by the group of beasts. With the death of the first healing card, like the "domino bone effect” was triggered, and the auxiliary cards fell after each other.

Although Nirvana recovered some of the gaps with a wave of single-hit cards, it eventually remained four cards short.

The ruling was resolved quickly, ending the game in 8 minutes.

Su Yang sighed: “I thought I was watching the animal world. ”

Wu Yue couldn't help but laugh: “The beast of Old Nie, the power of the grassland map, was truly undiminished! ”

Ten years ago, Nie Yuandao's famous battle in the first season was to use a fierce herd of animals to bite the wooden, water, gold and earth cards in succession. He won the championship of the individual race. His fierce fight to suck powder countless times. His fire card team has since held a steady position in the Alliance as Mount Tai.

Years later, the old athlete's style remained intact.

Xie Mingzhe was also admired, and Nie Shen's fierce attack on an unobstructed map was really difficult to withstand.

It can affect the morale of the team by grabbing the spot but not ending the game. But it doesn't matter, Nirvana is equally strong in the endless mode, and Xie Mingzhe is confident in the next finals.

The onslaught of a beast was horrible, Ko, the whole person was a little slutty, the holographic world effect was too realistic, chased all the way by an accelerated lion, changed to not strong enough psychological qualities, probably pissed their pants.

Xie Mingzhe was also scared to battle. He took a deep breath and adjusted his mood. He said with a laugh: "Everyone, don't panic. We haven't fought in endless mode. Just listen to the command later, don't get the card team wrong. ”

In the narrative room, Suyang chuckled: “Five rounds seems to be the usual operation of Nirvana. Endless patterns, rich animal card sets and intense rivalries between Nirvana, Ghost, Plant, Immortal, let's wait and see! ”

Animal card groups, though just one of the major categories in the world of star cards, are ranked high in the Alliance for their abundance. Beasts, birds, small animals… A large number of animals in the natural world have been awarded special skills. The verdict is deeper than Nirvana and has accumulated over 10 years, leaving the number of cards awarded well over 200.

Before the finals, both sides called for a pause, extending the break to 10 minutes, and Chen Qianlin went to the big stage to encourage the four players. He calmly said: "With more than three-quarters of the cards awarded, their endless mode of playing will continue to be dominated by fast-track attacks. Everyone will follow previous tactical arrangements to prevent two waves and play one wave to minimize the number of cards killed. We can build strength in the number of cards by preventing a few waves from fighting back. ”

Endless patterns compare not to who did it, but to who died less.

The attack is fierce and horrible, but if you fail to defend yourself, you will lose if your number of cards exceeds your opponent's.

Nie Yuandao has always practiced "offense is the best defense”, as well as the style of ruling. They rarely use ridicule cards and healing cards to drag time to consume war. Violent fast attacks are the hallmark of this team.

Strictly defensive, you may lose a small number of cards, but you may also kill a limited number of opponent cards.

The offense is fierce, maybe the number of cards killed in action will be high, but the number of cards you can kill will also be high.

How to find a balance between this is the hardest thing.

This is like the relationship between a "spear” and a "shield”. Whether a sharp spear breaks the shield or a tough shield blocks the spear's attack depends on the athlete's imminent strain. This is the most stressful part of endless mode. You can't predict which set of cards your opponent's next wave will summon. Perhaps there was a 4-5 card gap before, and as a result, a wave of team battles was defeated and instantly reversed.

Before the end, no one can determine the outcome of the match.

Ten minutes break, the game officially begins.

The Final System randomly arrived at three maps: “Dead Town” from Ghost Prison, “Spider Cave” from Dark Night Capital, and “Ocean Hall” from Frost City.

Nie Yuandao prioritized disabling “Ocean Hall”, his most annoying is the full deceleration.

The choice that follows naturally falls to Xie Mingzhe.

Spider Cave is a map made by Pei Jingshan. The scene effect is very complex. As the competition progresses, different types of spiders will constantly emerge from deep inside the cave. Different spiders will carry different negative effects. For example, black spiders are panoramic fear, poisonous spiders are panoramic poisoning, flower spiders are panoramic hallucinations...

Pei Jingshan loved this map for 10 minutes, but Xie Mingzhe didn't like it at all.

The endless mode already has a lot of cards, you have to pay attention to the opponent's cards and the number of casualties, the commander is not busy, plus the constantly disturbing spider, it will definitely be messy to hit the back.

Hence Xie Mingzhe did not hesitate to disable the Spider Cave, leaving the final final map - Dead Town.

The effect of a dead town is relatively simple, set against the background of an otherwise lively and peaceful town that, as a result of a change, all the inhabitants of the town died and became dead. The Dead Spirit floats around the town, imposing a "Dead Spirit Curse” buff on cards entering the town. Curse Effect: A full-scene card reduces its Defense by 1% and Attack by 1% per second - that is, 100 seconds after the card is summoned, it is a non-attack, undefended scrap card.

The scene effect cannot be lifted. No matter how strong the card, it is affected by the scene curse. After 100 seconds, the attack and defense will inevitably drop to 0.

Since this map is scrapped every 100 seconds, it will consume more cards than the average map and is ideal for endless modes. Obviously, Ghost Prison made this map this season for endless modes in the post-season.

Unfortunately, the ghost jail lost to Fenghua yesterday and did not use this picture. Instead, it was coincidental that the map they designed appeared in the finals of the ruling vs. Nirvana.

Lao Zheng laughed and said: “This is a map of pure spelling pool and reaction speed, 100 seconds to scrap a batch of cards, how to line up the formation is very disciplined, the pace of the game must be grasped, if you use too many powerful cards in the opening, you may be turned over by the opponent later. ”

Stronger cards cannot escape the scene curse, so when arranging the card group, the commander needs to consider the output and defensive rhythm within 10 minutes in a comprehensive manner, and cannot put all the main cards in the previous period.

He looked at the map he had designed and touched his chin. “Who does Master prefer? ”

"I like the verdict," said Zheng Feng. "The Nelan Master's Apprentice Competition has a lot of experience, and the ability to randomly respond should be stronger than Xie Mingzhe's. ”

In fact, most professional players prefer to judge when this map appears.

After all, 100 seconds to scrap a batch of cards requires that the player must frequently replenish/replace the array. The map effect is simple, but there is too much to consider. If the beat doesn't work, or the time to summon the cards is wrong, it is likely that the opponent will fight back.

Random strain - this is the true theme of Dead Town forever.

* * * * * *

[Chapter 384, Soul Town]

Contest begins, map loaded.

The remote town has long been deserted. All living creatures entering the town, even if illuminated by street lights, will not see any shadows projected onto the ground. The air is terribly quiet. There are many already rotten bodies on the side of the road. Some bodies smile strangely with their mouths open. Some bodies have broken limbs and some bodies have even been cut off their heads...

Heavily flavoured, the design of the map also creates the ultimate atmosphere of terror.

There is a square at the very center of the town, with four blinking street lights standing in the four corners of the square, surrounded by shadows that float from time to time, the dead spirit of the town's inhabitants after their death.

Central Square is where the battle takes place, with relatively wide horizons - ignoring the glittering ghosts and gloomy lights, this map is almost as good as most of the square maps, and the movement of the cards is unobstructed.

However, the curse effect of the Dead Spirit can give the athlete a very headache.

In the final, you all know it's endless mode, but the map is randomly chosen on the scene, no one can divine into the guessing map, so Nirvana's tactical prep before the game is still based on the card set arrangement.

As soon as Xie Mingzhe saw the map, he calmly thought for 30 seconds of the map playback - the previous tactical arrangement, I'm afraid, cannot be used 100% and must be temporarily adjusted and adapted.

The original Nirvana endless mode sends a batch of 10 to 15 card stamping fields, each player operates 3 to 4 cards, the pressure is not too great, and can also form a tacit cooperation. But the sooner your card is called, the sooner it will be scrapped, because 100 seconds will scrap the battle power of a batch of cards, the sooner it will be scrapped, and the more cards it will be called in the first period, the more likely it will be to get into trouble at a later stage.

Therefore, Xie Mingzhe decided to reduce the number of cards. After careful consideration, he said on the audio channel: "Only two cards each in the opening, Qin Xuan with an invincible and ridiculous defense wave, first look at the method of ruling. ”

Qin Xuan was very familiar with Nirvana's card group. When he heard about it, he immediately thought of what cards to carry - Sun Tse, a wide range of ridicule, he was invincible; Li Wan, a wide range of unmanageable and unharmed cards, combined with two cards, could guarantee that Nirvana's other cards would not be harmed in any way within 10 seconds.

But unlike Xie Mingzhe's prudence, the judgment was super vicious at the beginning.

At the beginning of the match, the ruling simply landed and summoned 12 cards, 3 cards each, and jumped toward Nirvana without saying anything!

Qin Xuan reacted extremely quickly, hastening to open Sun Zhi's skills even recruiting - Ze Ma Yang Whip. At the same time, he absorbed the damage on a large scale, and then made himself invincible with Jiangdong Xiao Bi Wang's skills. All the attacks of the ruling were hit by Sun Zhi, and Sun Zhi's attacks were ineffective due to his invincibility.

"Nirvana summoned only eight cards, apparently starting with probation. There were 12 rulings and 4 cards, which appeared to be very advantageous, but Qin Xuan was calm and the defense was quite well done, so the ruling was not too cheap for the time being. ”

After Sun Tse finished, there was Li Wan, the whole regiment was invincible.

Xie Mingzhe looked across the street to summon 12 cards, quickly figured out Nie Shen's strategy - Nie Shen was judgment based on the deep enough card pool, not afraid to summon too many cards will be scrapped by the scene, he summoned 12 cards in the first batch, as soon as Nirvana killed more cards quickly, they can win.

- Kill you with a card pool, that's how many cards are discretionary.

Qin Xuan's 10-second invincible skill interface temporarily prevented the ruling from inflicting damage.

Xie Mingzhe quickly said: “Qin Xuan dragged it, the protection card continued on, the skills seamlessly connected! ”

Qin Xuan would like to summon Pangu immediately at the moment when Li Wan's invincible end - force a truce for 5 seconds!

Then, Liu Bei appeared and gave the whole regiment a gold tie free shield...

Nirvana is skin-thick, as evidenced by Qin Xuan's team protection card after card.

Wu Yue wondered: “The way Nirvana starts is strange, the other three only attacked close to play their own animal card, did not take the initiative, have been standing around Qin Xuan's card, Qin Xuan is dragging time on the defense... Although opening defense is the usual way to play, Nirvana's group defense card is limited after all, so many defense cards were used in the first period, what can we do later? ”

Not too many Taunton cards for a team, Nirvana as a new team, Taunton cards and invincible protection cards are more limited, all these cards were used up in the first period, didn't the fish on the chopping board be slaughtered in the later period?

Su Yang said with a smile: "Keep looking. I don't think Nirvana's idea is that simple. ”

- Hold it, hold it as long as you can.

It was Xie Mingzhe's orders, and his teammates were under his command.

As the game progressed, the defense on Qin Xuan's side gradually became more strenuous.

Although the card of the ruling is affected by the death curse, the attack power is constantly decreasing, but Knee Yuandao is not afraid of these at all. There are many cards of the ruling. If the attack is curtailed, then the new card will continue to be summoned. The attack of the new card is 100% full.

Under the rush of the ruling, Nirvana soon lost four cards, including Sun Tse, Li Wan and Lu Junyi, who opened the game, and Liu Bei, who unlocked the group control and died free.

The game scene has reached 60 seconds, nearly a minute, killing the opponent's 4 cards, which has been slow for the ruling of the rush - because Qin Xuan across the street can drag too much, various protection card skills alternate, seamlessly connect, the ruling is to take advantage of a wave of counter-control to find an opportunity.

At this time, both sides lost 0: 4, and Nirvana fell to a disadvantage and remained passive defensive.

Xiao Ke summoned cards are Wei Zheng and Tu Limei, constantly giving the team back blood; Chen Xiao summoned cards are blood-sucking vines, beautiful bananas, dead skin relied on blood suction; Xie Mingzhe summoned Yanqing with multi-stage displacement skills, and attacked the blood-sucking card Huarong, the former is very flexible and not easy to kill, the latter attacked a large amount of blood suction can not kill for a moment and a half.

There was talk in the broadcast room: "Nirvana can't be dragged down like this, they're running out of mockery cards, right?” “Looks like Cao Cao is the only one left?“ ”“ What do you think when you run out of sarcasm cards in the first place, they'll blow up in the second place? Do you want to minimize the number of casualties by calling cards? But the verdict attack is too fierce, and Nirvana will not summon new cards, and this batch of cards is likely to be annihilated! ”

The number of Nirvana cards stayed at eight, but the ruling was constantly replenishing the repression of the new card formation scene.

If you don't want to do something about it, it's no wonder the fans are so anxious that this batch of Nirvana cards could really disappear.

The game timer points to 90 seconds.

At this time, the first cards summoned by both sides were reduced by 90% in attack and defense power. Lao Nie's tiger could have killed 10,000 blood with one claw. Now only 1,000 cards can be played. In a few seconds, the tiger will become a sick cat and not be able to inflict a drop of blood damage.

This batch of cards can be successfully withdrawn.

Nie Yuandao said on the audio channel: "The first batch of cards are all withdrawn! ”

The award currently stands at 18 cards, and in addition to the first batch of 12 cards, six mass offensive output cards were added to ensure the continuity of the output.

But just as the verdict was about to pull these cards out of the battlefield, Nirvana suddenly moved!

Summon Grand Sun Jiu Lady and draw a 30-square-meter area in the center of the battle - the meditation wedding, the card is isolated in the scene!

Grandmother Jiu is usually injured by ghost fire. She is also famous for her ability to output violence from nine fires. The skill of “underage marriage” is almost useless, so fans don't pay much attention. But at this time, it was used to isolate the eight Melee cards awarded by the ruling from all three or so of our character cards.

Battlefield Isolation is a dominant control field skill that is stronger than locking foot and tailoring, and the opponent cannot be unmanipulated!

After Xie Ke released the underworld marriage, Chen Xiao simultaneously summoned Black Rose, Xie Mingzhe summoned Second Lady Sun -

Black rose petals scattered across the sky, hitting cards in the meditation area!

The haughty grandmother surrounded by the apron drew a huge black shop area right in the center of the battle, overlapping with the meditation area of the self-styled Ko.

--Chen Xiaoxiao Black Rose, 30 sqm Large Wood System Mass Attack!

--Sun Erniang's Black Store deals 200% soil critical damage to targets in the Black Store!

At this time, Black Rose and Sun Erniang have all just appeared, and the attack value has not yet been affected by the scene curse.

And the cards that were isolated in the underage area, including the award of eight animal cards and three Nirvana character cards, all coincided with the first batch of scrap cards that were cursed to attack and defense dropped to about 10%.

100,000 defense, at this time only 10,000, black rose beat down, cards in the underwedding area were instantly maimed, Sun Erniang followed a black store beating down, killing cards in the underwedding area for seconds!

The number of deceased cards suddenly changed from 0: 4 to 8: 7, the ruling instantly died 8 cards, while Nirvana also had 3 cards affected by the isolation of the underworld marriage, and was actually rudely seconded by Sun Erniang.

In the broadcast room: "...” “Second Lady Sun is so sick, she went crazy and even killed her teammates!” "Cao Qiao went mad and killed only his brother. Second Lady Sun went mad and didn't even know who I was. See who killed who!” “Goddamn it, Sun Erniang killed her teammates without mercy. She directly seconds eight opponents and three teammates! ”

Is that a mistake? He also circled three cards of his own when he gave his skills in underage marriage.

Teammates will not be circled if the meditation scenario is slightly ahead of one metre.

The audience was confused.

But the next moment, Sun Erniang told you the answer--

Killing teammates, just to make meat buns.

After all, after a half-day ruling, there are only four of us who died in Nirvana. The meat filling is simply not enough. Wouldn't it be better if I killed three more character decks and made a bun out of corpses?

The moment Sun Erniang made the human bun, the whole scene was stunned--

Not the most perverted, only the more perverted!

Killing teammates is just a bun, this is the annihilation of the human nature of the card industry, the moral loss!

Sun Erniang's human meat bun was a long-range attack, and after killing three teammates to make seven meat buns - seven of which were the upper limit of skill, Sun Erniang suddenly threw the meat bun in her hand behind the verdict -

Drop the buns that cover the sky and kill all cards that lower the ruling defense to no more than 10%!

The number of deceased cards on both sides instantly turned into 14: 7.

Harvesting skills are so horrible!

Audience: “……………"

Sun Erniang's skills are perverted, and Sun Erniang's attacks are fierce!

At this time, we all know that Sun Erniang is not the strongest in the secret card mode, because the secret card mode is too restrictive, too many teammates died in the big later release of Sun Erniang, in case you can't beat the other side, you are likely to tip over.

And the endless mode is the real arena for Sun Erniang to play flexibly - depending on the number of friends killed and killed, she can always choose whether to kill teammates as buns, the endless mode death of a few cards does not have much impact, especially in this game, attack and defense are reduced to 10% of scrap cards, killing can also be used for waste!

Just now Nirvana died 4 cards, Sun Erniang appeared to take 3 defensive attacks down to 10% of teammates, all 7 corpses were made into adult head buns, just in time to maximize the attack of human meat buns.

Su Yang glanced at her eyes and was excited only half a while later: “Chul is really smart, dragging him down in the beginning, just to wait for the best time, he has captured the features of the map - specializing in scrapping cards, which is the core strategy of Nirvana! ”

Scrap cards, Attack and Defense will be reduced to 0, but as long as they are alive, they will not be counted as the number of dead cards that decide to win or lose.

Nie Yuandao's first cards will definitely retreat after a wave of attacks. This is the time Xie Mingzhe is waiting for. Once the ruling is retreated, it is time for Nirvana to launch a violent onslaught!

Qin Xuan summoned Guanyin Bodhisattva in advance to prevent the other party from forcibly controlling him; Xiaoke summoned Grandson Jiu to isolate the battlefield from underage marriage; Chen Xuan summoned Black Rose to fight the first wave of group attack pavement; Xie Mingzhe summoned Sun Er, killed teammates in black stores, made buns, killed opponents with buns!

The number of deceased cards on both sides changed from 0: 4 to 14: 7, only for a few seconds --

Tang Muzhou, who watched the game backstage, couldn't help but sit up straight. He found that Xiao Mingzhe's really smart in adjusting his strategy when he encountered the new map. Seizing the timing, killing off cards, and building a difference in cards is the core strategy of Xie Mingzhe. The ruling, even if it is violent enough to catch up with these seven cards, will surely require a lot of investment. The more cards the award invests, the more cards are affected by the scene.

How good is a card that falls below 30% defense?

This wave just now is proof.

The calmer part of Xie Mingzhe is that he did not wait for the opposite card defense to go down to 0, because Nie Yuandao is not stupid, it is not possible to always use the card until the defense value and the attack value is 0 before retreating, so when Nie Yuandao retreats, Xie Mingzhe strikes - the enemy moves, Nirvana immediately reacts very quickly, the four of them cooperated, ruled on a sudden defense!

Award cards are deep and therefore summoned in large quantities, which in turn is the biggest weakness in the award.

Turn your opponent's strengths into weaknesses instantly, as a tactical commander, Xie Mingzhe's ability to react quickly at this moment, no one dares to question it anymore!

* * * * * *

[Chapter 385, The Power of New Cards]

The advantage of 7 cards is that it is difficult, but not impossible, to catch up.

Xie Mingzhe reacted fast enough, but Nie Yuandao was not slow. After seeing Nirvana's strategy of killing scrap cards, Nie Yuandao immediately stopped summoning new cards, allowing Shanlan to use white peacocks, painting eyebrows and other healing cards to guard, and dragged Nirvana's cards as far as possible to a situation where defense was reduced.

When the number of cards present by both sides is balanced, the next wave of team battles can be defeated, otherwise they will fall into the trap of Nirvana - the more new cards you replenish, the more cards you will be affected by the Death Curse, and the more scrap cards Nirvana cleans up!

Nie Yuandao was quite calm on the field and ruled that the attack was strong, but that did not mean that the ruling would only be brainless.

The defensive ability of the ruling is equally excellent as is the defensive ability of the whole group of white peacocks, the flexible first-aid treatment of the painting frown birds, the resurrection of Faithful, the widespread ridicule of the unicorn black rhino, the passive ridicule of the brown bear...

The ruling was very tacit, Nirvana had difficulty killing another card after opening the gap in the wave, and the ruling was deadlocked due to the reduced attack power of the cards present, which also had difficulty killing Nirvana.

The game lasts 3 minutes and all cards at the venue have a 0 Attack and Defense.

Right now.

The verdict suddenly began to act, and Li Yiu summoned many flexible little animals - puppies, kittens, little white rabbits, little hamsters, and super cute monkeys the size of his palms - and jumped into Nirvana's lineup in an instant!

Since Qin Xuan used too many mockery cards in the opening, he could only summon new cards quickly and force himself to withstand the injuries by relying on his group healing skills.

But the fire card criticism of the verdict was horrible, and Nirvana's scrap cards were removed in an instant!

The number of card deaths on the big screen starts to change rapidly - 14: 9!

14: 10!

14: 13!

Closer and closer!

Nirvana is not waiting to be killed, Ko decisively summons the Ghost Emperor of the Five Sides - the Ghost Realm Expressway is officially open!

On the four-through highway, Qiaosheng and Liancheng traveled simultaneously, and Liancheng quickly moved into the adjudicated fauna, singling out cards whose defense had dropped to zero to kill, Chen Xiao summoned a large group of plant cards to help Xiaoke repair the damage.

At 15: 13, Liancheng instantly sings a card.

At 16: 16, even the city slaughtered the verdict's scrap cards, and the hamster and the marmoset chewed Nirvana's three scrap cards.

The number of deceased cards on both sides is even, you can see how fierce the ruling counterattack is!

The ruling must not be allowed to strike an advantage like this, Xie Mingzhe calmly looked at the whole situation, and the immortal cards in his hands finally appeared - the grandchildren of the indigenous world.

Most fairy cards float in the air, but the Earthbound grandchildren can go underground.

At this time, the number of cards on the scene was countless, and the appearance of the Earthbound grandchildren immediately went to the ground. Few people found him, coupled with the dim light of the scene, even the audience from God's perspective did not pay much attention to him.

Xie Mingzhe quietly manipulated the indigenous grandchildren, walked into the basement and moved quickly, using "groundhoning techniques” directly behind the verdict, and then suddenly emerged -

After traveling to Sun Di, the moment the earth breaks out, it will cause 3 seconds of fear for hostile targets within 5 meters, and increase its own attack power, attack speed, and critical attack by 50%. Follow closely with the iron stick in your hand to continuously hit melee targets!

Xie Mingzhe broke the earth out of the Turkish grandson, and there were exactly 3 Summoning Flock Animal cards - zebras, elks and gold monkeys - that were withdrawn to the big rear. At this time, all three card defenses dropped to 0, and the main card was easy to find.

Earthbound Sun suddenly emerged and let Shao Dongyang, who was focused on defending himself against the attack ahead, suddenly failed to defend himself.

3 cards were feared, unable to move, and the grandson of the Earthbound assaulted, directly removing all 3 cards!

- At 19: 16, the ruling instantly killed three cards.

Fans: "??? ”

Suddenly hung up three. What's going on?

Su Yang immediately moved out of the arena to play back. This only revealed Xie Mingzhe's operation. "Xie Mingzhe summoned out his grandson while he was not aware of it. He carried out a roundabout and assassinated him, collecting three scrap cards from Shao Dongyang! ”

With too many endless mode cards, it's impossible to notice each of your opponents' cards, so random strain on the field becomes even more important.

Xiao Ke opened the Haunted Realm Expressway just now, attracting all the eyes of his opponents to Liancheng and Qiaosheng combinations moving on the highway, plus Chen Kao opened up a lot of plant attack pads, ruled to avoid the priority, it must be Brother Chen and Xiao Ke's card.

Under these circumstances, Xie Mingzhe quietly summoned the earthbound grandchildren around the land--

Who can stop this nimma?

Even if Nie Yuandao is experienced in the competition, he still has a headache after this wave of Xie Mingzhe.

Moreover, the Turkish grandson is a general attack card. If he is ignored, he will constantly interfere with the ruling rear. Nie Yuandao had to divide a single control card to deal with the Turkish grandson and interrupt his iron rod assault.

But even the city is hard to solve. She was floating all over the highway, hitting the streets, hitting the streets, hitting the streets, not catching her at all.

This flexibility is comparable to Li Yiu's cunning rabbit three caves.

Wu Yue said excitedly: "The highway of the Wufang Ghost Emperor is obviously for the small animal card group against the ruling! Nirvana ate the losses of small animals in the second inning, so they figured out strategies to cope - flexible versus flexible, see who's more flexible! ”

Small animals can jump around instantly, but the Haunted Realm Expressway is a ghost group acceleration, and Ko's cards can then be fought against the opposite animal to relieve the pressure of Nirvana being disturbed by small animals.

——19: 19!

Mountain Lan air strike cards suddenly appeared, Falcon continuous claw strikes, Herring monomer strikes, the world's smallest bird “hummingbird” dense numbness surrounded, causing a massive attack, Mountain Lan forcibly took away Nirvana 3 cards, and the number of deceased cards from both sides is again flattened!

The audience held their breath nervously.

But the next moment, the difference was pulled again.

Because Xie Mingzhe summoned the seal series fairy cards.

Yang Xuan opened the third eye - the handsome God of War in the Sky, opening the third eye for a moment, the large hostile target group was stiff, unable to make any action for 3 seconds!

Immediately after that, Yang Xiao instantly moved to the back of the ruling, held a three-pointed double-edged knife, and carried out multiple gold series assaults on the target in the 5-meter range. His adorable Asthma Dog would also follow the master's attack rhythm, defeating the target attacked by the master, causing coordinated war damage.

Yang Xiao's assault was terrible, and the verdict herd surrounded by him was a disaster.

Heavenly Warlord's attack power cannot be stopped at all when the Defense of the Beast Mass is ruled 0...

The defending card had to continue to be summoned when the belly was judged to have been hit by an enemy.

22: 19!

The Yang Xuan output operated by Xie Mingzhe was extremely violent, instantly removing the opponent's 4 cards and pulling the difference again.

Follow closely, Li Zheng, Jin Zheng, Mu Zheng, where - seal the Shen Lian Card simultaneously appeared!

Only Li Xiao threw out the treasure tower in his hand and opened up two skills. Baota Town Demon and Baota Demon descended. First, the treasure tower suddenly zoomed up to high altitude, causing 3 seconds of fear of the 30-meter scale. He followed the treasure tower and landed on it. He locked the herd of animals in the 10-meter range and sustained sustained damage.

Jin Jin threw Fabao "Qibao Jinlian”. In his hand, Fabao turned into a giant wooden column 3 meters tall. Three golden iron rings were thrown in three directions, accurately covering the three flying bird cards of Mountain Lan.

Flying birds are pulled back and settled on the wooden column by a golden collar, causing critical damage per second for 5 seconds.

This “trap” skill, like a trap gift game played by kids, startles a lot of audiences on the scene --

Yet, much better still lies behind.

The second brother appeared and used the female sword in his hand to inflict sustained general attack damage, targeting exactly three flying bird cards that were pulled back by the elder brother.

Where did he end up, he saw a magnificent teenager, stepped on a hot wheel, held a fire-point gun, and tied his body to the sky, he instantly moved to the side of his brother, gave birth to three heads and six arms into a violent state, the fire-point gun continued to attack the bird target bound by a gold iron ring, and added a burning state to the target, losing 5% of his blood per second ——

This family appeared at the same time, Li Zheng control, Jin Zheng La flying bird, Mu Zheng and which attack, instantly took away the 3 cards of Mountain Lan!

Card movements on the tied wooden pillars were immobilized and killed by fire.

25: 19!

The ruling found Nirvana to clamp before and after the start, and the attack was too fierce to withstand. Nie Yuandao had to repress the riot and let Shanlan continue to summon flying bird cards with Li Yiu's small animals and Nie Yuandao's newly summoned fierce beast to spell a wave of front-

Nirvana has fewer defensive cards and has been awarded a positive offense to kill 4 cards. The number of deceased cards on both sides has become 25: 23!

The next moment, however, the family suddenly started to move.

Noisy sea!

At the moment the linkage opens, the audience finally sees the linkage setting of the four cards--

Where he made mistakes, did not want to involve his parents, cut the flesh and bones after seeing his father Li Jing, and returned the flesh to his father in return for his upbringing, but obtained a new life by using lotus flowers to change bones - which opened the linkage and died immediately, and gave birth to lotus flowers under his feet, automatically reborn and refreshed all his skills.

Li Jing heard that his youngest son made a mistake, decided to extinguish relatives, and in a state of grief, Li Jing refreshed all his skills, and took Linglong Pagoda with him to grab where he was, and instantly moved to where he was.

Jin Xiao refreshes Qibao Jinlian's Fabao to use the CD and prepare to grab his little brother. Mu Zheng followed his father and brother to capture the third brother, afraid that he could not fight, so increasing the attack and criticism by 50% for 10 seconds.

Audience: "………"

So this is the story of Father, Big Brother, Second Brother, going to get the little brother together?

Interlocking open, a family of four skills all refreshed.

Xie Mingzhe instantly moved to the side of the ruling formation. Li Lian Lian will instantly move to his son. The father and son, together with a wave of control fields, together with the golden circle and the wooden sword of the female male, ruled that three more cards were tragically killed.

——27: 24!

”- [sic]“... "

Having played so many games, today is truly the most tiring game ever!

Not only are you mentally tired, but you are also tired.

This set of cards is so annoying, many moments, father and son jointly refresh skills, mountain runs flying far away hundred birds, baiyu, flying geese, was forcibly pulled back on the wooden column by the golden circle, what a second, it is not scientific!

In fact, more than ever, careful professional players have also found that the verdict is unknowingly passive and they seem tired of catching up on poor cards. Nirvana, on the other hand, steadily occupies the initiative. As long as the opponent is about to catch up with the card difference, Nirvana will summon a new card and force the card difference to open again.

In the fierce rivalry you chased me, Nirvana was constantly looking at the total number of cards killed, and when the opponent was catching up, a wave of explosions opened the gap, making it difficult for the ruling to reverse the difference.

The race has come to a final moment.

There are still only 3 cards left, Nie Yuandao decided to launch a fierce offensive, one breath to reverse the cards difference.

But that's when Qin Xuan summoned Cao Cao.

- The world is at heart.

Force absorption of large-scale attacks and convert part of the attacks into own blood volume.

The stronger the attack across the street, the more blood Cao Cao sucks, combined with the protection of the treatment card, Cao Cao is present, the teammates will not die for a moment and a half. Qin Xuan left Cao Cao to cope with a wave of final verdicts.

I just threw up in the live room and Nirvana closed his mouth with too many ridiculous netizens.

Nirvana does not use cards in an uncontrolled manner.

They have bamboo on the tactical chest as a whole.

Opens with a Taunt and ends perfectly with a Taunt.

- The number of deceased cards is 35: 32, Nirvana wins!

Until the results popped up on the big screen, the ruling fans were still very unhappy, many fans sadly shed tears, obviously on several occasions almost reversed the amount of cards, but eventually failed to catch up. Nirvana's fans only felt frightened, with more than 60 cards on both sides in this game, far higher than in the previous battle against the Temples.

Su Yang exclaimed: “In fact, the key rhythm in this round is two waves. The first wave is the perfect rebound of Nirvana Four. Xiao Ke's grandson Jiu married, instantly isolating the battlefield, making it impossible for the opponent to retreat or support it. Chen Xuao and Xie Mingzhe's group attack cards came out successively, and Sun Erniang killed her teammates as human meat buns, and a wave of big rhythms turned the number of dead cards into 14: 7. ”

“The second wave of rhythm is the appearance of the Seal of God series of fairy cards - after Tu Xin and Yang Xiao accidentally twisted, they collected seven cards in a row, and the output of the linked system was terrible. ”

“Nirvana responded immediately when ruling on a full-scale offensive, and Xie Mingzhe's tactical decision was very decisive. If he hesitated for two seconds at the time, the ruling could definitely reverse the card difference instantly! ”

With the number of deceased cards missing by seven, the ruling can also bridge the gap in the medium term and show how aggressive the ruling is.

But Xie Mingzhe is resolute enough.

Looking at Old Nie's bursts, he used the tactics of "quick battle” and "brutality” to force around and kill the ruling to scrap the cards. Together with the flexible and high outbreak of Tu Sun and Yang Xiao, and the strong control and outbreak of the linkage between the two teams, the ruling team and Nirvana maintained a delicate balance at a critical juncture in the middle of the game.

The verdict followed.

But it cannot be transcended.

Ultimately, Qin Xuan used Cao Cao to hold up against the ruling, and Nirvana won without risk.

Wu Yue's voice shivered with excitement: “I can hardly speak in this game, both sides are too hard to spell, especially in the medium term, the number of cards killed has been very glued, 16: 16, 19: 19, 28: 28, finally determined to be 35: 32 - both sides played particularly well, it can only be said that Nirvana's tactics were more ingenious, several layouts at critical moments, so that they finally won the final! ”

Liu Sam doesn't know how to comment.

After so many years of commenting, he felt for the first time that the poor vocabulary in his mind was not enough to describe Xie Mingzhe's performance in the finals today. A 19-year-old, smart in tactical layout, careful in seizing opportunities, and simply resolute in fighting back - Xie Mingzhe is in control of the overall rhythm and successfully leads the team to victory.

After winning such a fierce offense, Nirvana did have the look of a champion and was eligible to enter the final of the season.

Liu Shan pondered for a moment and thought that he was exaggerating, he was suspected of blowing rainbow butts, so he had to calmly say: “Let's congratulate Nirvana on being number one in Group B and entering the final finals of the Eleventh Season League project! ”

The live broadcast room was filled with 6666 screens, and the news of Nirvana's finals soon spread across the web.


In the discussion area after the competition, there is gradually a lot of vomiting--

“Nirvana wins, but you can't hide the pervert in their card group! ”

“The last one was a big card dating romance scene, abuse of our single dog, this is a big family ethics drama, my father brother and second brother hunted down the little brother, the family relationship is so messed up, I'm dizzy! ”

“There is also Sun Erniang, from the point of view of card ethics, killing teammates, using teammate's corpse as a bun, which is against card ethics, we must resolutely resist! ”

“Was the last musical + romance idol show turned into a card ethics play today? ”

“Guido, when you make a movie, I'll be there! ”

Tang Muzhou saw the barrage in the live broadcast room and couldn't help but laugh.

There are still plenty of plays by Zhejiang, fans don't rush.

Tang Muzhou is in a great mood for the finals and the Little Brother Club. The final round, Nirvana vs Fenghua, he and Archer actually made a promise to encourage each other.

On the big stage, Xie Mingzhe, Chen Xiao, Yike Ke and Qin Xuan walked over and shook hands amicably, followed closely and stood side by side, while bowing deeply to the audience.

There was a deafening applause.

A number of Nirvana fans were thrilled to shed tears, lifting a wide variety of relief posters over their heads.

Team number four in the regular game, team number one in the final season.

Nirvana took a long time to grow.

The pair of strong partners, Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao, deliberately split up in order to bring Xiao Ke and Qin Xuan to familiarize themselves with the pace of the game as soon as possible and improve their level and consciousness- they all unfortunately did not make it to the top four, but they never regretted it.

Individual racing, Xie Mingzhe withstood enormous public pressure and publicly abstained, becoming the first person in the history of professional leagues to abstain from individual racing. He was scolded by countless internet friends, but never disputed - because he, at the time, was competing for seconds to make cards and prepare himself best for Nirvana's team.

Today, all of this has proved worthwhile.

Nirvana successfully completed the counterattack from the bottom of the group to the first!

Their team has grown indestructible!

Four players told fans in action - the four of us didn't fail to live up to expectations, and we made it to the finals of the 11th season!

This late is even more embarrassing, because Mother's Day went out to dinner with Mother until 11 o'clock, and the alteration stayed up late until 3 o'clock: (

Nine more chapters, nearly 40,000 words, one game is more direct, looks more consistent.

Mainly, the rhythm and layout of the whole game together will be more complete, wins and losses are more acceptable, and it is not easy to bug. I want every game in the finish phase to be perfect, unfortunate and understandable.

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