Master of Trading Star Card Game

Outside: Nielan Section 02

[Nielan Fanwei-02]

Mountain Lan's father is a researcher whose work is confidential and can only go home once a month; his mother is a pediatrician and often works nights. Mountain Lan was taken care of by a babysitter when he was a little girl, and he got used to his parents not being around, and he had learned a lot since he was a little girl.

Mama Nie heard that Xiaolan was only accompanied by a babysitter, it was very painful, so why don't you let Xiaolan come to Nie's house every night for dinner - anyway, Shanlan's children always mistake the door, so let's think of Nie's family as their own.

Mountain Lan's parents thought it was too much trouble for the neighbors, so they were embarrassed to say yes. Nie Yuanduo's father said quite frankly: “Old classmates don't have to be so polite. Besides, Xiaoran has nothing to do at home alone. ”

Mama Nie smiled and grabbed Shanlan's little hand and asked: "Shanlan loves to come to our house, right? ”

Shanlan glanced at Nieyuan and nodded seriously: "Mmm-hmm, love it! ”

"“ Let Xiaolan come to our house for dinner later, "said Mama Nie." How much can he eat at such a young age? Adding a pair of chopsticks is no trouble at all. How are you, Ran? ”

Mountain Lan did not hesitate: "Yes Auntie! ”

The child said he still curled his eyes towards Nie Yuandao and laughed. Obviously, he liked to go to Nie's house and went all the way to Nie Yuandao. Nie Yuandao helpless - the sign at the fork seems to be useless. In the future, Shanlan children will become frequent visitors to the Nie family.

It was settled. From that day on, Mountain Lan came to Nie's house for dinner every day after school until it was dark.

Nie Yuandao was very confused, he clearly hated the child, he could look at Mountain Lan and smile, but he could not hate it at all - the child was so good, he never bothered him, he only knew to follow his ass, quietly to be a small follower.

Nie Yuandao did well and the middle school curriculum was very easy for him, taking only half an hour a day to complete his homework. Every time Nie Yuandao wrote his homework, Shanlan sat on the bed next to him, carefully looked over with a fairy tale book, a pair of short legs swayed around in the air, Nie Yuandao looked back at him, he smiled at Nie Yuandao - I really don't understand how this child can laugh so much?

On this day, Nie Yuandao finished his homework and was bored. Later, he saw Shanlan reading a fairy tale book. He was curious and walked over to ask: "Did the kindergarten teacher teach you to write? ”

“Well, taught a few. ”

“What do you write?” Nie Yuandao found a blank book and handed it to Shanlan, "he wrote to me. ”

Mountain Lan child immediately grabbed the pen and wrote it seriously - he wrote his name, the words twisted, the word "Lan” far apart, split into “mountain winds”.

Nie Yuan frowned: “Why are the upper and lower parts so far away? ”

“Isn't that what it says?” Mountain Lan is innocent.

“That's not what Lan wrote. You split one word into two.” Nie Yuandao simply turned around and sat at the table, holding the child on his leg, holding his hand from behind, teaching him patiently, "Yamazi, below is the word 'wind’, to stick together, not too far apart in the middle, understand? ”

As he explained, he quickly wrote down the word "Lan”, and the handwriting was neat, like printing.

Mountain Lan stared with wide eyes and his eyes filled with admiration: "My brother wrote so beautifully! ”

Neiyuan let go of his hand and said: “Write more often. ”

Yamanashi nodded, “Mmm! ”

As the child lay down at the table and practiced his words carefully, Nie Yuandao's lips rose slightly, continuing to let Shanlan sit on his lap - it was light anyway, and Nie Yuandao picked him up very easily.

* *

From that day on, after eating every night, Nie Yuandao would teach Shanlan to write, and Shanlan's twisted words became a lot of work under Nie Yuandao's gates. After a long time, Niehuan Dao gradually regarded the children of the next family as his own brother.

Nie Yuandao is an only child, he has been used to being alone since he met Yamanara, but after he found that it was nice to be with a well-behaved little friend, at least the time after school was not so boring.

Sometimes, Mountain Lan's mother works nights at the hospital and Daddy doesn't go home, and Nie Yuandao's mother leaves Mountain Lan at home to sleep. Although the Nie family had a room, Shanlan didn't want to sleep alone in the room. He looked at Nie Yuan. “Brother, can I sleep with you? ”

Nie Yuandao couldn't bear to hit the child, so he let him sleep in his own house.

The double bed is big enough to sleep with more than one child. However, Mountain Lan has a bad habit of sleeping - he likes to sleep with Nie Yuandao because Nie Yuandao's body temperature is too high, like a warm stove, and sleeping in a hug is particularly comfortable.

Nie Yuandao is not used to being so close to people. But Mountain Lan is only a five-year-old child with short arms and short legs. His face is nestled in his arms, and his soft body is like a one-person pillow...

Instead of pushing the mountain lantern away, Nie Yuandao held the child in his arms.

On one occasion, Mountain Lan's parents were not home. Mountain Lan was infected with influenza by a kindergarten child. He started a high fever. Nie Yuandao noticed that the child in his arms was hot and scary. He immediately called a doctor to see him and tortured him to sleep all night.

When Mountain Lan woke up confused, he saw Nie Yuandao sitting beside the bed, touching his forehead: “At last, the burn is gone. ”

The child's eyes were tearful and his voice was dull: "Brother, I feel so bad. ”

Neiyuan said softly: “Of course you will be sad if you get sick. Be good. Drink some porridge later. I won't go to kindergarten today. I will stay at home to take care of the illness. ”

Mountain Lan nodded and grabbed Nie Yuandao's hand and wouldn't let go. Unconsciously, he developed a strong sense of dependence on Nie Yuandao. In his heart, this Nie brother's status exceeded that of his parents who had been away for a long time.

* *

Time passes quickly, Shanlan completes kindergarten and will soon be attending primary school. This is a boarding elementary school and Shanlan needs to stay in school, which means he can no longer see Nie Yuandao every day.

On the day of the school report, Mountain Lan reluctantly looked at Nie Yuandao and his eyes were red.

Nie Yuandao's voice is rare and gentle: “Don't worry, go to school with the classmates, the teacher will arrange the dormitory for you. If one of your classmates bullies you, tell your brother and I will teach them a lesson for you. ”

Shanlan grabbed Nie Yuanduo's hand: "Brother, I'll see you on the weekend, right? ”

Neiyuan nodded: "Yes, you can come to my house for dinner on the weekend off. ”

Shanlan just got happier, turned away with his parents, walked a few steps back and waved with Nie Yuandao.

When Mama Shanlan saw this scene, she couldn't help but feel sorry for herself: “Thanks to the distance way to take care of Xiaolan, I will have time to spend with my son when I finish my hospitalization this year. ”

Daddy Shanlan smiled and said: “I didn't expect them to be seven or eight years old, but they were quite passionate, more affectionate than their own brothers. ”

* *

After starting school, Shanlan tried to adapt to the new environment and met many children his age, but he still remembered Nie Yuandao as the most trustworthy and dependable person. Nie Yuandao was invested in intense learning, and he was about to face a middle school exam, and could not relax for a moment.

The chances of two people meeting became significantly less.

Nie Yuandao is often away from home on his weekends off because he is going to a remedial class or attending extra-curricular activities with his classmates. Shanlan guarded at the door of the Nie family, without waiting for Nie Yuandao, he was sad, but he did not see Nie Yuandao for several consecutive weekends, and he gradually understood - what his brother said to him at the time was probably just comforting him.

Daddy said: "My brother is preparing for the entrance exam. He is under a lot of pressure. Little Ran, don't go looking for his brother all the time. This will disturb him.” Mama said, "Far away is a very good score, you will definitely get the best high school in Didu, Ran, he doesn't have time to play with you right now, Mama will take you to the playground with the kids in class, okay? ”

Mountain Lan drooped his head and did not speak. He was very lost in his heart. He wanted to write with Nie Yuandao, but now he had to practice himself. Nevertheless, when Nie Yuandao finishes his exam, he will tell his brother that his words are getting better and better, and he has been praised by the teacher.

* *

In the summer of the second year, Nie Yuandao entered the best high school in the Emperor with the first grade in the school.

Upon returning home, Nie Yuandao unexpectedly discovered that Mountain Lan was also there. The child in his memory grew a little taller and had reached his waist height. When he saw himself, he immediately ran over happily.

Niehuan asked softly, “Why is Xiaolan in my house? You can't go through the wrong door again today, can you? ”

Mountain Lan shook his head to clarify: "No, I'm here to congratulate you on being number one.” Just turn around and bring a basketball. Mountain Lan takes the blue ball to Nie Yuandao: “Brother, I bought you a new basketball, it's a gift. ”

Nie Yuan wondered: “Why did you suddenly think to buy me a gift? ”

Mountain Lan smiled and said, “You used to buy me a lot of toys and teach me to write. My words are the best in the class. I won the prize the other day, and I bought basketball for my brother with the prize money. ”

When the little guy laughs, his eyes curl like moon teeth, as cute as they can remember. Neiyuan couldn't help but reach out and rub his head gently. "Thank you, Ran. Come on, I'll take you to play ball. ”

Although Mountain Lan grew a little higher, the hitting rate of the basketball was still unbearable. After not throwing in a few consecutive balls, he had to continue to pick up the ball for Nie Yuandao. One big, one small, two people cast familiar shadows on the field, as if they were back in time.

It's a long holiday, and Niehuan Road plays around with mountain lanterns, which are fun every day.

But as the start of school approached, Shanlan knew he and Nie Yuandao were going to be separated again.

Nie Yuandao entered the high school very far from the neighborhood where they live, which is also a boarding school, organizing various extracurricular activities on weekends and taking only one vacation a month. Mountain Lan is no longer a kindergarten child, nor will he persevere to ask Nie Yuandao when he will see him, as he did back then, when he will only smile and say, "Goodbye for the holidays”.

Unfortunately, I didn't see her on vacation either - because Nie Yuandao went to summer camp, and Shanlan reported to a special class to learn music.

They all have their own lives and there is almost no intersection between the two life circles.

Unable to cross the age difference makes their distance seem to be getting away, but Mountain Lan believes that one day he will catch up with Nie Yuandao himself.

Nie Yuandao's junior high school and high school, he will also take the examination. Where Nie Yuandao will go to the university in the future, he will definitely take the same university - this is the deep commitment of Shanlan's heart.

In front of him, his parents often said, "How knowledgeable and brilliant he was, plus the time when he moved to a strange environment when he was a child, Nie Yuandao was very helpless, giving him toys, teaching him to write, holding him to sleep, and occasionally telling him stories before he went to bed... That man was his most important and intimate brother in his heart and his most desirable example of learning."

* *

At the turn of the day, Nie Yuandao, 18 years old, took the college entrance exam and again entered the prestigious university with the city's number one outstanding score.

When he saw Nie Yuandao again, he was on a basketball court in the neighborhood. The 18-year-old Nie Yuandao was over a meter and eighty-five tall, and the tall teenager was dressed in a sportswear suit and sweating on the field. With the sun shining, the sweat on his face seemed to be coated with a soft golden gloss, and his top was soaked with sweat, revealing solid muscle lines.

In his hand, he held the basketball he had given him.

Mountain Lan glanced at him, almost afraid to admit it.

Niehuan turned around and found his little friend standing by the field, his mouth softly: “Has Xiaolan grown so big?” He single-handedly picked up the basketball and walked to Mountain Lan, reaching out and rubbing Mountain Lan's head habitually, "How come you don't know me? ”

Shanlan stared at him with wide eyes: "Nie... brother? ”

Neiyuan nodded. “Well, long time no see. ”

Nie Yuandao has changed so much that his appearance has shown a handsome appearance between teenager and adult, his body is also rapidly elevated, his wet clothes are affixed to his body, his muscles are clear, his body is male hormone explosion shed. Shanlan or a little friend, he thinks he's grown fast enough, nearly 10 centimeters long, and still at his brother's waist?

Mountain Lan lowered his head in frustration and found the eight-year-old age difference really hard to catch up with.

When he noticed that the child was missing, Nie Yuandao grabbed his hand. “Let's go and eat at my house. ”

At the fork, the signpost of the “ Mountain Lan family” was still standing there, and the text on it was a little blurry. Nie Yuandao remembered the children who used to walk through the wrong door when they were young. He smiled slightly. “I almost forgot. What grade are you in now? ”

Shanlan replied: "In fourth grade, I jumped once. ”

Neiyuan turned to him unexpectedly: "Jump? So good? ”

Shanlan raised his little face seriously and looked at Nie Yuan: “Too bad I can't catch up with you when I jump. You're going to college soon. ”

Neiyuan could not cry: “I am eight years older than you, how can you catch me? ”

Mountain Lan stands still.

The other party is clearly eight years old. He can't keep up with the distance no matter how hard he tries. Why is he so obsessed with catching up with Nie Yuandao?

In fact, Mountain Lan couldn't say clearly about this mood, he just wanted to be closer to Nie Yuandao, rather than being left behind by the other party far away. After all, this is his favorite brother, the one he wants to be close to.

Seeing Mountain Lan faint, Niehuan Dao patted his head gently. "What are you thinking? ”

Mountain Lan looked back and lowered his head: “Nothing, anyway, I will try and get into this university in the future. ”

Nie Yuanduo's eyes praised him. “There are good things to be done. Go for it. ”

At that time, Nie Yuandao didn't think much of it. He just thought that it would be nice for children to have a struggling goal. If Shanlan continued his efforts with this conviction, he would definitely be able to enter a good school in the future.

Starcard Storm officially opened a public test that year, and Niehuan Dao made many highly offensive veterinary cards after his first game, attracting a lot of Guild attention. He has decided to partner with several friends to set up a ruling squad to play in the professional league next year. But this is being prepared in secret, and he hasn't told his family, much less the Mountain Lantern kids.

After the holidays, Nie Yuandao reported to the university and officially founded the ruling team with several friends. The family and Shanlan were completely unaware of this, until a year later, after the first season of the professional league of Starcard professional leagues, the ruling team won the championship of the tournament program, and Nie Yuandao won the first gold medal of commemorative significance in the individual race!

News spread all over the internet for a while. Mountain Lan saw the word "Nie Yuandao” being searched hot on top, and he was confused - is this Nie Yuandao, who he knows? Why do all the words in the news look so strange? What fire department, veterinary card, ruling captain, genius teenager... is it related to Nie Yuandao you know?

Mountain Lan was a little sluggish, why don't you send a message to Nie Yuandao: "Brother, is that you who won the league championship in the news? ”

The message quickly responded: "Yes. ”

Mountain Lan: “…”

Where he didn't know, Niehuan Dao went to play games and took the championship!

At that time, Shanlan applied for a new jump and was approved, and he was ready to take next summer's high school entrance exam - he thought he was one step closer to Nie Yuandao, but did not expect that he and Nie Yuandao were getting further and further away.

Nie Yuandao walked to a realm he was completely unfamiliar with and climbed to the peak there.

Mountain Lan's heart is so empty, it's very sad. Ever since I was a kid, I've been following each other's footsteps, and all of a sudden, the guy stopped walking on a flat road and turned into a strange mountain forest, and the mountain lantern behind him was very vague —— what do I do? Going forward with the goal of going to a good university, or turning around and walking into a strange mountain forest?

When he was five years old, he came to the fork, unable to distinguish the direction, he was always looking for the wrong door, turning around the fork every day, the bottom of his heart was so confused - until Nie Yuantao erected a signpost for him, and Shanlan followed the arrow and never went wrong again.

Perhaps from that moment on, he used Nie Yuandao as his navigation signpost. Deep down, he always felt that Nie Yuandao was the best way to go, and that following Nie Yuandao would never go wrong. He was used to picking up balls for Nie Yuandao when Nie Yuandao's little followers, even when practicing words, he would unknowingly follow Nie Yuandao's handwriting...

Today, the navigation signs ahead suddenly turn direction, and the mountain runs seem to suddenly lose direction.

He searched the internet for a lot of information about the Star Card Alliance, and the more he looked at it, the more surprising it was —— the Star Card Alliance, like a whole world independent of reality, where there were a lot of interesting cards, countless great players, people decided to win and lose by fierce card matches, and the winners would get a lot of bonuses, and there were a lot of sponsor investments, and a lot of fans were like stars.

He also searched the video recording of the Nie Yuandao Finals and watched it several times.

Nie Yuandao manipulated fierce beast cards, and a player named Zheng Feng fiercely fought five rounds. The collision of beast and stone spirit cards frequently caused fierce applause and screaming in the audience. Finally, Nie Yuandao took the game at 3: 2 and won the excitement, but was also hot and handsome. Explain the excitement and tremble: “Congratulations to Nie Yuandao for winning the first season of the individual game!” “The first champion of the professional league, I think everyone will remember his name - Nie Yuandao! Congratulations again with a warm round of applause for taking the first gold medal of the league! ”

At the awards ceremony, the audience on the scene shouted the name of Nie Yuandao wildly. Nie Yuandao walked to the podium with a smile on his face. The high ground raised the championship trophy, and the lights on the big stage projected on him. The handsome teenager, at that moment, was one of the brightest stars on the field!

Mountain Lan heard his heart beating violently - Nie Yuandao on stage kept him out of sight and made him admire and envy. Surely, my favorite brother, no matter what field he is in, is so good.

Bloody battles, fierce fights, honor on the podium, audience cheers...

This evening, Mountain Lan's dreams repeatedly showed Nie Yuandao winning the prize, and the next morning he woke up with a hot sweat in his hand, as if he had personally experienced this exciting competition.

At that moment, his heart finally got the answer.

He had been a good boy and quiet, and he had no objection to what his parents had asked him to do. Over the years, he has used Nie Yuandao as his role model, followed Nie Yuandao's footsteps, studied carefully, and fought for Nie Yuandao's university.

But the limitation, he suddenly had a stronger desire - he was so interested in the novel world of cards!

He also wants to compete and stand on the podium to receive cheers from the audience.

Send a message to Nie Yuandao immediately after Shanlan washes his face: "Brother, this star card game you play is particularly interesting, I want to play it too. ”

Nie Yuandao sent a message: "You're young, don't play games, learn well. ”

Mountain Lan: “…”

The clogged mountain runs sent another message to Mom: "Mom, can you buy me a game helmet for my birthday this year? ”

Mama's reply was the same as Niehuan's reply: “You are young and your education is important. Mama bought you a smart brain for learning. ”

Mountain Lan: “…”

Don't children have human rights?

If you can't buy a helmet, you won't be able to play the game. Mountain Lan is very depressed and seems to have to save money slowly.


After Nie Yuandao became a professional player, there was fewer and fewer opportunities to go home. Shanlan could only learn about his recent situation through online news. For example, Nie Yuandao made another batch of new cards. The number of Nie Yuandao fans exceeded 10 million, and Nie Yuandao's personal race entered the top 16 again...

Every time I see that handsome face on the news, Shanlan is envious —— I really want to grow up fast, become a professional player like Nie Yuandao, manipulate those fun cards, and fight hard on the field.

Once the goal had been set, he was working in that direction.

Although he doesn't have a helmet and can't officially enter the game, he watches live broadcasts in every game. He spends a lot of after-school time searching, sorting out, his theoretical knowledge reserve is no longer lost to an old player. Especially the research on the ruling team. His knowledge of the ruling is called the "Dead Loyal Powder” level, and the characteristics, styles and cards of every player are like a few jeans.

With the emergence of a large number of excellent players, the Alliance's competition became more intense, but no one in the Neyuandao Fire Department was able to shake the identity of the founders. Gradually, there appeared online the term "five series nose ancestors” - Neyuandao Fire, Lingtang Jin, Rain of the Water System, Zheng Feng of the Earthly System and Chen Qian Lin of the Wooden System. The representatives of these five disciplines also became the most popular professional players in the first to fourth seasons.

Mountain Lan did not compete, but he knew the names and stories of these players.

In the fourth season, Mountain Lan was admitted to the best high school in Didu, and he finally saved up enough money, secretly bought back a game helmet, created his account "Mountain Wind” and entered the game, and began his star card career.

The origin of this ID is that when he was a child, he always split the word "Lan” into two parts, looking like mountains, wind, it was Nie Yuandao who held him to his legs, held his hand, and personally corrected him the writing of the word "Lan”. He always remembered that dusk, he sat in the arms of Nie Yuandao and learned how to write in a row. For the first time, he found that his name could be written so beautifully.

The temperature in Nie Yuandao's arms is fresh to his memory to this day.

Mountain Lan went to school while playing the game in his spare time. Due to the short time he could enter the game, he upgraded very slowly, and did not make money in the early days. In the game, he was poor enough to eat dirt, and could not even afford a higher level of nebula paper.

Fortunately, years of theory helped him a lot, and Mountain Lan quickly learned card making skills for a limited amount of time and made his first original card, Flying Goose.

The flying geese move flexibly, with the highest rate of criticism and good damage.

Of course, the card's data is not perfect, but the flash power is good. Mountain Lan took it with him to brush a copy, and the efficiency clearly improved. Slowly, he also saved some game coins to buy raw materials to make cards.

Unfortunately, card making is a bottomless hole, the raw materials are expensive to die for. He studied card making alone. Since no one has guided him, he wasted a lot of materials. Life has been tight. He often paints a card, and it takes three days to save up the next card's production materials...

This bump tossed the game for a year and soon reached the end of the fourth season.

The copyright incident of Chen Qianlin was boisterous. The major clubs had a number of contradictions due to contract issues. Some players and clubs had turned their faces over, and many players had jumped. The whole league was unsettled. After the wind wave had completely subsided, Chen Qianlin and Suyang announced their retirement, and the pattern of the professional league "Five Divine Ages” was completely broken.

In the fifth season, Tang Muzhou came out and Chen Qianlin's apprentice won a record 50 consecutive individual games to win the championship.

At this time, Shanlan was only fifteen years old. He slowly saved money on his own and made several original cards.

The ruling club openly recruited excellent professional players, Yamanashi took his own flying bird card to participate in the ruling association's online interview, and the chairman in charge of the interview gave a high opinion to his card idea: “These cards are quite innovative, but the design is not perfect enough, and it is possible that even if you can't release your skills, your opponent will kill you in seconds. But being able to make so many original cards means you're still talented. Three days later, you go to the ruling club in person and let our captain take a look. ”

“Thank you!” Mountain Lan was extremely happy, not only because he was able to see the captain of the ruling, Nie Yuandao, but also because he got some recognition for the card he bumped into!

* *

Three days later, Mountain Lan took a bus to the adjudication club as soon as he left school.

In the adjudication room, Nie Yuandao was somewhat impatient to see several newcomers behaving in a chaotic manner during the war.

No good seedlings were found in this year's recruits, and the verdict is facing the embarrassment of the first players about to retire, and if it doesn't add any good recruits, the verdict will surely go downhill.

Nie Yuandao sat at the desk in a serious way. He didn't look well. The president of the association responsible for finding new people in the game said softly: “Nie team, a new person will not arrive until 6: 30. This new person will show you his original card. Let me show you the card he made. ”

After hearing the words "original”, Nie Yuandao obviously raised his interest and nodded to the chairman.

Four cards appeared on the big screen in front of them - geese, peacocks, falcons, hundreds of birds, all flying animals in the air.

Nie Yuandao's eyes lit up: “Airborne cards? Quite innovative. Who is this guy? ”

The president laughed and said: "A very transparent passersby, I checked his data and didn't find anything. He seemed to be playing games alone and didn't add any guild. However, he said he was a fan of Nie Shen and worshipped Nie Shen very much. ”

Nie Yuandao can receive hundreds of fan confessions every day. It is also normal to encounter small fans to rule on applications. Nie Yuandao's divine colour hasn't changed much. He looked seriously at several cards on the screen and lowered his voice: “Creativity and skill design are not bad, but the focus is a big problem. Flight type cards, how can you think of a stack of criticisms? It won't work after one set...”

Talking, suddenly knocking outside the door.

"'Come in,' said Neiyuan Lang. ”

The door was pushed open and a teenager about one metre seven walked in.

The teenager is wearing a blue uniform and a pair of clean white sneakers. The uniform is familiar and should be the top priority high school uniform in Didu. He had a large backpack and a slightly thin body, but his skeleton was even and his legs looked very long. The skin on his face is very white and his eyebrows are clear. At first glance, he is a good student who is very popular with teachers.

After seeing Nie Yuandao, the teenager smiled and a pair of bright eyes suddenly bent into the shape of the moon teeth. Such a smiling face gradually overlapped with the mountain lantern child in memory of the wrong door.

He looked at Nie Yuan with a smile and said in a clear juvenile voice: “Nie, hello, I'm a fan of yours, my name is Shanlan. ”

"“ ………………………………… "

When I was a kid, I walked through the wrong door and came to Nie's house every day for dinner.

Wrong door this time, actually came to the ruling club?!

Memories are almost over. Xiaolan loved to laugh, hahaha, Xiao Follow Ben followed him to the club, Nie Shen said his head was going to blow up.

Earlier today, can we all go to bed earlier?