Master of Trading Star Card Game

Outside: Nielan Section 03

[Nielan Fanwei-03]

Nie Yuandao thought that Xiaolan was just passing through the ruling club and came in to play with him. Until Shanlan used his light brain to transfer a few cards to the screen, he smiled and said: “Hello, my game ID is Shanxiaofeng, I only made a set of cards to play in the arena, please Nie Shen point. ”

The ruling president whispered in his ear: “He's the new guy I told you about who would play the original card. ”

Nie Yuandao said to the chairman: “Go ahead, I'll talk to him alone.” The chairman looked at the serious Nie team, looked at the smiling teenager again, scratched his head and turned away in confusion.

There were only two people left in the conference room, Nie Yuandao stood up and went to Mountain Lan and whispered, “Ran, what are you doing here? It's Wednesday. Don't you have to go to class? ”

Shanlan laughed: "I'm here to apply. I want to be a professional player. These are the cards I made. ”

Nie Yuandao's brow slightly wrinkled: “Don't be ridiculous, how old are you? What pro? ”

Mountain Lan looked up and looked at him seriously, saying word for word, "I'm too young to understand. Can you look at the cards I designed before I conclude? See if I have the talent and potential to be a pro? Does the head of the parish ruling not need any factual basis when evaluating an applicant? ”

”- [sic]“... "

Years later, that dazzling, cute kid in my memory turned into a teenager with teeth in front of him.

The teenager's height has reached his shoulder and his tone is not too low when speaking. However, the eyes are as clear and bright as the child's memories. When smiling, they bend into the shape of lunar teeth, making people feel extra friendly.

Nie Yuandao turned around and looked at the cards. “You mean the original cards? It seems to me that these cards have a flamboyant skill design. If you can't even put your skills on the field, you will be killed by the opponent. Your understanding of the card design has just begun. Do you think you can play professional leagues with just a few cards? You think it's that simple to be a pro? ”

Nie Yuanduo's reply made Shanlan's cheek faint, but he was still uncomfortable: “However, with this set of cards, I hit the star card master position of the ranking match. ”

“Master Starcard is only the entry threshold for professional players, not the only condition.” Man whispers: “Come with me. ”

Shanlan followed Nie Yuandao to the training room next door. Nie Yuandao pointed out two seats and let Shanlan sit up and log into the game. He built a free ring in the game to add Shanlan to fight him.

Random map, placard mode.

Mountain Lan was very serious, however, he was collapsed by Nie Yuandao in less than 3 minutes - his flying bird card team could not stop the raid of Nie Yuandao Beast, and the frontal collapse directly into the army!

Less than 3 minutes after losing a round, Shanlan stammered: “Me and I just missed the operation, come again. ”

Nie Yuanduo continued to play in the second inning with no emotion.

This time it ended faster than the first inning, and in two and a half minutes, Shanlan's card team went straight to the team.

Mountain Lan muttered softly: "I was just distracted, come again. ”

Third inning ends in two minutes, fourth inning, fifth inning...

After defeating Shanlan 10 consecutive rounds, Nie Yuandao took off his helmet and picked out an eyebrow: “Is there any excuse? ”

Mountain Lan's face rose red, his head was low and he did not speak, and he looked very grieved.

Nie Yuandao had no mercy for Shanlan, so he wanted to teach Shanlan a lesson, let Xiaolan know that it was not that simple to be a professional athlete, and should give up this unrealistic idea at an early stage.

In the past few years, he met Shanlan not often, but also often listened to his mother say that Xiaolan from the next door had a particularly good grades and had jumped two consecutive elementary school grades, and had now taken the best high school. Mountain Lan is still young, and Nie Yuandao is also trying to make Mountain Lan completely awake. Don't go the wrong way because you have a fever.

I didn't expect Shanlan to look good, but his temper was stubborn. After 10 consecutive games of Nie Yuandao, he didn't give up. Instead, he went to Nie Yuandao and said seriously: “Will you take me as your apprentice and teach me how to play the arena? ”

”- [sic]“... "

Wait a minute. Being abused has nothing to do with it. Shouldn't you be dreaming of ruining it and staying away from star card games ever since?

Why don't you play cards as usual?

Shanlan looked up at Nie Yuandao and looked sincerely at him: “I know that the cards I made are not perfect enough, that's why I need the guidance of professional players. How exactly do I modify the designs of these cards? Why don't you teach me? ”

Nie Yuandao pressed the temple with a headache: “Xiaolan, stop messing around. ”

“I'm serious.” Mountain Lan looked at him without turning a blind eye and said, “I've been watching your game, and this interview to rule is to recognize you as a master and learn how to play cards. I still have a lot of material I want to make into cards, but no one is guiding me, and I don't know if I'm in the right direction, so why don't you take me as your apprentice? ”

”- [sic]“... "

The look on the face of a teenager is incredibly serious, looking into his eyes, full of worship and trust.

Never before has Nie Yuandao encountered such a difficult thing. I can't even say yes to the eyes of Mountain Lan. I refuse and have no patience.

When I was a kid, Mountain Lan loved to follow him around behind his ass and be a serious little follower. There's nothing wrong with Mountain Lane treating him as an idol, but he can follow him to the professional league, which is a little too much. He can't talk to Mountain Lane's parents. Wouldn't it be a delay if Mountain Lan became a professional player and failed to achieve good grades?

Nie Yuanduo silenced for a moment and asked softly: "What grade are you in this year? ”

"- [sic]“ Sophomore year. ”

Nie Yuan thought about it and said, "You are too young to make hasty decisions. When you finish the college entrance exam, if you still want to be a professional and pass the judgment for new entrants, I'll take you as an apprentice and teach you well. ”

Mountain Lan's eyes filled with disappointment: “Why wait a year? ”

Nie Yuandao looked at the teenager and said seriously: “Ran, I hope you can think carefully about your future path, don't leave any regrets, understand? ”

When Mountain Lan heard this, he immediately smiled on his face: "Understood! ”

My brother is still as reliable as I can remember, giving him a year to think carefully, don't make impulsive wrong decisions for a moment, which is exactly what he is responsible for.

Mountain Lan is not in a hurry, he is only 16 years old now, he can continue to organize materials and make cards for the next year in addition to the refresher exam.

- Only when he is fully prepared will he be entitled to truly stand beside Nie Yuandao.

* *

Over the next few days, Mountain Lan stopped contacting himself.

Nie Yuandao thought that Shanlan had sprung up to rule on the fun, and when the heat passed, he would give up his intention to become a professional player. I didn't expect Shanlan to come back to the door on the weekend.

The president told Nie Yuan, "Nie team, the high school student you interviewed last time is waiting for you in the office. ”

Nie Yuandao quickly walked to the office to push the door open and saw Shanlan dressed in a clean school uniform, sitting at the table, as if waiting for the teacher to talk. After seeing Nie Yuandao, the teenager's eyes lit up and immediately ran to Nie Yuandao and said with a smile: "Brother, I have modified the card data. Do you have time? Take a look for me. ”

Niehuan Dao had to take him to the training room next door.

Today is the day of the ruling training, there are a lot of players in the training room, and everyone wonders when they see a middle school student behind Nie. Nie Yuandao took him to the corner to sit down, opened a battle ring, and the crowd immediately ran to the ring to watch.

Mountain Lan's card adjusts skills and data, but still doesn't last 3 minutes in Niehuando's hands.

Nie Yuandao rudely abused Shanlan 10 innings. The team members around him chatted and gossiped: “Was it the middle school student who came for the interview last time? Again today!” “He was abused by Nie Shen in ten rounds, and is expected to leave a psychological shadow.” “Ne Shen is also true, against the young newcomer, you can't take it lightly...”

After ten more knees, Shanlan took off his helmet with embarrassment. “You're amazing. ”

Neiyuan asked, "Do you know why you can't beat me? ”

Shanlan answered frankly: "My card design is problematic, my skills are not connected closely enough, my experience, consciousness and reaction speed in the arena are not as fast as yours, the gap is too big, and I still lose 10 more rounds. ”

A teenager in a school uniform looks serious, like answering a teacher's questions in class.

Nie Yuan glanced at him and said: "When you designed the card, were you imitating me? ”

Mountain Lan's face blushed slightly, but he answered bluntly: “Fans imitate idols, which is normal. ”

Neiyuan followed closely: “Can the birds in the sky and the beasts in the jungle design the same idea? My Fire Veterinary Card focuses on explosive power and your birds are stacked in a blast, so what's the difference between letting them fly in the air and lying on the ground? ”

Mountain Lan stayed in place.

He didn't think too much when designing the cards, because Niehuando's beast cards had become his own at the time, and in terms of data and skill design he would have had no choice but to imitate the Great Goddess player.

At this time, Nie Yuandao's question is like when the first basin of cold water awakens Mountain Lan instantly - if flying animals and ground animals are designed the same way, what is the point of flying them up to heaven? Just for the sake of good looks?

If you see Mountain Lan thinking, Nie Yuandao continues: “Flying bird cards are not suitable for making burst cards, you can try stacking the data on top of the moving speed, giving flying bird cards the highest flexibility, and then beating the damage with no cooling general attack. As long as your flying bird cards are not killed, they can be exported continuously. ”

Mountain Lan's eyes lit and he stood up excitedly: "I understand, thank you Nie Shen! ”

With his backpack on his back, he vanished into thin air, leaving only the players in the room face-to-face —— what the hell is this guy doing here? Nie Shen is so patient, playing in the arena with him and guiding him on how to make cards?

A brave new man asked curiously, "Nie team, who is this? ”

Neiyuan said softly: "My brother. ”

People suddenly realized - turns out he was a brother, no wonder Nie had such patience with him.

* *

A week later, Mountain Lan returned to the adjudication club.

Still wearing a school uniform and a schoolbag, the green teenager stood at the door of the ruling club. Many of the ruling people recognized him and offered to open the door for him to go directly to the training room to find Nie Yuandao.

Mountain Lan changed the design of all seven of his cards, originally cooling the outbreak for more than 30 seconds, and was replaced by a continuous general attack that did not require cooling. The damage caused by a single attack was very low and the ability to sustain the output was extremely strong.

On the data side, he stacked the flying cards to the highest value and modified the seven flying cards to be extremely flexible in action. Nie Yuandao also found that Ran's cards were much harder to kill than last week when he was in the ring and PK.

This time, Shanlan was in the hands of Nie Yuandao and persisted for five minutes before being exterminated.

Though still kneeling for ten consecutive rounds, Mountain Lan's face was brilliant. He took off his helmet and smiled. “After I modified my card skills, I felt it was working much better. What else do you think needs to be adjusted? ”

Nie Yuandao listed his cards one at a time and indicated several areas that needed to be modified.

Mountain Lan wrote it down carefully and walked away satisfied with his schoolbag. A week later, Mountain Lan reappeared, the first set of cards had been adjusted to perfection, and three new cards were presented to Nie Yuandao.

The newcomers in the training room were stunned - I had no idea how talented the little guy was!

When the ruling manager heard about Shanlan, he privately found Nie Yuan and said: "Such a talented newcomer, at first sight, why not sign him in advance and let him be our ruling trainer? ”

Nie Yuando replied: “Not in a hurry. ”

He's not in a hurry, the manager is in a hurry! Wouldn't it be a big loss if a genius like that were dug away by another club?

Neiyuan said calmly: “You can rest assured that Shanlan will not go to another club. ”

Because Mountain Lan is his number one little follower.

* * *

Ever since, Mountain Lan has been on time every weekend to rule that the club reports, and the wind and rain are unobstructed.

He would show the new card to Nie Yuandao for the first time and smile back to improve after receiving the modification.

The teenager especially liked to laugh, his eyes bent, and he was very affectionate. The judges liked him very much, plus he was Nie Yuandao's “brother”. Over time, everyone looked at him as if he was one of them.

Soon after a year, after taking the college entrance exam, Shanlan finally presented his parents with his dream of becoming a professional athlete. Parents were very opposed to the idea that Mountain Lan was insensitive and went to play games with impulse. Under Shanlan's helplessness, he asked Nie Yuandao to come out, and Nie Yuandao personally came to Shanlan's house, indicating that he would take Xiaolandao to the competition.

Nie Yuandao said to Shanlan's father: "Xiaolan is the most gifted new person I have seen in years. Uncle, please rest assured that I have watched Xiaolan grow up as a child and treat him as my own brother. When he arrives at the verdict, I will take him as my apprentice, take him with me, no one dares to bully him. ”

Mountain Lan smiled and said, “Dad, Mom, can't you trust me? Can't you trust Brother Nie? He's a champion! ”

The parents negotiated all night and finally nodded and agreed to let Shanlan try it.

The following afternoon, Shanlan sent a message to Nie Yuandao and ran to the fork to wait for him. After Nie Yuandao left the house, Shanlan rushed over and said, “My parents agreed! I liked following you when I was a kid, and it looks like I'm going to keep following you. ”

Nie Yuandao's heart was soft and his voice hardly softened: “What should I call you later? ”

Mountain Lan smiled and narrowed his eyes: "Master! ”

Nie Yuandao naturally extended his hand and rubbed the teenager's hair gently: “Good boy. ”

Mountain Lan with his head rubbed could not help but stand still - perhaps in Nie Yuandao's eyes he was the lost child next door, which is why Nie Yuandao stroked his head like a child. However, he is 16 years old this year, he is also tall to each other's shoulders, he has taken physiological classes in school, there are many classmates in love, how can Nie Yuandao still consider him a child?

Mountain Lan's face slightly blushed and quickly sidestepped away from Nie Yuandao's hand, shifting the subject: “Master, is the basketball I gave you still there? ”

“Of course.”

“Why don't we go play ball? Nothing to do this afternoon anyway. ”

“Okay, I'll go back and get dressed, you wait for me on the field. ”

The two of them went home and changed their sportswear. Shanlan waited for a moment at the intersection, and he definitely saw Nie Yuandao walking over with a basketball model. They smile at each other and walk shoulder to shoulder towards the basketball court

Sixteen-year-old green teenagers, and 24-year-old youths, the age difference between eight years is still very clear to them.

But compared to when I was a kid, I could only pick up the ball behind Nie Yuandao's ass. Now Mountain Lan, who is 1 meter and 75 tall, can already play with him. However, Mountain Lan's basketball hitting rate is still unbearable - throw 10, go one or two.

Nie Yuandao looked at the young man who had dropped his head in frustration after throwing the basketball onto the basket frame and couldn't help but smile. “Xiaolan, Master taught you. ”

He picked up the ball and passed it to Shanlan, and he stood behind Shanlan, holding it in his arms in a half-hugging position, holding up his arms, looking at the basketball frame in the distance, and lowered his voice: “Aiming at the point above the ball frame, squatting, footing, jumping momentarily throwing the ball out... come on, try it. ”

Mountain Lan's head buzzed - the man's low voice rang in his ear and he didn't hear a thing.

Too close.

His body almost affixed to Nie Yuandao's chest, clearly sensing strong muscles in front of each other's chest. Nie Yuandao is already an adult, and the aura of an adult male surrounds him tightly, making him almost unable to breathe.

When he heard the word "try” in his ear, Mountain Lan threw the basketball out.

Basketball curves perfectly in the air, then... crosses the frame perfectly and highs into the field next door.

Neiyuan looked at him helplessly: "Throw it in the sky. Do you think basketball can fly? ”

Mountain Lan was blushing, looking at the man who went far to pick up the ball, his back was tall and pulled out, his heart pounding, almost bouncing out of his chest.

Yini Yuandao is bored, he must be taught to play basketball.

After picking up the ball, Nie Yuandao held Shanlan from behind and continued teaching with his hands. Mountain Lan learned for an hour, sweating all over her head, and when she came home, she felt her whole body cooking, burning all over her body, and her blood almost burning.

When held in his arms by a tall and handsome man, he panicked and tried to escape, but couldn't help but want to get closer. The contradiction made his mind blank.

That evening, he even had dreams he shouldn't have had, and his body had a puberty reaction.

Mountain Lan was panicking.

Brother next door, he's eight years old, he's been taking care of him, and now he's an apprentice, how can he think wildly?

But he had no control over his fantasies.

The next day, he received a message from Nie Yuandao: "The boss who ordered the ruling talked about the contract and waited for me at 11: 30 at the intersection. ”

Since it was a matter of business, Mountain Lan naturally had to take it seriously. He put all the childish clothes in the wardrobe in the box, picked a set of jeans and shirts that didn't look so silly, and packed himself well. This is why he went to see Nie Yuandao.

Nie Yuanduo looked at the teenager in front of him and praised him. “That's good. You look so young when you're wearing your school uniform. This is much better. ”

Mountain Lan's face was red and he thought that he would never wear a silly uniform in front of him again.

* *

The boss of the ruling was a middle-aged man in a suit with a gentle smile.

The player's contract was prepared in advance. Shanlan had no experience in this area. After reading it, he was just about to pick up his pen, but Nie Yuandao stopped him. “President Zhao, Xiaolan's contract terms still need to be modified - the copyright of the card he made himself, I hope he can hold it. ”

President Zhao's face changed: “This is a bit difficult. You don't know about Chen Qianlin. Since then, the players' contracts of the major clubs of the League have been clearly written. During the players' service in the club, the cards are made using the resources of the club. The copyright also belongs to the club and will be returned after retirement. ”

Nie Yuanduo insisted: “Xiaoran is a talented player, he will make more and more cards in the future, the copyright must be given to him, this condition is my bottom line. ”

Mountain Lan is truly flattered to hear Nie Yuandao say this.

Chen Qianlin's copyright incident was boisterous. Shanlan also followed the progress of the event at the time. He knew the importance of card copyright to the athletes. But only the particularly famous Grand God athletes in the league can talk to the club about copyright ownership and peripheral sharing. Most athletes are bound by the club. He is still a small transparent player who has not fought a single game. How can he qualify for the treatment of Grand God athletes?

President Zhao frowned badly: “Shanlan is now just a newcomer, without fame, the club cannot pass such a request. ”

Neiyuan said calmly: “I'm sure Xiaolan deserves the treatment of a top player. ”

President Zhao: “This..."

Nie Yuandao's voice was decisive: “If the ruling fails to respond to this request, I would rather have Xiaoran sign to another club, and someone would be willing to treat him like this. ”

Shanlan: “…”

The feeling of being fully maintained warmed the whole heart of the mountain rung. He sat quietly next to the master, not saying a word, because he believed that the master would do him the best he could.

The first negotiations eventually ended in failure, and it can be seen that President Zhao was very unhappy with the conditions put forward by Nie Yuandao.

On the way home, Mountain Lan was very upset, and he asked softly, "Master, do you have any problem with the club executives fighting for me like this? I don't want to influence your relationship with the ruling club..."

Nie Yuandao looked at Shanlan and said warmly: “My relationship with the verdict will not be affected. As your master, it is right to seek favorable conditions for you. You will definitely become a top player in the future. Don't worry about the contract. I have my own options. ”

Shanlan nodded seriously: "Thank you Master. ”


Never expected that Nie Yuandao would really settle the matter and tell Shanlan to sign the contract a week later.

Looking at the new version of the contract, Mountain Lan's scalp became numb for a while - not only did he own the copyright of the original card, but the proportion of the share of the surrounding share and endorsement was also very high. Is this the treatment that the champion of the professional league can get? How could he have enjoyed such a good deal if he was a new player who had never played any games?

Mountain Lan is in a complicated mood. What did Master talk to the club about? The club agreed?

Until Niehuan handed him the pen and whispered, “Sign it. ”

Mountain Lan just recovered and signed his name on his scalp.

The next day, Shanlan officially reported to the ruling and trained with other players. From the gossip of the surrounding players, he finally knew that Nie Yuandao had renewed his contract with the ruling for a full five years, which allowed the ruling's boss to relax and give Shanlan the best terms of contract.

Five years!

The peak period for professional athletes is just a few years. Nie Yuandao has been playing for six years, and he still has a five-year renewal?!

He traded his time for the next five years for the best start of Mountain Lantern.

Knowing all this, the mountain runs, his heart tightened for a while, he couldn't help but pound into the arms of this man and never let go again.

* * *

That evening, Nie Yuandao would return to his bedroom, and Shanlan suddenly and uncontrollably fell into Nie Yuandao's arms. Nie Yuan looked at the apprentice with red eyes and wondered: “What is this? ”

Mountain Lang swallowed: “For my contract, you renewed your contract with the ruling for five years? You still have five more years of judgment to play? ”

“You know all about it?” Niehuan Dayton lowered his voice and said, “It's okay, I didn't want to leave the ruling and sign this contract, just to reassure the boss. Your future is more important to me, and if you don't fight now, it will only be harder in the future. ”

“Master...” Mountain Lan's orbital formation fevered, unable to control the overflowing tears, all rubbed onto Nie Yuandao's shirt, quickly wetting the shirt.

“You should call me Master, I'll protect you.” Nie Yuandao noticed that the apprentice was crying, his lips couldn't help slightly lifting, reaching out and rubbing the apprentice's head gently, the low voice was helpless, “How can you, like a child, shed tears at such a small thing, do you want Master to tell you a story tonight to put you to sleep? ”

“…” Mountain Lan blushed instantly in the arms of a man. He held Nie Yuandao in his arms and buried his reddish face in the man's chest, as if he were craving each other's body temperature.

His heart beats so fast that his cheeks almost burn, but Mountain Lan doesn't want to let go.

Nie Yuandao has a headache: Why is the little apprentice becoming more and more sticky? Straight into Master's arms. Is that true?

He patted Mountain Lan's shoulder and whispered, “Ran, how old are you? “

Mountain Lan's face was buried in his arms, and his voice was boring and unclear: “Sixteen years old, I'm not a minor anymore, I understand everything. ”

Nie Yuan smiled softly: “I thought you were six.” He touched Xiaolan's soft hair, "he said,“ and as soon as I opened the door, you jumped into my arms, exactly as I gave you the toy scene when I was a kid. ”

Mountain Lan's body was stiff and quickly let go of him: “I'm going to take a bath. ”

Listen to the noisy water in the bathroom, Ne Yuandao couldn't help frowning - the apprentice was very sticky, still like when he was a kid when he followed his butt, ruled every day, where he went, the mountain runs followed, don't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing?

Since Mountain Lan always loves to follow him, why don't he take Mountain Lan to a double game this season. Perhaps this way out will be better for Mountain Lan, he can carry it with him, and Mountain Lan can progress faster.

Nie Yuandao decided on his plans and turned to find the application form.

He had no idea that the mountain lanterns in the bathroom, at this time, were all red, like roasted shrimp.

The first teenager in the love sinus was frantically taking a cold bath and was ashamed to dig a seam and bury himself.

He treats you like an apprentice and defends you with all his might. What's on your mind, Mountain Lantern?!

It was Lanlan who moved first. It should also be quite obvious in the text. Nie Shen is just and serious, looks abstinent, and Lanlan is still moving and blushing and shy.

It took me a long time to cook my own Mountain Lantern vs Xie Mingzhe, which is the difference between thin and thick skin!