Master of Trading Star Card Game

Outside: Nielan Section 05

[Nielan Fanwei-05]

What happened after the drunkenness was blurred. Since Master Yamanashi said "nothing”, Yamanashi stopped thinking about it. He thought that the pieces of memory of kissing Master were really just a dream of his own.

At the end of the tenth season, the ruling club routine gave the players a month's leave. Shanlan packed his bags and returned home that afternoon. His father had rarely taken annual leave. He decided that the family would visit Grandma and Grandpa at home. When Shanlan arrived home, he didn't even put his bags away. He simply followed his parents straight home.

Sitting in the car, Shanlan sent a message to Nie Yuandao: "Master, I'm going home with my parents, I might stay a few more days. ”

Nie Yuandao replied quickly: “You can arrange your vacation freely, you don't need to report it to me, just go back to the club as scheduled. ”

"- [sic]“ Well. Master, rest well. See you next month! ”

Nie Yuandao never interfered with the athletes' holiday arrangements. Shanlan wanted to go home to visit his parents. Of course, he would not stop. He only said "Be safe” to end the conversation.

At first, Nie Yuandao didn't feel wrong. When he came home, he took time to accompany his parents, read books or go to the gym in his spare time. Until three days later, in the afternoon, he saw the familiar basketball in the corner of the room, bored in his spare time. He changed his sportswear and brought basketball to the court in the district.

The surrounding environment is still so familiar, he used to come to play on the field of the district every holiday, Mountain Lan always followed him, Nie Yuandao turned to want to call Mountain Lan, but he remembered... Mountain Lan seemed to go home with his parents.

Looking at the empty field in front of him, a glimmer of loss suddenly appeared in his mind.

This strange sense of loss slowly drowned him like a tide, and the smiling face of Mountain Lan always appeared in his mind, trance, as if Mountain Lan was still behind him, seriously helping him pick up the ball.

Nie Yuandao frowned and rubbed his temple, waving the confused thoughts in his mind and aiming at the basket frame to throw the basket.

“Bang”, the basketball was directly hit by the basket frame and flew out. Nie Yuandao walked over, picked it up and threw it again, but he threw several balls in a row... somehow, thinking of Shanlan, he was distracted and completely absent.

Nie Yuandao picked up the basketball somewhat irritably and turned back home.

When I walked to the fork, I saw the familiar signpost with his handwriting, which read " House of Mountains”.

After so many years of wind and sun exposure, the handwriting on the signs has become a little blurred, but instantly brings back many long-standing memories.

He remembered that when he was a child, Shanlan would look up at the road signs every time he walked to the fork, confirm the arrows before going in the direction of his own home. Once the road signs disappeared, Shanlan would run to Nie's house and ask blindly: "Isn't this my home? ”

Remembering that confused child, Nie Yuandao's lips couldn't resist rising.

Following closely, the image of a serious kiss in the neck held by a mountain lantern appeared in his mind that night. Nie Yuandao's raised mouth was stiff again.

Damn, why do you keep thinking about Ran today?

Probably used to it.

Getting used to Xiaolan always following behind him, turning around and seeing his eyes curl and smile. Now that he is not around, Nie Yuandao came to the stadium alone, always feeling particularly bored.

Nie Yuandao came home early. Mom was cooking. She couldn't help but wonder: “I just went out for less than an hour. How did you get back? ”

Neiyuan said casually: “It's too sunny outside. ”

Mama Nie smiled: "Oh. I heard Ran went home with his parents? ”

“Mmm." Nie Yuandao said, not wanting to continue this topic, walking to the kitchen door and asking, "What are you doing? ”

“Eat noodles at night, your father won't come back, Ran won't come tonight, I didn't prepare anything.” Mama Nie was upright.

“...” Every time Mountain Lan came to Nie's house for dinner, Mom made a table of chicken and duck fish meat. He didn't come, but Mother made only one bowl of noodles lazily. Differential treatment need not be so obvious, right? Nie Yuandao couldn't help but laugh.

“That's right.” Mama Nie asked as she cooked, "I remember your contract with the ruling was about to expire, right? Are you ready to retire after next year's game? ”

Neiyuan said helplessly: "... that's retirement, not retirement! ”

“Almost. I'll introduce you to a girlfriend when you retire. You've been playing games for over 30 years, don't say you're in love, you haven't even held a girl's hand...” Mommy paused and looked back curiously: “What do you like? ”

Nie Yuandao stopped for a while.

In fact, he had never considered emotional issues in all these years - he was too busy, newcomers to the ruling needed him, he didn't have enough time to study tactics during the games, he had to play cards, go with the cards, and he didn't have time to think about these things.

Mommy suddenly asked this question, Nie Yuandao thought about it carefully, gradually depicting the cuts of people she likes... her lover personality is preferably gentle and thoughtful...

Think about it, the shadow in your head suddenly becomes clear —— isn't that Mountain Lantern?

Mountain Lan has a particularly good temper. He seems to have never seen him angry. He smiles all the time. When people look at him, they feel like spring breeze, and his mood becomes relaxed. Moreover, Mountain Lan is particularly gentle and thoughtful. Every time Master is tired, he will proactively knead his shoulder to Master; Master is hungry, he will proactively prepare a fine evening...

Looks good to have Mountain Lan as your own wife?

Nie Yuandao immediately stopped thinking, his face slightly turned blue.

Mommy suddenly changed her face and wondered, “Why? Ask what type you like. What are you doing with a long face? ”

Nie Yuan took a deep breath and looked at his mother. “Don't worry about introducing me to the subject for now. After retiring next year, if there is no accident, I will bring you a daughter-in-law as soon as possible. ”

Mom almost dropped her chin in shock: "Really, really? Do you already have someone you like? ”

Neiyuan said slightly: “Well... you'll love him too. ”

This evening, his mother served him a bowl of noodles, but Nie Yuandao ate the noodles in a particularly good mood.

Turns out he doesn't have any feelings about the mountain lanterns either. After so many years of company, Mountain Lan had penetrated his heart unconsciously. He got used to having a quiet, obedient apprentice behind him, and suddenly felt that it would be nice to have Ran with him forever.

Little followers have followed him for almost 20 years, and no one has been able to replace him.

* * *

A month's vacation would have been brief, but the holiday seemed extraordinarily long because the mountain runs were not around.

Ever since Shanlan recognized him as a master, he has never left his sight for more than three days. Now suddenly he has been separated for so long, Nie Yuandao is very uncomfortable, his heart always feels empty.

Boring Nie Shen opened the trumpet to single row rankings and won 10 consecutive rounds in the arena.

The internet friend was mistreated and questioned about his life, and the video was sent to the forum to cry: “The arena met a super fierce god, didn't even give me a chance to catch my breath, set me up for a second! ”

The internet friends expressed their sympathy: “Heartache to the owner of the building, really rubbed by the Great God on the ground...” “Opposite the Great God uses the bird card group, isn't it the small number of the Lan God?” “Is the god so fierce?" I don't think it looks like him! ”

Ye Zhu, who has always loved to brush the forum, immediately sent a screenshot to the Alliance group: "789543, is this super fierce god of the hanging forum the trumpet of Brother Lan? @ Shanlan”

Mountain Lan came out and clarified with a smile: "Not me. I was at home, fishing with my grandfather. ”

Ye Zhu was very confused: “Who is that? A first-hand bird card player who blows up his internet buddies in a ranking match, so cruel? ”

"'Me,' said Neiyuan. ”

A word suddenly appeared that instantly plunged the crowd into strange silence. Ye Zhu was not afraid of anyone, but he was afraid of Nie Shen, and immediately encouraged him, pretending that he did not exist and did not love gossip.

Following closely, Nie Yuandao sent a brief explanation: “I'm bored. ”

"" ………… "

Nie Shen is very idle and boring, today's high-ranking arena netizens run, Boss is out!

Mountain Lan saw the answer stunned for two seconds and quickly cared: “Is Master playing in the arena? ”

"- [sic]“ Well. Are you fishing with Grandpa? ”

Mountain Lan said with a laugh: "There is a lake near my home, the scenery is nice, my grandfather comes here every evening to fish, the harvest is good today, I caught two, I intend to go back to stew fish soup at night. ”

Ye Zhu asked: "Brother Lan, do you know how to stew fish soup? ”

“My cooking is average, I don't cook complex dishes, and I'm better at stewing soup," Mountain Lan said. ”

It was dinner time, everyone was hungry. Mountain Lan said he was going to stew fish soup. Everyone immediately sent a large drooling expression. "Want to drink fish soup [drool]”

Shanlan: “I want fish soup +2 too! ”

Ling Zhuangtang: "Want to drink fish soup stewed in Xiaoran +2”

Zheng Feng: “Can you send me a bowl of fish soup +3?"

Everyone was queuing up, and Nie Yuandao suddenly came out and added a...

"“ Want to drink fish soup +4, "said Neiyuan.

Once again, the group fell into strange silence.

Nie Shen is always very serious. His descendants are scared of him. Every time he talks in the group, he has reason and evidence. He has more analysis of cards and events. Does he make jokes? Unless he's been stolen.

But today, he's queuing up with everyone for fish soup!

Nie Shen, who stands in line for fish soup, is this still the Nie Shen you know?

Ye Zhufei quickly gave Bai Jingshan a private chat: “Is Nie Yuandao stolen? ”

Pei Jingshan: “It looks more like it's been stimulated. ”

Zheng Feng asked directly in the group, "What's wrong with old Ne? It's the first time I've seen you line up in a group. ”

"'Hand slippery,' said Neiyuan. ”

"" ………… "

That's right! How could Nie Shen follow everyone so kindly and easily?

In fact, Nie Yuandao accidentally punched out the real idea just now. Shanlan would make porridge and stew soup, which he knew a long time ago.

At the time of the ruling, Nie Yuandao was often too busy forgetting to eat. Sometimes the food in the cafeteria was cold. Shanlan simply opened a small stove to make a bowl of warm stomach porridge for the master, and made some light dishes. When Nie Yuandao returned to the dormitory, Shanlan would smile and serve the food to him.

After drinking the porridge made by Mountain Lan many times over the years, I used to think it was only the performance of the apprentice who respected his master. Now I know that every meal made by Mountain Lan herself contains a bond of affection for him. This is not necessary at all between the apprentice and the master. Mountain Lan was so kind to him not because he was grateful for his cultivation, but because... he liked him.

I simply like someone, so I simply want to be good to that person without paying back.

Nie Yuandao's heart is sour and soft. He doesn't know how he used to feel when Mountain Lan smiled and brought the hot porridge to his face in the middle of the night. After all these years, Mountain Lan secretly hid his love in his heart. Must it be hard?


It hurts my master so much.

Nie Yuandao's mind was confused, and Yamanashi saw him queuing up in the crowd and soon sent a private chat: “Does Master like fish soup? I'll be back in a couple of weeks, bring some fresh fish and make you some soup. However, my cooking skills are average and I don't like it. Don't blame me [blush]”

Seeing that familiar blushing expression at the end, Nie Yuandao's eyes were slightly warm.

He felt it, clearly felt the feelings placed in his heart by Mountain Lan and seriously liked it.

Just a random word in the group, it was written down by Shanlan, and he said he was going to bring the fish all the way back... In fact, he sometimes accidentally said something over the years, and Shanlan would remember it carefully, but he just didn't care.

Being so cherished and valued by Xiaolan, Nie Yuandao's heart has always been cold and hard. At this moment, the soft became a cotton flock.

He was anxious to fly right to the mountain lantern and carry his apprentice into his arms.

After Shanlan sent the message, he waited in panic to reply, and found that he had not responded for a long time. He had to ask with a stiff scalp: "I was just asking, Master, if you're kidding, forget it. My fish soup is really not very tasty. [embarrassing]”

Nie Yuan smiled slightly and replied: “No kidding, wait for you to come back. ”

Mountain Lan just got happier: "Okay, I'll bring some more fish. [Trying to go fishing]”

Looking at him publishing his love pack, Nie Yuandao just thought the apprentice was getting cuter and cuter, and sent a [touching] look.

Mountain Lan was flattered: "... Master, are you sure it wasn't the stolen number? ”

Neiyuan could not cry: “No stolen number. ”

Mountain Lan wonders: “I never saw you send an expression pack? ”

Nie Yuan replied faintly: “Master used to be too serious, since you like to publish love packs, I can also try to talk to you with expression packs [hug]”

Mountain Lantern: "...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Master, you are so scary. Do you feel possessed by something?

* * *

A month later, Mountain Lan finally came back —— he actually brought back some fresh fish, vacuum packed.

Mountain Lan cooked fish soup for Master in the small kitchen of the adjudication dormitory. When Nie Yuandao returned to the dormitory, he smelled a faint fragrance. Mountain Lan came out with the cooked fish soup and smiled and handed the bowl to Nie Yuandao: “Master, taste it? ”

Nie Yuandao sat on the couch and took a sip.

Fish soup is very fresh, the aromatic flavour is really warm to the heart, Mountain Lan doesn't know what ingredients to put, obviously very attentive. Nie Yuan took two sips and looked at herself with anticipation at Shanlan. She couldn't help but smile and said: "It's delicious. ”

Shanlan also laughed: “I learned from Grandpa...”

Neiyuan scooped a spoon of soup with the spoon he had just drank and handed it to Mountain Lan: “Try it, too. ”

The mountain ran stunned and looked at him stunnedly.

This... does sharing a spoon amount to indirect kissing? Mountain Lan looked at the spoon in front of him and was overwhelmed.

Neiyuan whispered, “Taste it, it's delicious. ”

Mountain Lan opened his mouth subconsciously, and Nie Yuandao naturally fed a spoon of soup into the apprentice's mouth.

Smelly fish soup fell on his stomach, Mountain Lan this is just a refreshment... Master was feeding him soup? His cheeks instantly rose red and Mountain Lan shifted his gaze in panic, leaving a "I'm going to serve another bowl” and he turned around and ran away.

Watching him run away, Nie Yuandao lifted his lips with joy.

Xiaolan's blush is really cute the more she looks at it.

He finally believed in the assertion that men with tougher personalities still couldn't bear to be soft in front of those they liked. Xiaolan, the bottom of his heart, is soft that no one can replace.

Nie Yuandao finally made up his mind at this moment.

Shanlan is his most precious apprentice, he has spoiled and protected for so many years, how can he give it to others?

Why don't we just go ahead and protect it for the rest of our lives?

Strong men are gentle enough to spoil people:)

There is still a plot, wait for Nie to confess tomorrow!