Master of Trading Star Card Game

Outside: Nielan End

[Nielan Fanwei-06]

The eleventh season began soon, with the change of schedule leading to the addition of regular tournaments in addition to individual tournaments in the first half of the year, while the double-player items were all held in the second half of the year.

Nie Yuandao is a very responsible captain, and once the game begins, he will focus all his attention on the game.

Anyway, Shanlan trains with him every day, it is not possible to fall in love under his eyes. Nie Yuandao is not in a hurry to break the words, so as not to affect the state of the game between the two people. He waits for a most suitable time, without any burden, to confirm the relationship with Shanlan.

Regular games quickly passed and reached the all-star segment that fans were most eager for.

This year's all-stars added the players to each other's card making, which was very interesting. Nie Yuandao and Shanlan were grouped together, and the two also did the "master concentrating” linkage technique very implicitly.

It was just an entertaining activity, don't be serious, I didn't expect the final punishment session to inexplicably turn into an emotional question-and-answer session. Everyone surrounded Xie Mingzhe, and Shanlan smiled too. Xie Mingzhe's name was Xie Mingzhe: “I chose Azhe for a big adventure. Since you don't have experience in dating, why don't you find someone on the scene to propose? Let's just practice in advance! ”

I thought this would be difficult for Xie Mingzhe, but how thick is Xie Mingzhe's face? He walked without any hesitation to Mountain Lan, and the rebel general said: "Since you proposed it, I will come to you. ”

Mountain Lan looked at each other somewhat vaguely.

Xie Mingzhe cleared his voice and said with a laugh: “Lan Lan, I have been deeply in love with you since the day I first saw you. I think about you all the time. Will you marry me? ”

Mountain Lan's smile slowly solidified, his cheeks rose red, he wanted to kill Xie Mingzhe and bury himself by the way - how could he not figure it out, to provoke the Great Demon King? It's a pain in the ass!

Nie Yuandao stood on the side and glanced coldly at Xie Mingzhe.

Seeing Xiaolan blush, Xie Mingzhe wanted to continue to say a few words, but found that Nie Shen was staring at himself coldly. Xie Mingzhe noticed something was wrong and immediately wisely retreated.

A farce in exchange for screams and applause, many online friends left a joke under Mountain Lan's tweet: “Lan Lan, say yes!” “When Chul proposes with a thick face, just say yes. We all agree to this affair.” “Heartache Ran, hahaha, Archer's face is like a copper wall of iron. ”

Athletes who are used to all stars know that punishment is just a joke, and no one will take what Xie Mingzhe said to Shanlan seriously. Cute and lively web friends don't let go of this topic.

After returning to the hotel, he opened his mind and found that the topic "Xie Mingzhe proposed to marry Shanlan” in today's popular topic list hung on the high ground, forwarding messages exceeded the six-digit mark. Nie Yuandao's temple suddenly jumped and his face dropped the light brain, lest he could see that the comments affected his mood.

When Shanlan opened the door, Nie Yuandao looked up at him and said faintly: “When did your relationship with Xie Mingzhe get so good? ”

Shanlan hastily explained: “Just an ordinary friend, I wanted to tease him. I didn't expect him to propose to me with his thick face. It's such an asshole...” I knew Xie Mingzhe was a BOSS, why did he run into a single choice?

When I heard Shanlan's explanation, Nie Yuandao's mood improved a little.

In fact, it is not Shanlan's fault. It can only be blamed on Xie Mingzhe's skin. He doesn't play cards according to common sense. Nie Yuan sighed softly. "Don't mess with Xie Mingzhe in the future. You can't just joke about this. ”

“Mmm.” Mountain Lan nodded forcefully. He had no idea that the man in front had a strong vinegar taste. He thought Master just didn't approve of this joke.

The little apprentice was blushing, his face was full of anguish. Nie Yuan Dao's heart was slightly soft. He reached out and rubbed the apprentice's hair. "Don't reply to the message of the internet friend, and don't mention this again. In a few days, everyone will forget. ”

“I understand.” Mountain Lan barely squeezed out a smile, "he said.“ I'm not messing with Xie Mingzhe anymore. ”


This evening, Mountain Lan rolled the other side of the bed until late at night.

And when he fell asleep, Nie Yuandao was still awake.

The scene of the all-star Xie Mingzhe's proposal to marry Shanlan was repeatedly played back in his mind. Even though he knew it was only a joke, it was still uncomfortable in Nei Yuandao's mind, as if his territory had been invaded by outsiders.

Xiaolan is the one he grew up with, the one he loves on the tip of his heart, he will not allow anyone to take Xiaolan away.

You can't even joke.

After falling asleep, Mountain Lan vaguely dreamed that the dream was still a proposal, only to change people - not Xie Mingzhe with a hippie smile on his face, but he secretly liked his master for many years.

He dreamed that the master knelt before him on one knee, his eyes deep, his low and powerful voice clarity in his ear: “Ran, would you marry me? ”

Mountain Lan's cheeks rolled hot, somewhat shyly lowered his head and said seriously: “I do. ”

They lived in the hotel double room, because Mountain Lan accidentally kicked off the quilt while sleeping. Nie Yuandao got up to his bed and was about to help him cover the quilt. Then he heard the apprentice mutter: “I would...”

Nie Yuandao glanced up and looked closely. Shanlan had no idea what a wonderful dream he had. The reddish cheeks were adorable. He also raised a smile in the corner of his mouth and looked extremely happy.

Neiyuan asked curiously, "What would you like? ”

Mountain Lan thought he was dreaming, shy and serious: “willing to marry Master. ”

"“ …………………………………… "

The man sitting beside the bed touched his nose and coughed awkwardly.

Stupid apprentice, your dreams are amazing.

Thoughtful day and night dreams, Xie Mingzhe proposed today, so dreamt Master proposed?

Nie Yuandao couldn't help but laugh.

Instead of disturbing the little apprentice's dreams, he smiled and stretched out his hand and gently touched the face of Mountain Lan.

Under the illumination of the street lamp outside the window, Mountain Lan's face appeared extra soft, curved eyebrows, rather sharp nose, red lips, painted with fingertips inch by inch, the skin touched by fingers smooth and soft, so that Ne Yuandao could not let go.

When I touched his lips, I couldn't help but think of that drunken night, and Mountain Lan hugged him carefully and kissed him...

The heartfelt love could no longer be controlled rationally, and Nie Yuandao simply leaned over and kissed Mountain Lan.

Shanlan vaguely dreamed, initially dreaming that the master proposed, he promised, followed the master and kissed him, Shanlan blushed to accept the kiss, shyly reached out his hand around the man's neck, open his mouth to cooperate.

Nie Yuandao perceived Xiaolan hugging himself, his heart moved and kissed deeper.

The kiss lasted a long time, until Nie Yuandao finally let him go satisfied when Mountain Lan held his redness because he couldn't breath.

Mountain Lan seemed to have been kissed awake. He woke up in the middle of the night unconscious. He opened his eyes and looked blindly at the man in front of him. A beautiful pair of eyes filled with hazy water vapor. He asked confused: "Master, master? ”

Nie Yuan Dao smiled slightly and put it on his lips and said, "Baby, you're dreaming. ”

Mountain Lan glanced at the man in front of him and suddenly revealed his enlightened expression, muttering: "It's this dream again. ”

Nie Yuandao almost laughed out loud.

Ran seems to dream of this a lot. How much do you expect Master to kiss him? Seeing him bewildered, Niehuan felt soft and leaned over and kissed him gently on the forehead. “Go to sleep, you've been too tired lately. ”

Mountain Lan closed his eyes and entered Dreamland again.

* * *

When he woke up the next day, Mountain Lan found his lips very red, but he didn't really want to, so he washed his face with cold water and packed his bags.

At the end of the all-star, Tang Shen will invite everyone out, and he and Master will also go. The mood of Mountain Lan cannot bear to be alone at the beach with the master.

However, Nie Yuandao's self-restraint was too strong, and he stayed in the same room with Shanlan while on a beach holiday, and he didn't do anything. After all, there are too many people out to play with this time. Nei Yuandao doesn't want to leave any marks on his apprentice. It would be bad if someone saw him.

He had detailed plans for their future and was not in a hurry.

After a brief holiday, the competition officially begins in the second half of the year.

The double-player projects Nie Yuandao and Shanlan undoubtedly won the championship again - this is their third championship and a gift for Shanlan before Nie Yuandao left the league.

However, it wasn't too long after the doubles, and Yamanashi and Nie Yuandao split up in the eight-to-four phase of the individual race.

Surprisingly, Mountain Lan defeated Nie Yuandao!

Compared to the shock of Mountain Lan, Nie Yuandao appeared calm and said to the reporter: “I am glad that Xiaolan was blue and beat me on the field. ”

He is over 30 years old, the speed of response inevitably declines, and Shanlan is at the peak of the professional athlete, and when he leaves the ruling in the future, Shanlan can also carry the burden handed over by his master as captain.

Nie Yuandao was very pleased, but Mountain Lan was sad and did not speak after returning to the verdict.

He was not happy to win the master. This man has always been an idol in his heart. He has been a male god since he was a child. Mountain Lan could not accept this result at all.

When she came to the bedroom, she found Mountain Lan lying on the bed and smothering herself in a duvet. Nie Yuandao walked over and pushed the quilt gently, whispering: “Are you unhappy? ”

Mountain Lan's voice came out of the blanket in a dull voice: "Are you talking to the reporters because you're retiring after the season? If I can beat you, can you just give me the verdict? ”

He understands everything.

It is no secret that Nie Yuandao is about to retire from service, other clubs in the league are passing along, not to mention in the ruling, Shanlan is well aware that Nie Yuandao has not renewed his contract with the club, but he has not wanted to accept it.

What else does an alliance without a master mean?

The orbital acidity of the mountain runs, I don't know what to do next.

Nie Yuan Dao lifted the quilt directly and looked at the apprentice's eyes red. He sighed softly. “I'm eight years older than you. I can't play games until I'm 40, right? The verdict will one day be in your hands. Master has trained you for so many years. Don't you even have the courage to assume the responsibility of captain? ”

Shanlan knows that he should not fail Master's cultivation, Master retirement, apprentice succession, how normal? You can't retire from Nie Yuandao, so the verdict is completely settled, right?

He was intellectually clear that he should take over Master's class, but emotionally, he really couldn't help but leave.

Yeah, I just couldn't help it.

The silence lasted for a long time, and Mountain Lan nodded reluctantly and said: "If Master really wants to leave, I will do my best to bring the judgment team and never embarrass you. ”

Neiyuan stretched out his hand and rubbed his hair. "Don't worry, I have the best arrangements, whether it's a verdict or you. ”

Mountain Lan nodded rigidly.

Nie Yuandao's retirement had long been decided. He knew that he could not change his master's mind. Although it was very sad for him to leave, all Shanlan could do was accept.

However, when he thought about not seeing the master every day, his heart was like a piece that had been dug out, empty, the whole person had no vitality, and the smile on his face had become obviously less.

He did not know exactly what the master called the "best arrangement”.

* * *

After the award ceremony, Nie Yuandao officially announced his retirement.

The fans cried out for the male gods to stay, but Nie Yuandao's attitude was resolute and publicly stated that the ruling captain would hand it over to the apprentice Shanlan. Shanlan can only cooperate with him in his superficial kung fu, bid farewell to the master on Weibo, and promise to bring the judgment team with him.

On vacation, the two came home together to eat at Nie's house.

Mother Nie remembered that her son had previously said, "Bring back a daughter-in-law after retirement”, and couldn't help but ask: “Far away, since you are now retired, don't worry about the club, can you focus on dating? What did you promise me? ”

Daddy Nie wondered: “Promised what? ”

"" He said, "When you retire, find us a daughter-in-law, remember? ”

Nie Yuan nodded: “Well, I didn't forget, I was just about to find it. ”

Mountain Lan just clamped a rib, heard here, his fingers trembled, chopsticks “bang” fell to the ground, Nie Yuandao turned his head and found his face slightly unnaturally pale.

"Are you all right?" asked Neiyuan worried. ”

Mountain Lan barely squeezed out a smile: “Nothing...”

He's got a mess in his head - Master, are you going to find a girlfriend? Master retired to go home to get married and have children, just like Su Yang Senior back then. Maybe in two years, Master will come to the league with the kid as a guest of honor!

When I think of that image, Mountain Lan's heart is like a knife hanging.

Mountain Lan keeps clicking into his mouth like a robot to disguise his almost collapsing emotions. His face pretended to be nothing, but he had no idea what he had eaten. After a horrible meal, he went home with his parents, and Ran turned back to his bedroom and sat on the couch.

Senior Su Yang retired to marry because of pressure from his family. If Nie Yuandao gave it to him, what should he do?

The more Mountain Lan wants to feel sadder, the more red the orbit becomes.

At this point, his mind suddenly received a message from Nie Yuandao: "Go home and rest, don't think about it. Meet me at the fork tomorrow afternoon at 3: 00. I'll take you somewhere. I have something important to tell you. ”

Mountain Lan replied silently for a moment. “Oh. ”

Normally, the master sends him a message, and he answers a lot seriously, but today he can't really talk about it.

Shanlan hasn't slept well all night. In his dream, Niehuan Dao took a girl to the red carpet. At the wedding ceremony, the guests were full. He could only watch under the stage. When toasting, he had to call his master and mother well...

When he woke up the next day, Mountain Lan's eyes were a little red. He finally made it to the afternoon. He changed into clean clothes and came to the fork. He saw the familiar signpost, and his heart was sour again.

Twenty years ago, the “ Mountain Lan family” sign was still there.

When I was a kid, I was foolish and kept mistakenly recognizing the door and running to Nie's house. Growing up, I was still stupid. I followed Nie Yuandao behind me and secretly loved each other for so many years, but didn't dare to say anything...

He was stunned and suddenly heard the familiar voice coming from behind him: "Xiaolan. ”

Looking back, Nie Yuandao was dressed in a suit-cut suit, walking behind the light, handsome as the main character of the TV show.

Mountain Lan was somewhat confused: “Master is so formal, where are you taking me? ”

"“ You'll find out when you get there, "said Nie Yuan. ”

Mountain Lan had to follow him to the parking lot and take the master's sports car.

Although it is a vacation, Knee Yuandao's sports car is highly recognizable and may attract paparazzi reporters, so Knee Yuandao deliberately bypassed the road and went out the back door of the community. Mountain Lan discovered that the farther he went, the more confused he felt, but because he believed in his master, Mountain Lan didn't ask much, he sat in the passenger seat and turned to look out the window.

The skyscraper is constantly retreating from the windows, gradually, there are fewer and fewer vehicles around, the roads are full of tall trees, the silence is a little excessive...

After some time, the car finally stopped.

Mountain Lan walked out of the car and looked at a large garden full of flowers with hints of vanilla in the air, a sophisticated little villa in the distance, interacting with the blue sky and white clouds in the background, beautiful as a painting.

At this time of winter, the weather was cold and the flowers had long faded, but there was a nearby city warm as spring, a sacred place for many wealthy people to spend the winter, and it was said that the prices were not cheaper than the city centre of the capital.

Mountain Lan looked around and the environment was so beautiful, like being in a park. He couldn't help but ask, "Master, what are you bringing me here for? ”

Nie Yuando smiled slightly: “Follow me. ”

Mountain Lan had to keep up with Master.

Nie Yuandao took Shanlan to the middle of a large flower pot, then stopped, turned around and knelt on one knee.

He pulled a delicate little box out of his pocket like a magic trick and handed it to Mountain Lan. He raised his head and looked gently at Mountain Lan and whispered word for word, “Ran, would you marry me? ”

Mountain Lantern: “………"


In the middle of the day, did you dream again?

Mountain Lan banged his head so hard that he wanted to wake himself up. Nie Yuandao saw his move and said with a smile: “This is not a dream. I'm proposing to you, will you? ”

Mountain Lan trembled and couldn't believe looking at each other: "Master, what are you talking about? ”

“No bullshit. I like you, so I don't want to be just your master. From now on, let me continue to protect you as a lover, okay? ”

“ …… ”

Wait a minute. Isn't this a little fast? Why did you make an inexplicable confession and propose directly?

If it was a dream, Mountain Lan would have agreed to it, and would have held the master for a few kisses. But now it is not a dream, in front of the real Nie Yuandao, the five officials are clear and distinct, in the deep eyes, the rare tenderness emerged.

Mountain Lan looked at him blankly as the whole person was a little grumpy.

Niehuan gently held up Shanlan's hand. “Isn't that too straightforward to scare you? ”

Mountain Lan's face was suddenly red and he stood in confusion.

Niehuan asked softly, "Ran, tell me, do you like me? ”

When he heard that, Shanlan's face was burning even faster: “I... like it. ”

Buried in my heart like, when I said it, the whole mountain rung was about to burn, the redness on my face spread to the ear root, and I lowered my head to look at the man in front of me.

However, the next moment, Niehuan Dao opened the box and wore a bespoke diamond ring to Mountain Lan's nameless finger. Mountain Lan panicked to retract his hand, but Nie Yuandao grabbed his hand tightly.

Nie Yuandao stood up and lowered his head and kissed him.

Mountain Lan was suddenly kissed off guard and his mind was blank.

A gentle kiss like this is something you can't even dream about. As if it were a declaration of ownership, Nie Yuandao impatiently attacked the city, contaminating every part of the mountain lantern mouth with his breath.

Mountain Lan's legs were soft for a moment and he could barely stand.

Nie Yuandao's powerful arm held him gently and kissed him deeper, as if to feed Mountain Lan into his stomach.

Mountain Lan suddenly fainted in front of him and was softly poured into the arms of Nie Yuandao.

“Hmm...” Shanlan unconsciously reached out his hand and grabbed Nie Yuandao's suit corner, cooperating greenly, attracting Nie Yuandao's more enthusiastic request.

After the long kiss, Nie Yuandao looked at the mountain lantern, which was about to ripen red in his eyes. Sticking to his lips, he whispered: “Now that the ring is on, don't take it off again. Do you hear me? ”

Mountain Lan said: “I didn't react earlier. When did you put the ring on me...”

“It's okay, it's settled. ”

“ …… ”

How can this be unreasonable?!

Like playing games, Master is a simple and brutal actionist - confessing, proposing, wearing a ring, kissing, four big moves, the mountain rung broke into the army, suddenly falling into his arms before defensive defense.

Nie Yuandao held up Shanlan's hand and said softly: “Master won't say anything nice, he just wants to give you a promise with action. I've been preparing the rings for you for a long time, bought the house two months ago as a wedding home renovation, and this is our home from now on. The wedding will take place next month, and I will respect your opinion on the specific details. ”

“Besides, don't worry about the ruling side, I've invested in stocks and become the biggest shareholder in the ruling, and I'll be a coach for another year before you learn to set up tactics independently and direct the game, so I can take you with me and make this go smoothly. ”

The man said as he walked forward with the mountain lantern.

- Best arrangement.

So Master is not kidding, this is his best arrangement.

Listening to Master's low and steady voice, Mountain Lan's eyes became feverish and his footsteps floated as if he were dreaming.

Quickly arrived at the fork.

Just in the middle of the flower garden, at the entrance to the sophisticated villa, with a familiar signboard.

The shape of the brand is exactly the same as the sign you saw when you were a kid, but the words on it are completely different.

Our home.

It's Niehuando's handwriting.

Mountain Lan saw these words and tears came out of her orbit.

It turns out Master did so much silently when he didn't know.

Ready to propose a diamond ring, buy a house to live with, even arrange a wedding...

The man you like is powerful and reliable.

Mountain Lan's heart was so happy, he couldn't wait to jump two meters high, but Master was with him. He was embarrassed to act too excited and could only follow the man with a red face. He whispered: "This street sign reminds me of the black history of walking the wrong door when I was a kid. ”

“Mm-hmm. You were so cute when you were a kid, you kept coming to my house and knocking.” Nie Yuandao looked over at the apprentice, "he said,“ which means that you have been very smart since you were a kid. When you were five years old, you knew who your future husband was and learned to identify your family in advance. ”

“…” Mountain Lan was said blushing, embarrassed to bow his head.

The next moment, Niehuan Dao suddenly extended his arm and hugged him across, walking towards the villa.

Mountain Lan shocked: “Master, what are you doing! ”

Nie Yuandao's lips slightly raised: “Successfully proposed marriage, go home and celebrate. ”

Mountain Lan's cheeks blushed: “Put me down, in case someone sees me...”

Neiyuan said, "There's no one else here, just the two of us. ”

He took the little apprentice back to his bedroom and placed it directly on a king size bed.

Mountain Lan finally realized what Master meant by “celebration”. He was shy and panicky. Although he had had many dreams, he was really embarrassed to make intimate contact.

Nie Yuandao is indeed a simple and rude actionist.

By the time Mountain Lan was tangled, he had quickly removed his clothes from Mountain Lan.

Mountain Lan was ashamed to hide back and was grabbed by Nie Yuandao and pressed against the bed.

"I want you," Niehuan said. “Now, you can't run away. ”

Mountain Lan: “..............."

He didn't want to run either, it was just embarrassing.

However, Mountain Lan looks forward to it. After all, dreams are different from reality. What does it feel like to do it?

Mountain Lan quickly blushed acquiescing to further men's movements.

Nie Yuandao is very gentle, just a little uncontrolled.

I don't know how many times I've been asked. Mountain Lan feels like his body is about to break apart. He used to think that Master was serious and serious. Today, it seems like it's all a sign.

Men in bed are like beasts, countless times scarier than dreams.

Mountain Lan asked softly for forgiveness: "Master, enough...”

Neiyuan whispered, “It's not enough to calculate interest for so many years together. ”

Mountain Lan: “…”

Where did you get the interest?!

It's really interest. I like you for a long time. It's my turn, right?

Mountain Lan was tortured by the master for an afternoon, and Niehuan Dao did not release him until it was almost dark.

All over Nie Yuandao's body are traces of speckle barbs. Mountain Lan doesn't want to face himself like this, and his red-handed face is hidden in the quilt.

Nie Yuandao grabbed him with a quilt.

Mountain Lan dazzled and heard a low, gentle noise in his ear.

“Must be hard for you to follow Master after all these years? Later, I'll follow you. ”

“Baby, I like you too. ”

[End of Nielan]

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