Master of Trading Star Card Game

Outside: Lin Xiaozhao 01

[Lin Kao Fan-01]

At the end of the award ceremony, the night he returned to the club, Chen Xiao fell asleep a long time ago. One season of tiredness exhausted him, good luck at the end of the harvest, individual season champions and team champions, his dream finally came true and his heart was no longer burdened.

Chen Xiao fell asleep less than 11: 00.

He had a dream, which was extraordinarily long, and he seemed to return to his childhood in an orphanage.

He had no idea who his parents were and had lived in an orphanage since he had memories. It's a remote planet, the orphanage is located in the suburbs of the city, the environment is clear, there are several fatherless children living in the yard, the kind old dean takes care of them, everyone follows the dean's name Zheng, his name was Zheng Qiao, it was taken by the dean.

Of the orphanage's little friends, he was the oldest, and everyone else called him his brother. One of the boys, Zheng Yi, had a congenital heart attack, was thinner, had a shorter head than his peers, and was often bullied after going to school. Chen Xiao couldn't see it, he always started for Xiaoyi. He liked to solve problems with his fists. It was “Xiao Bi Wang” in the children's group. He didn't have to be afraid to beat up three times at a time.

The day he saw Chen Qianlin, he had just finished a fight, because several little bastards in the class wet Xiaoyi's homework book, and also hid his books in the toilet. Xiaoyi could only cry. Chen Xiao knew and then burst like thunder. After school, he blocked the boys in the bathroom and beat them up.

Although he won in the end, beating the few crying for forgiveness, he was surrounded by three dozen people and wounded on his face.

On returning to the orphanage, Dean Zheng saw the colour on his face and couldn't help but have a headache: “Axiao, are you fighting again? ”

Chen Xiaoli was upbeat: “Several bastards bullied Xiaoyi, and I taught them a lesson. ”

The Dean looked embarrassingly at the man beside him and said, "Mr. Chen, he is Ao. ”

Chen Xiao glanced up, in addition to the dean, there was a young couple in the house. The man wore a suit and looked like Sven. He looked quite identifiable; the woman was beautiful, put on light makeup and smiled especially tenderly.

Behind them stands a tall and picky teenager, who looks very good, especially a pair of eyes, lightly colored, with beautiful pupils like precious stones.

The teenager looked at herself facelessly and seemed to have a natural chill in her eyes. He was wearing clean jeans and shirts, and he was born to be noble, making people afraid to look at him. By contrast, this dirty school uniform of its own, with its bloodstained face, is really lame.

Chen Xiao was under the age of 10, but he already understood well. In front of this noble and clean teenager, he was a little inferior. He lowered his head and looked at his dirty shoes. "Does the dean have guests? I'll go back and do my homework. ”

The Dean stopped him and said, "Don't go. They're here for you. ”

Chen Xiao raised his head in confusion, and the young man smiled and walked to him. "My name is Chen Junwei, my best friend before your father died unexpectedly. When your parents died, your whereabouts at a young age were unknown. I've been asking about your news all these years and finally found you. Turns out you've been in the orphanage. ”

A man reached out his hand and tried to touch the child's head, but Chen Xiao backed away with vigilance and frowned: “I don't even remember my father's name. Why are you looking for me? ”

Chen Jun took his hand back and smiled with a good temper: "We want to adopt you. ”

Chen Xiao immediately refused: “No, I'm fine in the orphanage. ”

"Don't hesitate to refuse," said Chen Jun. "I want to give you a stable growth environment and the best education. You don't have parental care in the orphanage, after we adopt you, you will be treated like your own son, you can also think of us as your parents, you will have a brother...” He just gave the next teenager a look and said: “Qian Lin, talk to your brother. ”

Chen Qianlin walked forward a few steps, bent over and looked down at the dirty little boy in front of him.

Chen Xiao was uncomfortable in his heart, but he stubbornly greeted him: “Why are you looking at me? ”

Chen Qianlin's voice with a hint of cool and chill said, “Now you have two paths ahead of you. One is to stay here and be an orphan without parents and relatives. Second, come home with us, and we'll be your family later. ”

Chen Xiao stared with wide eyes at the teenager in front of him and was temporarily unable to answer the question.

From childhood until college students always pointed to him secretly saying that he was “a wild child who nobody wanted”. Although he pretended not to mind on the surface, he also wanted his parents to love him. He had a warm home, so that no one even went to the school when the parents' meeting...

He fights every day because he knows no one can protect him, and he has to defend himself with his fists.

If you were adopted, you wouldn't be bullied if you had parents and a brother in the future, would you?

Chen Xiao looked at the gentle smile in front of the couple and was somewhat moved. He asked carefully: “Are you really my father's friends? ”

"Your father and I were classmates for over a decade," said Chen Jun. "When I was in my hardest years, your parents helped me a lot. I was also sad that they had an accident. I want to adopt you, take good care of you, and do their parental duties for them. By the way...” Chen Jun took out a light brain, opened the folder, "There are many pictures of your parents here, would you like to see them? ”

Chen Xiao looked at the man who looked a little like himself in the picture and thought it was strange. He has no impression of his parents, and today is the first time he has heard of them.

“We really want to adopt you and give you a home. Your parents certainly don't want to see you grow up in an orphanage.” The gentle woman walks over, gently extends her hand, and puts her hand in front of the child in an exploratory manner. Chen Xiao did not hide this time, she smiled and held the boy's dirty little hand. "Axiao, can I be your mother in the future? ”

The woman's fingers were long and soft and her hands were so dirty that she didn't mind, holding them gently in her hand. This aunt is really pretty, better looking than the stars in the TV show, Chen Xiao's face slightly blushed, trying to draw her hand back, but she held it tighter.

“I know the Dean is good to you and you have a lot of little friends here, but the house is different. With a home, no matter what happens in the future, your parents, your brother, will depend on you, and your family will never abandon you. ”

Never abandon you?

Chen Xuanxiao listened, his nose was bitter.

Chen Qianlin bluntly said: “In the future you will come to my house, I have many toys, all of which can be given to you. ”

Chen Kao blushed: “I don't want toys, I'm not a kid. ”

"'Since you're not a child,' said Chen Qianlin, 'you should make sensible choices. If you agree to adopt, you will have a family, your parents will take care of you, and your brother will protect you. ”

Chen Xuan looked blankly at the teenager in front of him: "... brother? ”

“Well, do you want a brother? ”

Chen Xiao didn't know what to do. The ghost made the gods look bad.

At the next moment, Chen Qianlin stretched out his hand and patted him on the head. “Just agree. Look at your face, like a little flower cat. Go back to the bathroom, pack your bags, and we'll pick you up after your vacation. ”

Chen Xuan went back to take a shower and came back to his senses after washing it - doesn't he seem to agree? So, the adoption thing is inexplicably settled? This brother can really induce sexual questions. How can he just say "want a brother” become consent?

If you want to adopt him so badly, you won't be sold by this family?

Chen Xiaohu thought about it all night. The next morning he ran to the Dean in the early morning: “Dean Zheng, who is the one who wants to adopt me? You're not gonna sell me, are you? ”

Dean Zheng couldn't help but laugh and rub Chen Xiao's head: “What are you thinking? They're gonna adopt you, and I'm gonna find out what they're up to. Rest assured, it's a serious person, Mr. Chen is the owner of the investment company, the family is rich, and he took your genetic sample to compare it to confirm that you are the son of an old friend of his. ”

Some of the children in the orphanage did die, but others were lost as children, and the old Dean prepared genetic samples for everyone, hoping that one day the children's relatives would find them.

Chen Xiao finally felt relieved when he heard this and ran off to pack his bags with joy.

Three days later, the school took a summer vacation, and the Chen family finally agreed to pick him up.

Kids at the orphanage are jealous: "Brother Kao, I hear you have family to adopt?” “That's great, we'll have parents in the future...”

Chen Xiaoshen flirted and held several brothers in one arm. In the tone of his brother, he said: "In the future, I will not forget you. I will come back often to see you. ”

This scene happened to be seen by Chen Jun. He had some headaches: “I heard from the Dean that Chen Xiao has always liked to fight with his hands since he was a child. His temper was very grumpy, I was afraid I could not care less about him...”

Chen Qianlin looked at the kid who raised his eyebrows not far away and said: “Don't worry, I'll take care of this little guy later. ”

Chen Jun was happy to see the two brothers get along peacefully. He smiled and came to Chen Xiaogang. Chen Xiaogang also raised his tail to show off that he was going to have a home. After seeing Chen Jun close his smile immediately, he walked over quietly and called out: "Dad. ”

Chen Junwei was surprised: “Would you call me Dad? ”

Chen Qiao doubted and asked: “You adopted me. Aren't you my adoptive father? ”

Chen Jun smiled quickly and gently touched the child's head: “You're right, let's go, go home with Dad. ”

The child had no idea of “parents” because there was no parent in his memory, so it was easy for him to accept new parents. As for the brother, it would be easier, and his name was "brother” when he got in the car.

Chen Qianlin bluntly “Hmm” said: “From today on, you will change your name to Chen Xiao, follow my last name. After changing his surname, he can transfer his household registration to the Chen family, so that he can go to school later. ”

Chen Xiao nodded: “Okay. ”

He has no concept of “surname”. Anyway, he has been an orphan since childhood. It doesn't matter if he follows his brother's surname in the future.

When the car arrived at Chen's house, Chen Xiao discovered that the family was extremely wealthy and lived in a large three-story villa with a garden in front of it and several cars parked in the garage. Chen Xiao looked around curiously as he stepped out of the car until Chen Qianlin reached out and grabbed his little hand gently. "Come on, your bedroom is arranged. ”

Chen Qianlin took him to the bedroom on the third floor with a large bedroom of more than 30 square meters with a separate toilet and clothes cap room and a small balcony. His bed was lined with brand new sheets, placed directly opposite him on a desk with some reference books and workbooks that he could use, and apparently the family was prepared for his arrival.

Chen Xiao was moved. He looked up at Chen Qianlin and whispered: “Brother, brother? ”

“What's wrong? ”

“Will I ever live here again? ”

“Mm-hmm. Not like that? ”

“Love it!” Chen Xiao lay directly on the bed and hit a roll, "this is great! ”

“Just like it.” Chen Qianlin looked at his childish friend and said, "Pack your bags and eat later downstairs. ”

Chen Xiao continued to roll in bed. It was like a dream. He was an orphan who had no one to hurt or care about. He could sleep in such a bedroom. He had to laugh in his dreams.

Mommy prepared a table of good food, Chen Xiao has been fighting with people since childhood to big, she is not afraid of raw, big mouth eating very fragrant, Mommy seemed to like him here, the stone in her heart finally fell, smiled: “Ah Xiao, this will be your home in the future, Mommy will make you good food every day, starting next semester, you will go to school with your brother. ”

Chen Xiao nodded: “Um, what grade was your brother in? ”

Chen Qianlin: “Start school for senior year. ”

Chen Qiao wondered: "So are you ready for college? ”

Chen Jun said with a laugh: "Your brother won the prize for the math contest, and the school has given him a place at the university. ”

Chen Xiaomen admired: “Brother is amazing. ”

Chen Qianlin rarely clipped a rib to the little guy's worshiped eyes: "Eat it. ”

Chen Jun and his wife looked at each other and smiled with comfort - his son had been cold since childhood and too mature for his peers. Many teenagers of this age would play wildly during the holidays, but Chen Qianlin thought they were too noisy and did not like to stay with their classmates.

Now that there are more little guys in the house, Chen Qianlin finally has something to do.

Daddy arranged a mission for him: "Qianlin, take a vacation and help your brother with his homework. ”

Chen Qianlin shouted "Hmm” without salt. He still had no expression on his face and could not see the joy.

At night, Chen Xiao went back to the house and took a bath, but could not sleep.

Though he was excited to come to his new home, the strange environment made him very disturbed at a young age. He didn't feel like he belonged here, he always felt that he could not stay long, maybe his adoptive parents would dislike him? Or hated by my brother?

Kids are sensitive, afraid that their performance will not be good enough to upset the family, and being driven back to the orphanage will be embarrassing.

I was in bed thinking, and suddenly someone knocked on the door: "Are you asleep? ”

It's Chen Qianlin's voice.

Chen Xiao rolled over and couldn't even get her shoes on. She ran over and opened the door barefoot. She smiled brightly: “Brother asked for me? ”

Chen Qianlin walked into the house and held a small set of pajamas in his hand. He said: "I forgot to give this to you. I put it on when I slept. It was my father who bought it yesterday...” He bowed his head and saw Chen Xiaolin barefoot and couldn't help but slightly frown. “The floor was cold, don't run around barefoot. ”

Chen Xiao picked up his pajamas and immediately turned around and put on his shoes.

Chen Qianlin sat beside the bed and said: “When you get to your new home, you may not be used to it. After a while, you can tell me directly what you want. ”


“Go to sleep, get up early tomorrow and take you shopping. ”

Chen Xiao changed into his new pajamas and fell asleep in a daze.

The next day, both parents went to work. Before leaving, Mom leaned over and hugged Xiao Chen Qiao. “If you want to listen to my brother, I will take you to the mall today. You can tell my brother everything you want to buy. You're welcome. ”

Chen Xiao nodded and sent his parents away.

Chen Qianlin did nothing during the summer vacation, although he was only seventeen years old, but his parents were quite reassured about his ability to do business. He gave Chen Xiaolin to take with him and let him add some household goods to Chen Xiao.

Chen Qianlin took his brother to the shopping mall. When he came to the children's clothing store, he pointed at the hanger and said, "Pick your own. ”

For the first time, Chen Xiao came to such a big mall. He was so excited. He looked carefully at this one and looked at it again. He didn't know which set to buy. When the guide saw that the children were cute, he went all the way to praise them: “You must look great in this.” “This one fits perfectly too, would you like to buy one? ”

Chen Xiao's head turned to his brother for help: "Brother, which set do you buy? ”

Chen Qianlin calmly pointed to several sets in a row and said: “Buy these first, then go to another store. ”

Chen Xiao: “..............."

He bought eight sets of clothes directly from his brother because he was too generous.

Chen Xiao was flattered: “Too much, can't I wear it? ”

Chen Qianlin calmly said: “Dad ordered me to buy you some more laundry. Come on, there's more. ”

Chen Xiao followed his brother around the mall in dizziness and bought all the way. As he walked past a display window, he saw the robot in the cartoon, which was expensive, for nearly five digits.

Chen Qianlin stared at him and asked lightly: “Do you like this? ”

Chen Xiao nodded, then Chen Qianlin walked into the store and bought the handset directly without saying anything.

He hugged his brother and gave him a gift box. Chen Kao's face was full of pussy.

How did you buy this? He just said he liked it, didn't say he wanted to buy it...

The first time I experienced the feeling of being spoiled, Chen Kao was so happy that he was about to faint.

When he got home, he hugged the robot and was excited to run around the villa for a few laps - this was his favorite cartoon protagonist, and he and his little friends at the orphanage had been chasing him for years, knowing that a classmate in the class had bought the toy, and he was only jealous because it was beautifully styled and crafted, and the mechanical parts could be assembled, deformed and overpriced, and he never thought that one day he would own such an expensive collection.

Chen Qianlin hung all the clothes he bought in the dressing room and found that Chen Xiao had been sitting on the bed holding hands and hands. He couldn't help but study them. He said: "If you like these anime perimeters, I'll buy them for you later. ”

Chen Xiao's eyes turned red and looked up at the teenager in front of him: “Brother is very good. ”

Chen Qianlin bluntly said: “Mom and Dad told you, you just came to our house, try to be nice to you. ”

Chen Xiao: “…"

Even if his parents told him, it would be good for him. Patience walked him around for a day and bought him such expensive manners. Chen Xiao was so happy, even though Chen Qianlin's attitude towards him was only fulfilling the tasks given by his parents, he still felt that having such a brother was a happy thing.

On a vacation, Chen Qianlin was lazy enough to get out. Chen Xiao did not have a partner in the new environment and dared not go out. Therefore, when his parents were at work, the two brothers stayed at home and Chen Qianlin helped his brother with his homework.

Chen Xiao's grades are not good, but when people are smart, they teach.

At that time, Chen Qianlin was in a period of change of voice. His cool voice was a little magnetic. It was particularly beautiful. He listened to them countless times better than the teachers who had taught them before. Chen Xiao loved to listen to his brother's lectures. He could always grasp the point with a single pinch of blood. His words were scarce but crucial. Chen Xiao listened very carefully and learned quickly.

Chen Qianlin used his vacation time to give Chen Xaolin half the semester's classes in advance. In this way, Chen Xaolin will easily adapt to the new environment after school starts. Perhaps his exam results will also improve.

The vacation soon passed, Chen Xiao reported to the new school.

Parents' company was always busy. On the day of school, Mama grabbed Chen Xiao's hand with great regret and said: "Ah Xiao, I'm really sorry. I have an important meeting today. I have to go to the signing ceremony with Daddy this afternoon, let my brother take you to the office, okay? ”

Chen Xiao was used to being cared for by his parents, and his brother took him with him all this time. He had no problem with this: “No problem! ”

Therefore, Chen Qianlin led Chen Xiao to report to the school.

The teacher sees this special teenager and wonders, “Are you? ”

"'I'm his brother,' said Chen Qianlin. Mom and Dad couldn't walk away today, I sent him over. ”

The teacher smiled and asked Chen Qianlin to take Chen Xiao to class. Along the way, watching other classmates have family send, Chen Xiao's heart is no longer envious, I thought, I also have people send, I have a super beautiful brother, it is up to you to envy!

The young man with the long figure of Yuli, the five officers are just like the sculpture of the creator, combined with the cool eyes, special temperament, walked on the campus with Chen Xiaoxiao, attracted a lot of people's gaze, some girls still whispered: “That little brother is so handsome, is he from our school? Are you nuts? Look how old he must be in high school!” “Is he the parent of that classmate? It must be my brother!” "Must be my brother, could he still be my father at this age?“ ”

Since then, Chen Qianlin has regularly attended Chen Xiao School activities as a “parent”.

For example, at the first parenting meeting, parents were guilty of saying they couldn't walk away. The company was really too busy, with tens of millions of orders. Chen Xiao understandably said, "Go ahead and make money, I wish I had a brother."

As a result, Chen Qianlin was driven by the ducks to take part in Chen Xiao's parents' meeting without expression.

A group of middle-aged parents, sitting in a faint and indifferent youth, looked a little out of place. During the parental meeting, a number of people frequently cast doubtful gaze at Chen Qianlin.

The teacher smiled: “Next, we invite the parents of Chen Xiao classmate to speak. Chen Xiao classmate has scored all the subjects in this midterm exam. He transferred to the middle school, and his grades are so excellent, he really deserves to be studied by the class. ”

Pa Pa Pa, a round of applause, everyone looked around curiously to find Chen Xiao's parents.

Then, a teenager stood up with a cold face and said softly, "Hello, I'm Chen Xiao's brother. ”

Everyone: “…”

So this dusty teenager is just Chen Xiao's older brother?!

Chen Qian Lin's voice was very calm, reading the pre-written parental speech: “My brother Chen Xiao studied very hard, he would do his full homework every night before going to bed, never dragging it to the next day...”

The happier Chen Xiao hears, the harder it is to hear his brother praise him.

After the parents' meeting, the brothers had to eat on their own because their parents raised them. Chen Qianlin took Chen Xiao to a high-end restaurant to buy his brother a big meal, which was also the first place in the middle of the year to take his midterm exam.

Chen Qianlin also praised on the table: “You have done well, keep it up. ”

Thought Chen Xiao was a good student, but not two days later, Chen Qianlin suddenly received a call from the class director. He rushed to school. His brother fought with people and bled his head and took him to the hospital.

When Chen Qianlin rushed to the hospital, Chen Xiaolin was standing in the corridor, with a lot of blood on his face and clothes. His hair was like a bunch of weeds, and his pants and legs were torn apart. He looked like a wolf.

Chen Qianlin walked over with a quiet face: “What's going on? ”

Chen Xiao saw his brother, very grieved, drooling his head and not talking.

Chen Qianlin bluntly said: “Chen Xiao, what is going on? Don't make me ask the third time. ”

Chen Xiao did not go too far, infarcted his neck, his eyes were red like an angry beast, and he said angrily: “It was Zhang Peng who pissed me off first! I can't even say bad things about my brother in the back, saying that your parents will pretend to be sophisticated, in fact it's all about relationships, saying that your guarantee quota is paid for, and some insults to my brother I can't even say... fuck you! I didn't get rid of him. It was light! ”

Chen Qianlin: “…”

Seeing the little guy jump like Ray, like an animal who was invaded/violated the territory, Chen Qianlin was kind of funny, reached out his hand to help him smooth hair, and he reached half way out of the ward, Chen Xiao's class director walked over unfairly: “Chen Xiao, you did too hard this time, Zhang Peng classmate's head was broken by you, sewn seven needles, almost hit you into a concussion. ”

Chen Xiao muttered softly: “You deserve it. ”

The class director stared widly: “What are you talking about? ”

Chen Qianlin looked calmly at his brother: “Think clearly before talking. ”

After being swept away by his brother's cold eyes, Chen Xiao confessed immediately and bowed to the teacher: “I'm sorry, I'm impulsive. Although Zhang scolded my family first, and tried to kick me in the leg, I flexibly avoided... But I shouldn't have fought back, let alone smashed his head lightly. I reflected deeply on my behavior. When I went back, I wrote a thousand words to review it, and read it aloud in front of the whole class. ”

The class teacher couldn't help but laugh: “How could I not see you fighting so hard? ”

Chen Xiaocheng said sincerely: “I was temporarily ill with my mind and played it very often. ”

Class Director: "…”

Chen Qianlin spoke voluntarily: “In this way, Zhang's medical expenses will be compensated. When Chen Xiao returns, I will supervise him to write a review carefully. If necessary, we will go to Zhang's house next day with a gift to apologize in person. Does the teacher think it is okay? ”

The class director had a good impression of Chen Qianlin. Besides, Chen Xiao's hand was harsh, but not particularly serious. He just broke his scalp and bled a lot. It looked scary. Zhang's head might leave a few scars, but the position could be covered by his hair and can't be seen after the injury.

Teacher also wanted to make big things smaller and smaller, find the other parent to reconcile, Chen Xiao then sincerely apologized, plus Zhang said bad things first, this matter is over.

On the way home, Chen Xiao kept holding his head and looked very grieved.

Chen Qianlin was silent and went straight upstairs when he arrived home. Chen Xiao's heart was so upset that he didn't know if he was angry, he had to go upstairs with his brother.

Unexpectedly, when he came to the bedroom, Chen Qianlin sat him down honestly. Chen Xiao was restless sitting beside the bed, but a moment later he saw his brother bring the medicine box, turn over the disinfectant iodine wine and cotton swabs and carefully wipe the wound on his face.

The wound was tiny, scratched during a fight, and the bleeding stain was already dry.

Because I couldn't tell if it was my own blood or the other blood, Chen Xiao didn't go to the hospital to deal with it. At this time, he was dipped in cold iodine wine by his brother, and Chen Xiao immediately took a breath of cold air.

Chen Qianlin glanced at him and asked softly: “Does it hurt? ”

Chen Xiao was very heartless: “No, it doesn't hurt...”

Chen Qianlin coldly said: “You really have grown into the hospital and put your classmates in the hospital, your head stitched seven needles. ”

Chen Tinggu: “It's not because that idiot's mouth isn't clean...”

Chen Qianlin interrupted him: “I know you did it to defend me, but Chen Xiao, those who say bad things behind people, you don't need to ignore them, because their ability is to hide and say bad things, like rats hiding in the corner, can't see light, why do you have to lower your standards to fight them? What does winning prove? ”

Chen Qiao's face turned red: “Well... seems to make sense? ”

Chen Qianlin reached out and rubbed his brother's messy hair gently: "Don't be so impulsive in the future. I'm not going to tell Mom and Dad about this, just in case they call you again for a bunch of reasons, remember? ”

Chen Xiao's ears are all red: “Well, thank you brother...”

He raised his head and unexpectedly saw that his brother's mouth appeared to have a faint smile.

My brother's cold voice rang in his ear: "You did it because your classmate said something bad about me, and I don't blame you for that. Instead, you can defend your brother, which means you already see me as a family, don't you? ”

Chen looked blankly at the teenager in front of him.

My brother rarely smiled, and I haven't seen a smile on his face since I met him. But at this moment, he has a slight smile in the corner of his mouth and a rare mild emotion in his clear eyes.

The shallow smile on the corner of the teenager's lips is like a snowflake, the ice lake melts, so you can see the ultimate.

Chen Xiao couldn't help but look.

Because Chen Qianlin was medicating himself, the two were very close. Chen Xiao could smell the faint fragrance of shower gel on him. He was surrounded by this light fragrance. His head fainted for a while, and he didn't know if he hit his head when fighting.

When he saw his brother, Chen Qianlin tidied up his messy hair and put a bandage on his wound. Seriously, he said: "Go change this dirty clothing, take a bath, and don't touch the water. ”

Chen Xiao's heart beat so fast, he wondered, how can he look so good? Is this man really his own brother? He nodded blindly, wondering when Chen Qianlin had left. When he looked back, all he could think about was Chen Qianlin's faint smile.


The first time I moved, it was about that time.

At that time, he was too young to know that this feeling was like, he just thought that his brother was particularly beautiful, he couldn't help but want to get close, and didn't dare to get too close. The contradiction persisted for many years. In adolescence, he constantly fermented. This feeling of love, admiration, and worship came together into a green dark love, deeper and deeper at the bottom of his heart, until he integrated into the bone marrow.

When I grew up, my possession of my brother was so strong that I couldn't ignore it.

Every time I saw a girl and her brother approaching me, Chen Xiao was restless. He stared at the person beside Chen Qianlin like a little wolf. On several occasions, a girl tried to confess to Chen Qianlin, and was halfway down Chen Xiaolin and expelled for various reasons.

Chen Qianlin knew nothing about it.

In his view, Chen Xiao is still the younger brother who is somewhat impulsive in his work.

Later, Chen Qianlin went to the game and worked with Shaobao Fa, who grew up to set up the Sanctuary Club. Chen Xiao also followed his brother's footsteps in touching the star card game and studied with Tang Muzhou.

Chen Qianlin had objected, but when he found that his brother's talent stood out, he acquiesced in letting Chen Xiaolin try this path.

However, after all, Chen Xiao was too young and inexperienced. After hearing Shaobao say smallpox, and promising to play a double match with Chen Qianlin next season, Chen Xiaoxin signed a player's contract as soon as he was hot. He was completely unconcerned with the "All copyrights belong to the club” clause and wanted to surprise his brother.

It's his dream to play double games with his brother!

Shobo deliberately dug a pit for him to jump down. Therefore, Chen Qianlin's copyright lawsuit was completely lost. Chen Xiao felt almost insane and could not help kissing his brother after being drunk.

He remembered Chen Qianlin's eyes at that moment, which were like ice and snow in the cold and winter.

Chen Qianlin did not scold him, but looked at him very calmly: "Chen Xiao, I only consider you my brother. ”

- That's the sentence, as if he had been sentenced to death, making his whole person fall into an ice-cold cellar, cold, and instantly awake.

He panicked to apologize to his brother, shivering his lips and trying to explain, but Chen Qianlin was resolute, leaving behind a key and a card with enough money to leave his life completely.

Chen Qianlin said: "As a brother, I have fulfilled my brother's responsibilities in raising you all these years. You're an adult, go your own way. ”

Brother's words have always been calm, but the word is like the sharpest knife, completely unraveling Chen Xiaohook's dreams and presenting reality in front of him - brother raised you, he only treats you as his brother.

Just my younger brother.

You're the biggest idiot who ever touched himself, who ran off to play games, who signed unfair contracts with him, right?

Over the past five years, Chen Xiao has had a very rough time.

In countless dreams, he repeatedly remembered the drip since he met Chen Qianlin. He was unbelievably averse to signing the contract under his own impulse. He was unbelievably suspicious of desecrating his brother after drinking and kissing his brother, leading to the complete breakdown of his fraternal relationship.

Guilt, regret, unwillingness...

All sorts of painful emotions are interwoven and Chen Xiao spends every day in agony. Life was like walking corpse, as if Chen Qianlin's heart had been dug out after he left. Every time he slept, he felt cold.

He can only carefully care for the pots of plants left behind by his brother and watering them every day is his greatest pleasure.

When I was a young brother, I bought his manners, which he hid like a baby. When I missed him, I turned around and remembered the past when I was a little brother and walked around the mall with my hand, I couldn't help but look bitter.

Sometimes I wonder, if I don't like my brother, how good would it be to just be a brother?

Emotions are just hard to control. Chen Xiao probably lacked love since childhood, and Chen Qianlin was too kind to him, so he fell unconsciously - too deep, this stubborn affection has been engraved into the bone marrow, it is difficult to turn back.

He will never fall in love again in his life, but he also knows that his brother will never respond to him.

The end is doomed to despair.

But what can be done? How can you easily forget that you've been deeply in love with someone since you were younger?

He couldn't let go of his admiration for Chen Qianlin and could only continue to guard Chen Qianlin as his brother. For Chen Xiao, Chen Qianlin is willing to forgive him and return to Nirvana Club to continue as a coach, which is already the best result.

He would hide this heart, let Chen Qianlin think that it was his drinking impulse when he was young, he was too young to sort out his feelings, and they were still brotherly.

He didn't believe it at all.

But as long as Chen Qianlin is willing to believe that he is willing to give him a chance, he is satisfied.

As his younger brother, he stayed with Chen Qianlin.

Being a brother all your life is better than not seeing each other.

Chen Qianlin attacked X Chen Xiao.

Lin Shen's aura is very strong. He can bring out Tang and Xie two bull forced disciples. He looks cold and indifferent. In fact, he is unpredictable and suitable for offense.

In addition, Ching Leng's brother was attacked by Xu Zhongdog's younger brother. I have written too many of these CPs, such as Zhang in "Divine Summoner", as well as brotherly texts I wrote earlier, all of which were attacked by younger loyal dogs. If you write again, it is a bit repetitive, so this time in another way, Gao Leng's brother attacked, Zhongdog's younger brother was attacked. The process will be more abusive, but the outcome is definitely good.

Believe me, I'm a real mother!

Nearly 10,000 more today. The memories are probably finished. Tomorrow we begin to return to reality. A lot will happen during the holidays. Stay tuned!