Master of Trading Star Card Game

Outside: Lin Qiao 11

[Lin Xiaofan Outside - 11]

Chen Qianlin's co-operative detective, code-named "Night Cat," only came out late at night and was a very powerful hacker. In the age of holographic networks, people left traces of their social activities on the Internet, and the key to finding out so clearly was to use the loopholes of the Internet to gather information.

At noon the next day, Chen Qianlin received a message from Night Cat.

It is an old case file. A three-year-old child's visit to the autism department of a children's hospital records, the child is called Chen Qianlin.

Nightcat gave a row of sweaty faces: "I'm so sorry, Grand God. I accidentally found your records from your childhood visit at the Children's Hospital. Do you want to continue? ”

Chen Qianlin bluntly said: “Continue. ”

Detective thinks his neck is cold, Chen Chi Lin is a fucking genius! Please detect yourself, and the first case that comes up is a very strong case of privacy - Chen Qianlin suffered from autism as a child.

The prevalence of autism in children is not low, and most children with autism are accompanied by some developmental retardation, such as prophetic communication disorders, blindness, low intelligence, etc. Some 25 per cent of children have normal IQ, only aversion and human contact, which can be restored through psychosocial intervention therapy.

Less than one in 10,000 children with autism, far more intelligent than ordinary people, is a rare genius.

Chen Qianlin is a rare child with genius autism. Because he did not love to play with children since childhood and showed aversion to parental contact and embrace, when he was three years old, Chen Jun sought an expert to take him to a specialist in childhood autism. The expert's final diagnosis was "high-functioning autism”. It is recommended that children be exposed to as many people as possible to guide him on the right path.

In the unlikely event that such gifted children go astray, they will definitely become high-intelligence criminals who endanger society.

Chen Qianlin has been terribly cold since childhood. Because of his high IQ, he finds the children around him very childish and boring. He scored all his homework at the school door, but he was not interested in the games and sports that his peers liked. Instead, he was immersed in his world, where a person could study a leaf all day long and not even close to his parents.

Chen Jun is young and has a broken asset. Naturally, his son went to a very expensive private school when he was a child. When Chen Qianlin was seven years old, a criminal group kidnapped several wealthy children while traveling with students, extorting huge ransoms from their parents.

While all the other children were snotty and tears scared of dessert trembling, Chen Qianlin left a clue all the way expressionlessly to help the police find a criminal group stronghold for the first time.

As the other three little boys pounced into their parents' arms and cried, Chen Chi Lin calmly made a statement to the police detailing the abduction process and painted a sketch of the two fugitives and the escape route revealed in the conversation.

The police were shocked and couldn't believe it was a seven-year-old child.

Chen Junlin rushed to save his son. He wanted to jump over and hug the child and comfort the child's wounded heart. Chen Qianlin calmly comforted him instead: “Dad, don't worry, I'm fine. It's so dirty in here, I want to go home and take a shower. ”

Chen Jun said: "..."

Three other parents crying in their arms: “????? ”

Back then, there was a news story about a 7-year-old prodigal child helping the police solve a major kidnapping case, and the criminal gang fell all over the Internet. In order to protect Chen Qianlin, the police did not disclose his personal information in the news, but the night owl still found some traces of spider silk horse.

Used to look up ordinary people, no matter how hard they found information, the night owl was calm. But Chen Qianlin asked him to look into himself. The more he looked, the more frightened he was, the more hairy he looked at the back of the spine...

It's not easy to find out who your bullshit is!

This genius is not distorted and has not become a serial killer. It is truly the gospel of society.

* * *

Three days later, Night Owl sent a packet to Chen Qianlin in awe: “Lin Gon, I have made enough money over the years to stop doing this. Don't worry, I won't talk to anyone about your past. ”

“Mm-hmm.” Chen Qianlin bluntly said, “Thank you. ”

He puts the reward into the other person's account and immediately opens the package.

What happened when I was seven years old was actually turned over. The hacker was really powerful enough to be the partner of my choice. Chen Qianlin swept the information about his childhood at a glance, focusing on the details related to Chen Xiao.

When parents adopted Chen Xiao, the purpose was not simple.

Because Chen Qianlin was frightened of indifference, parents were worried that his son would go astray to become a high-IQ crime, so in the future, parents wanted to give him a brother or sister, hoping that his son would be accompanied by relatives, so he could warm up a little. But Mama Qin Shulan was very ill, and babies who were tested also needed to collect eggs, which damaged their health, so they decided to adopt a child.

In the search for suitable children in the national orphanage, it was discovered that the biological parents of a boy named Zheng Xiao and Chen Jun had some affection, and that the child was very lively in character, contrary to Chen Qianlin's indifference, and might bring some vitality to the Chen family.

So, the parents made up a good reason for Chen Qianlin: “Tao's parents were kind to our family. His father helped us a lot when we were most in trouble. He didn't have any family to take care of him in the orphanage. Can we take him home? ”

Chen Qianlin calmly said to his parents, "You can make up your mind. ”

The parents were clearly relieved. In fact, Chen Qianlin knew that his parents had adopted Chen Xiao so that he could not be too isolated and become a psychological pervert. However, since his parents wanted to give Chen family a child in this way, he had to obey his parents' wishes so that they could not look at him with worry every day.

Chen Xiao is indeed lively - not only lively, but also naughty. The first time I saw the kid, the little guy had just had a fight, his face was covered in blood, and he was stubbornly leaning back on his neck, a "first in the old world” cow statue.

Chen Qianlin thought the child was quite interesting.

Initially, he and his brother were in harmony. Chen Qianlin was shown to his parents. He's really tired of his parents worrying about him, like he's going to chop a few people to death tomorrow on social news. Since getting along with his brother reassures his parents, he doesn't mind doing the scene. Therefore, he patiently walked with Chen Xiao, shopped for Chen Xiao, and tried to make a "good brother” look.

Parents gradually relieved themselves and deliberately used the pretext of "We're going on a business trip” to go abroad to allow more time for Chen Qian Lin and Chen Xiao to get along. In their view, Vibrant Chen Xiao is the only person who has been able to get close to his son for so many years. After Chen Xiao arrived at Chen's house, his son's words seemed to have changed a lot, which is a good phenomenon. My son doesn't like to talk to his parents, and it's good to talk to his brother.

Playing the role of a “good brother” is very simple for Chen Qianlin.

Kids are very deceitful, just buy Chen Xiao a toy and Chen Xiao is happy to go downstairs to run in circles.

In those years, he spent a lot of time with Chen Xiao, so the hacker found a lot of photos in the data, such as the records he left on his shopping trip with Chen Xiao, the photos he left at the school door while accompanying Chen Xiao to school, etc.

In almost every photograph, Chen Xiao held his brother's hand and smiled all over his face, while Chen Qianlin kept his indifferent face, as if he was not carrying a person, but a jumping puppy.

From a bystander's perspective, it can be clearly seen that Chen Qianlin was impatient at the time. He was only obstructed by his parents' orders, so he endured the patience to accompany this young friend around.

Chen Qianlin quickly turned over Chen Xiaochu's information to Chen's house and continued to click on the next package.

Chen Xiao fought, because Zhang Peng insulted his brother, Chen Xiao broke Zhang Peng's head and took him to the hospital, and also injured his face. Chen Qianlin went to the hospital to see his brother, whose face was full of blood. His eyes were cold and for the first time his face appeared worried.

This photograph reminded him of some past events. He remembered that when he came home, he personally handled Chen Xiao's wounds with his medicine box. He also educated Chen Xiao. He learned that Chen Xiao was doing it because his classmates scolded his brother. His heart seemed a little warm, but that feeling was too shallow and blurred, and he quickly ignored it.

Turn back, and Chen Xiao's school organizes an autumn tour to let the children experience the wild life. Parents fled again on the pretext of traveling on business, and Chen Qianlin was forced to attend as a parent.

Sleep in a tent while camping. Chen Qianlin hates sleeping with people. His face in the photo is cold. Obviously, he is very upset about sleeping with his brother at night. But Chen Qianlin smiled and actively built the tent.

Next, there is a photograph of everyone barbecued together at night. There are many children and parents in the photograph. Most parents are baking for the children, but instead of them, Chen Xiao actively baked the meat skewers and handed them to his brother. Chen Qianlin's face was full of disgust, but in the end, he opened his mouth with a cold face and baked his brother's meat skewers.

- That skewer is terrible. It's the worst skewer he's ever had.

Chen Qianlin recalled that because of too much salt, he also spilled a large amount of chili. Chen Xiao's first barbecue skewer, he didn't eat it himself, let his brother taste it as a white mouse first. The child was too skinny. Chen Qianlin wanted to beat him up. After smiling at Chen Xiao, he finally put up with the idea of beating people in front of a group of parents.

Sleeping in the same tent at night, building the same bed quilt, not long after, Chen Xiao nestled in his arms - it was probably too cold at night in the automatic search for heat, children drilled hard into his arms, how could Chen Qianlin push away.

He remembered sleeping very uneasy that night, there was a warm little guy in his arms, he was really not comfortable, but because Chen Xiao slept too fragrant, his head was nestled in his chest, his little arm held his waist tightly, he didn't want to push away violently, and finally he fell asleep with his brother in his arms.

That's the first time he's been so close to someone since he was a kid.

After that, the fall trip ended and he accompanied Chen Xiao to the playground.

He hated the liveliest and noisiest place, but Chen Xiao especially wanted to go, held him for a few days, and finally he was soft and took Chen Xiao to the playground to play. In the photograph, he and Chen Xiaolin stood at the entrance of the playground. Chen Xiao held a huge marshmallow in his hand. The wind blew and his face was full of paste. Chen Qianlin's eyes were full of disgust. He took a wet wipe to help his brother wipe his face, but the action was gentle.

He actually reached out and wiped his brother's face??

Chen Qianlin couldn't believe watching this scene. He wasn't really impressed with the details of his relationship with Chen Xiaolin. Chen Xiao was too naughty when he was a kid. His parents kept feeding them. He hoped that he and his brother would have more opportunities to get along. He remembered that he was impatient to take Chen Xiao out and had headaches every time he went out.

From a standpoint, though impatient, he was very accommodating to this brother.

Inclusion is somewhat excessive.

Not only did he wipe his brother's face clean, he also played many game projects with Chen Xiaolin. The two brothers played exciting jumpers, roller coasters, and flying men in the air. In the photo, Chen Xiao opened his mouth and shouted. The expression on his face was extremely rich. Chen Qianlin was always indifferent, especially in the crowd.


After that, Chen Xiao became ill and Chen Qianlin took his brother to the hospital in the middle of the night for emergency treatment.

Chen Xaofever, Chen Qianlin frowned and guarded his brother for the night. The next morning, he personally bought porridge to feed Chen Xao.

He remembered very clearly that the flu virus was raging that year, that the children were less immune, that half of the illness fell in one class, that Chen Xiao was seriously ill, that fever was repeated, it took a week. He simply took time off with the school to accompany his brother. The teacher had no problem with Chen Qianlin taking time off. Even if Chen Qianlin didn't go to class anyway, he could still get a full score at the end of the period...

Chen Qianlin had to feed Chen Qianlin himself. Sick Chen Xiao's face is pale and weak, rarely quiet. Every time Brother stretched the spoon to his mouth, he opened his mouth and ate porridge. His eyes kept looking at Brother. After eating, he smiled at Chen Qianlin: "Brother, I haven't eaten enough. ”

Chen Qianlin was helpless in the scene and turned around to serve his brother porridge.

At this time, he obviously took care of Chen Xiao as a relative, so he stayed with him when Chen Xiao was ill.


Many of the images that follow are details of his relationship with Chen Xiao.

He had always felt that he was only a very faint brother to Chen Xiao. After all, he was not a machine. Since Chen Xiao's adoption, the two of them had been together for 11 years, and there would certainly be feelings.

However, from a standpoint, he was somewhat overly fond of Chen Xiao.

Chen Xiao caused trouble at school. Chen Qianlin's “parents” were always invited by the teacher to talk, and for whatever reason, he would defend his brother. Chen Xiao represented the school in the badminton game to win the championship, and Chen Qianlin bought him the best racket as a reward.

After Chen Xuesheng's birthday, his parents were away again. Chen Xuelin wanted to make the cake himself. Chen Qianlin took his brother to the baking workshop. Chen Xuelin was too skinny. Chen Qianlin's face was pasted with cream. Chen Qianlin in the photograph held a cream on his face. His eyes were cold and stiff as a statue. It looked very funny.

How dare you paint Chen Qianlin's face with cream?

People who know him don't even dare think about it...

How was the last day? Chen Qianlin remembered carefully - he also painted Chen Xiaoman's face cream and asked Chen Xiaoli to walk around the street with the face of a flower cat as punishment.

Now, in retrospect, this must have been one of his most childish acts from childhood until grown up.

I can't believe he's playing this childish game with Chen Xiao.

As Chen Xiao grew up, each photograph could lead to a past. Chen Qianlin flipped backwards and backwards like watching a movie. Chen Xiaoxiao's body in the photo was quickly elevated, and the five officials became more and more handsome. Unlike Chen Qianlin, who is respected and respected by his classmates, Chen Xiao is especially loved by his classmates and has many small partners around him.

But he still likes to haunt his brother.

At the high school graduation ceremony, Chen Xiao and his brother were photographed at the front door of the school, hugging his shoulder and smiling particularly bright.

Chen Qianlin was not as cold as usual, rare, and his face showed a gentle divine color.

Because Chen Xiao kept teasing him: “Brother, you smile, my graduation photo, you look cold as if you don't want me to graduate. ”

Chen Qianlin looked closely at the distance between the two people in the photograph - their bodies were very close together, Chen Xiao wore a high school uniform and held his brother's shoulder intimately, almost leaning into his arms. However, without any exclusion or impatience on his face, his eyes were gentle and he was clearly pleased with his brother's successful graduation.

He hates contact with people, as if he's used to his brother's approach.

He personally sent Chen Xiaolin to college. He also had a photograph in front of the university. When he left, Chen Xiaolin reluctantly extended his arms and held him tightly. Chen Qianlin did not push away, but actually gently hugged his brother back.

Carefully counted, that was the first time he hugged someone back from childhood until growing up.

Even if his parents hugged him when he was a kid, he would hide with a cold face.

Unconsciously, Chen Xiao repeatedly challenged his bottom line, but he has been tolerant and accustomed.

There are many images of Chen Xiaolin cheering him up in the audience. At that time, Chen Xiaolin was not a professional athlete. He had just read freshman year, but Chen Qianlin's participation in every game Chen Xiaolin would personally go to the scene to see. In the images taken, Chen Xiaolin's admiration of his face sat with the fans of Chen Qianlin, clapping hard, like Chen Qianlin's number one little brother.

After the competition, Chen Xiao will flexibly squeeze out the crowd and run backstage to find Chen Qianlin. If he loses, he uses hugs to encourage his brother; if he wins, he also uses hugs to congratulate his brother. One hug after another, from a side view, it can be seen that Chen Xiao should have fallen in love with his brother by then. When he looked at his brother, the love in his eyes could not be hidden in any way.

At that time, Chen Qianlin didn't realize anything because from a subjective point of view, Chen Xiao had been with him for 11 years. He was used to being close to his brother, so it doesn't matter if he was closer.

How do you react?

Chen Qianlin in the photograph did not reject Chen Xiao's embrace, and hugged his brother many times.


During that time, their brothers got along very well, so Chen Xiao was bold, often went to the backstage to hug his brother, and found that his brother had not been ostracized, which was even worse. I didn't think so at the time, but now that I look back at these records, the two of them are really too close.

Chen Xiao was going to follow him to learn the star card game. He took Tang Muzhou as an apprentice, so why don't the two teach together? It wasn't until the copyright incident broke out that Chen Qianlin announced his retirement and Chen Xiao confessed after drinking that they were completely broken up.

The day he left home with his luggage, his face was extremely ugly, but more shocked than disgusted.

And then he lived in hiding for five years, and in those five years, there was very little information about him, and there was a lot about Chen Xiao--

Chen Xiao, 18, was drunk like mud in a bar and brought back to the dormitory by his roommates; Chen Xiao smoked alone in the corner of the campus until late at night; he was stuck in the classroom and named by his teacher; he was hit in the head by basketball because of his distractions while walking; he refused with a frown when the girl confessed; he went to the library and always waited for all the classmates around him to walk away, and he just packed his things and left...

During that period, Chen Xiao had a very depressing and lukewarm life.

Through a photograph, watching his brother lose his soul, Chen Qianlin felt strong heartache again - he couldn't help but rush into the photograph and hug Chen Xiao, telling Brother Chen Xiao didn't hate you, leaving you just to calm you down.

Five years later, he returned to the Nirvana Club and the brotherhood was restored. Chen Xiao won the game, and he stood under the stage applauding, his eyes filled with comfort. Nirvana won the tournament championship, and he took the initiative to go onstage, touching his brother's hair as gently as he did when he was a kid, and his eyes were so gentle.

The last information the detective sent him was a record of the day he negotiated with Chen Xiao. When he went to the pharmacy to buy medicine, he was a little nervous. Later, after meeting Chen Xiao at the cafe, he frowned tightly.

Since he had detectives look into his records with Chen, most of his meetings with Chen Xiao later took place in the Nirvana Club conference room, training room, where no cameras were available, no photos were taken from outside and it was difficult to obtain information.

However, Chen Xiao and Zhengyang sent several pictures together. The two behaved less intimately. They looked more like good friends. They also kept a normal distance when walking, and never held hands or hugged or anything like that. Sometimes it's not just the two of them, Zheng is also there, the three of them work out together, and yesterday the three of them went swimming together.

The investigation ended here, and Chen Qianlin frowned and turned all his and Chen Xiao's photos over again.

From an outsider's perspective, he can see his emotional changes more clearly.

At first, he had to bear with Chen Xiao to really deal with his parents, to show them.

The first turning point was when Chen Xiao took people to the hospital to fight for his brother. He found the child so self-preserving and a little warm in his heart, so his attitude towards Chen Xiao eased a lot and personally handled the wounds for his brother.

The second turning point was in the fall, when he was camping, he was forced to sleep in a tent with his brother. The child's warm body depended on him to get into his arms. Although he was averse to such intimate contact, he did not push it away. Since then, his closeness to Chen Xiao has ceased to be exclusive. Chen rolled over and hugged him, and he never pushed away.

The third time he accompanied Chen Xiao to the playground, his patience was greatly challenged. The children's childish projects he didn't dare to be interested in, but with Chen Xiao's plea, he played jumpers, roller coasters, sky flyers... his tolerance for Chen Xiao rose to a new height. Since then, he will meet Chen Xiao's requirements.

Then Chen Xao was seriously ill. For the first time, he felt anxious and anxious. He took a week's leave to accompany his brother to see him and patiently fed him - for the first time, he understood how it felt to take care of a person.

Chen Qianlin calmly watched the photo playback and looked at it three times.

It's like watching a post-game video of a game and not letting go of every detail.

He analyzed his emotional changes objectively by analyzing the game - and then surprisingly found that his interest in Chen Xiao, his tolerance, and even his endurance with no bottom line, exceeded ordinary brotherhood.

Changing to a normal brother, Chen Xiao was so skinny, he had already kicked his foot out. However, he has never beaten Chen Xiao in all these years, even scolding his brother.

He held Chen Xiao in his hand. Chen Xiao wants to play wherever he wants, he can play with him wherever he wants. Chen Xiao wants to buy whatever he doesn't hesitate to buy. Even Chen Xiao painted his face with cream. He just ruthlessly applied it back...

In the eyes of outsiders, he was even somewhat overly drowning about Chen Xiao.

Chen Xiao was also very fond of him, in large part because he was too fond of his brother. A child growing up in an orphanage is already in short supply of love. When he encounters a brother who cares so much about himself and adores him, is it normal that he should not have thought about his brother?

After reading the photo, Chen Qianlin rubbed his eyebrows with some headache.

He has always been cold emotionally, unable to distinguish between kinship and neglect. His attitude towards relatives and friends is faint, which is why autism did not like contact when he was a child. Chen Xiao is the closest person to him over the years. He thinks he only treats Chen Xiao as his brother. From the viewpoint of the bystanders, their brother's intimate relationship is actually a little unusual, long past the ordinary brother category.

Hugging and hugging as a child can also explain, when you grow up, who has ever seen a brother held together every day?

Being in the Bureau, he got used to being close to Chen Xiao, and he didn't feel anything was wrong. But once they jump out of subjective perspective, objectively, they're not like brothers, they're more like close lovers. His rare tender gaze was also due to Chen Xiao's good grades, such as graduating with the first grade in the school, or winning trophies at the time of the competition.

Chen Qianlin quickly turned all the photos over again.

It seems that he has a strong possession of Chen Xiao, so when Chen Xiao decides to find a boyfriend, his emotions become so abnormal. Because Chen Xiao is the only one who grew up with his own hands and has been able to get close to him for so many years, hug him, get close to him, and have slept with him, and he hasn't killed him.

Parents' strategy worked.

He did not like to touch anyone, after the lively and lovely Chen Xiao came to his side, the closed heart slowly opened a gap, learned to care for others, love others, and tasted the feeling of nervousness, heartache and insomnia for a person.

After all, he is not an ice-cold machine, and he also has human feelings, which, although extremely faint, can still exist, like a slightly faint flame, hidden between ice and snow, with the possibility of extinguishing completely, but also the opportunity to rekindle.

His “high-functioning isolation" is not incurable, it is a psychological defect of high IQ genius from a medical point of view and requires long-term psychological intervention - Chen Xiao is his best medicine.

Perhaps when Chen Xiao raised his head for the first time and smiled brightly and called him "brother” with an innocent child tone, Chen Xiao was destined to walk into his heart, bringing a warm light to his lonely, indifferent heart.

That slight flame did not extinguish, but was completely lit by Chen Xiao, melting the surrounding ice and snow.

It turns out that Chen Xiao is not inseparable from him.

Instead, he couldn't leave Chen Xiao.


Chen Qianlin closed the optical brain, backed up the photo, turned to the bathroom and washed his face with cold water.

The men in the mirror were slightly distorted, but soon regained their indifference and calm. However, in his eyes, instead of being as thin as autumn lake water, a little heat surged.

Humanity is stupid, and some of the principles have been developed to break them. He insisted on being single for so many years, but from now on, this principle has been completely broken - he broke so many instances for Chen Xiao, and he doesn't care more than once.

Chen Xiaoyi fell in love with his brother, suffered a lot, and eventually gave up because of too much pain. He also exaggerated to find a so-called "new boyfriend” to reassure his brother. He dared not pursue his brother, because he was too cold and too jealous to see a trace of hope.

But it doesn't matter, starting today, my brother will come after you.

These two brothers are abusive, but they are really sweet to get along with:)