Master of Trading Star Card Game

Outside: Lin Qiao 12

[Lin Xiaofan Outside - 12]

At the meeting the following afternoon, Chen Xiaolin suddenly made a suggestion to Chen Qianlin: "Coach, Nirvana has already won the team game last season, this season's regular game, I think we can get more rookies to practice and accumulate practical experience. ”

Chen Qianlin, aware of his brother's eagerness to cultivate new recruits, glanced at Chen Xiaolin and asked: "Who do you think should be put on? ”

Chen Xiao suggested: "Try Xiaoqi instead, he already holds 80% of my cards. ”

The newcomer named Qi Yunfei is only 16 years old. During this time, he has been following Brother Chen to learn the operation of plant cards. He is a half apprentice of Chen Xiao. Upon hearing this, Xiaoqi glanced at the coach with excitement. Thought the coach would refuse. I didn't expect Chen Qianlin to agree very decisively: “Okay, just do as you said. Next round Qi will play. ”

Chen Xiao didn't expect his brother to speak so well. He was stunned for a moment.

Chen Qianlin's face was calm and opened the projection screen, saying: "The next opponent is the Starry Sky Battle Team. This season is easy to join, so the strength of the Starry Sky is enhanced a lot. Cheol can command, even if he can score 1 point to complete the task. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: “I understand. ”

Chen Qianlin looked at Xiaoqi and said: “The newcomer should not be under pressure, just practice tactics. ”

Xiaoqi nodded forcefully: "Yes, coach! ”

At the end of the meeting, Chen Xuao and Xiaoqi went out together. Xiaoqi looked at Chen Xuao with special gratitude: “Brother Chen, thank you for recommending me, otherwise I would never have had a chance to play in a group game in the first half of the year...”

Chen Xiao smiled and touched the teenager's head: “You're welcome. You're really talented and you work hard. ”

Among the six newcomers to Nirvana, Qi is Chen Xiao's death and loyalty powder, especially loves dark plant cards. Since he joined the club, Chen Xiao will also take him personally to teach him some experience. Little guy progressed so fast, Chen Xiao felt that he could take him with him in the second half of the year. When he retired himself, he could let Xiaoqi take over without affecting Nirvana's team game.

Three days later, Nirvana vs Starry Fruit truly struck 1: 1, Chen Xiao's first absence from the Nirvana Regiment.

There are a lot of fans online expressing doubts and concerns. Many people speculate whether Chen Xiao is sick or not. Chen Xiao made a public statement: “You don't have to think about it. I'm fine. It's just a normal rotation for new players to enter the tournament, giving them more experience in the field. ”

Fans are relieved.

However, in the following month, Chen Xiao did not participate in the team, and the fans became more and more uneasy when Nirvana recruited new recruits to play for him. Especially after Chen Xiao did not participate in the team, Nirvana played 1: 1 against the average strength team on many occasions, which was very dangerous to place on the points list. Looking at the end of the first half of the regular game, fans strongly urged Chen Xiao to steady his score.

And a lot of people scolded the coach: "Did Chen Qianlin take the championship and look down on his opponent?” “Strike the wind and dare to fuck new people, and they blow it up! Nirvana, is this Snowflake Chen?” “Did Brother Chan offend Coach?” “Lin God, let your brother go, what are you thinking?! ”

Online discussions are rampant, but only Nirvana's people know - not Coach Xuexiao, but Chen Xiao's initiative to replace himself, and Coach just follows him.

Xie Mingzhe was under a lot of pressure and asked Chen Xiao privately: "Brother Chen, what is your situation? You don't want to fight in groups? ”

Chen Xiao whispered, “Cheol, if I leave, can you afford Nirvana? ”

Xie Mingzhe stunned: “What do you mean? Where are you going? Where are you going? ”

"I'm going to retire after this season and put the rookies on the field," said Chen Xiaoqi. "I also want Xiaoqi to practice more and take over my shift after I leave... Anyway, I can't stay in Nirvana. ”

Xie Mingzhe wasn't stupid and quickly reacted: “Are you going to retire? This has something to do with your brother? ”

Chen Xiaobing chuckled: “Well, I don't want to see him again. ”

Chen Qianlin walked past the corridor and overheard the conversation. He stopped at the corner and looked so cold that he was almost pale - a feeling that the people who cared about him disliked, as if his soft heart had been crushed under his feet.

I don't want to see him again.

Chen Xiao's words sounded clearly in his ear, word for word.

Chen Xiao doesn't want to see him. Chen Xiao hasn't called him "brother” in a long time. When he looks at him, he will immediately avoid it like an electric shock. When I was a child, I thought of the child who was relying on me to sleep in his arms, and Chen Qianlin was heartbroken.

They used to be so intimate, he had endless tolerance for Chen Xiao, but because he was too confident, he ruthlessly pushed away his brother, who loved him deeply. If we want to recover now, it will also depend on Chen Xiao's willingness to go back.

I'm afraid it's not that easy to change your mind with Chen Xiaoqi's personality.

Chen Qianlin closed his eyes gently and listened to Xie Mingzhe continue: “Brother Chen, I can't ask you anything between you and Master, but I hope that you can think carefully before making a decision. If you really want to go, everyone will miss you. ”

Chen Xiao patted Xie Mingzhe's shoulder with a smile: “I know, I've thought it through. Don't worry, I'll do the handover before I retire so Nirvana's grades won't be affected. Even if I retired, I would come back often to see you. ”

Xie Mingzhe sighed softly: "Well, I respect your decision. ”

Chen Xiao's voice was filled with apologies: "Sorry, Nirvana will have to work hard for you in the future. ”

Xie Mingzhe laughed: "You're welcome. We created Nirvana together. If you need to go away temporarily, I'll take the team with me and wait for you anytime. ”

They hugged each other and said goodbye at the door. As soon as Chen Xiao entered the house, he heard a knock from outside. He thought it was Xie Mingzhe. He opened the door and looked calmly at Chen Qianlin.

Chen Xiaoqiao said, "Coach, can I help you? ”

"- [sic]“ Let's go inside and talk. ”

Chen Xiao stopped him with his scalp. “I'm in a mess. Tell me what's going on here. ”

At that moment, he seemed to see that his brother had always flashed a slight emotion on his cold face... but soon, Chen Qianlin's face regained its calm and said faintly: “If you really don't want to see me, you can follow the practice of Yiyang that year, keep your player information in the league, rest for a while, go out and relax and come back. The League of Eligibility for Athletes can hold for up to three years - Chen Xiao, leave yourself a way out, and I don't want you to regret it. ”

The feeling of regret was so bad that he was now experiencing it all the time. Chen Xiao wanted to leave the past completely, but Chen Xiao still loved the game, loved the field, it really wasn't worth giving up completely.

He hoped that his brother would leave a way out and could change his mind at any time in the future. If he had also left himself a way out and not said so much, their brothers would not have come to this point.

“Chen Xiao, my brother owes you an apology... sorry for all these years.” Chen Qianlin stepped forward and tried to reach out his hand to touch his brother's shoulder. As a result, Chen Xiao immediately retreated and avoided. The divine color can be described as “like a snake scorpion”.

Chen Xiao's face was ugly: “You don't have to apologize. I was just making myself suffer, you don't have to pity me. ”

“…” Chen Qianlin's hands were stiff in the air and the atmosphere was unusually awkward.

This was the first time he had ever proactively reached out and tried to reach someone since he was a kid.

but was avoided.

Chen Qianlin didn't know what the emotional world of normal people was like. He didn't think it mattered before, but now it's different. He finds himself different from Chen Xiao. Their feelings for 11 years made him unable to cut off. That's why he wanted to try to contact Chen Xiao proactively. Just as a child is learning to walk by falling and crashing, he is truly a novice emotionally.

Chen Xiao's escape left Chen Qianlin a little disappointed. He sighed and tried to be calm and said: “Chen Xiao, I never regret doing anything. This is the first time I regret it - I retract what I said before, let's try to start over, shall we? ”

“Are you kidding me? Let me give up completely. Okay, I gave up, and now you're saying start over? When I'm a puppy who comes and swings?” Chen Xiao took a deep breath and looked at Chen Qianlin coldly: “Brother, I keep in mind your grace for my upbringing, but Chen Xiao, I won't let you humiliate me like this repeatedly! ”

Chen Xiao said he turned around and closed the door with a bang. Chen Qianlin ate a closing spoon and almost got hit by the door on the nose.

He was frozen and a little confused for a while.

Did I say something wrong? Shouldn't you say that?

Looks like Chen Xiao misunderstood that his brother was teasing him. In fact, since I was a kid, my brother just didn't understand emotional matters clearly enough, and he became confident and accustomed to making the wrong judgment. Now that I finally know that the person I can't bear most is Chen Xiao, I want to get him back. Too bad, Chen Kao ran away, trying to catch up is not that easy.

Chen Qianlin pinched his eyebrows with a headache and turned back to his bedroom.

When he comes home, he sits at his desk and opens his brain, searching for how people usually express their feelings of liking.

He needs to carefully analyze normal human emotional expressions through data before studying scientifically and rigorously. After searching the Internet, he quickly identified the most frequent statements that people had said to people they liked --

I like you... too straightforward.

Baby, I missed you... this is so nasty.

Honey, dreaming about me tonight... Forget it, Chen Xiaodreaming that he's going to be a nightmare.

Looks like Chen Qianlin finally picked out some slightly normal statements, which were extracted as learning notes.

He suddenly felt that it was really a matter of learning to be with someone else.

Learning how to like a person is one of the biggest challenges of his life in so many years. He finds it interesting to look at the history of love found, and he does learn a lot.

With the final half of the regular tournament coming to an end, Chen Qianlin is not in a hurry to pursue Chen Xiao - the action just now has proven that, in a hurry to make a statement, Chen Xiao will only hate him even more. He has to learn before he can practice.

With Chen Xiao joining the team, he and Xie Mingzhe were much taller than the rookies, and Nirvana played well in the next three games, finally saving their postseason seats with surprise.

The fans expressed a false alarm. Anyway, Nirvana came out fourth in the last season and won the championship. The team has always been good at counter-attacks, and everyone is not worried about the final season.

At the end of the first half of the regular tournament, the league is on holiday.

Chen Qianlin returned home, it was a surprise for his parents to see him, because his son has rarely come home since he became a professional athlete. He is always alone outside, and his emotions with his parents are faded like strangers. Chen Junwei and Qin Shulan have become accustomed to the alienation of their son. This time, Chen Qianlin not only returned, but also bought them gifts?

Chen Qianlin put the diamond necklace he bought for his mother and the limited edition belt he bought for his father on the table, and said coldly: “I don't know if you like it or not. I haven't given you a gift in all these years and will send it every year from now on. ”

Mom and Dad looked at Chen Qianlin like strangers.

Chen Qianlin found their faces strangely colored and raised his brows. "Don't you like it? ”

Chen Jun nodded immediately: “I like it. It was just a surprise...”

Qin Shulan had red eyes, pinched the diamond necklace from his son, and was moved with tears.

Chen Qianlin saw their excitement, the tone was rare and gentle: “Tonight, Mom, make more home-cooked food. It's been a long time since our family got together for dinner. ”

Qin Shulan nodded immediately: “Okay, I'll go shopping myself! ”

"'By the way, send Chen Xiaolin a message and tell him to come back for dinner,' said Chen Qianlin. ”

Qin Shulan didn't think much of it, so he sent a message to his youngest son.

Chen Xiao did not want to see Chen Qianlin, but his adoptive father was so nice to him. Mom told him to go home to eat. He still had to give him this face. He immediately replied: "I know, I will come back at night. Besides, can I bring my boyfriend home? ”

Qin Shulan immediately passed the light brain to his husband: “When did Ao say he was going to bring his boyfriend back? ”

Chen Jun said: “I don't know. ”

Both of them looked at Chen Qianlin together. The latter's face instantly cooled down. “Since he wants to introduce you to his boyfriend, let him bring it. ”

At the same time, the couple thought that their eldest son's eyes were a little scary.

Qin Shulan replied: “Well, the mother cooks more dishes, you bring your boyfriend back for dinner too! ”

Chen Qianlin didn't say much, go upstairs and take a bath.

Qin Shulan personally pushed a shopping cart to go to the district supermarket to buy vegetables. The youngest son wanted to bring his boyfriend home. Of course, the first meal to meet the parents had to be carefully prepared. She carefully picked many fresh vegetables and meats and started working when she came home.

Dinner is ready at 6: 00 and Chen Xiao arrives just in time.

He also came with Zhengyang, a large bag of small gifts for two people.

After entering the house, Chen Xiao walked over and hugged his mother. “Mom, it's been a long time! ”

Qin Shulan grinned and hugged his son. "Tao, you seem thin. Is it hard to fight?” Chen Junwei said beside him: “It's not too thin, it's just right, it's much more spiritual. ”

Chen Xiao smiled: “Dad, Mom, introduce me. This is Zheng Yang, my boyfriend. ”

Zheng Yang wore a formal suit today. He looked handsome more than usual. He was tall and tall. He was also very polite to his elders. He handed them a bunch of gifts and bowed to them. "Hello uncle, Auntie! ”

“Xiao Zheng, what are you so kind to do, come to eat and buy so many things...” Qin Shulan put down the gift, the first impression of Zhengyang was particularly good, the sunny handsome young man, standing beside his son and looking good, she immediately let Zhengyang into the house, "Come sit down and prepare for dinner. ”

Zheng Yang and Chen Xiaogang just sat down and saw a man come down from upstairs.

He had just taken a bath, was wearing a very loose homewear, his hair was not dry, wet hair was patched to his ears, lined with a face more white, the five officers on the man's face were like paintings, a pair of eyes were especially beautiful, but the shallow pupils did not have any temperature, cold and sharp eyes swept through the restaurant, making the otherwise lively restaurant look like a sudden pour of cold water, instantly cool.

Looking at Chen Qianlin walking down the stairs step by step, everyone just felt that there seemed to be a cold breeze blowing through the back of the spine, making him not cold and chestnut.

Zhengyang came to see his parents for the first time. His eldest son actually stared at Zhengyang with cold eyes. Qin Shulan was somewhat embarrassed and quickly circled the field: “Qian Lin, this little Zheng, is your brother's boyfriend. ”

Zhengyang enthusiastically said: "Brother, come and sit down. ”

Chen Qianlin glanced at him: “Who's your brother? ”

Zheng Yang still smiled and held Chen Xiao's shoulder gently with his hands extended: “A Xiao's brother, naturally, is my brother. ”

Chen Qianlin looked at his hands on his brother's shoulder. His eyes were sharp as a sword. He almost cut Zhengyang's fingers into pieces. Zhengyang immediately unconsciously shrunk back his paws and sat down on his scalp. He looked at Chen Xao with some confusion.

Chen Xiao did not look at him at all, nor at his brother. He looked down at the food on the table.

The atmosphere was a bit strange, Qin Shulan had to say to break the silence: “Eat, eat first. ”

Zhengyang was very talkative. The solidified atmosphere quickly became lively. Qin Shulan asked where he worked. Zhengyang said he had opened a fitness club. There were three branches already. He also said some fitness related knowledge. The two people talked very speculatively.

Chen Qianlin remained silent and ate with a cold face.

Zheng Yang and Mom have been talking on the table, and Chen Xiao occasionally interjected a few words. When Mother asked what the holiday was planned, Chen Xiaoyang and I suddenly said: "I have booked a ticket with Xiaoyang and will travel the day after tomorrow. ”

Zheng Yang nodded: “Yes, we've been busy for most of the year. We want to travel together and relax. ”

"There is one more thing I would like to ask my parents to agree to - after this season, I will announce my retirement, then marry Xiaoyang, adopt a child together, and put more effort into caring for my family. ”

Zheng Yang grabbed Chen Xiao's hand gently and said with a smile: “Auntie and uncle, don't worry, I will take good care of him. I don't have any parents, so I especially cherish this relationship with Chen Xiao. We've known each other for more than 10 years, and we've been together for more than six months. At the end of this year, when he retires, we'll get married, and then we'll live our little lives in peace. I hope my uncle and aunt can agree. ”

Chen Qianlin raised his head and looked at Zheng Yang unemotionally.

Qin Shulan and Chen Jun glanced at each other, apparently some unexpected younger son put “marriage” on the agenda so quickly. However, in Chen Xiao's character, he was so serious about his feelings that if he hadn't gone on a run to get married, he wouldn't have taken his boyfriend home.

The orphanage knew the truth; Zhengyang's character was straightforward and enthusiastic, and he was particularly attentive to Chen Xiao. Chen Xiao was always pickled up at the dinner table. The two of them seemed to have good feelings. As parents, there was really no reason to object.

When he saw the recognition in his wife's eyes, Chen Jun said with a smile: “You can make up your own mind about the big marriage thing. Mom and Dad won't object. However, the details of the wedding need to be discussed in advance, so we can prepare in advance. ”

Qin Shulan laughed: “Yes, if Chen Xiao wants to, of course Mom agrees. ”

Chen Qianlin suddenly said: “I disagree. ”

The sound was so cold that it blended into the ice scum that the atmosphere of the entire dining table subsided.

Chen Xiao's back was slightly stiff and his fists tightly clasped under the table. Chen Jun looked at Qin Shulan wisely and lowered his head to eat, pretending to know nothing.

Chen Qianlin stood up and looked at his brother. “Chen Xiao, you come upstairs with me, I want to talk to you. ”

Zhengyang picked the eyebrows: “Brother, can't you say something here? ”

"'It's not convenient,' said Chen Qianlin. 'Our brothers need to talk alone. ”

Zheng Yang stood up and stared at Chen Qianlin. “What do you want? ”

Chen Qianlin calmly said: “Zheng Yang, this is between our brothers, you better stay out of this.” He said just look at Chen Xiao, his eyes are rarely gentle, "Chen Xiao, I want to talk to you alone. Give my brother a chance, okay? ”

Chen Junwei and Qin Shulan, who buried their heads for dinner, were shocked - Chen Qianlin had never spoken to anyone in such a soft tone. This was not the usual indifferent commanding tone, but a plea with negotiation.

Chen Xiao was silent for a moment before he said: "Okay, I want to talk to you too. ”

Zhengyang looked at him worried, Chen Xiao gave each other a comforting look, patted Zhengyang's arm gently, and turned to follow Chen Qianlin upstairs. Two people walked to the terrace on the third floor, a night wind came along, Chen Qianlin's voice followed the night wind to the ear, not as cold as usual, but with a little softness: “You acted with Zhengyang in order to convince me that you have completely let go, right? ”

Chen Xiao's whole body shook violently - how did he know all about it?! Is your acting that bad?

Chen Qianlin seemed to see through his brother's thoughts, "This time, your acting is not bad, Zheng Yang's cooperation is excellent, but I know you too well, you are not the kind of person who tries to love others so quickly. For an obsession, you can tolerate returning to the Alliance after five years. You like your brother for so many years, how can you put it down easily? ”

Chen Xiao's fingers trembled slightly: “Does poking me in the face make you feel very accomplished?” His orbit suddenly turned red and stared at Chen Qianlin violently. "Yes, I couldn't put it down easily, so I needed time, so I had to stay away from you and start a whole new life. Can't you pretend to be me now that you understand? I'm begging you, give me a break, will you? ”

My brother's voice was visibly dull and his slightly trembling fingers revealed painful emotions.

Chen Qianlin's heart hurts so much that he doesn't know how to comfort Chen Xiao. He checked the information. If one of the couples is excited when fighting, the other party can stabilize the other party's emotions with actions such as hugging and kissing.

Thinking of this, Chen Qianlin took a step forward, gently grabbed Chen Xiao's wrist, brought the other party into his arms, held his brother as gently as possible, and gently touched Chen Xiao's back with his fingers.

He wasn't used to doing it. After all, he used to hate touching people the most, let alone hugging them.

However, when he carried his brother's trembling body into his arms, Chen Qianlin found that his heart was somewhat soft, just like when Chen Xiao first slept in his arms when he was a child.

It belongs to another person's body heat and is transmitted through the skin. The slightly trembling younger brother was too painful. Chen Qianlin couldn't help but squeeze his arms and carry Chen Xiao's entire body into his arms.

Suddenly he was hugged by his brother, his nose smelled the faint scent of shower gel on him, and Chen Xiaotong stopped.

What is it? Did Chen Qianlin have a mental illness today?!

The next moment, listen to Chen Qianlin's gentle voice in the ear: “It makes you sad, brother really sorry, will not be in the future. I'm trying to learn how to get along with you. Don't ask Zhengyang to act. We'll solve the problem ourselves. Okay?”

This is the second time he's asked today, okay?

The sound is quite gentle.

Previously, Chen Qianlin would never ask others for their opinions. He said what others must listen to.

This unusual Chen Qianlin, like Boss is renewing his moves to prepare for the second man, let Chen Qianling's back hair, he pushed away from each other, his face red and white: “What are you doing? ”

Chen Qianlin's divine color is very serious, just like the analytical scientific literature, seriously said: “If someone else dares to sleep with me, I will definitely kill him. But because of you, I don't reject it. ”

Chen Xiao's face turned blue: “So I also want to thank you for not killing me?! ”

“… that's not what I meant.” Chen Qianlin coughed softly and calmly after repeated discretion, “I met you at the cafe at the time, and I said too subjectively. Later, I managed my emotions objectively and found that I was not simply a brother to you. I made a mistake, a mistake in my perception of feelings, so I want to correct it in time. ”

Chen Xiaojin reacted to his words for a long time. His heart slightly tightened: “Are you not a brother to me? ”

Chen Qianlin nodded: “The emotional boundaries are so blurred that I can't define exactly how I feel about you. But I can be sure that I want to be with you. Brothers, lovers, all I want in this world is you. ”

Chen Xiao: “........."

Chen Qianlin looked at him gently and said: "Shall we forget the past and start over? ”

Chen Qianlin must have taken the wrong medicine today, right? Why else would you say so many strange things? What is objective and subjective? What emotional cognitive error? What the hell is he talking about?

Chen Xuao turned around expressionlessly: “Your thoughts, I really don't understand. I've had enough and I don't want to get involved with you anymore. I just want to get rid of it now, just to stay away from it, and I hope you respect my decision. ”

Chen Qianlin silenced down.

His confession was clear enough, but Chen Xiao chose to refuse.

Also, it was just a while ago when I said, "It's not possible between us," and then I suddenly changed my mind and said, "I want to be with you," and it's not that easy for anyone to accept -- it's like playing with people.

Chen Qianlin never regretted his decision, but this time, he slapped himself hard.

But it doesn't matter, as he just said, it's hard for anyone else in the world to get close to him -- he's just Chen Xiao.

Chen Xiao is the only treasure in his heart.

He was willing to pay any price to keep the warmth at his side.

Chen Xiao said he was being pushy. Chen Qianlin was so fucking scary when he softened up... his back was cold.

It's probably the end of chapters 2-3!