Master of Trading Star Card Game

External: End of public relationship

[Outside - Public Relationships - Over]

Xie Mingzhe's breaking news with Chen Rolled quickly caused a sensation on the internet. The two names were brushed hot and countless fans stayed up all night, but compared to the madness of the internet friends, the professional alliance group was quiet as if nothing had happened.

What makes you wonder is that even Ye Bamboo, who has always loved to be lively, did not jump out this time to make any comments.

It wasn't until late at night that a message suddenly appeared in the group. It came from Soyang, who was later aware: "@ ChenQianlin I rarely see you forwarding Weibo. What is going on with your apprentice and your brother? ”

Chen Qianlin replied faintly: “It's nothing. ”

When Chen Xiao saw his brother's reply, he couldn't help but get nervous and quickly explained: “I went to the flower market today to buy green plants. I asked him to help me with my staff. Photos taken by paparazzi are captured by the wind, we're just friends, don't even think about it. ”

Tang Muzhou sent a smiling expression: “What about the rose in his hand? ”

Xie Mingzhe jumped out quickly: “From the store! ”

Chen Xiao followed him closely: “Yes. We bought ten pots of flowers, and the shopkeeper kindly gave me a rose. I didn't hold it, so I handed it to Chul and asked him to hold it for me. ”

Tang Muzhou said: "Are you still going to a couple restaurants for dinner? ”

Xie Mingzhe hastily explained: “There's been a big misunderstanding. We were hungry after we moved, we went to a well-decorated restaurant on the street to eat, we didn't even know what it was. ”

Tang Muzhou: “Really? ”

"- [sic]" I'll vouch for you with my head. If there's a lie, you screw my head off! ”

Around the audience: "..."

Pippitzer, do you swear to God you're gonna be so bloody bloody?

Chen Xiao saw Xie Mingzhe's desire to survive so strongly, and immediately chatted privately about Chen Qianlin: “Brother, don't get me wrong, it's really just a coincidence. ”

Chen Qianlin replied calmly: “Do you think that your brother's intelligence is so low that you would believe this explosion? ”

Chen Qianlin was stunned. He also said that if Chen Qianlin could easily believe the rumors, it would not be Chen Qianlin. He was slightly relieved and smiled: “Just don't get me wrong. I thought you were angry. ”

Chen Qianlin: “A little angry, but not angry at you. ”

Chen Qiao wondered: “Then why are you angry? ”

Chen Qianlin: “These puppies are terrible. I can't even do my job, there really is no need to exist. ”

Chen Xiao: “…"

Looks like my brother hates those puppies, Chen Xiao can't help but mourn for the puppies team.

* *

At the same time, Tang Mayu and Xie Mingzhe also opened a private chat window.

Xie Mingzhe said: "People as smart and rational as my brother will not believe in the paparazzi explosion, right? ”

Tang Muzhou frowned: “Are you getting more and more proficient in flattering my skills? ”

Xie Mingzhe continued with a thick face: “Everything I said is true. You're the best brother in the world, and I love Tang Mu Zhou with all my heart. Of course you'll believe me, right? ”

Tang Muzhou: “……”

Xie Mingzhe said: “So I guess you just deliberately asked in the group, not doubting me, just taking the opportunity to explain to others, so that the friends of the alliance don't misunderstand me and Brother Chen, right? ”

Tang Muzhou couldn't help laughing softly - Archer is really a smart ghost, first praise Brother Shunmao hard, then express his loyalty, even if there is more fire, Brother is lost by his two sentences.

Of course, eating a little vinegar is also an affair in life.

Though he believed that Cheol would not betray himself, watching the paparazzi team send Cheol and Chen Xiao's photos online, and analyzing all kinds of reasoning, watching the fans leave messages to bless him, Tang Muzhou's heart still raised a slight obvious dissatisfaction.

Tang Muzhou is not very happy. Of course, he couldn't bear to have an attack on Archer, and he didn't want to get involved with Chen Xiao.

Who are you angry with?

Tang Muzhou closed his eyes and looked at the blogger "gossip studio” of Eye Explosives again. He suddenly felt it necessary to clean up the disqualified puppies in the Star Card Circle. After all, this untrue material always explodes and affects the reputation of the players.

* * *

The bigger Xie Mingzhe and Chen were together, the soaring the hot search ranking, and the more the internet friends used to search the details of Cheol and Chen's relationship with each other, the better the search thought they had a good relationship!

Some of the fans are excited, some are sad, some are turning black, some are turning black, and it's been lively all night.

However, the next morning, when you woke up, you were shocked to find -- the previous blogger, who had exploded -- that all the tweets were missing, and just a little bit into the homepage was a red message: "The account is suspected of posting false information and has been forcibly deactivated”.

All Networkers: "???? ”

What's going on here? Last night was like a dream, sleeping all gone?

What kind of mysterious force did you get?

The internet friends searched for "Xie Mingzhe, Chen Xiao”, and after the keywords were entered, all the information they searched for--

Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao combine to win the twelfth season for two!

Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao publicly said that they will no longer fight in pairs next season, and the team needs to train new recruits...

It's all about the contest, no obscure pictures, let alone the explosion of their relationship.

Last night's network-wide party seemed really just an illusion.

Early in the morning, this strange event occurred, and everyone in the fan community couldn't help wondering, “What's going on?” “About Cheol and Brother Chen's explosion is all gone, isn't it too clean to delete?” “Someone must have done it! ”

The account in the star circle that received the most attention and attention was unwittingly cancelled...

Xie Mingzhe smiled in a tweet: "Heard someone had their account canceled because of false information? That's sweet. Don't eat anything, don't say anything. [Touches head] ”

That was a delightful attitude, and finally not forgetting to mock the paparazzi team. It was really Pippi Jeppenthal.

Chen Xiao also tweeted, righteously stating: “Chul and I are just good buddies. If giving people roses is a couple, does the owner of the rose seller have to make love hundreds of times a day? Roses are meant to be brought to Nirvana. Couple restaurants are just coincidences, please don't catch the wind.” A photograph of roses is attached to the coffee table in the Nirvana Studio Lounge.

Fans: "…”

So far, the rumors about Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao have been thoroughly clarified.

Fans are talking about, "Cheol and Chen seem really friends? I wonder who did this. The paparazzi's explosive officer Bo was directly blocked. It's so clean!” “Feels like Tang Shen did it?" ”“ Do I feel like Lin Gon's pen too? ”

The paparazzi studio was suddenly completely sealed off. Obviously, there were high people out there. Xie Mingzhe, a professional player with no background, shouldn't be able to solve the fan's dashing paparazzi Weibo so quickly... So, did Tang Mucheng and Chen Qianlin do it?

The attitude of the two people who forwarded Weibo yesterday was strange. Tang Muzhou's third consecutive question, Chen Qianlin's rare bubble, indicated that they were concerned about the matter and generated dissatisfaction.

The background of Tang Muzhou is obsessed. The fans only know that he is a rich second generation. What exactly is going on at home is completely unclear and his personal data is well protected. As for Chen Qianlin, no background information could also be found, there are numerous rumors between the workshops, and it is said that Shaobao is the pusher behind the scenes about his imprisonment. Anyway, he can bring out apprentices like Tang and Xie. It is certainly not easy to become a master.

Whoever did it, the end result was obvious.

This paparazzi studio has been in existence for many years, large and small explosive materials, and has previously exploded the privacy of some celebrity players. At most, it was verbally warned. As a result, Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao exploded this time... The heat has not been two days, and the next morning was directly cancelled by the seal.

What a dead body!

Fans left a message on Xie Mingzhe's Weibo: "Cheol is a great demon king, when your fans are a little scared.” “Not only do we, Chul, have a great master behind us!” “Brother and Master are really strong, directly blocking the paparazzi team.” “So we haven't seen Cher's personal feelings for a lifetime, have we? Unless he blows himself up! ”

Xie Mingzhe did not intend to blow himself up. After all, the truth about his relationship with Brother Chen is even more shocking than with Brother Chen.

But Tang Muzhou didn't think so.

After this, Tang Muzhou eagerly wanted everyone to know - my brother is mine, please don't pair Xie Mingzhe up. The only person Xie Mingzhe likes is me, Tang Muzhou, who has promised to marry me.

This desire to urgently declare “he is mine” made Tang Muzhou intolerable. That evening, Tang Muzhou called Xie Mingzhe back to the wedding room of the Emperor City.

When Xie Mingzhe entered the door, Tang Muzhou was cooking in the kitchen surrounded by an apron. He changed his shoes and ran to the kitchen, holding his brother behind his back with a thick face. “Call me back, are you going to question me or miss me? ”

Tang Muzhou turned around and held his brother in his arms, whispering: "I want to make sure that I'm the only one in your heart. ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled and said, “Isn't that something you've already confirmed? ”

Tang Muzhou sighed softly: “But others don't think so. Yesterday, a lot of people said that you and Chen Xiao fit very well, and even joked about your proposal to Shanlan in the all-star entertainment program. ”

Xie Mingzhe smelled a hint of vinegar and couldn't help but look away: “What do you mean? ”

“I want to have an open relationship. ”

Xie Mingzhe shrugged: “Is this... appropriate if you go public now? ”

“Didn't you agree to my proposal? ”

“Yes, I did. ”

“What's to be afraid of?” Tang Muzhou held Xie Mingzhe's hand gently, "I won't regret it. I'm sure you won't either. ”

Listening to each other's low, gentle voice, Xie Mingzhe's heart slowly calmed down.

Yeah, what's to be afraid of?

They had already identified each other, and he had worn the ring from his brother and had met his parents. If they don't get married now, they're just not old enough, and one day they'll get a license, they'll have a wedding, they'll announce to everyone who cares about them that they'll spend the rest of their lives together. So, what's the difference between early and late?

Many people do not dare to go public during the relationship phase because they are not sure if they will end up with each other and are afraid to break up and get hit in the face.

Xie Mingzhe is different. With such a good lover as Tang Muzhou, he will not fall in love with anyone else. Nobody in the world can compare to Tang Muzhou. In his eyes, brother is the best.

He is not afraid to be public, he loves frankly and he loves confidently.

Thinking about it, Xie Mingzhe smiled softly. “It doesn't matter. If you want to go public, go public. ”

Tang Muzhou's heart moved slightly and looked gently at him: “Do you really want to? ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: “I've taken all the rings. What are you unwilling to do? ”

With his bright eyes, Tang Muzhou's mouth finally floated with a gentle smile. He lowered his head and kissed Chul's lips gently. He followed closely and took out the necklace that Chul wore under his clothes.

Xie Mingzhe lowered his head as he cooperated and asked his brother to remove the necklace.

Since accepting his brother's proposal, Xie Mingzhe has never left the ring. It is not convenient to wear a diamond ring so obviously on his hand, so he bought a chain to string the ring together and wear it as a necklace. With the veil of clothes, what exactly is the fall under the chain? No one can see it, not many people will pay special attention to it, just think of it as a playful accessory.

At this time, the necklace was carefully held in the hands of Tang Muzhou. Under the illumination of the light, the huge diamond sparkled, and the inner part of the ring was engraved with "Don & Xie” two obvious small letters. Tang Muzhou immediately removed his necklace, the same chain and diamond ring, with the words "Xie & Tang” engraved on it.

Xie Mingzhe looked at his brother's diamond ring and said: "Photography online? ”

Tang Muzhou smiled and nodded. “Hmm. ”

The two hands held together gently, with a couple necklaces in their palms, the pendant is a men's diamond ring, and the angle of the shot reveals the words in the inner circle of the diamond ring clearly.

After taking the photo, Xie Mingzhe said positively: “The paparazzi don't look good, we just blow ourselves up. ”

He posted the photo on Twitter with a line of comment: "@ Tang Muzhou I'm the luckiest person I've ever met, thank you for giving me a home. ”

Tang Muzhou immediately forwarded, "@ Xie Mingzhe, when you reach the age of 22, we will get married and just want to spend the rest of your life with you. ”

Fans: "!!!!! ”

This tweet completely messed up the fan base.

Xie Mingzhe's powder herd and Tang Muzhou's powder herd appeared countless “sleeping bastards” to brush the screen, and True Love powder sent their microblog snapshots to the herd. Fans who didn't know the truth quickly climbed to Weibo. After seeing the two people's explosives, they couldn't help but explode in situ.

The message below Weibo instantly breaks through the six-digit, and fans fill the screen with a bunch of exclamation marks, gazing, dropping their eyes, and dropping their chin expressions.

Less than ten minutes later, the topic of # Tang Xie's announcement of the wedding was painted first.

“Shit, I'm going crazy, Chul is going to marry Tang Gon?? Tell me I'm dreaming! ”

“Second Brother's flower, pulling out Brother's tree, finally marrying Brother, is this too much debt to pay yourself in? ”

“Hahaha, two major scourges, the rhythm of mutual scourge? ”

“I was originally the brother's black, looking at how much they love each other, I feel like a black diver for the time being. ”

“I hate Pippitzer, but Tang God said he would marry when he was 22... I need to calm down! ”

“Hahaha, I adored Tang Xie CP when they used to brag about each other. CP powder means it's in the sky! ”

“Are the paparazzi blind? Such an obvious couple of necklaces don't know how to shoot! ”

“The paparazzi were too delicious. No wonder Tang Shen smiled and even asked. Lin Shen came out to talk. ”

“This is the worst puppy I've ever seen, the studio was sealed, deserve it! ”

“The paparazzi exploded wrong, said Archer and Tang Gon: Let's do it ourselves, you are too weak. ”

At one time, shocked, excited, pink and black, scolding paparazzi, the more reviews, the more fans of the whole star circle started, and Weibo almost got paralyzed.

The paparazzi couldn't help themselves.

Tang Pastoral and Xie Mingzhe have a good relationship. Everyone knows that they often hug each other and publicly exaggerate each other in the interview, but because they are acting too normal, most of the puppies think they are very honest brotherhood, so everyone ignores their intimacy.

Think about it, Tang Xie. We've been spreading dog food and love all the way. We've been together forever!

He called himself "the male god” on Weibo, and the paparazzi still speculated that Xie Mingzhe and Chen Xiao were a couple? Isn't that blind? It's the worst paparazzi ever.

Yesterday's puppy really wanted to slap himself. It's fucking embarrassing. He was sealed, warned, scared. Let's move on!

A moment later, there was also news of blessings in the Alliance group.

Baixu and Ye Bamboo knew the truth for more than a year. The secret was finally revealed. Both were relieved and brushed in the crowd: “Congratulations!” “A hundred years is good! ”

"" Congratulations, @ Tang Muzhou @ Xie Mingzhe. Remember to send an invitation for the wedding. ”

Zheng Feng: “What? The two scourges are getting married? What a surprise! Congratulations.”

Qi Sirui: “I didn't expect it either, but I wish you both the best. ”

Mountain Lan: “It's good that Pippitzer is going to marry his brother, you two tie each other up, don't come out to harm others! ”

Pei Jingshan: "@ Tang Muzhou's wedding date is set to be notified. ”

Ling Zhuangtang: “Nice, both of you are full of bad water, it really fits very well. ”

Metaphor: “What happened? Why are so many people suddenly congratulating Chul and Tang Shen? ”

Chen Xiao could not cry: “The two officials announced that they were getting married, pointing the way to Weibo. ”

Yike Ke: “I'll go check it out! ”

A moment later, he emerged saying, "Congratulations! Hundreds of years together, early birth of a nobleman! ”

Everyone: “…”

It has always been a less reliable metaphor and less reliable when it comes to blessing.

Tang Muzhou and Xie Mingzhe came out to thank each other. Tang Muzhou also threw more than a dozen red envelopes in the group in a row. The players began to grab red envelopes quickly.

At this time, Tang Xie's microblogging traffic was too high and he was on the verge of paralysis, and Weibo officials urgently added the server.

Authentic owners personally exploded and showed off their couple's diamond rings and publicly said they would get married... After fans and passers-by initially dropped a large row of chins, the wind direction on the microblog turned into a downward blessing.

Xie Mingzhe's fans were quite satisfied with Tang Muzhou. He felt that his brother would always protect him. He would surely be a sweet and gentle lover. He went to Tang Muzhou to leave a message: "Be good to us!” “If you bully Chul, I'll burn all your plants! ”

Fans of Tang Muzhou also went to Xie Mingzhe Weibo to leave a message: "Don't bully my brother!” “seconds flowers, pull out the tree, stop talking about the game, be nice to him when you get married, you said that he is your male god. ”

Mothers' powder broke their hearts about their married lives.

True love powders compete to send their blessings, and some potential CP powders begin to rave, and their privately made Tang Xie video clips and expression packs finally come in handy.

Especially Tang Xie and the two of them were opposed to each other in the twelfth season, 1: 1 to 2: 2, all the way to the excellent shot clip of the finals. At that time, they just felt like they were playing chess against each other and they were playing extremely hard. Now that you know they are a couple, this intense confrontation video is like a dog abuse video... you guessed my skills, I predicted your big move, that heartfelt tacit, every second smells like dog food!

Later in the awards ceremony, Tang Muzhou gently embraced Xie Mingzhe's image, and let fans scream with a scratch of their liver.

So you two have been together a long time!

- The best individual match match since the establishment of the professional league is actually a scene of domestic violence?!

fans: "…”

It's because we've been torn apart for both of you for so long, who the fuck is winning the championship?

Looking at the growing number of blessings and shocked chin under Weibo, Xie Mingzhe couldn't help but laugh: “Now, should you be satisfied? ”

Tang Muzhou smiled and held in his arms the guy who was brushing his head with light. "Very satisfied. ”

The reason he chose to have an open relationship at this time was just to let the whole world know--

Xie Mingzhe is his.

He booked a long time ago, and no one should grumble.

This is the end of the public relationship:)

Chen Qian Lin and Chen Xiao won't be public. You should know that they prefer to keep secrets. The brothers are happy together and don't have to suffer so much controversy.

Tang Xie and [Sweet Wedding] and [Post-Marriage Life] are two extras. See you tomorrow night!