[Extra - Wedding 01]

After the start of the new season, Xie Mingzhe no longer enrolled in the Individual and Pair games - because his suspension time was approaching and he had to return to school, otherwise the school would no longer retain his credentials.

He initially filled out the suspension application form for three years. The parent column was also signed by Tang Muzhou.

At that time, shortly after his 18th birthday, the Nirvana Club had just been established, and Xie Mingzhe chose to suspend his studies in order to focus on playing cards. Now three years later, the Nirvana Club is on track, the club is managed by a professional team, the competition has Chen Qianlin Gate, the conductor has Chen Xiao, and the newcomers are making great progress. Xie Mingzhe intends to take this opportunity to finish school.

Chen Xiao supported his decision and patted Xie Mingzhe on his shoulder and said: "Don't worry, the team has me. ”

Chen Qianlin said: "You can not participate in the regular games, and you have to play in the final season. With your consciousness, a few days of training per month is enough and will not affect your learning. I'll put you on the big list this season. Rotate if necessary, don't you think? ”

Xie Mingzhe simply nodded: “No problem! ”

In the second half of the year, during the knockout phase, he must have been able to draw out a few days of pre-game training each time.

* * *

Qin Xuan stopped school only when Nirvana officially played the game. He was a year later than Xie Mingzhe and resumed school next year. So this time, only Xie Mingzhe left the Nirvana team alone.

After the start of the new semester, Xie Mingzhe returned to Teito University to accompany him to Tang Muzhou.

Worried about attracting students and sisters, Tang Muzhou took Xie Mingzhe to the private school to find school hours on weekdays. Teacher of the teaching department saw the two show up together and couldn't help laughing: "Parents bring Xiaoxie to go back to school? ”

Xie Mingzhe blushed. “Teacher, don't make fun of us. It was only for the school council to approve it as soon as possible that the brother signed on the parent column. ”

Tang Muzhou smiled slightly and said: “You're right, I'm your family now. ”

The teacher nodded and looked at Xie Mingzhe: “Tang is right, you are all about to get married, he can indeed sign your ‘family’ column. By the way, when you get married, don't forget to send your teacher a wedding candy. ”

Xie Mingzhe blushed: “Sure. ”

The teacher smiled and handed the form to Xie Mingzhe, "Come, the resumption application form is here, fill it out. ”

Xie Mingzhe quickly filled it out and went to the school departments to seal it.

At the Academy of Fine Arts, the counselor told Xie Mingzhe that one of the freshman dormitories was just empty. Would you mind staying alone? Of course Xie Mingzhe doesn't mind. Moreover, if Qin Xuan resumes school next year, he and Qin Xuan can also live together to continue to be roommates.

Due to Tang Muzhou's early greeting and smooth resumption procedures, the Department of Fine Arts soon sent the "Xie Mingzhe Student Resumption Notice” document to all teachers, and also sent a copy to the class president.

The two walked on campus, and Xie Mingzhe looked at the familiar tree-lined trails of the school and exclaimed: “Three years went by so fast...”

In his first year, he focused on making cards, qualified as a professional player in the Masters, and formed a Nirvana team with only four players.

In the following year, Nirvana became the strongest black horse of the season, winning the tournament championship after a wave;

In the third year, Nirvana received a huge investment and the management team settled in to become a bigger and more formal card club. He and Chen Xiao participated in the doubles and won the first place. He also won the championship in the individual competitions...

Now, in retrospect, these three years have been very fulfilling and wonderful.

He did not regret the decision to suspend his education at all.

Choosing to go back to school is just another wish to complete the world of Xie Mingzhe.

Since he was a child, he could not afford a professional teacher, so he went to buy cheap teaching materials to figure out his own lines, colors, characters, scenes, learned little by little, and finally succeeded in passing the arts exam of Tidu University.

He had no reason to give up.

Tang Muzhou looked at his radiant appearance and couldn't help but wrap his hands around his shoulder. "Starting tomorrow, you will regain your status as a college student. There are many people who know you at school, and some of you are fans. You will definitely be surrounded after class. ”

Xie Mingzhe shrugged, what he said was a real problem.

He is now a huge fan of Weibo, many of whom are Teito University's pussy fans. Founded by students from Tidu University, Fenghua, Dark Night Capital and Nirvana are among the first tier of professional leagues. The competitive atmosphere of this school is also the most intense in the country's universities. As you can imagine, once the news of Xie Mingzhe's resumption reaches out... will he definitely be watched?!

Xie Mingzhe pressed the temple with a headache and remained silent for a moment before turning back and asking, “Brother, how did you do it? I remember you took a break from school and went back to school, right? ”

Tang Muzhou said: “I usually get stuck in class, wait for the bell to ring before entering the classroom, sit in the last row to try not to attract attention. ”

Xie Mingzhe concurred with the nod: “This practice is indeed worth learning. But what about lunch? So many canteens..."

"“ Just don't eat at school, "said Tang Muzhou. After school, you live in school every day. I don't think it's convenient to see you either. Why don't I buy you a car, you drive home to eat every day, and I'll make it for you. ”

Xie Mingzhe glanced: “Do you personally do it for me? ”

Brother's cooking skills are really good, Xie Mingjieba had to eat the food made by Tang Muzhou. Besides, the handsome man looked like he was cooking under an apron, and Xie Mingzhe couldn't see it. He always felt that the brothers with some sense of life were the warmest.

Tang Muzhou smiled: “Of course, tell me what you want to eat. ”

Xie Mingzhe asked: "Aren't you tired of cooking every day? ”

Tang Muzhou pulled up and stuck it in his ear and said, “How can that be? It's an honor to cook for a loved one. ”

Xie Mingzhe's ears flashed red: “What lover? Don't scream, you're not married...”

Tang Muzhou Dao: “Practice ahead of time. ”

Xie Mingzhe couldn't help laughing, but listening to him scream so intimately, Xie Mingzhe's got a soft heart. It feels like they've really become more and more like a shameless husband and wife since their engagement.

* *

Tang Muzhou helped Xie Mingzheti to go to the boys' dormitory. After walking to the dormitory area, he heard a scream: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh, my God, it's true! ”

A group of girls rushed over and slightly reddened their cheeks because of the excitement.

Xie Mingzhe was frightened by their enthusiasm and immediately took a step back nervously. Tang Muzhou gently held his hand and smiled at everyone with great decency: “Hello, I brought Archer to report to the school. ”

A few girls look at the way he puts Ah-chul behind him, his heart is really going to be adored.

"Two seniors, I'm a fan of yours, can I have your autographs? ”

Immediately, a girl quickly took the paper and pen out of the bag, and several books were brushed before her. Tang Muzhou then signed his name, and then handed it to Xie Mingzhe, who also signed it in cooperation.

This group of fans walked away intellectually after signing and said before leaving: "I love you guys so much, you must be happy!” “Come on, I'll be watching every game you're in! ”

Xie Mingzhe smiled politely. “Thank you. ”

When they left, Xie Mingzhe relieved. “Doesn't seem that scary? ”

Tang Muzhou smiled: “The students at this school are of high quality and do not act too radically, don't worry too much. It's perfectly normal to be surrounded by signatures at first, and after a week everyone gets used to your presence, you won't be surprised. ”

Xie Mingzhe nodded: "Well, let's go to the dorm and pack first. ”

The two of them went to the dormitory to pack their bags, Xie Mingzhe still had to go to the department in the afternoon to collect teaching materials, so he let Tang Muzhou go first. Tang Muzhou suddenly extended his hand to hold Xie Mingzhe's waist. One turned around and pressed Xie Mingzhe against the wall and kissed him enthusiastically.

Xie Mingzhe was pressed against the wall to kiss him. He was about to catch his breath and pushed him away blushed: “This is the school, you keep your head down! ”

Tang Muzhou glanced at the empty room next to his eyes and said: “I suddenly want to come to the art department as your roommate, let's talk about a relationship on campus, so that we can talk to you every night...”

Xie Mingzhe walked over and said, "Come on, you! ”

Tang Muzhou stopped teasing him and let Xie Mingzhe go with a smile.

After the brother left, Xie Mingzhe regained his heartbeat, opened his light brain, and the teacher pulled him into the class, introducing him: "Xie Mingzhe suspended his classes for the game before, resuming this semester, and attending classes with everyone. ”

The girls in the group are dumbstruck.

Xie Mingzhe? Is that Xie Ming-chul from Nirvana?

After three seconds of silence, when the group exploded, a huge amount of flowers, applause, stars and eyes brushed out, and many other girls confessed: “God, the male god is with me in class, am I dreaming?!” “Hello, Tetsu, I'm your little brother!" ”“ The Jew God is resuming his studies with us. I'm going downstairs for three laps! ”“ Weakly asks, can I have your autograph? ”

Faced with the enthusiasm of the students, Xie Mingzhe said politely: "Hello everyone, please take care of me in the future. ”

The girls in the class were going insane. When they chatted privately, their voices were shaking. Many people were loyal fans of Xie Mingzhe. Knowing that Xie Mingzhe was a student of Teitou University, he didn't expect him to resume school with them this year...

The teacher saw this scene and spoke privately to Xie Mingzhe: “You are a public figure, but after all, this is a school, I hope you can pay attention to the scale. Moreover, many courses at Tetu University have strict rules that prevent students from taking the final exam if they miss more than 20 per cent of their classes. ”

Xie Mingzhe replied seriously: “Teacher, don't worry, I will come back to study well, I will try to minimize my influence and get along with everyone as a classmate. ”

The teacher felt that Xie Mingzhe did not look like someone with a star shelf. When he saw his promise, he took it easy.

Nevertheless, Xie Mingzhe underestimated his influence.

The photograph he showed up at the school was quickly hot-searched by the Forum, and many people at Teito University knew he was returning to class.

The first class after school happened to be an open class at the Academy of Fine Arts. According to the number of people in the Department of Fine Arts, there would be more seats in the large classroom. As a result, he came to the classroom and was surprised - nearly a thousand people's classrooms, seats were empty, and there were still classmates standing in the aisle?!

Xie Mingzhe stepped on the classroom bell according to the method taught by his brother. As a result, a piece of black pressure in the classroom prevented him from going in...

The students behind him saw him and immediately came up excitedly: "Archer!” “Tetsuo is here!” “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” “Chul, I'm your powder...”

Just as the class bell rang, the neighborhood quickly calmed down, a boy dragged Xie Mingzhe to his seat and whispered: “Today a lot of other college classmates heard news to dash the class, the seat was not enough, I took one for you, you sit here with me. ”

Xie Mingzhe was awkwardly pulled to her seat, when the teacher in class also walked into the classroom and saw the scene jump.

The young professor pushed glasses and said, "So many people, how many foreign departments come to dash class? ”

Countless people lifted their claws, including standing in the aisle, and the scene was spectacular.

The public classrooms at Tidu University are very large, and the images of the squeeze classrooms are rarely seen.

The professor said, "It's definitely not because I'm good in class, but because I'm a handsome guy today, right? Is Xie Mingzhe here? ”

Xie Mingzhe stood up in the crowd with a clear voice: "Here! ”

The professor nodded: "Not bad, you didn't miss your final exam. Sit down. ”

Teacher, is this a trick?

"It's time for class," said the professor. "Please be quiet. After class, I will leave you alone. ”

Everyone would like to calm down immediately in the classroom. As Tang Muzhou said, the students in this school are of good quality, classroom discipline is good, and there is no whispering sound.

However, when the class bell rang, Xie Mingzhe was surrounded by countless people...

Students lined up to ask him for his autograph, and he didn't have a good time refusing either. He could only smile and hand sign for everyone.

The morning lesson ended at 11: 00 and he was surrounded by autographs until 1: 30 when he returned home panting.

Tang Muzhou looked at his face and guessed that he was surrounded by fans. He came and rubbed his wrist. “Is there a lot of people today? ”

Xie Mingzhe sighed: “I can't even squeeze the classroom down. It's an exaggeration! After class, someone heard the wind coming from another school building, thanks to a kind classmate who took a seat for me. Otherwise, I was squeezed into a crowd and squeezed into meatloaf. ”

He was paralyzed in bed with his limbs wide open and seemingly hopeless.

Tang Muzhou grinned and touched his head. “That means you're very popular and a lot of people like you. ”

Xie Mingchul's headache cracked: “Alas... my hands are breaking!” He simply took a lesson and felt tired this morning than he did in a hard war.

Tang Muzhou gently kneaded his wrist: “Don't worry, people will soon get used to you. ”


Being surrounded by classmates about signing lasted a week.

Xie Mingzhe walks on campus and always hears, "Is that Zhejin? Oh, my God, he's back!” or something like that.

There are a lot of posts about him in the school forum. Despite the cynicism of black powder, Xie Mingzhe is too popular. Black powder speech is like a small wave, and it is caught in a large number of posts admiring philosopher Xie Ming.

Xie Mingzhe's been very low profile at school, he hardly attends any activities except his classes on time every day and is polite every time he meets a fan. The point is, he was especially serious in class.

Xie Mingzhe lowered his head to take a photo of the note, who sent it to the internet and caused another sensation.

He usually plays games with a smile that's a little cheap, plus the cards he makes makes makes people want to smoke him.

But today he is another temperament, wearing a casual T-shirt Xie Mingzhe looked particularly sunny and clean, he sat in the classroom, long fingers holding the pen, taking serious notes on the book, occasionally overthinking and thinking carefully, handsome side faces without flaws, is the school male god in the minds of countless girls.

Tidu University took first place in the Forum's draft of the year… Xie Mingzhe took first place without a doubt.

A lot of the schoolmates had to live in Tang Muzhou to leave a message: "Tang Shen, how did you cheat on Chul? Can I still rob him?” “Rob Chul +1” “Line up to rob Chul, add me! ”

Tang Muzhou replied: “He is mine and does not accept rebuttal. ”

"" ………… "

* * *

After a week of being watched, everyone got used to Xie Mingzhe being out of school.

Eight gossip classmates quickly discovered that Xie Mingzhe never ate in the cafeteria.

Once, a daring classmate asked, "Chul, aren't you eating at school? I'll buy you dinner! ”

Xie Mingzhe said with a slight smile: "No, brother is waiting for me at home. ”

"" ………… "

Can you save some money on dog food?

Tang Muzhou is waiting for him at home, no wonder Xie Mingzhe is not at school for lunch or dinner time... Tang Shen is so powerful to spoil his brother!

A week later, Xie Mingzhe finally integrated into school life, and surrounding students were not as exaggerated towards him as they had been at first.

Students only found out that Xie Mingzhe was not only a great player, but also a schoolmaster. Classes were asked by the teacher, his answers were clear and organized, and his homework was always evaluated by the teachers A +. Many girls secretly moved for him, but soon they would be reminded by their friends: “Don't think about the sky, he was booked by Tang Muzhou!” “Alas, competing with Tang Shen, there is no chance of victory! ”

No matter how busy the school is, Xie Mingzhe will go home to eat without hindrance.

Tang Muzhou was very satisfied with his performance. After all, there were too many handsome women in the school. Maybe someone was secretly in love with Xie Mingzhe. When the classmates gathered, it was inevitable to get drunk in private. Tang Muzhou thought he was really wise. He announced that Archer belonged to him early. He had decided to marry, which would at least scare most people to chase Ming-chul.

Because at this time, once someone confessed to Xie Mingzhe, he was the shameless third son in the eyes of the public.

- Robbing people with Tang Muzhou, looking in the mirror, see if you are qualified for this?

* * *

After Xie Mingzhe returned to school for a while, some impatient parental powder gradually appeared online.

“Archer is 21 years old this year, he promised to marry at 22 years old, don't forget.” “In a year, I wonder how Tang Shen's wedding is going?” “Tang God must give Chul a romantic wedding!” "Next year Archer hasn't graduated yet. Isn't it too soon to get married?” “College students can get married, as long as they reach their age, the law permits it, and the school rules allow it. ”

Xie Mingzhe: “..............."

He got a little nervous when fans pushed him to get married. Actually, the two of them should be together. Xie Mingzhe doesn't mind the wedding or anything. Simply take an oath and exchange the ring.

He, at the time, had no idea that Tang Muzhou had prepared for their wedding for a full two years.

Still a sweet chapter.

Write a wedding tomorrow, will you? Good night, everybody!