Master’s Smile

First story, Master of the Dark Alliance.

Whoa. It's time for this.

I check the moon I see through the window and stop the work I've been doing.

Mm-hmm. Thoughtfully stretch your back and loosen your solidified body.

Ha... Even today, I only did paperwork...

Well, I understand it's more important to do paperwork than to come out and earn money in my position.

But it also hurts my heart to leave dangerous outside work to the guild members and let my boss, me, relax and do paperwork in a safe guild.

All the more so if the guild members are just kids who seem like children to me.

I want to go out and work too...

Everyone stops me anyway...

Do they think it's that useless? Pretty sad rather than a little......

Sure, not that I'm as strong as everyone else, but I was still traveling alone until I made this guild.

Of course, there were many times in dangerous eyes, and each time I cut through them on my own.

So I think it's okay to work......

I'll take out the paintings I hold dear.

There were depictions of the faces of the members belonging to this guild.

By the way, this is my own creation.

I'm proud to say that I'm doing pretty well for someone who can't do anything about it.

I smile bitterly as I look at each face.

Oh... Still, I'll do whatever these kids ask me to do.

It's not very much but I don't want to see them look sad that they turned down a favor.

When we were all little, there were a number of kids who cried when they saw me at work.

It was an easy wall paint request, but apparently she was scared of me not laughing.

Well, it's weirder to be laughing at hera while I'm at work, but I started doing things that were in their reaction.

It's always about smiling with Nico.

Whatever happens, I always smile.

Then they smiled at me when they looked at me, without crying or grieving.

It was tough not to be able to put it on the table like I thought it was emotional, but now it's totally about the board, to the point where I feel unnatural if not smiling the other way around.

"Hey, are you done with your work?

When I was thinking about it, there was a woman talking from behind.

He has long, clean black hair and smiles at me with a nickel.

The smile was as beautiful as a goddess.

On breasts so full that you can tell from above clothes, buttocks.

I can't keep my eyes on you.

Because my guild members have an unbeatable style.

They want to skimp on me like that.

Each time, if I looked at them with disgusting eyes, they would definitely hate me one day.

That alone must be firmly avoided, and thus withered.

Or because I'm not sad...

"You're keen, too. I can't believe I scrutinized your request so late..."

She looks at me with admirable, frightened eyes.

Well, then, yes.

'Cause it's the job of the members' kids to put their lives on the line, right?

If you ask me to be irrational or crazy, I'll never let you take it.

I can barely do my job outside, so I guess I'll have to keep this up.

"Still, it's not normal to do paperwork for the first time in twenty hours."

I smile nicely, too, because she smiles bitterly.

Are you worried about me?

Still, you used to come in here, didn't you?

She's not a member of this guild, but she comes to my room often.

"Huh. Well, it's easy for me to break into the master's room.... but if I stay too long, Fazacon (those kids) will take care of me."

Those kids would mean guild members.

Because they're strong, too. I guess you'll find out the signs and all that.

"Still, it's not normal to see my signs."

She was smiling bitterly and cheeky.

No, no, no, you probably are, too, at a time when you're able to shake off their security net and break into my room.

"I'm glad to be complimented by you.... Hey."


"Did you think you'd accept this previous story?

She flutters and at some point approaches me and looks up at me with her slicing eyes.

The last time I talked... Oh, was I talking about not being yours or something?

"Yeah, yeah. If you become mine, there will be many delicious things waiting for you. Life expectancy extends, even beyond the race of humans..."

She tells me all kinds of perks...... hmm. It's not good for me.

Unfortunately, my life expectancy seems to be human, but I've already broken through the sky.

I don't know why, but you're not dying yet, are you?

When the hell am I going to have a life expectancy...

So I tell her I'm sorry.

"... mmmmm"

She swells her cheeks up and down.

How many times has this happened? Turning down her invitation is.

Come on, I'm glad you're giving up.

I can't be hers, even if I have very attractive privileges.

Because I have very important guild children.

"... really, you like guilds"

They say it like she gave up.

Yeah. Sort of.

More importantly, I love the guild members I belong to rather than the guild.

"With such a kind master, they'll love the master, too"

Do you really like me?

Everyone was a little nervous because they were too busy at work to talk about much.

Oh well. No, I'm glad.

"As a gift, I know how they feel about trying to 'raise the world'."


...... hmm? What? What?

I was so happy with the word "gift."

But the contents of that gift sounded like a hell of a thing, is it my fault?

"Oops. I guess it's time they noticed. I think it's time to go."

She leaves me at once.

At that time, I found my beautiful dark hair and my overwhelmed chest shaken, but I can't afford to worry about it.

Wait a minute. Please, listen to me.

"Bye, master. One day, you're gonna have to be mine, right?

That's what she said, leaving an attractive smile and disappearing without a trace all the time.

Wait! Just the contents of the present, just answer and go!

What's "Giving the World"?!? What are they doing?

I can't stop beating my heart with words that are too disturbing!

Come back. Yikes!!