Medical road

Chapter 1424, now I am ignorant.

Surgery is almost done for the night, Venus hanging in the sky, the eastern sky hazy, just like wearing a gray silk stockings girl skin, say white is not white, that black is not black, but looking at will be able to make people feel there is a energetic sense when they Zhang Fan surgery finally over.

The operating room, the old man look old Lu Zhang Fan waiting at the operating table, looked straight at the back of the young, the old man's heart finally put down slowly.

This comprehensive disease, often in the country's hospitals are multi-joint surgery department, if it is female, that is, with almost all surgical disciplines gynecology will come.

So, here today surgery, before the surgery, Lu old man did not say anything, but the heart is hanging, he knew their own little apprentice talent, but immediately faced with so many organs or organ failure already.

To tell the truth, he really worried, the patient died on the operating table. Often this case, if the first large-scale integrated hospital doctors enough time to build, the end result is the death of a patient in the ward.

Because doctors do this surgery, not a cabbage, a voice call can be a car, do this organ failure and immediately faced a doctor's surgery, often you do not make reservations in advance, people are not in the way surgery is surgery, impossible to say that you can call to complete the call.

This is a lot of major surgery time, before having to determine a good week or two weeks away.

The old man did not sleep all night, to be honest, than his own are worried about the surgery, the results of this kid is pretty good, firmly Dangdang up, down firmly Dangdang.

Medical stay up all night and stay up all night playing mahjong somewhat similar, not the kind of family the New Year playing mahjong, but relying on mahjong fortune to win his wife the kind of play.

Not only physical but also fees brainer, so this night mahjong person, the next day is like eating flour, pale face did not say, creases his face, bags under the eyes, lips and skin Alice, tell the truth, take to the streets the police investigation is focused stare of the object.

Of course, the old man's face creases Lu can not say more than no more, anyway, his face could not find a flat place, it can be spiritual malaise powerful. The old man physical fitness can not do it, otherwise it will not seal up early on the knife.

"Hospital ICU it?" Zhang Fan, frowning asked the doctor standing in the desert country under the operating table, surgical worry, there is not even the ICU did not ask, because Zhang Fan frown is now a little uncomfortable.

Glucose inside the stomach after drinking too much like a small cut, like a knife in the stomach acid sting badly, this can live with, is the most uncomfortable wearing diapers before the surgery, this time, his bladder is like a basketball as really endure uncomfortable ah.

Now, he felt into the bathroom, he can look at the bathroom walls can be collapsed to red.

"Yes, there!" The doctor desert country this time, the country doctor's attitude toward China absolutely polite, are engaged in medical, watching from start to finish even a doctor to do all over the major organs. This powerful technology, Nima really scary.

To be honest, this surgical technique, if placed in Imperial, will frighten the younger generation of doctors. And Lu as the older generation of digital hospital, and surgeon Hua State's own culture, there are many people in this technology.

The year's top doctors surgery, craniotomy on energy, lower energy through the urethra, circumcision can be left and right can become a midwife. Really is not an exaggeration, when conditions are bad, it cultivated a group of extremely fast hardware doctor.

This is definitely not the doctor a small country can be cultivated. Of course, Zhang Fan to their generation, which doctors almost disappeared. In fact, very unfortunate, though perhaps that the doctor on the research of others a short leg.

But in ordinary clinical, this kind of person is God! Perhaps there will be such a group of doctors in the future. First of all, there is no previous environment to let you practice, and no one is willing to do such a doctor because most doctors' goals are director of the department! Director of the Department can change your wife!

Finally, the abdominal cavity was tested, and the patient was changed from the operating table to the flat car, and under the leadership of the tea, the doctor's doctor took the way to follow, with the patient to ICU.

Zhang Fan has undergone surgery, and there is no saying that it is going to the bathroom.

It's been a limit. I think I can break through the dam. When I am defeated, I am a little stinging like Tatrace. Zhang Fan sighed in his heart, the mother, the prostate estimation, the possibility of swollen and increased a percentage point.

After the emotion, I washed a face, the face of the mask, and then the fat of the oil-secreted oil was infiltrated on the skin of the red print.

A slightly cleaned it, Zhang Fan out the bathroom, enter the surgical room, and see his master, look at the old man, and Zhang Fan suddenly felt that there was a loss.

"How do you guard it overnight! How old are you!"

Inside the disciple, Zhang Fan can say this, if the other master brothers say this, the old man will get angry, the ancient Chinese people have summed up early, the old under the sky is small, this is no way.

"Oh, I will not be able to help you, you can't help you, you are very good, I always feel that you have east, I am afraid that you have delay your talent.

Now I am relieved, you didn't live up to your talent. "The old man laughed and looked at this smallest closing disciple in front of him, and there is a feeling of success in my heart.

"You see you, walk, I will hold you to rest!" Zhang Fan who said in the old man almost tears. The sluggish old man makes Zhang Fan's inexplicably, the old man is old!

This rotation surgery, the doctors in each department of the tea have no chain, three groups, three people, do not need Zhang Fan's heart, automatically form a team, seamlessly connected, surgery has almost no pause.

Out of the operation, Lao Chen gave you a hot porridge fritter, really hard to be old, and didn't know where to get it. This place is so convenient to find milk, and it is really not easy to find a hot porridge.

Lao Chen saw Zhang Fan who came out, I took a warm water in the first time, one person sent one, "I drunk, my lips are getting skin, drink some hot water, loop, eat it, I have prepared it. Ok, millet rice. "

The hungry person, always thinks of big fish meat, in fact, this place is not the first time to add energy, the fastest supplement is directly glucose, then the starch food, then it is a protein, and finally Fat.

Glucose enters an empty stomach and does not neutralize the gastric acid. The intestinal mucosa will still be corroded. Why don't you eat breakfast, you will feel that you will feel your stomach, eat delicious rice, suddenly pain.

This is the duodenal ulcer, because there is no dinner in one night, no food in the morning, there is no food, the intestinal mucosa will be gastric acid.

"Hard work is old Chen, life is not familiar, let you be busy!" Enthusiastic porridge, Zhang Fan said while drinking.

"Dean, you said, I am embarrassed. Isn't this my job?" Lao Chen's old foot actually appeared a red cloud. In fact, Lao Chen was eating this, really costs a lot of effort.

You may get this kind of intimate words, Lao Chen feels that this should be, it is not worth mentioning.

After letting Lu's head and the other two old men to rest, Zhang Fan can't rest, because the patient did not spend the dangerous period, the dosage of this owner is too large, the drug metabolism is not over, still have an edema suffocation organ. Failure may.

At that, Zhang Fan has more people here, directly take over the ICU, six people and a group of rotation tests, others take time to find a place to rest.

The surgeon said that I slept, I can't be ambiguous, lying in the ward, white coats did not take off, lie down.

From the first time, the old king came to the hospital for the first time. I originally think that I can see Zhang Fan in the first time. As he came, Zhang Fan was already asleep.

The old king did not bother Zhang Fan, and the person who took the person first began to arrange Zhang Fan's residence. He already knows, the operation is successful!

After the operation, the old king did not need to negotiate, directly with the people who took Zhang Fan their luggage in the desert base, not only good conditions, the most important thing is safe.

The old king personally opened the car, then Lu Lao went to the base, then with the acquisition of food in the capital of the desert, half of this country is a desert is a Gobi, relying on the west side with a big lake.

Dao Wang knows that Zhang Fan likes to eat seafood, but the fresh seafood of this place is really not good, but freshwater fish and shrimp are also good.

Select picking, picking well.

Zhang Fan slept for 2 hours, wake up, there is something in my heart, after the most tired stage, I wake up.

Zhao Yanfang is earlier than Zhang Fan, and is also a person who has a blessing. She is not only responsible for the continuing treatment after young people. It is also possible to communicate with the Teacher's internal medicine team, and determine the specific treatment of others.

After Zhang Fan woke up, although I felt groggy, there were too many things, no way to mediation, after reading the patient's patient, the boss of the desert is also coming to the hospital.

"Thank you, thank you Hua Guo's expert, you are the best!"

"Well!" After listening to the other's praise, nodded, nor is it polite, and young people almost die in the ward.

"Although the life of the son is now through the most dangerous stage, the next treatment is still very troublesome, I still have a sentence, the equipment and instruments you here are not enough to support the next treatment."

Now Zhang Fan said this, the foot is like a small new elephant, and there is no feeling.

"You said, what should I do next?"