Harry didn't expect that the wish he made when the purple sweet potato essence snapped his fingers would actually come true.

His wish is: Please let him have the ability of DC Superman, and then push everything in the world of Marvel.

As a result, after closing his eyes, he found that he had come to another world, and this world he knew very well.


In addition to coming to this slotted world, what made him unbearable was that he turned out to be Harry Osborn, the Osborn family who had a family genetic disease and could never survive fifty years!

But thinking that he might have died unexpectedly in a certain battle, he didn't care how old he could live. After all, this is Marvel, and the house is demolished from time to time, and the hapless people have already gone to meet the King of Yama.

I really shouldn't make a wish!

But apart from these, Harry was actually quite happy about his current identity. After all, he was an orphan in his previous life, without a car or house, and he was alone.

Now I am here, suddenly there are a lot of phone calls marked as "girlfriends" in the phone address book, there are tens of millions of dollars in the card, and there is a private mansion where I live alone now.

Harry couldn't think of a way to get rid of his current temptation!

"Difficult, too difficult."

After a few seconds of contemplation, he sighed heavily on the super soft bed.

A few days ago, he also tried to see if he had the ability to bring superman, but after a few days in the sun, his skin was hot and there was no effect.

But he still didn't have the idea of ​​giving up. After all, it was because of his wish that he suddenly passed through. How could it not be realized by only passing through?

You have to bring a little gold finger.

So he decided to stick to the sun, and just sun it if he has time.

However, the weather was not so good these days, with dark clouds and light rain. Harry couldn't get the sun, so he took a break.


Reorganize the most recent information.

Six months ago Tony Stark announced that he was Iron Man and regrouped the Stark Group. His classmate Peter Parker was still in high school and had not entered the Osborne Group.

So far, it can be concluded that the timeline of this Marvel world is not the same as the Marvel world he is familiar with, but whatever it is, there are many bugs in the Marvel world, and there are also many parallel universes, and maybe this is the real one. The Marvel World Timeline.

"The Osborne Group... is going to inherit a big company next."

Harry lay on the bed leisurely, no accident, Norman Osborne was hopeless, he would be the boss of the company by then.

In inherited memory, Norman Osborne seemed to care little about him, and there was almost no exchange between the two in a year.

But the living expenses are in place, even a little too in place.

Harry wanted to wait until he took over the Osborne Industries, and then squandered it until he was exhausted.

How can I get over the dying illness and pass away miserably.

Or when a certain purple sweet potato essence snaps its fingers, it turns ashes accidentally.

Jingle Bell……

the phone is ringing.

Remarks: Jenny Smith


It's this little fairy.

Some time ago, the two had just had a wonderful start.

Although it is not personal experience, but the memory is quite comfortable.

However, due to the passing of these two days, her mind is a bit unstable, so she has not invited herself many times.


Harry decided to make himself drunk and dreamy!

"Crook, honey, I'm at Sam's Bar, would you like to come over for a drink?"

"Of course! Wait for me! Let us gallop tonight!"


Surprised over there, Harry hung up.

Over there, he was 18 years old and single, and he came to this 18-year-old self again. There is no way, this world can fall day by day.

When driving into downtown Brooklyn, Harry suddenly remembered something and patted himself on the head.

"Damn it!"

I forgot to bring safety measures!

He is very sensitive to these "girlfriends", it would be terrible if he accidentally made a descendant, after all, he was only planning to fall.

It's not here to feed the children hard!

In order to prevent those "girlfriends" from plotting against themselves, it is better to prepare for this kind of safety measures.

Immediately, Harry found a place to park, turned and walked into a large store.

"Please give me a kind of safety measures that are 100% safe..." He said directly to the clerk without feeling embarrassed.

The current him is no longer the past him.

He wants to wave!

"Oh, man, I get it!"

The male clerk grinned at him, and skillfully took out a box of things from the counter: "Safety is high. Meeting it is your guarantee of happiness!"


Harry was ecstatic, and after paying the money, his hand trembling when he put the box in his pocket.

This was the first time he touched this kind of thing.

A little excited.

The clerk blew a happy whistle: "You're welcome, buddy, come again next time!"

As soon as he walked out of the shop, Harry was about to get into the car when suddenly he saw a large group of people running from the front in panic.


Harry shook his heart.

Wouldn't it be someone who came to tear down the house?

Not far in front is Sam's Bar!

Now, no matter what he was about to be unhappy, Harry just wanted to run away.

But looking at the crowds, driving away is very difficult.

Without hesitation, he turned and ran out.

Suddenly, in the street ahead, a car smashed over and directly crossed a distance of more than ten meters!

Whistling right in front of him.

A huge figure walked out of the flame.

Very tall and strong.

It's not like a human being.

At least two meters tall!

With every step, the ground trembles.

Harry's eyes projected over, and his pupils suddenly shrank.

Brown skin, very skinny body, there is a dorsal vertebra showing bones on the back, the eye sockets are deep, and the whole head is like a skeleton...


Harry's eyes widened, and his heart was suddenly frustrated.

I was happily tonight...

Why are you fucking!


At this time, Abomination suddenly jumped, jumped directly over a distance of more than ten meters, and landed on this crowded street.

The ground trembled frantically.


A heavy breath sounded, and Harry didn't dare to move at all.

The hatred jumped directly to him, dare you believe it?

[See the face of'hatred' and gain a little experience point!

[Consumption of 1 point of experience]

[Successfully opened the Superman Growth Plan!

[The road to growth begins now!

[Distribute a "traveling gift package"!

"Cheers! You excitedly opened the traversing gift package and got [Five Years of Sunshine]!"

Looking at the font that suddenly popped out in front of me.

Harry was dumbfounded.

Also, what does the last sentence mean?


I'm not excited at all right now!

Don't add adjectives to others!