Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 3 This trick is not called a sneak attack, it is called a human way


[You and the'Hulk' are in a battle, and you accidentally lose, experience +15.

With a strong bang, the whole street trembles.

When he was hit by a punch, Harry couldn't stop his figure, flew out more than ten meters, and hit the wall hard.

It's as if he hit hate just now.

What's the matter, something like a sneak attack can also be done?

Harry felt pain all over his body, and the power of this punch was definitely not small.

The physical injury began to heal quickly.

He crawled out of the wall slowly.


At this moment, Hulk's arms shook, he roared angrily, turned and rushed to hatred.


Disgust was already a little scared at this time, and Harry's body was so strange that he was almost intangible like a ghost.

But at this time, seeing the Hulk rushing over, it immediately sneered, propped its arm, and jumped up from the ground.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

Bang bang bang!

The two behemoths fought furiously.

In this case, people who continue to pay attention to this place look stupid.

This is an unprecedented destruction in New York City!

The whole street was broken!

On the military helicopter, General Rose narrowed his eyes and looked at Harry and muttered, "Which thing is this again?"

"General! That man stood up!"

Seeing Harry crawling out of the wall, everyone's eyes widened and hurriedly reported using the communicator.

"This kind of physique, this is the real strengthening person!" General Ross clenched his fists and said quickly: "Check him out for me!"

"General, he found us!" Someone soon reported.

General Rose was anxious: "Idiot, who wouldn't notice such a big light shining over?"

"If it weren't, we wouldn't be able to see him clearly."


Realizing that he was locked by the helicopter, Harry teleported directly. He didn't want to be too high-profile now.

Mainly because the current strength is not very strong, it has to continue to improve.

Soon, his injury has recovered 70% to 80%, and he is still recovering.

Harry returned his gaze to the two large monsters, his eyes flashing with cold light.

Rushed out instantly!

The figure flickered.

"Hey, Hulk! How about a taste of this punch!"

He suddenly came to the Hulk, clenched his fists, and rushed out!


The moment the fist touched, a wave of air rushed away.

The Hulk just turned his head, his face received an iron fist, and he was blown out abruptly.

[You are fighting with the'Hulk', and the sneak attack is superb!Experience value +150!

I'm invincible and super, need a sneak attack?

This trick is called'using one's own way to cure one's body', you know a hammer.

Harry stopped paying attention to the pop-up messages on the virtual screen.

Disgust shook his head and stood aside.

Seeing Harry in front of him, it froze for a moment, showing a look of horror.

Just finished the fight by you, the Hulk took it again, now you are on it again.

This is a new generation of warfare, wheel beat warfare?

Detest and want to escape.

But I turned around and saw Harry again, at this speed...

It gritted its teeth and wanted to punch it.

But Harry's fist is faster!

He yanked it out of his chin, and beat it to the sky!

On the other side, the Hulk hit the ground fiercely, ploughing a long trace on the ground.

It opened its mouth and spit out blood.

His eyes were more fierce.

Regardless of everything, he turned and ran to Harry quickly!

"Want to sneak attack?"

Harry turned to look at it, his figure flashing quickly.

The Hulk hadn't reacted yet, and was knocked out again with a punch.

"Roar!!! Roar!!!"

Aggrieved, angry!

The Hulk looked left and right, lifted a huge broken wall, and hit Harry.

Harry quickly avoided.

He is becoming more and more familiar with his current body, and some low-level abilities can be skillfully displayed.

Afterwards, the Hulk continued to throw the stone vigorously quickly, and Harry teleported and avoided perfectly.

Seeing that the two were beating each other, he turned around and ran after he became sober.

Now that they are crowded, we will settle accounts later!

"Want to run?"

Harry was paying attention to it all the time, seeing this scene, immediately turned and charged, and continued to beat it continuously.

The Hulk also rushed forward, this time the goal is hatred!

It and Harry cleverly reached a consensus, that is, to solve this ugly and jerky thing first.

Of course, hatred cannot withstand the two men's beating.

With an aggrieved cry, it passed out gloriously.

"Kill it?"

Harry thought of this question.

However, this time the Hulk rushed towards him.

The more frustrated the more courage.

Harry could kill this guy with a'super speed'.

The Hulk now is very weak and hasn't grown yet.

"Hulk slap!"

Suddenly, the Hulk roared and slapped his hands, and the surrounding shock wave rushed away!

Harry was forced to go backwards.

Is there such an operation?

He was shocked.

Seeing the Hulk catching up, he grinned and held his foot.

"I warn you, don't...ah!"


Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

The Hulk waved his arms wildly, drawing Harry to the ground.

Hulk, this time is enough for you to blow for a lifetime!

Thermal vision!

Come out to me!

Harry tried to widen his eyes, and soon he felt his eyes start to burn.

Gradually boiling hot!


Immediately, two red lasers rushed out of the eyes and hit Hulk!


Hulk subconsciously threw him away.

Harry was sore all over.

He couldn't bear this mess.

Seeing the Hulk rushing again, his eyes flashed with red light, and he released his hot eyes again!


fly a kite!

Harry tried to fly.

With concentration, the gravel and dust around the ground began to shake slightly.


At this time, a woman rushed out and shouted to Banner!

Banner turned his head, a little dazed.

One was accidentally knocked out by Thermal Vision.


It yelled unwillingly, but glanced at the woman twice and noticed several military helicopters flying in the sky. It retreated two steps and jumped directly outside.

One jump can jump more than ten meters.

Disappeared here soon.

Finally stopped.

This monster is getting more and more frustrated.

At this time Harry could be regarded as experiencing the horror of Hulk.

But the main reason is that he is not strong enough now, otherwise, a punch can bring Hulk back to Banner.


Seeing the Hulk disappear, the woman's face was a little bit painful, and she looked at Harry just about to speak.


"Boom!" A cry!

She only saw the person rising into the sky like a cannonball, and quickly merged with the night sky and disappeared.


Ah ah ah-

It's so exciting!

Harry, flying fast in the sky, felt that his spirit was sublimating!

What a magical thing a person can fly in the sky without relying on foreign objects!

What's more, he had always been afraid of heights...

So in the current situation, he was excited and frightened, and a kind of alternative stimulus grew.

The sense of suspension is extremely strong.

Passing through the blocks in the sky, Harry gradually relaxed as he watched the bright lights below.

Find a downtown area.

He got into the crowd, then quickly walked to another street, took a taxi back to his villa.