Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 4 Asking questions online, this person seems wrong

It's so exciting.

I wanted to have fun this evening, but I didn't expect to bring myself such a powerful ability, and I had a fight with two famous monsters in Marvel.

You have to study your abilities.

Harry walked into the basement excitedly.

Inside the basement is a spacious place with four luxury cars parked.

When he walked to the boxing force tester, Harry moved a little, then punched out at random!


With a loud noise, the boxing force measuring device exploded directly, and the fragments were scattered all over the place.

This is a machine that can withstand 2000 kg of force!

It burst with one punch?

The power to punch at will is more than two tons.

Then if all the power is used, it is estimated to be dozens or hundreds of tons, right?

But without a reference, he doesn't know how powerful he is now.

It's terrifying anyway!

Harry grinned.

As for thermal vision, it has been tested just now. It is very powerful and can easily cut things away.

There is also a body of steel.

Harry thought for a while, took a sharp knife and slashed it at his arm.


A soft sound.

The arm is fine.

The knife was broken.

Really hard!

By the way, there is this thing.

Thinking of the most important panel, Harry immediately opened it.

Krypton King: Harry Osborne

Experience: 4045

[Realm: Black Iron, Tier 4]

[Non-European powerhouse competition: lottery pool]

[The exchange ratio of experience value and sunshine days-100:1]


With more than four thousand experience points, I should be able to smoke something.

Click to open the lottery pool.

There are six things in the prize pool.

[One day of sunshine] [One year of sunshine] [500 experience points] [Thank you for your patronage] [Weak body strengthening medicine] [Thank you for your patronage]

Reminder: The Black Iron lottery pool is updated once a week.

Just a few things?

And there are two more [Thank you for your patronage]!

Harry frowned.

However, he noticed the five words "Black Iron Lottery Pool", this lottery pool should be able to be upgraded.

There should be more babies at that time.

He glanced at the things in the current lottery pool, and it is estimated that he earned [One Year of Sunshine] and [500 Experience Points].

[One Day Sunshine] You can exchange it by yourself, 100 experience points can be exchanged for one day.

And a lottery also requires one hundred experience points.

As for the [weak body strengthening medicine]...

What use is this thing for him?

He is a superman, can he use it?

Turn around and wash the handles first.

Leave one thousand experience points to exchange for ten days of sunshine, and use three thousand experience points to draw a lottery!

If you win [One Year of Sunshine], you can make a lot of money.

Rubbing his hands, Harry chose to draw.

The balance bar suddenly disappeared for 100 experience points.

The lottery pool kept flashing, and finally burst into light.

[Congratulations on your winning'One Day Sunshine'!

Not bad, at least not thank you for your patronage.

Continue to draw!

[Congratulations on your winning'Thank you for your patronage'!



[Congratulations on your winning'One Day Sunshine']


[Congratulations on your winning'One Day Sunshine']


[...'Thank you for your patronage'...]


[...'One day sunshine'...]


Draw two thousand five hundred experience points in a row!

Harry just won the'One Day Sunshine' x10, mostly thanks for your patronage.

[Congratulations on your winning the'weak body strengthening potion']

[Congratulations on your winning'One Day Sunshine']

[Congratulations on your winning'One Day Sunshine']


The back of his luck has improved, five hundred experience points, three days of sunshine, and a bottle of weak body strengthening potion.

Back to the personal panel.

Krypton King: Harry Osborne

Experience: 1045

[Realm: Black Iron, Tier 4]

[Inventory Bar]:'One Day Sunshine'*13, weak body strengthening potion.

[Non-European powerhouse competition: lottery pool, opened]

[The exchange ratio of experience value and sunshine days-100:1]

With a thought, click on [Weak Body Strengthening Medicine].

Suddenly, Harry's hand sank, and a crystal bottle appeared in his hand out of thin air!

The crystal bottle is filled with green crystal liquid, which is very beautiful.

Weak body strengthening agent

Grade: d

Function: It can strengthen the human body to a small extent, the main function is to cure various difficult diseases, and has a good therapeutic effect on terminal diseases.

and many more……

Cure the disease!

Harry stared.

He thought of the father of this body, Norman Osborne.

Although Norman did not communicate too much with his predecessor in his memory, he was absolutely caring about his son and arranged for someone to help his predecessor do everything.

"I will give you this thing, I don't know if it's useful or not."

Harry murmured softly, "Take it as my compensation and to prevent you from taking the path of the Green Goblin."

Now his relationship with Norman is blood relatives, the memory of eighteen years is not covered, he also has some feelings for Norman faintly in his heart.

With him, it is absolutely impossible for Norman to become the Green Goblin.


One night passed in a comfortable sleep.

Ten o'clock in the morning.

Harry opened his eyes and his figure disappeared from the big soft bed in an instant.

The next second he had entered the bathroom and started washing.

After washing, Harry disappeared into the bathroom again, went back to the bedroom to put on a set of expensive clothes, and got a haircut by the way, then took the Lamborghini car key and left the room.

He is going to find the father of this body today, Norman Osborne.

When I first walked to the hall.

Ding dong.

The doorbell rang.

He stopped, could it be that Norman found him?

He walked quickly to the door, through the door, he saw a graceful body.

It's a woman.

"who are you?"

After opening the door, sure enough, there was a tall beauty in front of her, with a fiery figure and delicate face.

She is dressed in black, similar to a certain uniform.

There were two men in suits and leather shoes standing beside her, their faces were cold, and they looked straight at Harry after the door opened.

"Hello, Mr. Osborne."

The woman immediately said, "We are FBI police officers. We are looking for you because of something. Can we find a place to talk in detail?"

"FBI?" Harry raised his eyebrows and said quickly: "I'm fine!"

"is it?"

The woman smiled slightly and took out a photo.

Above is the scene where Harry smashed the wall, the place was the commercial street in Brooklyn last night.

"Someone vandalized public property last night, this should be you."

"...Why don't you talk about the two monsters? I'm a hero."

"Since it is a hero, then we have to talk more."


Harry stared at the woman again, and he was surprised at the thought of something.

"You are not the FBI, right, can I call the police?"

Harry spoke and took out his phone.

"I advise you not to do this."

The woman frowned, "Well, we are agents of the Bureau of National Land Strategic Defense, Attack and Logistics Support. My name is Maria Hill, and these two are also agents of our bureau."


Harry was surprised inside.

Online, shouldn’t the person who came out to do this be a friendly-looking middle-aged man with a hairline breaking through the sky?