Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 5 Let's have lunch together, or dinner?

"It seems you know our bureau?"

Hill was indeed worthy of being a Level 9 agent. He saw Harry's strangeness at once and said immediately.

"No, I'm surprised how the name of this organization is so long. Is the person who named it very idle?"


"Also, can you keep this in mind, national land strategy... attack the world and destroy everything security bureau?"


You remember it is too wrong!

Hill and the two behind him trembled.

Really scared!

"It's the Bureau of National Land Strategic Defense Attack and Logistics Support!"

"Oh, homeland attack logistics security bureau!"

"No, I...Huh?"

Hill froze for a moment, but adjusted it back after zero and one second, and said calmly: "Mr. Osborne, it is the National Land Strategic Defense Attack and Logistics Security Bureau. If you don't remember well, you can call us Aegis. Game, and now, I think we should get to the point."

Although her expression changed quickly.

But with Harry's responsiveness, he perceives this easily.

He said with a serious expression: "I just thought it should be changed to S.H.I.E.L.D., which is the abbreviation of the name of your department. It's abbreviated. You know, most people don't know how to pronounce it."

"You know now!"

Hill frowned and looked at him. "So can we talk about it?"

Why can a name be complained by so many people?

She was puzzled.

"...Well, I don't have much time, beautiful lady, please come in, we will finish things inside as soon as possible. Besides, I don't like seeing these two guys and letting them wait outside."

"it is good!"

Hill simply said neatly, and then ordered the two behind him to wait outside, and walked straight into the villa.

"Well, is it convenient to ask about your position in SHIELD? Is it some little errand agent?"

As soon as she sat down, she heard Harry speak.

"No, I am a Level 9 agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and I'm also a deputy director."

Hill looked at him, "Well, we should also talk about you, we know your origins, the only heir to the Osborne Group, your family has a terrible genetic disease, but now, it should not Up."

"It's really gone."

Harry nodded first, then stood up and walked towards Hill.

"What do you want?" Hill stepped back subconsciously.

"I think we can have in-depth talks alone, and don't want others to stare at."

As he spoke, he took off the button from Hill's tie.

With a slight pinch, a burst of lightning flashed.

Wow, this thing is not only a monitor, but also a weapon for electric people.

"This is a necessary method for our agents." Hill explained calmly.

"Of course, I understand, but now you don't need this method."

Harry smiled and reached for her belt.

With a pull, a pen fell out, and then both hands forcefully broke it in half.

It's full of delicate lines.

The headquarters of SHIELD in the sky.

There was a black marinated egg head back, staring at the screen blankly.

Nick Fury frowned as he looked at the suddenly extinguished monitor. "How did he discover the surveillance equipment hidden on Hill?"


Harry threw away these things casually, "I know your agents have a lot of methods, you can analyze them with micro expressions, but it is not necessary, so now, if you ask me questions, I will definitely answer them."

"First, how did your power come from?" Hill said unceremoniously.

"It was a stormy night..."

Harry began his passionate speech.

"You mean... you ran into the troubled Lady Liberty on a stormy night not long ago. You said that you longed for freedom and life, and finally met her for one night. When you woke up, you found that you not only eliminated the symptoms, but also Also possesses extraordinary super powers!?"

After a long time, Hill turned dark after hearing his words.

"It's true, oh!"

Harry tried to remember, but suddenly his eyes lit up:

"I remember, the Statue of Liberty seems to look a lot like you! You wouldn't be just..."

"To shut up!"

Of course Hill would not believe his nonsense.

But this is not impossible, the magic in this world is much gone, what if there really is such a beautiful means of inheriting power?

She bluntly said: "Since you have superpowers, I need to enter you into the superpower catalog for supervision. In fact, I don't believe in superheroes. I only believe in the rule of law. Anyone who makes mistakes should be punished. , For the stability of the world, please cooperate."

"Well, I will cooperate."

Harry smiled and nodded in agreement.

How does a small SHIELD supervise superpowers?

Let's take control of the Hulk first.

What they said about supervision is that there is no way to supervise. At most, there is a contact method, so there is nothing to communicate about in the future.

"Then bother!"

Hill got up, ready to leave.

"and many more."

Harry stopped her.

"what's up?"

Harry smiled politely: "I wonder if the beautiful Miss Hill is interested in going to lunch together?"

"...Sorry, you are too young."

Upon hearing this, Hill turned and walked away.


"Wait! I'm not young!"

Harry stood up. He was at least 1.87 meters tall now, and after absorbing sunlight, his figure was much bigger than the thin and thin figure before. Why is he smaller?

He catches up quickly, "Miss Hill, leave a comment... leave a contact information?"

"If something happens in the future, you can make this call." Upon hearing this, Hill turned and handed out a business card.

"Hill, don't you think about it for lunch?"

Hill looked calm, "Mr. Osborne, you should study hard at your age, and be a person who contributes to the world in the future, instead of doing tricks all day long. Also, don’t worry about the bodyguards outside you, they are very I will wake up soon."

Harry nodded earnestly, "Well, I'll listen to you, don't eat lunch, or have a meal together tonight?"

After hearing it, Hill rolled his eyes and hurriedly left here.

Looking at her back, Harry shook his head.

She was targeted by SHIELD so soon.

But the strange thing is, where did Coleson go?

Isn't he usually attending to pick up new people?

Could it be... something happened?

Guessing to himself, Harry came outside, where there were a few people lying on the ground who passed out.


All his bodyguards.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. people are very bold.

Seeing that they still had vital signs, Harry got on the Lamborghini, and soon afterwards the sports car made a beautiful roar and quickly rushed out of the villa.

I was delayed for a while by S.H.I.E.L.D., and planned to go to Osborne Industries just now.

After half an hour, the car stopped in the parking lot inside Osborne Industries. Harry got out of the car and admired the two- to three-hundred-meter-high building for a while before stepping into it.