Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 6 Dr. Connors

"It's quite unique here."

When he walked into the company, Harry saw the installation inside. It was very high-tech. The floor was shiny and shiny, and the walls were covered with white crystals, with no gaps.

It looks like an LCD screen with a white background?

Osborne Industries is a biotechnology company that mainly cooperates with the US military and is also the largest pharmaceutical company in the entire United States.

Although Osborne Industries focuses on biology, it also involves physical and mechanical aspects, but it does not focus much on it.

Among them is the national power system design which is also a big plan of Osborne Industries.

Norman should be in the company.

Harry made a call and Norman was connected quickly, but he was in a meeting, so Harry chose to walk around the company himself.

"Harry, hello!"

An African-American hurried down from upstairs and walked in front of Harry, "My name is Nels Ed, the manager of the biogene research department. The boss just asked me to come and show you around the company."

"Hello there."

Harry nodded. "The Biogene Research Department, right?"


"What is the main content of the research?"

"It's mainly about the various viruses that exist in this world, analyzing their properties, and developing vaccines. We are also involved in human enhancement medicines."

Speaking of human body strengthening potions, Nells' eyes flashed, as if there was a big breakthrough in this area.

Hearing this, Harry had a heartbreak.

He has a bottle of human body strengthening medicine here. Can he analyze its ingredients to imitate a lot of this medicine?

You must know that it has the effect of curing terminal illness. If it can be manufactured, Osborne Industries will instantly surpass all companies.

But now there is only one bottle of medicine. For the sake of insurance, we still see if we can draw the second bottle in the future, and make plans if we draw.

Afterwards, he and Nells wandered around the company.

The entire company is more than 200 meters high, with a total of 53 floors, covering an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters.

Among them are the biological gene research room, the biological weapons research and development room and other departments, which are all separate.

"Electric Man... Doctor Octopus... Doctor Lizard..."

With these villain names muttering in his mind, Harry couldn't help frowning slightly.

Osborne Industry is rich in villains, how can this be done?

Come to the twenty-fourth floor.

"Harry, this is the place for our human body enhancement medicine. We consider that we can integrate animal genes into the human body so that people can have animal characteristics!" Nales said.

"such as?"

"For example, rebirth from a severed limb, like a lizard, can grow out after a tail is broken!"

"But it's just a long tail. It can't grow out if its hands or feet are broken."

Why is this person so popular?

Nels' face was slightly stiff. "This is the ability to regenerate cells. If you have any doubts about this, I can recommend you to see Dr. Conners."


Doctor Lizard!

"Then go see you."

Harry nodded.

He wants to see what this doctor is like.

"please follow me."

Nels went around the building several times before finally coming to a door with an LCD screen next to it and a red light on the door.

Nels' fingers continued to slide on the LCD screen, and soon the red light changed to green light, and the door opened immediately.

Inside is a huge laboratory.

Inside the glass storage cabinets are archived many small creatures, such as spiders, lizards, crabs, mice, etc.

Passing through here, there is a room behind.

There was a middle-aged man who was quite mature. He was observing in front of a glass cabinet, his face nervous and expectant.

Harry saw that there was a white mouse in the glass case. It was shaking all the time. After a few seconds, it stopped moving and was motionless.

The life detector next to it suddenly showed a reminder that life had disappeared.

"Failed again." Nels said in a deep voice, striding up.

Connors's face was frowning tightly, when he heard the sound, he immediately turned his head.

"Supervisor, I only need some time. Although the formula has not been fully deduced yet, it is coming soon. I will be able to perfect it soon!"

"You said the same six months ago!"

Nales waved his hand. "Get to know, this is the boss's son, Harry Osborn."

The boss's son?

How could he come over suddenly!

Connors looked puzzled.

"He wants to know something about the lizard potion, I think you will answer him."

"Oh! Of course I will!" Connors said hurriedly.

"As long as there are questions about biological agents, I will try to answer them."

"That's good." Nels took the newsletter, "I have something to do, Harry, you can wait here first, the boss will end the meeting soon, and you can just stroll around."

"Go ahead, Nels."

Harry was not interested in him.

He was staring at Connors, who had lost his right hand at this time. This guy... really looks not righteous.

The appearance is a little gloomy.

Hearing this, Nales left and left.

"Would you like to drink water?" Connors said, walked to the water dispenser and returned with a glass of water.

"Thank you."

Harry caught it with a smile, "I'm very curious, Dr. Connors, the lizard regenerates the tail, and it regenerates only cartilage. The amputated limb regeneration technology is applied to the human body, and the limbs obtained are probably not so stable. ."

"I didn't expect you to know so much about lizards."

Dr. Connors' eyes flashed strangely, seemingly excited.

"On this question... I just extracted the regeneration genes in the lizards to transform our human cells into cells with the characteristics of embryonic tissues and the ability to regenerate. They can continue to differentiate. Although these phenomena are similar to lizard tail regeneration, they are mainly used. Genes are our human body. After injection of genetic medicine, the human body can grow up like a baby, allowing the arms to grow out slowly!" Connors said feverishly, his tone very excited.

It doesn't sound very reliable.

However, the technology of Marvel World has always been so nonsense.

Because of Harry's insights, Dr. Connors got more and more excited as he talked, rejuvenating his mind that had been silent for many years.

Later he also talked about his own decay rate algorithm, which is the most critical step.

At the end of the talk, Dr. Connors knew that Harry was very supportive, and he was so moved to cry.

After persisting for so many years, he almost lost confidence in himself. I heard that Norman Osborne also planned to shut down his studio.

Now the boss’s son is so interested in his experiment. If Harry is pulled to his side, this may be an opportunity for his experiment to continue!