Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 11 Osborne Industries' New Project

Krypton King: Harry Osborne

Experience: 10438

[Realm: Black Iron, Tier 4]


[Non-European powerhouse competition: lottery pool, opened]

[The conversion ratio of experience value and sunshine days-100:1]


One Frank gave him four thousand experience points!

If you raise a bunch of superheroes...

Harry suddenly thought of a question. The more energetic the other party is, the more experience points he can get. Then the more angry the Hulk's abilities, the stronger it is. Isn't it good for him to fight him all day?

Collecting these thoughts into his heart, Harry put his gaze on the lottery pool, rubbed his hands unbearably, his eyes flashing crazy.

"Save three thousand, draw seven thousand!"

Go and wash up quickly.

His current purpose is very clear, and that is to draw a weak version of the human body strengthening potion. Only by making money can he create his own super power in this world!


Immediately, entering the lottery pool, one hundred experience points disappeared instantly.

[Congratulations on winning the'Weak Body Strengthening Potion'!

Whatever you want, a good start!

Harry felt that he shouldn't be called King Krypton this time, he should be called King Ou, haha.

With the subsequent experience value "cengcengceng" decline.

The smile on his face gradually disappeared.

When it got dark, Harry closed his eyes heavily.

A total of 7,000 experience points can be drawn 70 times, but only two bottles of weak body strengthening potions were drawn. Twenty-seven days of sunshine. Thank you for the rest!

He really wanted to scold the street.

Ah ah ah-

While feeling sad and angry, Harry glanced at the remaining three thousand experience points.

No, no more smokes!

With a swipe, he immediately exchanged 30 days of sunshine, and matched the 27 days of sunshine drawn, and instantly added to his body.


The feeling of becoming stronger is great.

Soon after the strengthening was completed, Harry began to adjust to his body.

His current body has completely turned into a body of steel, stiff, but still elastic. As long as he activates the energy in his body, it will become as hard as iron!

To be honest, Harry is a bit distressed now, he really wants to start controlling his body.

Let the body become almost like a normal person, otherwise, if you are excited, you can pee in the toilet.

Until nine o'clock, a lot of books were delivered from the villa. Norman arranged for them to be delivered. Soon, all the books were arranged in a large room, with more than a thousand copies.

Even if he doesn't go out and stays at home to understand all the contents of these books, his experience value will soar up.

These books...

Probably can increase him 60,000 experience points.

After having breakfast, Harry dived into the sea of ​​books. He first read books about artificial intelligence, which allowed him to understand artificial intelligence. When he got the artificial intelligence production program, he would immediately start working on it. Make an artificial intelligence of your own.

At twelve o'clock at noon, Norman personally gave him a laptop computer with a lot of information about Osborne Industries.

"Father, I need a laboratory and a team of top biological scientists."

When Norman was about to leave, Harry made a new request of his own.

"..." Norman was silent when he heard this.

"You come to the company tomorrow and I will open a project for you."


"what are you planning to do?"

"I plan to develop one thing, this is it."

Harry turned around and took out a weak body strengthening potion that he had drawn early this morning.

Norman's eyes trembled slightly.

Didn’t you say there was only one bottle last night?

Then Harry explained, Norman began to fall into contemplation.

The effect of this kind of medicine is amazing. If it can be made, the profit that can be harvested is absolutely terrifying. He immediately went back to the company and hurriedly announced the establishment of a new project.

Soon after, Harry also returned to the company. He learned about the production process of artificial intelligence, which requires a huge database.

And there is no such thing in his villa.

Norman had to get a set of top equipment for his villa.

Now, Osborne Industries has top-notch things like quantum computers.


When he arrived at Osborne Industries, Harry quickly got out of the car and walked inside.

"Harry, come in up to the fifty-second floor." Norman called from then on.

Upon hearing this, Harry immediately walked into the elevator and went straight to the 52nd floor.

When the elevator opened, he saw that it was a spacious place with a long table in the middle. At this time, more than a dozen people had been seated.

"This is my son, Harry Osborn. He discovered a drug that can cure terminal illnesses in humans. If it succeeds, Osborne Industries will become a top company in the United States! That's why I want to establish a new one. The project, and this project, is in charge of Harry."

Norman drew Harry to his side, speaking calmly to the people in front of him.

Immediately, someone in a blue suit said, "But I heard that your son is only a high school student now!"

"Don't measure me by age, gentleman." Harry said to him immediately with a smile.

"This is Miles Mitras, the manager in charge of the finance department."


Norman introduced him to him, and Harry nodded immediately, indicating that he knew.

Afterwards, Harry met these people one by one. They were all employees of the company and some of them were minority shareholders.

"Since no one has any objections, we will start preparations for the new project today. Let the meeting adjourn."

Finally Norman said directly.

These people started to exit, but it was the Miles who came over and said, "Norman, don’t think I don’t know what you want to do. You have been squandering over the years, and the company has gradually become beyond your control. If I were you , I will hand over the company so that your son can survive after you mess up everything!"

After speaking, he gave a cold snort and strode away.

Norman's eyes suddenly narrowed coldly.

"Father, it seems that this company is no longer in your grasp." Harry said leisurely.

"I will master it!"

Norman quietly clenched his fists.

Before, he felt that he was about to die, so he did everything without thinking and thought. In order to survive, he did everything he could!

And now, he no longer worried about it.

He will not let a person who covets his Osborne family exist!

"It seems you have a plan."

Harry smiled, "Father, I think I can take over the shares in Mr. Mitras' hands."

Hearing this, Norman immediately raised his head, only seeing Harry's dull eyes.

My son is also growing up.


ps: I heard that asking for tickets is useful...


Set the bowl.