In the afternoon, the laboratory for the new project is ready, and the team has been formed.

Harry went to see Dr. Connors first and found that Gwen was not there, so he could just find a reason to leave.

He plans to visit Peter at some time to see if he has the last formula, and if there is one, steal that formula to Connors. Otherwise, he doesn’t know when Connors becomes Doctor Lizard. .

Of course, by the way, Peter has also changed into Spider-Man, with one more points.

"Hello, Harry, my name is Illa Warren." Walking into the new laboratory, a woman in her thirties came over and said hello.

"Hello there."

Harry nodded casually, and then met with these experimenters.

They all signed a non-disclosure agreement. If half of the news leaks out, the end will be miserable.

"So don't waste time, let's get started."

With these experienced scientific personnel, Harry can learn a lot in it.

He took out a bottle of complete product and asked these people to perform a comprehensive analysis of the ingredients.

Harry didn't require to be able to fully restore the effect of this medicine, because the effect of this medicine was really great, even if only one-third of the medicine's effect was retained, the Osborne Industry could make a lot of money.

Throughout the afternoon, he kept paddling in the laboratory.

The scientific research staff in the laboratory have a look a little bit wrong, how can there be a project leader who has been questioning, chasing people to ask questions?

The whole afternoon just passed.

Harry has gained a total of two thousand experience points in this laboratory. Thanks to the teaching of so many people, his hands-on ability has become stronger.

At five o'clock, he drove these people back to their respective homes, closed the laboratory, and Harry immediately went back to his villa.

Thirty minutes later.

In the basement, Harry's eyes were gleaming looking at the precision instruments that covered the walls.

I told Norman this afternoon that I needed a high-performance computer. I didn't expect it to be done now. It was really invincible.

Yes, this whole row of things is the legendary quantum computer!

Harry immediately sat in front of his supercomputer, operating frantically on it based on the memory in his mind!

Get moving!


After an hour, a ray of light popped up on the quantum display.

Suddenly, I don't know where I heard a voice: "Sir, I'm glad to serve you."

"Artificial intelligence?" Harry stopped, a little puzzled.


"Can you understand me?"

"What are you talking about? I can't hear you clearly, please say it again."

"... I said, can you understand me?"

"I understand."

"Talk to me?"



Keep silent.



Harry was frantic, almost smashing the thing in front of him.

After working for so long, I got out of mental retardation.

It will answer only questions, and my mentality has collapsed.

No wonder that I went to see the company's artificial intelligence "queen" today and felt weird. She should not have much intelligence.

It seems that I am looking for a chance to go to Stark's place.

Jingle Bell--

Suddenly the phone rang.

A voice came from over there: "Boss, we found the person you mentioned."

"Finally found one for me."

Harry sorted his clothes, smiled, and strode out of the basement.


The time is nine o'clock in the evening.


Hell's Kitchen.


Some humble disci bar.

A fair-looking girl was serving drinks inside. Many people kept shouting at her. She was very busy at work and the environment was very bad.

But strangely, her face was extremely calm.

Ta Ta Ta.

Suddenly, someone walked up to her and said softly: "I want a bottle of beer, thank you."

"Okay, right away..."

As the girl said, she raised her head. When she saw the man in front of her, her eyes widened slightly, which seemed unbelievable.

She opened her mouth, "You are... You are Harry Osborne!?"

"Long time no see, Jessica Campbell."

It was Harry who came.

He smiled, then glanced around, "I didn't expect you to work in such a place."

"I didn't expect you to come to such a place to drink." Jessica couldn't help but smile upon hearing this, and immediately responded.

"I really don't stay in this kind of place often, but there is someone worthy of me coming here." Harry said calmly, looking down at her.


Jessica was silent for a while, then reacted, as if in disbelief, pointed at herself, "Am...Me?"

"Yes, follow me, this place is not worth your work."

Harry turned and went out.

"Huh??" Jessica was wondering.

The guest next to him was obviously misunderstood. He looked over with a smile and suddenly said to her: "Beautiful lady, how much is a night? I will make an appointment with you tomorrow night."

"Day, I can go to your mother!"

Jessica's face sank, and she punched it out!


Suddenly, the sloppy white man vomited blood from his seat and flew upside down, fell to the ground unconscious.

"Ah!!" Seeing this, the other guests screamed.

The scene suddenly became chaotic.

"Jessica, you are fired!" The boss shouted angrily at the bar over there.

"It's not my fault."

Jessica murmured and gave a weak explanation. Just now, she was out of control.

After thinking about it, she felt that she should be harder, and she shouted: "Hey, my old lady doesn't care about your broken place, bye! My Mediterranean boss!"

The chic back looking at her leaving.

The boss touched his empty head at the top, with a shocked expression, and asked the employee beside him, with a trembling tone: "She...what did she call me just now?"

"We don't know, sir."

The employees answered unanimously.


"Really, that person is teasing me, don't you allow me to fight back."

On the street at night, two figures walked together.

The people beside him kept muttering.

a bit?

You can beat someone else's hammer!

"You have a lot of strength, maybe you can move bricks." Harry proposed with deep eyes.

Jessica was speechless: "...Are you serious?"

"Of course you are serious, you are born to do this job."


Jessica opened her mouth, frustrated and stopped retorting, "Tell me, Harry, what do you want me to do, I really lost my job this time."

"Hire you."

"Hire me, what do you do?" She looked wary.

The man in front of him is a famous playboy in the school. He broke contact a year ago. Now he suddenly came to him and said he wanted to hire herself. This will inevitably make her think about it.

"It's not a bad thing anyway, it can make you more decent than before."

While they were talking, a large group of people suddenly rushed through the dark street in front of them.



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