Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 13 The Masked Man in the Night

"Oh my God!"

Jessica glanced curiously, then frowned.

These people are fighting!

Holding sticks and knives.

"This is normal in Hell's Kitchen, isn't it." Harry smiled.

He has been here for a while, and he has seen a lot of very impactful news that he has never seen before.

Over time, his insights have also been changing.

This is Hell's Kitchen, the messiest place in New York.

There is sin everywhere!

You are here today on two legs to walk, if you are not lucky, you may have to use your hands tomorrow.

Or crawl around.

"Yes, you're right, it's really common." Jessica nodded. She didn't plan to pay attention to this kind of thing. She wouldn't care if the gangster died, and she would be happy if both lose.

"how dare you!"

"Finally let us catch you! The mysterious masked man in the night!"

"Go to hell!"

That's how the group of people in front went to war, but there was no police patrolling around.

Oh yes, this is the Hell's Kitchen. The police who is not afraid of death dare to patrol here?

After watching it for a while, Jessica curled her lips, "It doesn't seem to be a rush, it seems that a group of people are beating someone."

"No, it's one person, beating a bunch of people."

"Are you serious?" Jessica felt a little amused.

But when she immediately thought of her situation, she didn't smile immediately.

With his gaze on the masked man in the dark clearly, Harry's lips curled up, and he met another—


But now his condition is very bad. Several cuts have been made on his body and his injuries are beginning to be serious.

He shook his head, and said to the person beside him: "Go, help him."

Jessica looked at him incredulously: "Me? You told me to help that masked man?"


"...I'm a weak woman, let me go to die, you are not a man." Jessica sobbed.

"Don't pretend, now that I found you, then I know your business, and quickly settle it, go back and treat you to a big meal."

"you said!"

Upon hearing this, Jessica immediately stopped her acting and wanted to rush out.

"and many more."

"what happened again?"

"Bring on your mask."

Harry took out a hood and put it directly on Jessica's face. "It's best not to be recognized."

"You still carry this thing with you, bad guy."

"……go with."

Jessica, wearing a masked headgear, turned around and rushed out, flexing her fists.


Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

During the war, the gangsters found that there was one more person among themselves, which was a little strange, and then the scene became more chaotic.

somebody is coming--

Hearing a knock of high heels, Harry immediately looked up.

Then she saw a woman walking out of the gloomy street. She was frightened when she saw this scene, and she hurriedly turned to leave.

But people around had already noticed her, and the two gangsters surrounded her with clubs and gradually approached her.

"You...who are you..." the woman breathed a little bit quickly, trying to calm herself.

Then she only heard two muffled noises, and the two people in front of her suddenly fell to the ground.

Seeing this, the woman hurriedly turned around and rushed out, and suddenly accidentally bumped into something.

so hard!

She couldn't help taking two steps back.

Inner horror.

"Is it all right?"

A gentle voice came from the front.

Harry walked out of the darkness and looked at the woman, feeling a surprise in his heart.

She has a dusty beauty, a perfect face curve, fair skin, and even more commendable is a kind of temperament, a calm temperament.

Even in this dangerous situation, her face didn't panic too much.

Well, maybe because he is about thirty years old, his expression is not rich, but his charm is very rich.

At this moment, Harry felt love at first sight.

Very greedy.

"I, I'm fine..." The woman looked at him suspiciously.

Harry smiled: "Don't you think your ankle is broken?"


The woman cried out in pain, her expression in pain.

This was caused by the fact that Harry had just stepped back in fear and stepped on the heel of his high heels into the manhole cover.

"I'll help you."

Harry leaned in to help her get her high heels out of the manhole cover.

"Thank you." The woman said gratefully, and then said: "But I think I have to leave."

"It is very dangerous for a woman to walk alone in the Hell's Kitchen at night. Wait for me, I will send you back later."

The woman hurriedly refused, " more."

"My name is Harry, what is your name?"

Harry said to himself.

"Vanessa." Vanessa swallowed. She unconsciously looked at the place where the fighting took place. The tragic fight was shocking.

" this your person?" she couldn't help asking.

"No, I am a good citizen, I don't know these people."

Harry felt a move in his heart, remembering his previous hit-up skills, "Vanessa, have we met before? I think you are very familiar."

"Yes? Maybe we saw it in the exhibition."

"Art exhibition, oh, I know, you are a painter, right?"

"Well, I am also a curator, maybe we have seen it in an exhibition."

"Wow, Vanessa, you know what, I dreamed of being a painter when I was young."

Harry took advantage of the trend and started chatting with her.

Over there, Jessica saw that she was fighting hard, but Harry was happily picking up girls, her face suddenly sank, her fist waved vigorously, and the people in front of her flew out instantly.

Very miserable.

"Who are you?" Daredevil whispered, kicking the person in front of him.

"It's just a weak woman."

"You are strong, I don't think you are weak, why help me?"

"Because this is my boss' order!"

Jessica said angrily, smashing a few people out again.

"Your boss?"

Daredevil heard the voices of two people talking, one of them was terribly powerful!

"Hurry up, and I can go back to eat a big meal as soon as possible. You don't think about being lazy?"

Jessica didn't have much interest in talking to him, and went on to fight.

"So, you are now a researcher in Osborne Industries? This is a giant company." Vanessa was a little surprised.

Those who can conduct scientific research in it are definitely the top scientists in a certain field.

I didn't expect the person in front of me to have such an achievement at a young age.

"Yes, so, where is your exhibition?"

Vanessa nodded and said, "Bam Art Gallery, right in Hell's Kitchen."

Harry was smiling and wanted to reply.

"Hey, I'm done!" An impolite voice came in from the side.

Jessica was staring at him dangerously.

"who are you?"

At this moment, Daredevil came up quickly and asked Harry in a deep voice.

"The best thing you should do now is to deal with your own affairs first. I will find you in a few days. I am the same person as you."

Harry said, helping Vanessa to turn around and walk out, and Jessica followed closely.

Daredevil stood there, his lips tightened, and then he set off in an instant, and soon left this dark cul-de-sac.