Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 15 New Function Development, Update Content

Slowly opened his eyes.

Harry found himself not in the basement, but in a dark space.

what happened?

He frowned and saw light rising in the darkness in front of him, and there was a layer of fog outside the darkness. As the light became stronger and stronger, the light began to slowly drain the surrounding gray mist.

In the end, he saw that the light was a white light ball, and gradually wrapped him over.

"What is this?" Harry touched the wall of the light curiously, soft enough to pass through.

Soon, the light group quickly opened up, putting him in the light group, and the gray mist was isolated outside the light group.

And the light group wall inside began to slowly show some traces.

Some lines.

In the end, countless lines merged into a picture, Harry's heart moved, this picture was...

It's the basement in my villa!

Is this your new ability?

The legendary spiritual power detects the outside world?

The blob of light grew bigger and bigger, and Harry closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, he had actually returned to the basement.

In other words, he never left, the place just now was the world in his mind!

Superman awakened his mental ability?

Harry was happy, although Superman's own mental power was much stronger than ordinary people, but compared to Superman's other super powers, his mental power seemed very poor.

And his mental power can be awakened and strengthened, so in the future, will his magic resistance also be improved?

But how to control the feeling just now?

Harry glanced at his surroundings, exactly what he had seen in that space, and then he began to close his eyes.

After more than ten seconds, he sensed the light.

Very weak.

Suddenly, everything around instantly strengthened!

Harry frowned. What sound was that?

Countless sounds began to ring strongly in my heart, as if a big speaker was full of volume in my ears!

Hum... Hum... beast...

One of the loudest sounds was a humming sound.


Harry sighed, it was Jessica's complaint.

Later, when he saw the darkness in front of him clearly, the light was completely formed, and the light wall inside was portraying the image of the external environment.

After two steps, the image also shifted.

Even if he closes his eyes, he can see clearly outside!

Is this an enhancement of the five senses?

Harry thought to himself.

Soon, he denied this idea.

No, I should have been able to do this before, but now this layer of light is just helping me concentrate.

Of course, there are external images in the light wall, but this function is not available.

It is definitely a function of mental power!

Harry began to work hard to master this new ability, until he heard Jessica's heartbeat start to become stronger, almost like a drum in his ear.

"I can not make it!"

Unable to hold on, Harry simply withdrew from this state.

Opened his eyes and gasped.

When he was breathing, he smiled. This new ability is related to his mental power. It can help him concentrate and achieve the effect of unlocking all aspects of his superpowers.

For example, Super Hearing used to only be able to hear sounds within 100 meters. Now if he enters the state just now, he can hear sounds from seven to eight hundred meters away, and it is extremely clear.

Super smell is too.

However, he has never wanted to activate these two abilities, because he is afraid that he will not be able to bear what he senses and leave this world.

"Hey, Harry, help."

Over there, Jessica said weakly. She has recovered some strength now, but she still feels softness in her hands and feet.

"Look at you, why did you sweat so much?" Harry walked over with concern, "Go and wash."

"I don't have the energy to walk now, will you help me wash it?"


"Good size."

Jessica rolled her eyes. With Harry's help, she sat on the ground, leaning against the pillar, and let out a relaxed breath.

"I promised to take me to a big meal, but I didn't see the big meal. I was still devastated, Harry, I quit!" she said aggrieved.

"Don't pretend, I will take you to eat tomorrow."

Harry shook his head, "And your work is easy, at most four hours a day..."

"What! Relax!?"

Hearing this, Jessica suddenly exploded, "How do I feel more tired than I have been working for a year?"

"Oh, don't always think about work, think more about it, at least your salary is high, isn't it?"

"This is...but I want it once every two days. I can't recover my strength in a day. Hey." Jessica flattened her mouth to act like a baby.

"It's too crisp, I punched and groaned."


"It's okay, you have a good rest." Harry shook his head quickly.

Due to physical fatigue, Jessica quickly fell asleep.

Yes, he slept on the floor.

Harry had just switched to the sun, and now he was full of energy, feeling that it would be fine if he didn't sleep for ten days.

He has to seize the time to master the new abilities. If the new abilities become strong enough to display the motivation of thinking, it will be great.

Feel free to open the panel.

Krypton King: Harry Osborne

Experience: 56

[Realm: Black Iron, Tier 5]

[Inventory]: Weak Body Strengthening Potion x5

[Non-European powerhouse competition: lottery pool, opened, updated content]

[The conversion ratio of experience value and sunshine days-100:1]

[Treasure Land of the Krypton Gold Strong: The Mall, Has Opened]


It turned out to be upgraded, so it's no wonder that I feel that my superpowers in all aspects have become stronger than before.

Huh, wait.

A few more lines.


Harry was surprised and immediately clicked in.

There was only one thing in it.

Weak body strengthening agent

Price: 2888


too expensive!

Black heart shop!

Harry frowned, but he had the experience of smoking more than 80 consecutive times without getting a weak potion.

And the reason why items can appear in this store must be drawn in the lottery pool before they can appear in the mall.

What the hell.

I'm a superman, I would rather draw a lottery than buy things in the store. It's so expensive, I really take people as a fool.

Harry sneered coldly, then clicked on the updated lottery pool.

Black Iron lottery pool.

Lottery items: [Half-day sunshine] [Three years of sunshine] [Thank you for your patronage] [Thank you for your patronage] [Thank you for your patronage] [Nano-style bat armor + bat chariot complete set]



Ah ah ah ah ah--!!!

Raise the table!!

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!!

Seeing the updated content, Harry felt he was about to vomit blood, and he rushed out on the spot with a sense of aggrievedness that he wanted to fly the entire villa.

What is the content of this update!