Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 26 How Many People Are Lonely and Lost at Night, Funny

"So, when are you going to deal with him?"

Harry smiled and said: "Fisk can control the gang, and most of the people he is getting rid of are gangsters, why not wait for more deaths before taking action?"

"But that's all human life!" Matt said.

"No, that can only be the life of an animal."

Harry's expression was flat. "For me, I don't care how many people die in Hell's Kitchen. The only thing that makes me help you is that you are so useful to me."

"Actually, a person who does not dare to kill and allows the bully to continue to do evil is not worthy of my attention."

He is in Marvel, and the only superhero he is optimistic about is the Punisher.

Matt was silent for a while, and said, "Then you invite me over, it doesn't make sense at all."

"If you really think so, then you won't come here. You need my help. Moreover, Mr. Murkdor, you keep your hands on bullies and people like me who always ignore these things. What's the difference?"

Matt suddenly shocked when he heard this. He opened his mouth to refute, but he still didn't speak.

Harry poured himself a glass of juice, "You just got a chance to vent your heart, but you are still cowardly. You imagine that one day you can appear in front of everyone as a superhero, and you think you are righteous. Yes, criminals must be sent to prison by normal means."

"Actually, sinners don't die, they won't stop jumping at all. Your behavior will only bring more madness to the other party and more harm to ordinary people."

"However, I will help you, but again, you have to give me something in return."

"what do you want?"

"I heard that you are good at playing, I heard that the Murkdo family members are very resistant to playing, I like this."


Matt was silent.

This is too much!

Who likes to be beaten!

"Don't get me wrong, I just need an opponent to practice boxing, you don't have to be beaten." Harry added.

Hearing that, Ma nodded, "Then what help can I get?"

"Information or something, or if you please me, I can get rid of Fisk directly."

"By legal means?"

"In my way, come and let me see if you have this qualification."

Harry walked to the center of the office and chuckled at Matt, "Use all your power."

The horse pointed its head, stood up, and started to attack him.

Harry played with him for a while, and the experience points began to flash on the screen.

Krypton King: Harry Osborne

Experience: 111856

[Realm: Black Iron, Tier 5]

[Inventory]: Weak Body Strengthening Potion x5

[Non-European powerhouse competition: lottery pool, opened, updated content]

[The conversion ratio of experience value and sunshine days-100:1]

[Treasure Land of the Krypton Gold Strong: The Mall, Has Opened]



Daredevil was exhausted from fighting, and he actually only added four thousand experience points to himself!

Harry forget it, last night...

Vanessa added a thousand experience points to herself.



"Well, you can go back and make this call directly afterwards."

Harry wrote him a cell phone number, "Try not to lose it."

Matt panted and pinched the note tightly, "I wonder if you can search for Fisk's crimes and collect them? We can send him to prison."

"Go back, don't think too much, eat more healthy food every day."

What a joke.

Jin Bin hasn't risen up yet and has cleared most of the gang members. How can he stop it? At least he has to wait until he unifies the New York gang.

Of course, Harry wouldn't mind moving his hands if he was still coveting Vanessa.

At the same time, Harry was also aware of his current situation. If he wanted to make rapid progress, he would definitely not be able to rely on Jessica, a copy of Superman.

The level of heroes like Daredevil is still a bit low.

"It's time to find Thor, the Hulk, Thor...The Thor hasn't appeared yet?"

Harry turned on his mobile phone and tried to search the Internet. As a result, he saw the content of the hot search. The high-rise resident'mystery man' appeared again. In just two days, it has helped the New York police arrest more than a dozen criminals.

What an incredible record.

He thought about it, called Gwen, but didn't answer.

So he remembered the real purpose of entering the browser, and honestly searched Thor.

They are all about the myth of Thor, but the superhero Thor has never appeared in front of people.

Harry moved inwardly and he typed in, "New Mexico."

After searching for a long time, he finally found a message.

Sure enough, a weird hammer was dropped in New Mexico recently. The weird thing is that no one can touch it. Now many people go there every day to play and try to take it away.

It turned out to be just beginning.

Harry's face was calm. After he knew what was going on there, he returned to the laboratory to continue his research on the healing potion.

Until the evening, when Harry returned to his basement, the industrial robot had finished making the outer armor, and finally attached it to the inner armor, and a cool red armor stood in front of him.

Looking at the armor in front of him, Harry nodded in satisfaction. He originally planned to improve the bat suit, but his current level is not enough.

I'm afraid that the nano system of the bat suit will be broken.

Therefore, I can only go out and play around in this body, change a set of skin for a few days, perform perfect time management, and live a beautiful life.

Jingle Bell--

Caller: Gwen.

"Hello, Gwen?"

I didn't answer the call today. Harry was thinking about going to her, but unexpectedly she called first.

"Harry, can you come and accompany me? I'm sorry, but... it's just that the only person I can think of now is you." On the other side of the phone, Gwen's voice was heavy, with a little crying.

It looks like he just cried.

"Of course! No problem!"

Harry readily agreed, "Where are you?"

After Gwen said a place name, he heard the phone call from the other side.

She looked at the left and right sides. This commercial street was very deserted at night. She leaned against the wall, picked up her legs, put her chin on her knees, her eyes confused.

After some time, she saw a pair of shoes appeared in front of her, and when she looked up, she was standing alone in front of her.

"Gwen, are you okay?"

Harry frowned when he saw her like this.

It's like a beggar.

He almost took out the money just now and threw it there, but luckily he didn't bring any change.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-" Who knows, when Gwen saw him, he started crying straight.


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