Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 27: No. 1 in the Nine Realms, tight-lipped

Harry looked dumbfounded.

Maiden, you cried so suddenly, what should I do if I didn't bring paper?

Is it another person who has no wine and has a story?

"Harry, Harry, Harry..." Gwen cried and called his name.

"I'm here." Harry said helplessly, standing in front of her.

You should be called "Shazan", my name is nothing to call it.

He looked at Gwen, who had been squatting on the ground, "Are you planning to cry here all the time? Save it first. I will take you out of here and cry again."

Gwen: "..."

Is this man ignorant of demeanor, he called him so many times, and he didn't know how to pull himself?

Helpless, she had to stand up by herself, stopped crying, and said: "I had a fight with my dad."

"Well, that's great, it's the rebellious period." Harry nodded.

Gwen said silently, "...not because of this."

The atmosphere became silent.

"Let's go, let's find a place to talk."

After a while, Harry turned and walked out, and Gwen hurriedly followed.

They got into the car, and Harry asked her, "Would you like to sit at my house?"


Hearing this, the sports car immediately started and rushed out.

When returning, Gwen also confessed everything with red eyes.

"Oh, okay, I'll tell you, but don't tell others." Gwen saw Harry's uneven appearance and struggled for a long time, and then said: "You're the'high man' who helped the New York police catch the criminal recently. Do you know how to cut?"

"Hmm, I know."

"Actually I... I am good friends with this'Gao Lou Xia', but tonight my dad said that he would arrest'Gao Lou Xia' and said that'Gao Lou Xia' violated judicial procedures. This is a terrorist act. Then I thought for the sake of my friends, I argued with him a few words, and finally quarreled, and then I called you."

Gwen said softly, "What do you think I should do, do I want to tell my father that this person is my friend? Also, if he knows, what if he refuses my friend to be a'high man'?"


Harry was funny inside. He slowly parked the car beside the grove and turned to look at her, "I just ask, is this friend you talking about yourself."

"...How could it be possible! No, no, no!" Gwen was shocked, his lips trembled twice, and hurriedly shook his head.

The expression is a little imaginary.

Harry listened to her heartbeat.

He knew that Peter had never entered an exhibition of Osborne Industries. He thought it was Gwen who accidentally took the spider out and made the spider bit Peter.

But now it seems that this'high man' is really Gwen.

"If it were you, I would have taken care of this for you. Don't worry, I! Harry Osborn!"

Harry pointed to himself, "Number one in the Nine Realms! Keep your mouth shut!"


After half an hour.

"What! You are the'high man' who has been making a lot of noise recently!!!"

Inside the villa.

A Jessica slumped weakly on the sofa and suddenly heard Harry's answer, her eyes widened and she started screaming excitedly.

She turned dark when she saw Harry brought back another female classmate this evening.

But then he asked casually, only to find out why Harry brought her back. This woman is the idol he recently admired,'Gaolou!'!

All of a sudden, her gloomy expression disappeared instantly, and she changed into some excitement.

"Gwen! I've seen your recent deeds. You are so amazing. You helped the police catch so many people!" She bounced to Gwen.

However, Gwen looked at Harry closely.

The pink mouth bulged slightly.

The sight is sharp.

Inner grief and anger.

You... what you said is tight-lipped!!!

"Oh, don't worry, this is my family, she will know it sooner or later." Harry's sixth sense began to warn, and he immediately explained after seeing Gwen's gaze.

"Huh, my family?" Jessica gave him a squint.

Then she excitedly talked with Gwen again, "I have always wanted to know how you did it. The Internet is full of videos about you floating in a tall building! That's so cool!"

"Oh, that's because I made something that I borrowed from a technology product of Osborne Industries. It has great adhesion, can stick to anything, and is not easy to break. This is how I treat it as a rope. Swing out."

Gwen took out something from his trouser pocket, pressed his finger on it, and suddenly a thin white line shot out.

"Wow, I turned out to be a big researcher again, okay, I'm probably a scumbag among my classmates." Jessica was so enthusiastic that she collapsed on the sofa.

Harry added: "Be confident and remove the word'estimate'."

"..." Jessica kept staring at him with anger.

Gwen said, puzzled: "By the way, Jessica, I haven't seen you since the second semester of high school. Why are you with Harry now? And he just said... his own?"

Jessica said casually: "Oh, I was deceived recently."

"What?" Gwen looked at Harry subconsciously.

"I hired her and served her deliciously and deliciously every day. What she has to do is also very simple, just exercise with me every few days."

Harry waved his hand. "It's that simple."

"The black in my eyes is not black, but what white are you talking about?"

Suddenly, Jessica's eyes turned red and her tone was extremely aggrieved, as if she was about to cry.

Gwen frowned, "Harry, you let a girl work out with you..."

"This is not a girl, this is King Kong!"

Jessica: "..."

"Hey, hey, originally I was just skeptical, but boss, you really didn't treat me as a girl!"

"She is powerful and energetic. Obviously, this kind of person is suitable for sandbags." Sensing Gwen's eyes on him, Harry said, "If it weren't for her abilities , I drove her out a long time ago. She ate or slept all day long, and she slumped on the sofa without moving."

"I wanted to move, but boss, you didn't give me a chance." Listening, Jessica blinked her beautiful eyes immediately.

"To shut up."

"Oh, I basically know it." Gwen said hesitantly, "So Harry, are you building a superhero team?"

"It's a pity to tell you, no."

Harry looked serious, "What I need to form is a fitness team called Sexy Tiantu. Gwen, come on, we need you."

"Um... this I think... still can't..." Gwen was a little frightened.

"Just kidding, we are indeed a team of heroes, but not the same as the heroes you remember. Are you interested in joining?"

Harry looked at her, "To be honest, not everyone can enter here. If you can come in, it means that you are optimistic about you. You have the qualifications. As long as you go through some training, the training here is the most powerful. , It won’t be long before your abilities will have an extraordinary improvement!"

"Don't come in, you will find that this place is Longtan Tiger Den!" Jessica immediately reminded her with a startled expression.

"Longtan Tiger's Den?"

Gwen looked confused, and then she considered what Harry had said, can she receive top-level training?

Soon, she finished thinking and nodded seriously: "Okay!"

"Oh my God."

Jessica was unable to support her forehead.

The eyes looking at Gwen were pitiful.

Maiden, you will be like me soon.

Slumped on this sofa all day.