Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 29-What to do if my girlfriend ignores me

Speechless overnight.

When Harry opened his eyes, Kara immediately reported the current time, ten o'clock in the morning.

Walking out of the basement, he saw two things lying on the sofa.

Jessica... and Gwen.

"Hi, boss." Jessica greeted in a low voice, her eyes a little nervous.

"Hello, Jessica."

Harry smiled.

However, in Jessica's eyes, she seemed to see the devil, a little frightened and powerless.

"It's time for delivery." Harry said, turning and leaving.

Hearing that, she bit her lip with a tangled look, and then showed an expression of grief and indignation, obediently followed into the gym.

"I understand how you feel, Jessica, don't be afraid, it's just a matter of a while. Long-term pain is worse than short-term pain. Go with peace of mind." Gwen kindly comforted.


Four hours later.

In the gym, Jessica was lying on the ground weakly in sweat.

"How about, Jessica, after so many intensity training, you feel stronger?" Harry put on his clothes and smiled.

Jessica rolled her eyes and groaned powerlessly, "Not at all, I feel like I've become useless and lazy..."

"Don't push the words waste and lazy to training, that is your basic attribute. Take a break, your suit is ready, come over and test later."

"Good boss, goodbye boss."

Jessica grunted, and fell asleep deeply.


Gwen, who was nibbling on potato chips in the living room, couldn't help shaking violently when Harry called her.

"Ahaha, Harry, what's the matter with you?" She turned her head to see Harry who was looking calm, suddenly pitiful, and said pitifully: "Why don't you look tired at all, I'm not here today."

"Come to try the battle suit."

Harry said irritably.

"Oh, then I'll come!" Gwen's eyes lit up suddenly.

She also considered making a suit a few days ago, but unfortunately it was too ugly, and a girl wore a tights and went out in a high-rise mess...

She felt a little ashamed.

Now Harry made her a mechanical suit, which made her a little excited, don't worry about shame.

Soon, Gwen quickly followed into the basement and stood in a certain position according to Harry's instructions.

Then several intelligent manipulators next to it started to operate, assembling pieces of inner armor on Gwen's body, and the intelligent inner armor began to embed itself.

Then connect the pink outer armor, and a pink mecha is formed.

"So sensitive!"

Gwen operated for a while, and after a while, she stopped, marveling at the armor.

"The function of this mecha is completely comparable to that of Iron Man! He also said that no one will be able to make this kind of technology in twenty years, Harry, you are so amazing."

"Low-key, low-key." Harry accepted her compliment.

"Unexpectedly, this is also an arc reactor, right? Harry, you are only eighteen years old. It's too bad, you can catch up with Stark's technological level."


Mainly with Kara's help.

With her help, Harry went through all the scientific content on the Internet, and now his mind is full of knowledge.

But most of it is just ordinary knowledge.

"I have implanted an artificial intelligence in your armor. If you don't understand the operation, you can directly ask it."

"Huh, can you?"

Gwen was a little surprised, she immediately tried to communicate with the artificial intelligence.

This is a combat artificial intelligence, Harry only left some functions in it, and other functions about the company or villa system restricted it.

To avoid accidents, this kind of artificial intelligence can only be regarded as an accessory to the armor and can only operate the armor.

Of course, you can still make calls.

"Boss, Vanessa, she has opened an exhibition at the Eugen Museum. I'll tell you."

Before long, Jessica came down from above and said lazily.

"She told you? Why didn't she tell me."

Harry frowned. He hadn't heard from Vanessa in these two days.

Vanessa seemed to avoid him.

"Boss, you should ask yourself, I don't know, hey, maybe you can't."

Jessica said softly, and then saw Gwen in the armor, her eyes lit up immediately.

Excited: "Boss, where's my suit!"

Harry's eyes tightened. "...what did you just say?"

"I said you are so fierce, boss, Jessica can't bear it every time~"

"There, let Gwen teach you how to dress."


Jessica rushed up excitedly.

And Harry frowned for a moment, then turned and walked out of the basement.

He called Vanessa, and it rang for a long time, but did not answer.

Now Harry simply didn't want to, and got in the sports car and hurried directly to the Eugen Museum.


Eugen Museum.

Vanessa looked at the phone in front of her, her face worried and tangled.

"Vanessa, what's the matter with you, you've been staring at the phone this day." Someone walked over, somewhat puzzled.

"It's nothing!"

Vanessa was watching and suddenly heard a voice, she was so scared that she put her phone away, and said immediately.

"You can't hide it from me, do you have a boyfriend?" Amy looked at it and suddenly smiled. "Let's talk about what kind of person he is that can make my Vanessa pay attention to the phone all day for him. "

"Oh, there is no..."

Vanessa continued stubbornly.

But under Amy's smiling eyes, she retreated, "Well, but he is not my boyfriend, he...he and I just had dinner."

"That's it? Then this man is certainly not small."

However, Vanessa's face quietly crawled out a layer of crimson, her fingers kept intertwining.

"What else are you hiding? It will definitely not be that simple!"

Facing Amy, her friend, Vanessa bit her lip, "Well, actually we still..."

Amy listened.

Her face became more and more awkward, and her eyes widened: "You mean, you just had dinner with him... Oh my God, Vanessa, are you so hungry?"

"I'm not, I don't... It's just that, he, he really has a masculine aura that makes people hard to refuse... Hey, I can't go on."

Vanessa flushed, covered her face with her hands, and let out a whine.

Amy watched this scene funny.

Vanessa used to be high above her suitors and ignored her.

A high cold goddess.

Why is it completely reversed now.

Is it true that you will be like a wolf when you are older?

"Well, you take a break and restore your complexion."

Seeing her leave, Vanessa slowly moved her hand away and began to take a deep breath.

After a while, he was completely calm.

At this time she had already cleared up her mood, looked at the phone again, and didn't have much thoughts.

Two steps are taken and I am about to go out to the exhibition.

Suddenly, Amy, who had just gone out, hurried in.

She excitedly said: "Vanessa, your boyfriend is here!!!"

Upon hearing this, Vanessa's heart trembled, her face suddenly changed.

Feeling that her legs were a little weak, she turned back and hid inside without thinking about it.