Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 30 Hanmer Industry Exhibition Evening

"Hey, hey, what are you doing?"

Amy came over and looked down at her, a little funny.

"Amy, just tell him I'm not here! Please." Vanessa begged.

"Who was looking at the phone just now, now that everyone is here, you are going to hide?"

If I say he is very fierce, do you dare to believe that he is tired?

"I can't tell you clearly, please, please, just tell him that I'm not here, go and go!"

Vanessa didn't know what she should do now, she didn't expect Harry to find it personally, so she could only drag it first.

Amy shook her head helplessly: "I really don't understand you."

"I don't understand myself either." After hearing this, Vanessa bit her lip tightly, her eyes dimmed, "Hurry up, don't let people wait!"

"Tsk, I dare to feel bad, or do you want to know what he means by coming here soon?"

Upon hearing this, Vanessa suddenly looked embarrassed.

"I'll help you ask, okay, wait for my news." Amy sighed in hatred for iron and steel, and turned to go out.

"and many more!"

"what happened?"

Vanessa bit her lip tightly for a while before she said, "You told him never to come again, we are out of play."

"I don't even understand now."

Amy frowned.

"Go ahead." Vanessa gave a reluctant smile.

"Just tell me anything."

Suddenly, there was a voice outside, and when she heard her ears, Vanessa's beautiful eyes suddenly widened, she stood there, lowered her head slightly, her fingers began to entangle tightly.

Soon, Harry walked in here.

"You guys talk slowly and solve this problem as soon as possible, okay?" Seeing him, Amy smiled without losing sight of embarrassment, and walked out of here quickly after speaking.

"Why avoid me."

Harry stepped up and held her in his arms, soft.

"Isn't that good... only once..." Vanessa's eyes were erratic, and her body began to struggle: "You let me go."

"Oh, you did."

Harry pretended to think about it, then looked down at her, and said weirdly, "But it's not complete. How do I remember you said once a day?"


Vanessa widened her eyes in disbelief, "You! You, you, you!"

She didn't struggle anymore, her eyes were like soft water, and she stared at Harry closely, "You are going to be fooling you?"

"Shame? No, you are shame, dear Vanessa." Harry smiled and shook his head.

How could he admit it.

In fact, he did default to once a day.

"Harry, you can't do this, we said yes!" Vanessa looked stubborn.

"I came here today just to see you, please stop making trouble?"

After a while, Vanessa muffled: "I don't want this, Harry, you are too strong, I am not your best companion."

Harry was surprised. "Why do you think so?"


You still have the face to ask this!

Vanessa's white face turned red, gritted her teeth, and said: "You don't know how tired, I really can't."

"Oh, about this..." Harry smiled and touched her head. "I'm actually more sensitive. For the first time that day, I worked hard."


"What lie to you, you will know tonight."

Hearing that, Vanessa suddenly raised her head like a frightened rabbit, her white delicate hands couldn't help holding on tight.

The eyes are a little weak.

"No, no, no! I'm really determined, we're over! It's really over! I won't promise you! Never again!"

"Well, I got it."

"You don't seem to listen to me, please listen to me carefully. No, wait a minute! Wait...uh..."

The temperature gradually rises.


"Vanessa, it looks like you have a good result, and your face looks good."

Amy looked at the two people who came out and suddenly smiled.

Then she looked at Harry with a smile: "My name is Amy."

"Harry." Harry responded dangerously.

Amy said immediately, "Harry, I didn't expect Vanessa to be so fanatical about boys for the first time. You have to treat her well."


Vanessa saw Harry's weird expression and said hurriedly, "Amy, pay attention to the words!"

"Oh oh oh, it's crazy."

"...Don't talk."

"Well, Vanessa, if you guys want to go out to play, just go, I'll watch here."

"No, Harry is going back." Vanessa shook her head.

"Huh?" Amy looked at and said immediately, "But I don't think he wants this very much."

"I can't go back..."

Vanessa smiled without a smile, and said, "You have to think if you don't want it! Harry, you want to go back, right?"

"Oh, I remember now, I have something urgent to do, and I really want to go back."

Harry shut up immediately and nodded.


Amy looked at this scene weirdly.

This couple is weird.

At this time, someone next to her gestured, and she immediately said goodbye to the two of them, and walked over there.

"Actually, I don't want to leave." Seeing her leaving, Harry immediately took her hand.

"Go away." Vanessa looked at him fiercely.

"I really didn't mean it..." Harry said hastily, "I swear! I was only a little excited to break it."

Vanessa flushed and became more fierce, "Stop talking! Go back!"

"Then I will pick you up tonight."


"Be good, when do you get off work?"

Vanessa looked left and right, and found that many people around were looking over.

She felt her face hot, and she was busy sending Harry, "Six o'clock, all right, let's go."

"Wait for me, this is the second date tonight."

Harry smiled contentedly, leaned over and gave her a mouthful, turned and walked away quickly.


Vanessa covered her mouth and was so close to an obviously young man in full view, she only felt that her entire face was about to burn, and walked back quickly.

Back at the office, she couldn't stop her excitement, she was so excited, she started a little dance.

However, after a while, she came to the table and opened a certain drawer.

When I saw the broken black thing inside, he immediately closed the drawer with a snap.

"Rogue, beast." Vanessa murmured, unable to suppress her joy.

"You said it wasn't intentional?"


Harry, who was driving to Osborne Industries in a sports car, couldn't help but smile.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

It's Norman.

After being connected for a while, Harry hung up.

Norman made this call, saying that Hanmer Industries would have an exhibition tonight, so he asked Harry if he wanted to go with him.

Hanmer Industries said that they also made a bunch of robots, and Harry felt he was being laughed at.

Without such a thing as a micro reactor, how can their robot move?

But it’s okay to see it. It’s a party after all, so it’s okay to take Vanessa there on a date.