Back at the villa, Jessica and Gwen both sat quietly on the sofa.

"Why look so serious?"

Harry murmured and walked straight to the laboratory.

"do not!"

"Don't go down!"

Seeing his movement, the two women immediately shouted loudly, with a little panic.

"I knew it! Did you damage it?" Harry turned and looked at them closely.

"Not much damage..."

Gwen's expression was unnatural, and he said, "It's just... forget it, you'd better go and watch it yourself, don't be angry."


At this moment, Jessica rushed over from the sofa.

Get in front of Harry.

The hands were opened wide.

"Such a big reaction, wouldn't it be to ruin my basement?" Harry was suspicious.

"It shouldn't be. I'm just going to tell you first, so that you can be mentally prepared."

Jessica grinned in delight.

"Say it."

Harry looked at her condescendingly, wondering what they did.

"Just now... we were curious about how the battle armor attacked... and then... we shot... the firepower was so fierce..."

She spoke weakly.

Then he raised his voice slightly.

"But don't worry! We just smashed the floor and walls, your equipment is fine!"


"Well, your few million luxury cars..."

Jessica bit her lip.

If you make compensation--

She won't be able to pay it back all her life!

"Wait for you, don't want to leave in this life."

Harry rolled his eyes and walked directly into the basement.

When Jessica heard this, her eyes went round in shock, gave Gwen a look, and followed Harry with a frown.

Gwen also followed nervously.

Looking at the tattered basement in front of him.

Haliton sighed.

"Yes, it really has the three-point demeanor of those dilapidated temples that ancient Chinese scholars lived in when they rushed for the exam!"

Gwen and Jessica kept paying attention to his face and asked in a low voice, "Harry, are you not angry?"

"How can I not be angry? My angry lungs are about to explode."

Harry looked at them both with a smile, "Fortunately, I had a good mood with my girlfriend just now, otherwise you must be exhausted again."


"Thank you so much!"

"Bless you for a hundred years!"

"Oh boss!"

The two women hurriedly smiled and congratulated.

Afterwards, Harry checked the place. Fortunately, the quantum computer was not destroyed, just some dents splashed by gravel on the surface.

His Armor of the Emperor Flame Emperor was also safe, and he stayed quietly in the window.

As for other places, it is terrible.

Nothing to see.

Harry sighed heavily.


"Forget it, I have another villa, move out."

As a result, the three began a vigorous move.

The other villa is on the mountain and the environment is very secluded.

Because there are no neighbors around, there is only an exquisite European-style castle in the dense forest.

However, under the increasingly gloomy sky, this old castle quietly vented its gloominess.

"The castle of evil spirits! There is a terrifying evil spirit in the legend. It will devour human souls in the middle of the night and unknowingly assimilate people into dead spirits! Eternal life will stay here and cannot go out!"

Jessica's eyes widened when she saw it, and she exclaimed in horror.

"Tell you not to watch so many TVs and move quickly."

Harry had heard about this TV series, and suddenly patted her on the back of the head, and hurried inside.

Soon, everything was set up.

Gwen and Jessica could not help but get goose bumps looking at the dark decorations around them and the sound of the wilderness.

call out--

Harry returned to the previous villa and drove the Bat Chariot silently into the basement here.

The basement of this villa is connected to the outside world, separated by a steel door, which can be opened remotely.

He saw this villa when he came before, and in the past few days, he has sent people to transform it into a high-tech mansion according to his instructions and designs.

The basement is even bigger.

"Welcome back, sir." Recognizing Harry's face, Kara's voice sounded just in time.

Kara has accepted the system here and has become the smart steward of this mansion.

"Well, Carla, continue to make the suit and follow my original plan."

"Yes, sir."

An industrial robot in a small production workshop in this basement immediately moved.

Seeing it was almost six o'clock, Harry walked into the bathroom, took a fragrant shower, sprayed some perfume, made his hair, and went out handsomely.

Lying on the sofa, Jessica looked at his back, muttering angrily in her mouth.

"Jessica, what are you muttering." Gwen said suddenly.

"Mumbled a pervert." Jessica curled her lips, her tone of dissatisfaction.

Gwen: "Don't whisper, Harry has several girlfriends every week, it's normal, and soon this girlfriend will be dumped."

"Ho ho ho, tell me what these do." Jessica's face stiffened.

"It's nothing."

"Say!" Jessica rolled over and rode on Gwen.

"Hahaha, don't tell me."


The two immediately started playing around.


At five and fifty.

Harry came to the Eugen Museum.

"Harry, here you are!" Amy said with a big smile.

"Well, hello, you are busy with you." Harry greeted perfunctorily, and walked quickly in one direction.

Amy turned around as usual and walked to the other side.

Habits, it's terrible.

In the office.

"Vanessa, are you still busy?"

Harry smiled and looked at the girl in front of him.

"It's almost six o'clock."

"Ah! Time flies so fast!"

Vanessa seemed to be startled, and said in surprise.

But in fact, she felt that the whole day was like a year, thinking about tonight.

After the two had a close contact, Harry sent her back to the place where Vanessa needed to prepare.

Knowing that she was going to an exhibition, Vanessa put on a dignified and delicate dress and set off with Harry's arrangement.

After dinner, the two appeared at the Hanmer Industries exhibition.

Vanessa walked down the road holding Harry's hand. Not many people knew them, so no one came to talk.

The two randomly found a place to sit down.

"Harry, are you interested in these steel suits?" Vanessa kept her eyes on his face.

"I'm just interested in you."

"Keep it down."

Vanessa smiled and squeezed Harry's waist slightly.


It's really hard.

"I'm telling you something, I want to make big news." Harry whispered to her.


"Have you heard of Batman?"

Vanessa thought hard for a moment, "Have you heard of it in the comics, right? Also, recently it seems that someone pretending to be Batman has been photographed."

"let me tell you……"

Harry put her little hand into his thick hand and leaned in.

"——I am Batman!"



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