"It seems so simple."

A cliff villa.

Stark picked up a shiny object with tweezers and put it into the reaction furnace, raised his eyebrows in a high tone.

"Congratulations, sir, you have created a new element, and I will start testing the new reactor."


Stark nodded, but he thought about the day, his eyes gloomy, "Who came to my house to copy the materials that night?"

The monitoring did not see anyone, only the keyboard was moving.

Even Jarvis can't stop his behavior. This man must have top computer knowledge.

You know, that person copied the reactor and the structure diagram of the steel suit!

There will never be only one Iron Man in this world!

At the thought of this, Stark frowned, resting his hands on the table, rubbing his beard constantly.

Fortunately, this new element of my own has just been produced, and that person hasn't obtained the structure diagram of this element, which is even more powerful.


Suddenly, the computer in front of me started to ring.

He frowned and chose to connect.

"You are very good, I have increased the speed." There was a frivolous voice.

"It's you!?"

Ivan Vanke!

Stark was shocked, isn't this guy dead?

There was an explosion in the prison a few days ago, and the person who was killed was him!

After turning his eyes a few times, he said in a low voice: "I didn't expect your voice from a dead man's head to be quite angry."

"Thank you, you thought I was dead. Actually I didn't. How could I die!? I have been watching you. I succeeded. I will crush your confidence and your armor!"

"You stole my information?" Hearing this, Stark realized this, and his fists began to clenched.

On the computer screen, Jarvis was swiftly tracking the opposite address.

"No! It's you who stole my information! These materials are originally mine! It's ours!"

Ivan Vanke said in a cold tone, "Stark, what your father has done to our father and son in the past 40 years, I will do it to you in 40 minutes!"

The next moment, the call ended instantly.

Tracking failed!

A line of red letters popped up on the computer screen instantly.

Stark frowned, for forty minutes?

He glanced at the screen next to him, the Hanmer Industry Exhibition.

Show off the steel suit!?

not good!


Hanmer Industry Exhibition.

"...Ladies and gentlemen, today, I have the honor to introduce you to the new face of the American military, Soldier Hammer!"

With a lot of opening remarks, Hammer finally revealed the steel soldiers he had made Vanke secretly.

The Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps have eight steel soldiers in each team, for a total of thirty-two.

"I'm going to transform, take this thing." Harry then handed a camera to Vanessa.

"Oh oh oh!"

Vanessa hurriedly took hold, she was still shocked by Harry's Batman identity.

Because... This doesn't look like a Batman template. Running so fast, it's the Flash.

But the body is so fierce, it is perfectly possible to call Superman.

Why is it Batman?

"Be careful!" she said eagerly when she saw Harry getting up and walking away quickly.


Harry never looked back.

He quickly came to a place where there was no one and put the bat card in front of him.

Suddenly, a layer of black metal rushed out from the card, covering his body in a short while, forming a dark metal bat suit with huge muscles and sharp corners.

Go out slowly.

"Batman! You are Batman!!!"

Just in time, a bald middle-aged man walked out of the toilet. He was raising his head, and when he saw Harry in front of him, he immediately screamed excitedly.

It's as if I met the lover of my dream.

"Do me a favor." Harry looked at him and made a heavy voice.

Batman's exclusive voice throat.

"You say you say!" The bald man smiled excitedly.

"To shut up."

call out--

Hearing the faint words, the middle-aged man only saw a flower in front of him, and Batman flew up without the help of tools.

"Hey, this Batman can fly!"

Middle-aged people stay where they are, full of question marks.


"Of course, what we need most is a suit that can be controlled by real soldiers. It is a full-threatening armor. Let me introduce its pilot, Air Force Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes!"

The long-prepared booth opened, and a steel suit with many explosive weapons slowly rose from below and appeared in front of everyone.

The person below immediately clapped his palms.

Vanessa looked around eagerly, but didn't see Harry or Batman.

Thinking about the camera Harry gave herself just now, she thought about it and held it up.

I have to take a set of handsome photos of my little boyfriend later.

After turning on the camera.

Hey, why is it so clear?

Vanessa was stunned. Suddenly, in the camera, a man in a dark and luxurious metal armor jumped from above and fell straight onto the exhibition stand.

Make a boom.

The black cloak behind him trembled slightly, as if...

A big bat!

It's Batman!!!

After everyone saw the figure clearly, they all couldn't help standing up, staring excitedly.

Does this superhero they heard of since childhood really exist?


Hanmer's mouth moved and he was dumbfounded. The Batman in front of him gave him a super strong sense of oppression for no reason!

No, the legs are weak.


This is the messenger of justice!

"Bat... Batman! I'm fine, you can't catch me... You can't catch me..." Hanmer took two steps back in fear, his body trembling a little.


Vanke, who was far away at the headquarters of Hanmer Industry, frowned, "What is it?"

"Batman dare to come out and be fierce, let me kill you." He sneered, and struck the keyboard vigorously.


"Batman, I don't know if you are a real Batman, but now this belongs to the military..."

As Rod was talking, he realized that the virtual screen in front of him had a bunch of illegal scarlet letters.

Someone took control of his armor!

With a move of the machine gun behind him, it began to stand up and aimed at Harry.

The people below looked at them, and immediately panicked.

"No, no! My armor is under control, Batman, get out of the way!"

Rod said in horror.

Unexpectedly, he only saw a dark shadow flash by.

Batman came to him in an instant!

His eyes widened, so fast!


A palm rushed directly into his chest, squeezing the bright circular reactor inside to extinguish the light.

In an instant, Rod saw his screen start to spend, and finally dimmed completely.

He choked silently: "I..."

"Sorry, wherever there is light, I cannot help it." He heard Batman's low voice.

Rod: "..."

I want to cry without tears in my heart, the steel suit that I have worked so hard to get!

After only wearing it for two days, it was useless!



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