Two days later.

The mountains outside New York.

The Thor thing had come to an end, and Harry dragged the Destroyer armor back to New York the next day, trying out its various capabilities.

Not surprisingly, the quality of this Destroyer armor is very hard, and it has the function of automatically reshaping, even if it is squashed, it will quickly restore its original appearance.

As for the means of attack, if it is controlled remotely, the only means of attack for this armor is to emit high-temperature beams.

But if you put it on, it is really invincible. The majestic magical energy stored in it can be used by Harry, and there is a top-level magic that restores energy stored in it.

It really made a lot of money to find this thing.

This was specially made by Odin in order to prevent the invasion of the Celestial Group. The materials made were all the most precious Ulu metal in Asgard.


Harry gave a low voice, and the fruit knife held in his right hand flashed a few times, very dazzling.

[Hard Power]!

[Extremely sharp]!

[Flame high temperature]!


But the weapon enchanting magic lasted for less than two seconds, and the fruit knife in his hand suddenly shattered into a pile of slag.

"There is no way to store magic in this thing. Enchanting is difficult to succeed."

Harry became annoyed.

How about tearing down the Destroyer’s armor?

He shook his head and denied that the Destroyer armor can provide him with spiritual protection and greatly enhance his magic resistance. It must not be removed.

Why don't you go for a stroll to Wakanda, the hometown of Panthers?

By the way, he seems to have a family who is living outside, and he has a pile of vibrating gold.

Harry rubbed his hands. The Panthers are top-notch technology, and maybe you can learn a few hands of nanotechnology there.

By the way, the few hands mentioned here... probably all.

[Anomalies in Brooklyn]

"As you can see, the people in these photos died horribly. According to neighbors and locals here, there seems to be a life-deathing evil spirit living here..."

[Weird burnt marks on the road]

"The Brooklyn police are now investigating several surrounding roads. It is obvious that someone deliberately set fire to burn the road. Here, I persuade those young people to live rationally..."

[Detailed Evil Event: Weird Pregnant Woman...]

In the living room, Jessica was watching these weird news nervously.

Suddenly, a hand lightly patted her shoulder.

"Ah ah ah!!!"

The shrill scream like a pig suddenly sounded.

Jessica turned her head in panic, and saw Harry, her face froze immediately: "Old... boss..."

"I'm so courageous, I'll call you Jessica the mouse." Harry sat down beside her.

"You are the mouse Harry."

Jessica curled her lips, "Here, look here, there must be some monsters in Brooklyn, but I have been studying for a whole day."

"Study the news all day, hahaha."

Harry couldn't help laughing. "Don't you know that the current stupid presidents are talking about fake news every day?"

"This is all fake news! Fake news!"

"..." Jessica showed disgust, "It's so funny."

After chatting for a while, she thought, and then sneaked up and whispered: "Since Stark said that he is Iron Man, the world has really become more and more crazy, even Asgar The Protoss of Germany also appeared on our planet. I have studied the news this time."

"Boss, let me tell you, this should really be the legendary... evil spirit!"

"Yes, yes, but after all, don't get so close."

Harry slapped her head back, making Jessica's chest rise and fall "slightly" with anger.

Keep your eyes on the TV.

Harry began to search for memories. The most likely thing that could show this kind of trace was the ghost rider. His Harley could bring sparks along the way when he ran.

But the other news is what's going on, evil spirits are staying in residential areas...

Don’t the evil spirits belong to Constantine of DC?

He shook his head. It is estimated that Mephisto of the Lord of Hell has come to plant children.

No surprises.

"I remember your physical strength should be restored now?"

Upon hearing this, Jessica's aggrieved face suddenly froze.

Immediately pleased him: "Boss, give me two more days, I will almost squeeze it dry for you."

"Furthermore, the news is terrible now. We have to just in case, if the evil spirit comes to us, I, a weak woman who has no power to bind a chicken, can't escape."

She expected Ai Ai, "Slow down, okay... okay?"

"This is a barren mountain, no evil spirits will look at it."

Harry stared at her for 0.5 seconds, then grabbed her into his hand with one hand.

"Oh, if you insist, then come!" Jessica uncharacteristically said with a grin: "Come to ruin me and ruin me as much as you want."

Harry shook his head as he saw, "Hehe, you ghost..."


The ghost character came out.

Suddenly the whole villa fell into darkness.

"No... won't it really come?" Jessica's frivolous face faded, and she clutched Harry's sleeve tightly.


Without receiving a response, Harry frowned and thought, the Destroyer armor squatting in the basement began to step up.

His magic skills are not deep enough to let it fly over.


A weird percussion sounded continuously, and a figure quietly stepped in with the continuous sound of rain and thunder.

"Your house is very nice."

The visitor was an old man with a little pale hair. He was wearing a very well-fitting and delicate black suit with a very polite smile on his face.

It seems to be carved out.

"Boss, do you know this person?"

"do not know."

"Old guy, who are you?" Jessica narrowed her eyes, and being able to walk here is definitely not something an ordinary old man can do.

Is this in the deep mountains, or thunderstorm weather, can this old man have the leisurely feeling of climbing?

"Oh, I just came here to take a look at my old friend and take a look at this house by the way."

The old man smiled and looked around here, his tone a little sorrowful: "Ah, it still feels that way, of course, it would be better if you add a little taste.

By the way, I forgot to introduce it. I was the last owner of this house..."

"So what's your intention?"

"I want to get something back here. Maybe you don’t know. I have always liked hiding things around the world, and the things here are of some use to me now. I have to dig it out. I hope you don’t mind. ."

"Yes, you are free."

Harry looked at him, gladly letting him find it by himself.

"Thank you."

Mephisto took an elegant step, step by step deep into the house.

Until a certain moment, his whole person seemed to be completely melted into the darkness, unable to be discovered.



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