Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 44-Mephisto

"Sorry, do you two mind coming in and doing me a favor?"

Mephisto's voice came out of the darkness, seemingly bewildering.

Jessica was slightly lost, but Harry reacted quickly and poked her in the waist.


As if she had been rescued from drowning, Jessica began to breathe quickly, her eyes clear.

The body supported slightly.


Mephisto's eyes were seen from the darkness and fell on Harry, his tone a little surprised.

He didn't expect that his bewitching power would be destroyed by someone, there is something on this person.

"I advise you to stay calm, this is not something you can invade." Harry said lightly to him.

"Jie Jie Jie, what right do you have to threaten me?"

Hearing that, Mephisto stepped out of the darkness in a cold tone: "I was born in the darkness and entered this world. Now I give you two choices, become my slave or die!"

"I choose the third one."


"That's hammering your dog's head!"

Without a word, Harry rushed forward, punching Mephisto's old face with a punch.

What is so arrogant about a demon entrusted to humans?


Mephisto saw only a flickering shadow in front of him. He was horrified and was about to avoid, but it was obviously late.

Under the powerful force, his head instantly turned into a bunch of bright red droplets and sprinkled on the ground.

The scene suddenly fell silent.

After a few seconds.

"Ho ho ho ho..." Suddenly, a suppressed angry laughter sounded.

A huge shadow struggled out of the old man's body. It had a long head with double horns, a burly figure, and a wide open mouth, which looked very big.

Lord of Hell, the incarnation of Mephisto!

"I admire you very much, Harry Osborn, your body is very healthy, you are very young, turn into my clone!!!"

Its eyes were sullen and roared coldly.

A cold breeze suddenly surged, covering the two of them.

"Are you dreaming?"

Harry came to it in an instant and drank softly: "Get me back to your hell!"


The raised slap fell in an instant, and Mephisto's ferocious expression suddenly dissipated. It yelled in horror: "No! You can't have the power of magic! No!!!"

Unwilling to struggle, but in the end Mephisto dissipated with endless resentment.

Seeing its figure completely disappeared here, Harry shook his hand. He just stacked a layer of magical energy in his palm, mainly relying on his own terrifying power to shoot it down.

"Boss, I didn't expect you to be able to solve the evil spirit." On the other side, Jessica, who had been in a dull state, reluctantly pulled her lips and said a word.

"It's just a little evil spirit."

Harry said casually, "I dare not provoke a powerful evil spirit."

"Really? That's pretty awesome, but I didn't expect that this old man looked so tall, he was just a little evil spirit." Jessica looked at the headless old corpse condescendingly. He kicked a meter or two away.

With a frivolous smile, "With this kind of strength, I still dare to break into our place, I bah, I can only blame you for not knowing Taishan! Boss, are you right?"

However, she heard Harry say nonchalantly: "Whoever touches this corpse last is responsible."


In response, Jessica looked at this thing carefully, and suddenly felt a little nauseous.

"Oh... ugly."


Hell field.

Mephisto woke up in the palace and looked at everything in front of him, his eyes became fierce.

"Damn thing, it took me only three days to go to Earth this time! Who is that person, and what identity does he hide in secret!"

It had been eyeing the Osborne family two days ago, and it did not expect that this young Harry Osborne would have such a powerful magical energy.

When did a great power appear on the earth again?

What makes it most depressing is that this time he was going to harvest the contract he planted years ago, but he was forced to come back halfway, losing a lot of energy.


Suddenly, an evil spirit wandered in quickly from the outside, shouting with an ugly face and a hideous face.

"Say." Mephisto said impatiently.

"Master, your son, the Black Heart Demon, has also used the method of strong demon to get out of hell and went to the earth when you wandered around the earth two days ago!"

"Ho ho ho, is this thing finally unable to bear its own ambitions?"

Mephisto sneered in anger. Among his many sons, this thing was the most ambitious, and he wanted to take his throne and his power all day long.

But this is impossible!

"Hateful, hateful."

Thinking of its current situation, it looked up to the sky and roared, "If it weren't for Harry Osborne, I would have contacted my knight and killed that thing! But now I can only sit here. , Let that guy increase his strength in the outside world!"

"Master, what shall we do now?"

Mephisto clenched his fists, "Contact the evil spirits on the earth and stop the actions of the black heart!"

"Yes, master!"


Hey hey...

Hey hey hey hey!

After a hard work, Jessica finally cleaned up the traces here. As for the corpse, she casually threw it in a corner of the mountain, hiding him.

"Really tired."

She rubbed her shoulders, and when she returned to the villa, she happened to see Harry nibbling on her potato chips.

"Boss, isn't it unethical for you to act like this?" Jessica said with a smile when he came to him and blocked the TV.

"I just ate two yuan and pay you back."

Harry immediately handed out the potato chips in his hand, and then his figure disappeared instantly.

Jessica curled her lips and looked down. There were only two chips left in it.

She couldn't help shaking her hand.

I can go to your uncle!


"Carla, search for all news about the evil spirit incident in Brooklyn."

Harry gave Kara an instruction, and immediately, the holographic screen in front of him began to operate quickly.

The hero of the evil spirit knight is actually very strong, because his judgment eye can burn evil souls, which is an indiscriminate attack skill.

As long as you are within the scope of this skill, you will be judged.

Harry thought, he was so kind and innocent, he probably wouldn't be hurt by this skill, otherwise God would not open his eyes.

As for its hellfire, this thing is supernatural energy, and ordinary material materials can also defend it, so there is nothing to fear.

Thinking about it, he cast his gaze on the Destroyer armor next to him.

I don't know if this set of things can defend the eye of judgment?

Since it is directly acting on the soul, if the soul power is sufficient to resist this ability, then it should be fine.

Harry remembered a magic book he got from Loki before--

"Advanced Magic: Spiritual Barriers."