Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 53: Mordu and Casillas

After more than ten minutes, Casillas still followed closely behind him.

Series: Perverted Wolf?

This made Harry couldn't help but pop a few words out of his mind.

After walking through an alley, he stopped and turned directly in.

Casillas hurried to keep up.

But there was no one in front of him. Why did the pretty boy he had been following closely disappear suddenly?

"Hey, man, what do you want to do after following me for so long?"

Suddenly a sound came from above, and Casillas hurriedly raised his head, only to find that Harry was holding the support in both hands, hanging directly above him.

When the two people's eyes met, he began to stare at him.

Is it so embarrassing?

Being caught by someone else!

Would he think that I was the kind of pervert...tail wolf?

Casillas was embarrassed, but he didn't know what to say.

"Oh, yes! I am a disciple of Taj Kama. I have been with you for so long and want to examine you and see if you are eligible to enter Taj Kama! Now that you have discovered it, congratulations , You have passed Kama Taj's assessment!"

There was a flash of light in his mind, then he raised his head slightly and said in a high tone.

It seems to be true.


Harry jumped down from above and saw a large figure slamming down on him, Casillas hurriedly avoided.

He patted the things on his hands and Harry gave a clean smile, "So, my name is Harry Osborne, how about you?"


Casillas reported his name indifferently, turned and walked out: "Come on, I'll take you to Taj Kama."


Harry stopped him and said, "Actually, I have two friends. We came to Kama Taj in a group."

Casillas: "..."

Finally, he followed Harry back to bring Vanessa and Amy out.

"This person is..."

Seeing Amy with a look of horror, Casillaston frowned, "She suffered from the power of the devil!"

Harry said immediately, "Yes, it is said that a demon called the Dark Heart Demon did it!"

"Black Heart!"

As a disciple of the temple, how could Casillas not know this name, this is a powerful figure in the hell dimension!

How did he come to earth!?

Casillaston was not calm, he quickly said: "I can't expel this demon's power. Only the Supreme Mage can disperse it! Let's go back to the temple."

Vanessa was a little flustered in her heart, and suddenly felt a palm holding her hand, warm, looking back, it was Harry.

"Don't worry, the temple mage can solve your friend's problem, let's follow."

She listened to Harry and let him go out.

After about twenty minutes.

A group of people came to a dilapidated and small door.

"This is where we Kama Taj is. It looks different from those coquettish bitches, right?" Casillaston stopped and grinned back.

Vanessa: "..."

"Oh, my God, this door really makes people feel amiable, it really deserves to be the Temple Kama Taj!" Harry casually cheered.

Casillas: "..."

Have it?Have it?

Why doesn't he think.

"Come in, I have to let someone arrange your accommodation, and I will report to the Supreme Master directly later. You wait a moment." He said, pushing the door open.

Behind the narrow door, several people walked through a corridor and saw an unusually empty place.

It's about a training ground, because there are many people drawing circles in the air.

Suddenly, several golden lights appeared in front of them, and they condensed into a long whip.

"Wow." Vanessa looked at this scene in amazement and couldn't help exclaiming in a low voice.


Casillas was walking on the road with a few people, and suddenly, they heard a hurried voice behind them.

Turn around and take a look.


It's a black brother.

He had a black face, white teeth, and a serious face.

"Who are these people?"

"Oh, they are foreign tourists who came to Kama Taj to study." Casillas responded.

"What?" Mordor looked at Harry and the others, then whispered to him, "But the Supreme Mage is not here."

"how come?"

Casillas was obviously surprised when he heard the news, "Someone will come. She always knows that they will be in the temple every time. How could it be possible to leave this time? Did you make a mistake?"

"No, I was not mistaken, the Supreme Mage really left just now."

Mordu whispered to him, "I guess these people are not qualified, so you have to return. This is something you did yourself, you do it yourself."


Casillas reacted, "No, the Supreme Mage will give us orders even for those who come."

Mordor shrugged, "Maybe she forgot to give it, you know, mood problems. For example, sometimes when I am in a bad mood, I forgot to pay you back."

Casillas: "I'm you!!!"

"I'll pay you back, don't worry, I just went to find a part-time job, and I will be rich soon!" Mordo hurriedly said.

"Don't talk about it yet." Casillas motioned to him, "Some of them have suffered from the power of the Hell Dimension Black Heart. It is impossible for the Supreme Mage to miss it."

Mordu's eyes widened, "Black Heart Demon!? Has he come to our earth? This is a big power!"

"Maybe she has a more important urgent matter. In short, these people must be arranged here first. We have to help her control the power of the devil."

Mordu glanced over, "But she seems to be under control."

Casillas: "..."

What should I say!

Do you want me to tell me that I was stalking people sneakily just now, but I was accidentally discovered by others, which caused an embarrassing situation at the time, and I had to find a step to say that these people had passed Kama Taj’s assessment? !

What a shame!

Mordo, you guys have a strong ability to borrow money and not repay them, and the ability to tear down is even better!

My mentality!

My mentality collapsed!

Casillas is trying to calm himself.

"Casillas, what's the matter with you, you seem to be something wrong?"


"Why are not you talking?"


The atmosphere is silent, and time goes by second by second.

"Okay, okay, let them live here first. Look at your eyes. They are as big as a light bulb, and you have a nose. You can plug a lamp into it. I'm afraid."

Mordo looked at Casillas's eyes and nose with fear, and finally spoke.