Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 57 Unscientific Spells

"This unscientific!!!"

Silent night.

An unbelievable voice came from a certain room.

Harry's eyes widened and staring in front of him, empty.

On the other side of Vanessa, in front of her, layers of golden seals were formed, with strands of energy gushing out, floating in the air.

"It seems that I won."

She said cheerfully, and then supported her with both hands, the layers of golden seals suddenly enlarged, and then she kept moving.

"...This is not scientific at all!"

Harry's eyes were full of question marks.

His mental power is stronger than ordinary people, not to mention his physique, and his super memory allows him to remember all the spells.

Why is there no movement in front of him?

It feels as if I was a Taoist priest when I was young.

His hands waved blindly in the air.

Without special effects, he looks like a neurosis in the eyes of others.

At this moment, Harry was deeply shocked.

"Harry, you didn't mean to lose to me, did you?" Seeing what he looked like, Vanessa dispersed the circle, then leaned in and asked in a low voice.

"I thought." Harry frowned. "But I really can't cast spells."

"No way."

Upon hearing this, Vanessa's face was shocked, "It is said in the book that Emperor Weishan's power is unconditionally used to us Earth Mage, unless..."

She dragged her tone behind.

Of course Harry knew what she wanted to say later.

If a person's body does not have magical aptitude, then he will not reach the level required to borrow power.

Of course, there is another reason, that is, Emperor Weishan refuses to borrow.

But the probability of this reason is very low. After all, he hasn't met Emperor Wei Shan, the two have never met, and they haven't offended him. How could he refuse to borrow?

Do you really have no magic skills?

In other words, the spiritual power he possesses now will not be fully restored unless his strength advances.

If it is other times, it will not recover if it is consumed.

This is really strange!

Obviously he looks so talented!

Harry was puzzled.

"Harry, don't worry, many people can't sense the existence of magic at the beginning. Only through persistent practice can they sense magic a little." Vanessa leaned in his arms and comforted softly.


So, what is your situation?

You can cast the seal of the law as soon as you get started!

Noting Harry's gaze, she reacted and smiled sweetly, "Perhaps I have some savvy skills."

Could it be a congenital Dao body!

Harry continued to complain inside, but didn't say a word.

Vanessa thought he was disappointed, so she quickly said a lot of good things.

At last she pouted, "Don't be unhappy, or... I'll go out with you tomorrow."

"Forget it, you won the bet this time."

Harry shook his head, "I'm just a little depressed, do I really have no magic skills?"

"Don't be so pessimistic, many people's magic aptitudes have to be slowly led out."

"Well, but Vanessa, how did you feel when you cast the spell?"

"How does it feel? Hmm..."

Vanessa pondered for a long time before she said, "It feels warm."

"No? Isn't there any strong feeling?"

She answered honestly: "No."

Then added a sentence, "It's like eating and drinking water."

Your words are really hard to accept.

"And the feeling of becoming stronger doesn't require a strong physique and subtle fighting skills to set off?"

"This..." Harry hesitated for a while before turning around. "That's right."

Temple mages do not major in spells.

Instead, they exercise every day to exercise their personal fighting ability.

Maybe the stronger the body, the stronger their feelings?

Harry didn't understand.


For a man whose body has reached the top, he no longer knows what is strong.

The two chatted quietly for a while, then rolled onto the bed and went to sleep.

There will be training tomorrow, and Harry didn't believe he really didn't have any magic skills.


the next morning.

Kathmandu in Nepal is beginning to lively.

Everyone got up to work, and even Mordoh went to do his part-time job early.

He still owed Casillas the money he didn't pay.

"Drink! Ha! Hey!"

In a certain courtyard, dozens of people lined up in an orderly manner, and they were constantly training in fist and foot.

Harry and Vanessa were among them.

"It feels really bad."

After a few wiggles, Harry curled his lips uninterestingly, and he felt restricted in the confusion here.

"Harry, I didn't expect you to know these mages. Sure enough, the rich world is vast!" Amy said with bright eyes beside him.

That's right, she was awake today, and after knowing what had happened to her, she happily accepted the opportunity to learn spells.

Harry gestured to her, and Amy continued to practice seriously.

"Mr. Osborne."

At this moment, Gu Yi walked out of the hall slowly. After she saw Harry in the crowd, she walked over and called him.

"Gu Yi Mage." Harry put away his actions.

Gu Yi glanced at the people around him, then glanced at him again, and said, "You don't need to practice inside."

She knew Harry's strength and his reaction speed, these exercises were meaningless to him.

She continued: "I think you can meditate for a while, and after the morning class, you will practice Dharma seal with everyone."


Harry had no opinion.

He did feel a little frustrated in the spell.

Meditation can promote the induction of magic, which is also good.

After more than an hour, the morning class ended and everyone went to eat breakfast.

"I feel like I have become stronger, haha! Look!" At the table, Amy smiled at the two, punching and kicking into the air.

After a while, she calmed down and said excitedly: "The Dharma seal will be practiced later, so I look forward to it!"

"Don't be so excited, some people have different magic aptitudes. It may take a while before they can practice the seal."

Seeing her like this, Vanessa said hurriedly.

She should give Amy a shot first, so that the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

"Alright, alright, I know it." Amy smiled slightly, then frowned, "It's just that we have to stay here for a few months. The museum will still need someone to take care of it. I will go later. Give them an order."


After the breakfast time was over, everyone returned to the empty courtyard.

Started the practice of Dharma Yin.