Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 62 The Moving Kama Taj Library

After spending a morning, except for those banned books that might endanger the spirit, Harry turned aside all the other books.

Now he is already a master of the entire Kama Taj book, which can also be called the mobile Kama Taj library.

Sweeping his eyesight casually, Harry had already remembered all this knowledge. If he hadn't had the power now, he would soon become a generation of archmage.

There is more than one kind of power, but the white magic in this temple requires the use of Emperor Weishan's power to be able to maximize it.

If Harry wanted to use the magic here, only the power of Emperor Weishan was the best and most suitable.

I don't know if Gu Yi can help him solve the current problem. If it can be solved, it is best. If it can't be solved, there is no need to stay here.

Yes, since Emperor Weishan's people don't want to see him, he is just a waste of time by staying here, so it's better to find the Hulk and have fun.

Besides, Peter, the Spider-Man, is about to come out.

On the other side, Mage Mike watched all Harry's movements this morning.

Too arrogant!

This new mage is really too arrogant!

I even ignored my own words and touched every magic book!

What he saw was Harry constantly taking out the books, occasionally the wizard would open the first page, then turn directly to the last page, and finally tuck it back into the bookshelf.

However, sometimes this guy did not even open the book, took the book out, and then put it back in the next instant!

What are you touching here!?

Fools cannot be taught!

Mage Mike hates iron but not steel.

Of course he didn't know that Harry had super reading and super speed ability, so he could only see these movements of Harry. If he learned the magic to slow down the flow of time, he might be able to see clearly the afterimages of Harry's movements.

But unfortunately he couldn't, he could only see the moment before and after Harry's super speed.

So Harry read the entire book, in the eyes of Mage Mike, it just opened, and then quickly came to the last page.

However, Mage Mike didn't notice this strange phenomenon. If you want to blame it, it's his nerves.

"Very good, these books, Master Mike, thank you for your advice."

After returning the last book to the shelf, Harry came to the front of Mage Mike and said with a smile.

Of course I need to thank you.

If he turns to some banned books that are not allowed to read, it will be terrible.

Mage Mike can't stop the books he wants to read. After all, what can be read in an instant, how can Mage Mike stop?

"Ho ho ho... no need." Mage Mike wanted to sneer, but seeing Harry's extremely strong body, he swallowed and responded with a gentle smile.

"You are very nice, I will invite you to dinner next time."

Harry patted him on the shoulder. Before Mike could refuse, he saw him turn around and walk out of the library.

"It's really a weird person, it seems to be reported to the Supreme Mage." Looking at his back, Mage Mike scratched his head and muttered in a low voice.

Leaving the library, Harry found Vanessa and Amy.

"Harry, where did you go this morning, I can't find you."

When she saw him, Vanessa immediately became a little angry.

She hadn't seen anyone since the morning class. She thought Harry had left without saying goodbye and went straight to the United States.

If this is the case, then it is too bad.

The two are boyfriends and girlfriends. Shouldn't they tell each other where they are going?

In short, because of Harry's absence all morning, Vanessa had already had countless suspicions, and her heart was extremely nervous.

It wasn't until now that she saw Harry that she began to relax.

"I've always been in the library, are you sure you are looking for me?" Harry looked down at her.


Vanessa then reacted, "Yes, you have the ability to remember..."

As she said, her eyes widened and her face was surprised, and she asked him in a low voice: "You don't remember all the books in the library, right?"

Harry smiled at the corner of his mouth and raised his eyebrows: "Guess."

It's really like this...

Vanessa felt a pity for Kama Taj in her heart.

Encountering a bug like Harry, their thick magic books turned into a lot of memories after Harry's glance.

For ordinary people, who can jot down such thick things?

Some people even forgot the spell during the battle and asked the companion of the mage next to them.

There are also a lot of long spells...It is very hard to read them out, and you have to recite them when necessary.

In terms of memory, Harry is clearly the top bug. If given the power he can use anytime, anywhere, who in this world can beat this perversion?

Vanessa looked at him strangely.

"Why look at me like this?" Harry asked.


Vanessa hurriedly reacted, "No, no..."

"You must be scolding me, aren't you?"


Vanessa blushed. Although she muttered to Harry in her heart, she really didn't curse!


Harry glanced at her.

"Really." Vanessa gave him a white look, and then said excitedly: "Since you have memorized all the books in the library, you can be my encyclopedia in the future!"

Harry pondered for a while, "I think about it."

Vanessa looked at him with a bad look, "What did you say?"

"Oh, I mean, I am very happy to serve the beautiful Miss Vanessa."

Harry gave a gentleman's gift, "Miss Vanessa, please give me this opportunity."

"Funny again."

Vanessa snorted, turned around, and walked out happily.

Amy was looking at this place not far away, the pink atmosphere was so strong, she didn't dare to approach it!

"Amy, let's practice the temple spells together." Hearing Vanessa's call, Amy hesitated for a moment, and shook her head quickly, "It's no more."

She doesn't want to be a high-power light bulb that hurts the eyes.

"Let’s practice together. Harry went to the library this morning. If you have any doubts about spells, you can ask this guy!"

"I don't trust a poor spell student." Amy shook her head quickly.

Her aptitude is considered high among Kama Taj, and Harry...has no level.

Harry's face was dark.

Vanessa also laughed, "Don't worry, why do you think Harry became a researcher at Osborne Industries at such a young age? He has the ability to remember."

"is it?"

Hearing this, Amy was surprised, this ability...

It's too bad!

Poor, she would forget some complicated spells intermittently!