Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 64: Poor Student, Middle Student, Top Invincible Pillar Student

"Osborne, Master Gu Yi asked you to go to the hall."

After opening the door, Mordo standing outside the door spoke.

The speed is pretty fast.

Gu Yi seems to have returned with the answer.

Harry was a little expectant, he had already imagined that he could use the magic.

The first is to play all the spells you remembered to see how powerful they are, then try combinations and practice combos.

It is best not to spend too much time drawing golden circles to transmit.

Then, after getting acquainted, he would find out what kind of black heart demon to play, and if he was dead, he would go to his father to play.

Stacking his spiritual protection to the full level, continue to find Domam to fight, so that he will soon reach the so-called'cosmic level' great power?

Hehehe...Anyway, the power to cast spells is someone else's, so you can borrow and use it.


Vanessa looked at him suspiciously. Why is this guy suddenly distracted now?Looking strange, she couldn't help screaming.

"Oh, oh, I see, I will go now."

Harry looked forward to it, and then left the room with Mordor and walked towards the hall.

Mordor walked into the hall and respectfully said to the bald figure with his back facing him: "The Supreme Mage, Harry Osborn has already arrived."

"Ah, very good."

Gu nodded a little, and she turned around, her eyes locked on Harry all of a sudden.But she didn't move next, only a few seconds passed by, she looked at Mordor and said to him: "Mage Mordor, please avoid me."

"Extreme Mage?" Mordo looked at her suspiciously.

When he wanted to stay in the past, Gu Yi never called him back. With his strength, he could be regarded as the management of Kama Taj.

It seems that the secrets on Harry Oss are too heavy for him to even know it.

We must continue to work hard to become stronger!

Mordu encouraged himself in his heart.

He had no idea of ​​opposing the Supreme Master's order, after all, this was his own Master, and he was the person who respected the teacher the most and obeyed the rules.

"Yes, Supreme Master!"

Mordo nodded, then turned and walked out of the hall without hesitation.

"So my situation..."

Seeing Mordor walking out, Harry just spoke, Gu Yi raised his hand and said calmly: "Mr. Harry Osborne, it's time for you to go back."

"So, I can't borrow power?" Harry's expectant mood disappeared, his heart was calm and his face was calm.

"This is very strange, the gods of Emperor Weishan have learned of your existence and are determined not to lend you strength."

Gu Yi looked deeply curious.

In fact, when she went to Emperor Weishan yesterday, the gods inside knew that Harry Osborne had come to borrow power, and suddenly changed her attitude.

The gods, who had always treated the earth mage with an easy-going attitude, didn't even speak.

She stayed there until half a day later when a god came to tell her that the power of Emperor Weishan could not be borrowed from Harry Osborn.

What is special about this person?

It looks like an ordinary... well, actually it looks extraordinary, magnificent, upright, outstanding!

Gu Yi couldn't help but feel good when he saw Harry Osborne, and he wanted to teach him all his spells, but why did the gods feel a...light sadness towards this man?

Could it be that the existence behind Harry Osborn had worn Emperor Wei Shandi all over?

Curious, curious.

But no matter how curious, since he was not qualified to borrow power, Harry shouldn't stay in Kama Taj again.

"It's okay. If you don't want to borrow, you don't want to borrow. It's just a little bit of strength.

Harry waved his hand and made a free and easy look.

"Spells are just one of the ways to have powerful abilities. With your abilities, you are already much stronger than most superheroes."

Gu Yi smiled faintly, "Spells may be just a novelty to you. You will never study it. Instead of doing this, you might as well concentrate on your own abilities without being distracted. More powerful."

"What you said makes sense."

But no matter how strong, the spirit can't stop the attack, don't you still want to become someone else's puppet?

If others manipulate their own spirits and engage in other things, they will be sad.

I thought I was very strong, but now I am still so restricted.

"I'm afraid Miss Vanessa can't go back with you for the time being. She is the most gifted magical person I have ever seen, and she still has to learn something here." Gu Yi said afterwards.

"Then Amy?"

Gu Yi smiled faintly: "Miss Eugen's talent is also good, let's see her wishes."

This is really a different treatment.

If he were put in the school, he would be a first-class poor student and would be strongly persuaded by the teacher to leave.

Amy can barely be regarded as a middle-level student, but she is also optional. She loves to learn but does not learn, so she is a lot less.

And Vanessa, who was directly identified by the school as the Qingbei Miaozi, the pillar of the country, wants to leave?

This is impossible!

Gu Yi saw that his face was changing, he couldn't help but frowned, and said, "You can do it if you don't want to leave, but you have been revoked from the'Mage' status. You are not allowed to enter the library spell room to read books. "

"Oh, no, I will leave tonight."

Gu nodded: "Then take care, Mr. Osborne."

"Take care of you too, Gu Yi Mage." Harry also replied to her with a profound meaning.

Turn around and leave here.

"He...he saw my disaster?"

Seeing Harry quickly walk out of the hall, Gu Yi mage's expression was a little astonished. With her gaze, it was impossible to misunderstand him. Harry Osborn had clearly known what he would encounter in the future.

It's strange.

The secret in this person is really deep enough, but it's a pity that he can't get too much contact with him.

Because this is the order of the gods of Emperor Weishan.

If there is a violation, she will be blacklisted by Emperor Weishan and can never borrow their power.

Although I can absorb power from the dark dimension...

But the identity on the face cannot be lost!

You can be treated like this by the gods of Emperor Weishan, Harry Osborne, you are the only one.


After returning to the room, Harry and Vanessa talked about all the things in the hall just now, and they were about to face the difference.

The atmosphere is getting hot.

"Hehehe... Vanessa, maybe I will rarely see you in the future."

Harry faced Vanessa with a wolf smile: "You understand."

"I don't understand!"

Vanessa's face was already flushed at this time, she pushed Harry away and turned around to get out of here.

As a result, the next moment, she found that she had come to the rented house in Kathmandu.

This is moving directly and quickly!

Sure enough, I can't run away.