The next day, nine o'clock in the morning.

Jessica, who was waking up at home, got up. She rubbed her eyes, walked into the bathroom in a daze, and rinsed well.

During this period of time, my own thing is not there, and the whole house feels gloomy.

After brushing her teeth and washing her face, Jessica walked out again, and when she saw a figure, her eyes were almost staring.

"Harry!? Are you back?"


Such a big person is here, where can he be if he doesn't come back.

Harry looked at this exaggerated Jessica, feeling bored, and got up to find something to eat.

In fact, it is fine for him not to eat, but his desire for good food has been swaying him.

"Oh Huo, didn't you go to that...Nepal?"

Jessica followed him and asked, "There are still a group of mages there, your girlfriend? Is she back too."

"No, she is still studying over there."

"So if you came back suddenly, you were driven back?" Jessica laughed suddenly, "Not everyone can be a wizard."

"Shut up." Harry turned and stuffed a hot dog into her mouth.


Jessica opened her eyes wide, chewed the hot dog viciously and swallowed it in her stomach.

"Harry, I have endured you for a long time, and I don't know how to be gentle with others!"

"Of course I want to be gentle to you, but your image is too difficult to make you gentle."

Hearing Harry say this, she glared at him: "What do you mean!"

"Um... look at you."

Harry glanced up and down at her, "You look really like King Kong Barbie, with that enormous power and that sloppy temperament, how can I be gentle with you, right?"


Upon hearing this, Jessica's chest rose and fell with anger, and her face turned pale.

It's about to explode.

Had it not been for this guy to provide food and shelter, and still have such a strong strength and power, he would have left long ago!

"How about Peter Parker?"

After eating a few steaks, Harry asked Jessica.

"Hey there..."

Jessica raised her eyebrows. "I found him handsome. Oh, if I chase him, Harry, how likely do you say I will succeed?"

"The possibility is zero, someone else has a crush."

Harry said, "Of course, if you are shameless, you can give it a try and knock Peter out in the middle of the night to get uncooked rice to cook mature rice. He won't be responsible even if he wants to come."

"...I don't write like you!" Jessica was speechless.

"Next work?"

Harry touched his chin for a while and said, "I think this is a good way, of course, for you."

"When I wave my hand, there will be a lot of hot beauties around, and you, I think it is difficult to attract the attention of boys with your hot temper, right?"

"I can go to your uncle!" Jessica cursed.

"Okay, stop it, did Peter Parker have something unusual recently?"

"More than a few exceptions."

Jessica said, "He seems to have awakened some superpowers, able to jump very far, and has become very strong. Recently, he beat a person. What you should know is the lightning of our school."

"Oh, I know him."

He still heard of this venom agent.

"These are some of his things in school. He has become a lot more confident than before. Maybe he has awakened his superpowers, and so am I."

"Oh, I understand that, your temper has exploded."

"...Don't interrupt!"

Jessica gave him a vicious look, and then continued: "Then the night before, Peter's uncle died."


Harry was shocked. This was a bit unexpected. He wanted to see how this guy would develop without his uncle dead.


"Yes! Then this guy is very self-blaming. Recently, he has been chasing that gangster. Every night he goes to punish evil and punish crimes, help justice and so on, but he has never caught that person. Peter has become more and more irritable. ."

"It's just adolescence, it will soon calm down."

But now there is a problem...

If Gwen knew that Peter was also mutated by a bite from a spider, would the two of them...

Putting these thoughts aside, Harry asked again: "Has Gwen contacted him lately?"

"It seems that there is. Peter seems to have followed that Dr. Connors. The two of them now have the same teacher. There must be a lot of daily contact."

Jessica looked at him intentionally or unintentionally, "What? Do you have any thoughts about Gwen?"

"how is this possible?"

Harry frowned.

Although Gwen has a good figure, a good height, a great temperament, and an amazing appearance,...he really didn't feel Gwen's beauty before.

Now go and think about it seriously. Hey, this guy is also pretty.

"Surely uneasy and kind!"

Jessica looked at him badly.

"As an old Chinese saying goes, rabbits don't eat grass on the edge of their nests. Don't worry, I have absolutely no idea about Gwen!"

"Oh, is it? I seem to have heard someone say."

Suddenly, a voice rang.

Harry's face became stiff.

He turned his head and saw a big beauty in pajamas with dim eyes, blurted out: "Gwen?"

"of course."

Gwen curled her lips and didn't mention the matter. She curiously asked: "Jessica said that you went to Nepal in the past two days. I heard her say that there is a magician there. Is this true?"

"Oh, that's true."

Harry nodded and agreed that if the two of them got permission from Kama Taj, they could borrow power from Emperor Weishan as their mage, but it was a pity that they were not.

So even if Harry teaches them what he has learned, they will be the same as himself and will not be recognized by Emperor Weishan.

Naturally, there is no way to use Kama Taj's spells.

"Harry, what about the spells in the mage's temple? Can it breathe fire? Can water surge?"

Jessica and Gwen are very curious about spells.

"In fact, I don't know the specific content of the temple spell, after all, I am not a temple mage." Harry replied afterwards.

"You are not a temple mage?"

"Oh, because I can't borrow their power, my identity as a mage is only saved for one night." Harry explained.

"It's so pitiful! My dear boss, you have endured such a pitiful thing, I really feel a little bit sad for you." Jessica grinned.