"Why do you say that?"

Gwen was watching the battle closely now, but seeing Harry didn't seem to be hurt, she was relieved, and when she heard Jessica's words, she reacted and asked immediately.

"Look at this... Doctor Lizard, every time he fights with Harry, he is thrown to the ground with a certain distance, but we are different. Harry waited for us to get close before choosing to throw us. Going out, tusk tusk, this person is very luscious." Jessica shook her head and made a'tsk tusk' sound.


Gwen looked at her silently.

Is that what you did without shame?If not, Harry wouldn't have made you so miserable.

But it does make a difference.

This guy……

Gwen suddenly fluctuated in his heart.

Harry, who was fighting, obviously heard the soft conversation between the two, and his face suddenly darkened.

What about this?

There is a sense of shame of being dismantled.

But after all, it’s a girl, not as rude to a boy.

Well, that's right!

Harry immediately found a reason for himself.

He has always been a pity and jade.

Three hours passed.

With a roar, Dr. Lizard was hit on the ground again, this time he couldn't stand up.

The green scales on the skin began to transform and disappeared.

Dr. Lizard degenerated into a human form in just a few tens of seconds.

Having returned to human form by himself, Harry also clearly knew his abilities.

Dr. Lizard's strength is stronger than Gwen's, after all, he used his perfect version of regeneration potion to change it.

And Gwen's mutation was only guided by the mutant spider, which was much weaker than the perfect version of regeneration potion.

Harry thought that Dr. Lizard could even fight the normal Hulk.

Of course, as for what will happen later, the Hulk may be able to tear Dr. Lizard easily.

"I can't do it anymore, really... I don't have any strength..."

On the ground, Dr. Connors murmured in a low voice with a trance.

He felt that he had been played with by people during these three hours, like an ant, and he had no ability to break free.

A sense of powerlessness sprouts.

"Dr. Connors, don't have any doubts about your abilities because of me."

Harry whispered, "You don't even know how strong I am. For example, if Captain America comes over, I can beat him into flesh with one punch!"

"Even the Hulk who was making a lot of noise before, I can easily contend."

Harry, is this... so powerful?

Hearing this, Connors, who was originally in a trance, was shocked. The Hulk is a super monster, and I heard that even bullets can only tickle it!

But he was a little bit ill, he could feel his body, and he wouldn't be as tough as the Hulk.

"Take a break, doctor, you will be busy next."

Harry smiled, and then turned to look at Jessica, his eyes gradually getting bad.

"What...what..." Jessica was a little guilty, with a weak expression on her face.

"Jessica, maybe I haven't told you, my hearing is very strong, so... it's better not to speak ill of me in America in the future."

Harry rubbed his fists and made a bone crackling sound.

"Boss, I didn't mean it!" Jessica immediately widened her eyes and begged for mercy.

I muttered in my heart: How could there be such a thing? Can't you speak ill of him in the United States?No, is Harry's hearing strong enough to monitor the entire United States?

what!If so, I'm dead!

Jessica was very aggrieved.

Her biggest hobby is to complain about her boss to others!

"Jessica, forget it this time, if there is another time, you won't have a chance to rest."

"No way, so cruel!"

Jessica's eyes were round, so it was a nightmare for her.

Harry ignored the trick, turned his head and said to Gwen: "Gwen, there may be any misunderstandings in this, don't listen to Jessica, I am definitely not that kind of person!"

"Hmm, I believe you!"

Gwen nodded quickly.

But Harry saw an obvious smile in her eyes, and suddenly coughed, "Well, I won't tell you more, anyway, you know what I mean."

"I don't understand the boss." Jessica interjected suddenly.


"Ahhhh, boss, I'm just kidding!" Jessica said with a smile when he saw Harry's wink.

Bitches, Jessica!

"Jessica, if you're so mean, I'll post your hero status in the news. As the name suggests, you're so mean, understand?"

"Oh, what I said was just a joke, calm down, calm down." Jessica hurried over to please her smile, and handed over the popcorn in her hand.

"I don't want your courtesy, Jessica, will you finish your recovery tomorrow? I want you to kneel and call Dad!"

Jessica: "..."

Jingle Bell--

Suddenly, the cell phone that Gwen was carrying rang.

She motioned to the two of them, walked away quickly, and connected to the phone.

"Oh, it must be Gwen's father again, George Stacey!"

Jessica rolled her eyes angrily and said.

"Why, it looks like you and her father are having a holiday."

"It's not a holiday, it's just that I played a few gangsters in the street. When Chief George Police learned about my deeds, he kept staring at me. I dare not show up in front of him with Gwen now. "Jessica said helplessly.

"How many punks were hit in the street?" Harry raised his brow. "It looks like their injuries are serious."

"No! It's definitely light, they just lie in the bed for half a month." Jessica said calmly.

"Oh, that's pretty light."

Harry knew that this guy didn't want to keep his hands, and if some vicious punks fell into her hands, they would definitely be beaten to sleep with one punch.

The start this time was surprisingly light.

"How does it feel to be regarded as a criminal?"

"It's normal, nothing new. For me, it's just that Gwen is a bit annoyed. You also know her family's situation." Jessica propped her chin.

Harry said without a trace, "I'm sorry, I don't know anything about her family."

"Guess I believe it or not? I heard that you were pursuing Gwen before."

"how is this possible!?"

"You can't deny this, it's all Dr. Connors told me." Jessica motioned to Connors on the ground.

Suddenly, the face of Connors, who was resting, became stiff.

Didn’t you say that everyone should keep this little secret!