Listening to these words, Aunt Mei was obviously happier. For her, this was really the best appreciation for the figure she had always maintained.

Actually, she didn't think she was old, and she was full of vitality all over her body.

Why does Peter always age himself?

This makes Demei very distressed. How can he let his nephew inadvertently learn about his youth?

"So, Miss Mei needs to calculate the compensation for these things. I'm not in a hurry. I will wait for you to figure it out."

Harry looked at her and said softly.

Wow, this man has a good temper.

Mei's face immediately showed a smile, which subverted her previous bad view of the young rich second generation.

"Okay, wait a minute. Peter! Let's talk to your classmates, Aunt Mei has something to do." Mei quickly walked into the room, looking very lively and energetic.

"With your family's financial resources, you can just give us a check and leave!"

Peter watched slowly sitting on the sofa, thinking of himself as Harry who looked like the owner here, and his tone was unpleasant.

Oh, yes.

He has always been in this tone.

Harry thought to himself, why bother, everyone is in the same class anyway, it doesn't seem to be a good thing to treat each other like that?

He slowly said, "Of course I have the ability. If you need it, I can write you a check directly. much do you think you need to open?"

"This one……"

Peter suddenly choked. He wanted Harry to leave his home quickly, but he felt uneasy when he thought that he said too many dollars.

Fearing to be less, Aunt Mei would curse at him.


Being a human being is really hard.

Peter decided that he would not be a man anymore!

It didn't take long for Mei to walk out of the room. At this time, she put on a pair of gold glasses, which added a gentle charm to her.

Harry kept looking at her with a smile on the corners of his mouth.

Aunt Mei didn’t feel embarrassed. After all, this was just a classmate of her nephew. According to their young and frivolous rich second-generation urinary sex, I am afraid they would only date a large group of young and hot girls all day. Would you be interested in such a mature and beautiful witch like her?

She came over very generously and sat next to him.

"So, Harry, here is the bill I just worked out. You can take a look."

She smiled softly and handed over the bill softly, her face moving leatherly.


Harry felt an arrow shot in his heart by Eros.

It's just like meeting Vanessa.

"Oh, let me take a look." He replied quickly, and then reached out and wiped May's hand while holding the bill.

It's unbelievable. This level of skin is probably only 30 years old. How did Aunt Mei keep it?

Harry gave her a weird look. Could this be a natural beauty?

Or is it to practice yoga, or what kind of kung fu?

The thoughts in his mind passed.

After reading the bill, Harry wrote a check directly to her, completely covering all the losses in her family.

"May, right?" He gestured and passed the check.

"Oh, thank you so much!" May took the check in surprise, and then looked at him with nice eyes, "Harry, if we can't get compensation for the money, then we will live some Hard days."

"Really, I didn't expect your family's situation... so fragile, I'm sorry I caused you so much trouble." Harry said.

"No, no, since you have paid the compensation, then we can still live normally!"

Mei's face is full of hope and longing for life.

"is it?"

Harry smiled. "Peter hasn't said this to me. He will only say a word when he talks about you."

"Oh, what?"

Mei was very curious, smiled and moved closer, eager to get an answer.

But at this time Peter looked stunned.

Did he talk to Harry about his Aunt May?

Absolutely not!

After all, I have only contacted him a few times. At other times, he was a stranger. How could he talk to Harry and talk about his own Aunt May!

Peter was a little angry.

He squinted and stared at Harry closely.

"Every time he ran home, he would say something like,'My aunt told me to buy eggs and go home.'"

Harry and May had a pleasant conversation, "I thought you were a very strict woman, but I didn't expect it to be so... young."

"Ah ha ha."

Aunt May couldn't help laughing, and said, "Peter, you are a good classmate. Look at it, I'm not old."

Peter didn't speak, he just frowned and looked at Harry, because he really said this.

But I only said it once, right?

And that time I was a lie in a particularly embarrassing situation!

Even though Aunt Mei actually called herself and asked him to buy eggs...

"In this case, it seems that the surrounding business development is not very good recently. I wonder if you are interested in May, come and work for a new company I established?" Harry said.

"Really, can I?" Aunt Mei was obviously surprised, she worried, "I don't know what kind of work it is?"

"It's about the secretary, you know, I have some work matters here, which are too complicated. I just need someone to help me sort them out. Since you are Peter's aunt, then I think you should be trusted. Harry said immediately.

In Peter's heart: Who knows you so well?!!

"that's all?"

"It's just that, rest assured, a very simple little thing, similar to... manage clothes and sort them out."

Harry said with a smile, "No technical skills are required."

"Oh, is that?" Aunt May was obviously moved, and she looked straight at Harry, with surprise in her eyes.

If I can have this job, I believe the situation at home will be much better.

At least Peter's college tuition fees should have fallen.

"Aunt May, we..." When Peter looked at her, he knew her heart was moving, and he wanted to stop it.

"Don't talk!"

Aunt May waved her hand, then looked at Harry, and said, "Your job is really exciting to me, but can you think about it? I need to discuss it with Peter."

"Of course, of course it is possible." Harry said. "Here is my mobile number. If you make a decision, you can call me."

"Thank you very much. It's great that Peter has friends like you." Aunt May said immediately.

What a good guy this is!

She felt it sincerely.