"Pierce, my friend."

Norman glanced at Harry, and then smiled: "Even if I'm not free, I'll make time for you. Come on, when do you want to get together?"

"Just now, how about? I'll wait for you at the Puka Building."

"Okay, you just have to wait."

After hanging up the phone, Norman's face suddenly became extremely cold.

Sure enough, it was this guy who used their hands.

Already so blatant?

You know, Osborne Industries is no longer in decline as it did a few months ago!


"Yes." Norman sighed. "If this guy looks at us, we will be sad."

Then, he remembered and said, "By the way, Dr. Conners..."

"His experiment is undesirable. This is already a very clear answer. This kind of thing will make people turn into a monster. I don't think you would want to see such a thing." Harry said softly.

Even if I think about it, I won't give it.

Of course, the perfect version can be considered, but this kind of deformed potion makes people feel a little isolated.

After all, when his identity is revealed in the future, the people will say: "Hey, man, do you know Superman? It turns out that his father is a lizard man!"

This is very uncomfortable.

"Is that so?" Norman lowered his head in thought, his eyes solemn.

Judging by the character of those lunatics, if they get this monster potion, maybe they will do something!

Although there are plenty of business opportunities in it, if this monster threatens him or his son in the end, it will be sad.

Therefore, he will not let himself have this kind of crisis.

Pierce wants to meet, well, as he pleases, but if he intends to get monster potions from himself, it is absolutely impossible.

Norman has made up his mind. If Pierce wants to tear his face, he will definitely not stand there. The little mouse in the shadows of the mere dark place, if you want to challenge the Osborne industry today, it depends on you. Do you have the guts.

During this period, Norman has secretly gathered several super-powered people, and he has the confidence to touch that organization twice.

"You go back first, I want to go over there and get together with this old guy." Norman raised his head and said.

"Let's go together, but it's just a Hydra, afraid of what it does?"

Harry's tone was flat.

If Hydra had the strength, would they still do some sneaky tricks in the dark?

They used to be public enemies of the whole world, but now if they dare to take their heads, you will see that the whole world will not cut you off.


Hearing these words, Norman suddenly looked over, his eyes widened.

The heart is full of incredible.

How could my own son know about this!

"Father, don't think that I am a simple character. I can get this information at will. We don't have to be afraid of Hydra at all, do it!"

Harry smiled slightly.

Waiting for his girlfriend to learn from Kama Taj, a shift in time and space is enough to make the Hydra group fall into the deep sea and drown.

You might think that this would be too despicable.

Harry disagrees. The positioning of the mage is accurate. How can you fight in close quarters, yin... No, isn't it a normal way for a mage to cast spells remotely?


After listening to him, Norman began to laugh, he patted Harry on the shoulder, "Harry, I had already planned to break the cooperation relationship with Hydra. They, these little mice lurking in the dark, are forever None of them will be on the table, let alone our Osborne Industry is no longer anyone can move, we... is a big organization in the United States!"


Harry nodded, and it was time to let the position of American leader fall to the Osborne family.

When the two father and son look at each other, they are already connected.

"I'm going to see Pierce, Harry, if you want to go too, then go there together."

Norman said, sorted his clothes, and walked out of the office.

Go is definitely going.

Norman doesn't have any strong protection measures right now. To avoid being overshadowed by others, Harry chose to go with him.

Pass in an hour.

The two came to the Puka Building, where Pierce was.

Take the special access elevator to the top floor.

"Hey Norman, my old friend, you are finally here! I have been waiting for you for a long time! Hahaha!"

Seeing Norman, Pierce smiled immediately and strode over.

He glanced at Harry pretendingly, and then said, "Harry is coming with you too. It seems that Norman, you are really starting to train your heir."

"Of course, Harry is my son. He is better than Stark. I have no reason not to train him." Norman showed a trace of pride on his face.

Pierce felt anguish in his heart.

What about having a great son!

"Get to the point, I think the two of you don't have to talk pretentiously anymore." Harry looked at them with a gentle smile.

"What do you mean?" Pierce was shocked when he heard the words.

Just come to tear your face.

So stiff?

His smile started to feel cold.

"Literally." Norman said with a calm face, "Pierce, we are not friends, so let's just say it, don't make my company's ideas!"

"How could I hit your company's idea? My God!"

Pierce immediately denied, his face was shocked, "Why do you think so?"

"Don't say that you did not do the death of three employees in our company today."

"So it's this thing... tell you the truth, we did it."

Pierce smiled and said earnestly: "Norman, we can be considered as knowing the truth, you don't have to hide it from me, I am afraid that the regeneration project of your company has already been completed?"

"What do you think?" Norman didn't smile. Before Pierce could speak, he said faintly, "This kind of medicine is impossible. It has failed. No matter how hard you work, you can only There will be an answer, that is, there is no gain."

"Do you think I will believe it?"

Pierce's face was slightly cold, "Norman, you have ignored my invitation many times, and now it's time for you to make a decision."

"I'm curious, why do you have the courage to threaten a world-wide powerful corporate boss?"

Norman looked at him, "Even if the bosses of Hydra come here, they have to be polite to me!"

"God never cares about what people think, Norman." The next moment, Pierce stared at him coldly, and spit out a word.