Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 76: It's Time to Change the Boss

"Haha, God?"

Norman kicked the trash can over and said lightly: "It's just a bunch of stinky mice hiding in the sewers. Where does the courage come from calling himself a god?"

Pierce's face trembled slightly. "That's not what you said when you begged us."

"I have always been like this, but you are too self-righteous. You are the identity of a mouse, but your eyes are higher than the top. You have never helped me. What shit Hydra wants me to stand in line now? I can only give you one sentence. Then, all kneel down and eat me!"


Harry looked at Norman in astonishment. This old boy... why is so angry?

What he didn't know was that after speaking this call, Norman suddenly felt his heart open much.

Over the past period of time, he has been exhausted and desperate. How did Hydra treat him at that time?

Regardless, he has been treated as a dead person.

Had it not been for Harry to suddenly take out a miraculous healing potion, he would have been lying on the hospital bed waiting to die!

Now, HYDRA bunch of stinky garbage want to stand in line?

Maybe they would consider it a few days ago, but now, Osborne Industries, which has developed a healing potion, has stood up again. Compared with his current power, what is the Hydra?

Even daring to come over and directly force himself to speak openly, Norman only felt that he was about to laugh.

"You! You, you, you!!!..." Pierce stared, he had planned Norman's rejection, but he didn't expect that Norman's words would shit on him.

"Pierce, a member of the World Security Council, I will not reveal your identity. This time I came here to tell you that there will be no relationship between us in the future, and you should not think of any benefits from me. Second, then you are against my Osborne Industries."

Norman's face was cold.

Although Hydra is a terrifying force in this world, but...

Who says Osborne Industries is not anymore?

The power he secretly built is definitely not much weaker than these stinky rats.

"Hahahaha! Norman, this is serious for you, isn't it?"

Pierce's face changed again and again, and finally he forced a smile to say.

"You and I understand the current situation, Pierce, so I can do it for myself." Norman looked at him coldly, turned and left.

Harry had no objection, but Pierce, who seemed to have the idea of ​​doing it.

But in the end, the two safely walked out of the Puka Building, Pierce did not choose to do it at this time.

"Damn it! Damn it!" Inside the building, Pierce was furious and smashed everything in the office. "Osborne Industries, are you so tough? You really think you can fight us!?"

His destruction of everything stopped, his hands on the tabletop, his eyes flashed with cold light, "Next, let us see, the energy of Hydra is not what you can imagine by Osborne Industries! "

If you don't get your hands, destroy it!

This is the consistent aim of Hydra.

Pierce thought that he would definitely abide by this purpose and deal a major blow to Osborne Industry!


Stepping out of the Puka Building and getting into the car, Norman immediately ordered the driver to drive.

Everything seems very fast.

"Harry, we rejected the Hydra this time. They will definitely put us on the opposite side. Next, we have to think about how to deal with them and defend against their offense!" Norman spoke very quickly. fast.

His face was a bit solemn.

"Don't worry, these guys... as long as you become president, everything will be wiped out." Harry said calmly.

"What does it mean?"

Norman looked at him in surprise.

"Now, isn't it about to start the pre-selection of the presidential candidate? We now have such a great reputation in the United States. The American people all know our name. What do you think? It is a waste to leave such a big cake. "Harry smiled.

"So, if you want me to become president, Hydra will not dare to act rashly. If you want, you can even make Hydra disappear into this world."

Norman's eyes lit up.

He used to focus on research, but he didn't have time to understand things like power.

But now there is no need to continue studying, he is beginning to understand the importance of power.

How can he not be allowed to sit in such a big position as the President of the United States?

Now, hearing Harry's sudden words, Norman's heart suddenly opened up. His vision was narrowed. Pierce could become a member of the World Security Council, but at the same time he would be controlled by the President of the United States.

This post was sent by the President of the United States.

Norman smiled, clenched his fist, and said, "Okay, then let us start competing for the president."

With the reputation of Osborne Industries, the position of President of the United States has almost been acquired.

The two continued to chat for a while, Norman went back to Osborne Industries, and Harry drove to his company.

There were three others on Gwen's side who didn't deal with it.


Infinite Energy Corporation.

"Are these three people sure that they committed suicide by taking poison?"

Dr. Connors was studying the three corpses when he heard Harry's voice coming in from outside.

"Yes, there is a strange substance in the bodies of these three people, which can destroy human nerves and cause brain death."

Dr. Conners said regretfully: "They are not saved, and they swallow these substances with a mortal belief. This belief is not something ordinary people have."

His words are meaningful.

"A secret force hiding in the sewers."

Harry frowned slightly, then waved his hand: "Dispose of these corpses, no more research, Doctor, then you can start preparing for our company's new energy business."

"Okay, Harry."

Soon, some people sent by Norman came over, and they carried the three bodies out of the company and drove away.

Gwen and Jessica are already at the company. Although Infinite Energy has just started, with some people sent by Norman and Harry's precision organization, the company has quickly formed most of its staff.

Some employees of Stark's industrial weapons department also came to his side.

For the rest of the time, Harry didn't bother with other people. He had been planning his company.

As long as he thinks, his mind will turn quickly, and there will be countless of those product design drawings in his mind instantly.

So his company is not afraid of not having outstanding products.

More than half a month passed, and the name of Infinite Energy Company gradually spread to the ears of various forces in the United States.