Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 77: You Will Be Mine

"Harry Osborne, this guy is going to open a weapons department!?"

Stark sat on the sofa of his villa, frowning tightly.

He closed the weapons department because he clearly realized how much harm he had brought to the world.

Weapons were wandering around and were obtained by many lawbreakers, causing severe fighting in many areas. How many families were scattered?

He still has great guilt in his heart.

Of course he knew Harry Osborne. This young man, only eighteen years old, had produced a powerful healing potion.

This is definitely a genius of heaven. Harry's genius in the biological field is as powerful as his own in the physical field.

"High-spirited, young and frivolous."

Stark sat on the sofa and pondered. He was wondering whether he should meet this Harry Osborne. If he told him about his own experience, would Harry get experience in it. ?

Then Stark thought about his eighteen years and gave up the idea.

At the age of eighteen, he himself was still rebellious and had never listened to other people's advice, that is, only a little change has occurred in the past few years.

It's just a little bit.

How can I persuade others?

So he quickly gave up this idea.

"This guy is completely robbing my business."

The more he learned about this company called Infinite Energy, the tighter Stark frowned.

What the hell is this!

We at Stark Industries have switched to a clean energy company. You guys want to start a clean energy company?

Then see whose product is better.

Stark is very confident in his improved arc reactor. Unless this guy can produce a product that is better than the arc reactor, he is destined to be overwhelmed.

But a kid who is only 18 years old, and he was only specialized in the biological field before. Oh, the physical field has completely changed its direction, kid, it depends on how you scratch your head.

Stark thought about it, and a trace of eagerness came out.

There has been a person who is smarter than him, and the most intolerable thing is that this person is so young!

A little jealous, my little boy.

Stark rubbed his eyebrows, "Jarvis, help me call up the upcoming press conference of Infinite Energy. I'm going to meet this little genius. By the way, please listen to the word clearly, "little"."

"Okay, sir, I will arrange the schedule for you."

After ordering Jarvis to work, Stark looked at the computer screen, and when he pulled his fingers inside, a virtual light curtain was projected in front of him.

In this interface, Batman's actions at the Hanmer Industry Exhibition were displayed surprisingly.


Stark looked thoughtful. Although he said he didn't want to believe it was true, after seeing this Batman in person, it was hard for him now to believe it was not true.

The aura on this guy is very heavy, very depressing, a very typical Batman manner, even when reading comics, it is not so true.

And that kind of magical disappearance skill, even Jarvis could not detect it.

Stark thought for a moment, if he fights Batman, he must not be able to make an appointment.

This guy will definitely come up with a lot of tricks to kill you.

Isn't this the trait of Batman?


"Also, what does this guy want to do? He only appeared twice. The most recent time was in my villa. Could it be that he stole my information, not Ivan?"

But it is impossible.

He had heard Ivan admit that he stole it.

However, the possibility of the two committing crimes is not ruled out...

"Find him and dig out his true identity!"

Not knowing a secretly well-known superhero, Stark felt a little uneasy.

Since the last time the information was stolen, he has desperately started to improve Jarvis.

"This world is too complicated."

He sighed, then put on a smile and made a call: "It's better to fall in love."


"My goodness! My goodness!"

Harry had completely arranged the company's recent affairs. Just after coming out of the company, on the way back to the villa, suddenly there was a scream from the road in front of him, mixed with panic sounds.

What happened again?

He glanced at his watch. It was already past seven o'clock in the night, and there were still many people on the road at this time.

Using super vision and super hearing, he suddenly saw the car in the distance. The people in it were in a terrible state of death. They were a man and a woman, who seemed to be in a father-daughter relationship.

The people around watched with a panic expression, because the car suddenly lost control just now, and it changed its track directly on the highway and hit the big stone pillar building aside.

So it caused this miserable appearance.

The police arrived quickly at this time, pulled up a cordon near the car, and dispersed the crowd.

"It's strange, this mark... Blackheart? No, no, this is a new and dark power."

Harry turned his head to look at it, and suddenly felt something was wrong.

He could clearly see that there was a triangle and some twisted lines on the little girl's neck, and the trace of mental power in his mind now could be sensed. These energies are definitely not kind!

"It seems that some dark magician or something of the demon dimension has come out to make trouble."

Harry's face was flat, if he had inexhaustible magical power, he wouldn't mind cleaning up these ghosts.

But it's a pity that he only has the mental power that he awakens occasionally, and he can't strengthen on his own, and he can't even recover on his own. Once consumed, he can only recover when he upgrades.

This matter can't be managed by yourself.

He turned the steering wheel and was about to leave.

Suddenly, someone slammed into his car window, making a noise.

what happened?

Harry squinted his eyes, a shock in his heart, he didn't feel anyone approaching at all!

How did this guy come out!?

"Hey boy, would you like to borrow a fire?"

The man suddenly turned his entire face over, clinging to the car window, his eyes crazy.

"If you want, I will send you to hell."

"Ahahahaha, I'm sorry, I'm very sorry, because - I am the messenger from hell!"

Suddenly the man's entire head passed through the car window like a phantom, staring at Harry closely.

Reading crazy words: "I give you a chance, you will be mine, you will be mine..."


He hasn't finished.

The whole person suddenly flew out from the side of the car like a cannonball.