Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 78 Self-reliant Mages

"Crazy, the guy who came out of the lunatic asylum, dare to go crazy in front of me?"

Harry frowned and punched the guy out.

Facts have proved that this guy is indeed not a normal person, because after he was hit by himself, although he was seriously injured, he still stood up and opened his mouth to laugh.

It feels so weird.

Isn't it really some fool from hell?

Harry couldn't help thinking like this, and if that was the case, then he wouldn't mind taking this guy back to hell again.

"Agolatu! It's not too much, New Guteqi will be the first!"

Suddenly, a few people rushed out of the side and chanted a bunch of strange spells around the abnormal guy.

Afterwards, the guy who claimed to be from hell shook his body suddenly, foamed at the mouth and fell, his consciousness falling asleep.

"Hello, can I take you some time? Sir."

A tall and pretty woman walked over and asked Harry with a frivolous expression on her face.

"Of course, let me guess first, you guys are probably some self-reliant order of mages." Harry nodded happily, then said.

"You guessed right."

Avril Lavigne looked surprised, "Speaking of reason, most people don't believe these things. I thought you would treat us as fools."

"Actually, I do treat you as fools, but you are a little capable, what else do you have?"

Harry smiled gently and said that the private order of wizards is uncontrollable. In fact, many self-taught wizards have secretly engaged in invisible activities. After all, they have no inheritance. If they want to increase their magic power, they have to go astray. Able to advance quickly.

Therefore, most of the private legislators who appear to be helping mankind, in fact, want to use the power of wealthy businessmen to achieve some ulterior secrets.

It was unfortunate for Harry that he drove a Lamborghini big bull sports car, so he was targeted by these people.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that these people really want to help mankind.

But their power is generally not too strong.

People who are too strong, the more evil they do.

In the world of Marvel, the power of the wizard is not so easy to obtain. Now the earth has been planned by the gods of Weishan, and it is very difficult to break through their power limits.

Of course, the gods of the Great Eastern China are not under the control of Emperor Weishan, and they have a stronger power.

"Hey, I don't know why you have such great malice towards me, but believe me, you are cursed by the evil spirit. Only I can help you solve this trouble." Avril stared down at him.

"Well, why don't you come to my house tonight, let's discuss it?" Harry glanced at her up and down and smiled.


Similarly, Avril was also patrolling Harry's body, and when she heard this, she nodded happily in agreement.



In this regard, Harry could only choose to endure silently.

"Guys, come here, this young and hot handsome guy knows our field." Then Avril called to her friends.

Suddenly, the few people ran over. They were two men and two women, each of whom had a fat man. The two women looked not very good, even worse than Avril.

There are two men, one is fat, the other looks sunny and handsome, of course, in front of Harry, this person's sunny and handsome looks are still a world lower.

"He knows that we exist?" The fat man was suspicious. "People like this don't easily believe the words of some lunatics."

"What, Hyde, do you think you are a lunatic?"

"Almost, I feel like I'm going crazy, mixing with you, this is the stupidest thing I have ever done!" Hyde said helplessly.

"Okay guys, since we are walking together, we should unite to deal with those ghosts, right?" The handsome man said.

Hyde sighed: "Other than that, I have no choice."

"Hello, my name is Bukadi, and I am responsible for the wisdom of this wizard group!" The handsome man introduced himself.

"Come on, just you?" A fat woman chuckled, then looked at Harry, "Hello, my name is Irena."

"My name is Virgeny." The woman who spoke, according to Harry's observation, she was 1.85 meters tall.

"Hyde, just an innocent citizen who was dragged in." Finally, the fat man shrugged and said.

"By the way, it shouldn't be the time to introduce it now." Avril glanced over there, "The police will take care of it here, Harry, didn't you say you want to go to your house? Let's go now."

"I can only take one person in my car, who is coming over?" Harry turned his head and smiled at them and said.


Soon, a group of six people entered Harry's house in Queens.

This house was newly bought by him, mainly to allow him to have a rest everywhere.

"Is this your house? It's really big!"

How about a four-bedroom and two-living deluxe suite?

Harry sat on the sofa, "If you want to drink, go to the refrigerator to get it. If possible, please bring me a bottle of Coke."

"This is really not the host's way of hospitality!" Avril snorted, then walked to the large refrigerator, opened it, and it was full of drinks, like a container.

"Sorry, this house is newly bought, so I bought some drinks and put them in. If you want, you can bring some gifts to my refrigerator." Harry's lazy voice came just right.

"Come on, do you want Coke?" Avril turned around and rolled her eyes at him.

"Bring me a bottle of beer."

"We want beer too."

The two men and two women of the wizard group immediately spoke.

"So, the four of you want beer, so I can drink Coke too."

Avril Lavigne turned around and took out the things in the refrigerator, then hugged them in her arms and quickly put them on the table.

"You can talk about it, the so-called evil spirit mark, what's going on?" Harry opened the Coke, and then grunted, suddenly feeling extremely refreshed.

"That's it. In our world, a mysterious dark power is rising, and it is entering our human society with a terrible trend. These things are all demons from the abyss! You mark, you Those demons left, Harry, I have to say, you are in danger." Avril took a little serious attitude.

"How much do you know, and how strong are your abilities?" Harry knocked on the table and started acting with a solemn expression: "After all, I don't want to die."