Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 86 The By-Product of the Universe Rubik's Cube

He glanced over the box.

All the content comes to mind.

This turned out to be the use of spring water infiltrated with spiritual gems to mix the genes of the super-power, so as to transform ordinary people into super-humans!

No wonder.

I have been surprised that those with superpowers must have some kind of power. It turns out that their power comes from spiritual gems!

Of course, this method was devised by Dr. C.

And in that base, the Hydra force directly uses spiritual gems to stimulate the human body's potential, thereby acquiring superpowers.

And they also lured many descendants of superpowers into the organization to let them conduct research.

"You are really good, you actually thought of this way to make ordinary people into superpowers."

Harry pretended to open the silver box, took out the files inside and began to look at it, then laughed.

"what happened?"

Dr. C looked at him warily and asked.

"It's nothing."

Harry shook his hand casually, his tone paused, and then calmly said: "Dr. C, I can provide you with an experimental base, but the experiments of superpowers need to be stopped, and I will arrange other scientific research projects for you."

"If I don't agree, I won't force it, but I need to take away the spring water that has been soaked in spiritual gems."

"You...what did you say?"

Hearing this, Dr. C's body was shaken and he looked straight at him.

"I have a scientific research project here..."

"it is good!"


"I promised!"

Unexpectedly, before Harry finished speaking, Dr. C already nodded excitedly and firmly.

This promised a bit more simply.

Harry thought to himself.

However, Dr. C did feel very excited, he had never been so excited since entering the Hydra organization.

It is so exciting to be able to cooperate with one of the top biologists in the world on scientific research projects!

Besides, this is Harry Osborne!

Heir to the Osborne family!

This person's energy is one of the best in the United States today. If you enter it, you don't have to worry about it every day. People who worry about Hydra will come over!

"So, you will protect our safety, won't you?" Dr. C asked expectantly.

"Of course, if you enter our Infinite Energy Company, that's the person in our company, and the company will naturally protect you."

Harry paused, looking at Dr. C, who was not looking right, and quickly guessed the reason.

It seems that Dr. C has not had a good time during this period. Every day, he is worried that Hydra will come to him, right?

Now with his own help, he can have no worries in this regard.

But this person really didn't think about which aspect he would hand him over?

It's really strange.

"That's good, I promised, I will do things for you, Mr. Osborne."

Dr. C said, and then remembered something, "My name is Carey Shorey."

"The one who called you, will report to Infinite Energy at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. If anyone doesn't come, you know what to do." Harry turned and flew up slowly.

Listen, the expressions of Carey and Wei Ya were shocked immediately.

This Harry Osborn was so cruel.

It's no wonder that you can have such a great achievement in your teens!

For Harry, those guys who didn't want to come to his company would just kill them.

People with superpowers who are generally unconstrained will have an extremely inflated mentality and eventually embark on the path of crime.

He doesn't want to wait for these guys to add to his business in the future. If he can't control them, he might as well simply solve them at the source!

"I understand, sir."

Carey said immediately, and then turned around and climbed up from the exit with Wei Ya.

They are still in the tunnel.

After reaching the top, Carey saw Harry's eyes placed in the cages where the subjects were held, his mouth squirming slightly, and finally said: "These subjects..."

"Secretly escorted to the company."


What Harry said was blindfolded by Carey again.

He thought that this boy would have a sense of justice, but now it seems...

I'm afraid not.

"I caught it all, and letting it go is just a fuss."

Harry turned to look at him, "Tell me, you signed a contract with them, right?"

"Yes, they are my experimental subjects, and I will try my best to cure their diseases!" Carey nodded.

"Then continue to experiment, our company is still short of a group of strong people."

A smile appeared on Harry's face.

Originally, when the Infinite Energy Company was first established, there were only him, Gwen, Jessica, and Dr. Connors with superpowers.

Although his strength is very strong, if he is attacked by other forces when he leaves, it cannot be saved.

Now a group of fresh forces have come in, which is something to be happy about for Harry.

Carey said immediately: "Okay, I will find someone to arrange it."

"You don't need to arrange it." Harry waved his hand. "I'll send someone over. Get ready, get those sleeping guys up, and load everything in the car by eight o'clock. The truck will be at six o'clock. Come when you come."


"Also, Doctor, it's nice to work with you." Harry smiled and reached out.

Carey was stunned when he saw this, and quickly reacted, shook hands with Harry, and smiled: "I am also very happy to work with you, sir."

"Bone man, come here."

"Come, sir!" Hearing this voice calling out to himself, the bone man trembled, cautiously approaching him.

He had seen the orangutan man beaten half to death before, and he was completely afraid of Harry in his heart.

This is an orangutan man!

Harry Osborn is probably already invincible. Even if he was asked to shake Stark, who was wearing a steel armor, he would not fall behind.

Seeing him, Harry frowned slightly, "Do you recognize the situation now?"

"I recognized it! I recognized it! Sir!" The bone man lowered his breath in horror.

"Pick up this gorilla man. Although this guy is not very strong, he is still very strong compared to ordinary people. Send him to the company, where there is a complete medical system."


Without saying a word, the bone man carried the orangutan man back.

Carey on the side saw the tragedy of the orangutan male and suddenly sighed.

This guy is really unlucky, being beaten like this.

He has no medical means, and he can be cured.

It all depends on Harry.

Arranging the current affairs, Harry just got up and jumped, and flew like a cannonball in the direction of the company.