Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 87 Refurbished Items, Vulcan Sword

"Wake up the medical staff and tell them to treat someone."

It's dawn now.

Harry conveyed the order to Jessica's ears, who was dozing off.

"Ah!" With the sudden voice, Jessica was immediately awakened with a look of horror.

"Do you understand?"

She just woke up with a dazed look: "Know what?"

Harry had to repeat it with her again.

"Oh, I guess I can only do these errands."

Jessica shrugged.

"This is the end of not studying well, go."

Harry waved to her.

Upon hearing this, Jessica stared at him and slowly moved out of the basement.

Soon after, Dr. C and others arrived.

Harry gave them some things, and arranged a medical room for the orangutan male to treat.

"Really... I have never seen so many precision medical instruments!"

Looking at the various high-tech instruments in the laboratory, Carey seemed to be upset.

"Although doing research here, the purpose of our company is to protect world peace." Harry smiled at him.


"How does this sound like Hydra's brainwashing?" Carey couldn't help but mutter.

When Harry heard it, he immediately replied: "Well, we are similar to Hydra."

You are too honest!?

Carey's eyes trembled, not knowing what to say.

"Just kidding, Carey, your job is to research superpower potions, but you need to do it according to my instructions. The company will not catch tramps for you for the time being."

Harry's tone was calm and stable, "These people will be incorporated into the company's security team to protect the company's safety, and they will also receive some ideological education. I don't hope that they will become lawless because of their superpowers. "

"Boss, what you say is what you say."

Carey said with a cry.

He was originally a dead man, but Harry let him go. Where would he have an opinion?

Everything, take it!

"In addition, your semi-successful experimenter is here. Take care of him."

Harry waved his hand, and the isolation room next to it suddenly opened the glass wrapped in iron sheets, revealing the half-dead experimental body inside.

Kaili's face changed slightly, and he hurriedly said, "This is a person who has cancer. We also signed the contract."

"I'm not blaming you, just let you take a look at his situation, you have used it on him during the recent period."

"Okay, boss."

Everything was arranged, the sky was completely bright, everyone came to the company to check in to work, and Harry introduced these people to them.

Especially Dr. Connors, his eyes lit up when he knew about the super potion.

He has successfully obtained the ability to alienate himself with the power of his genes. If there is another superpower blessing, will he make himself stronger?

Of course he told Harry this idea without any cover.

Dr. Connors knew Harry's power well, and he would give himself some advice in this regard.

The result was "you can try", which immediately made him excited.

Regarding Dr. Connors' ideas, Harry had no hope. Everyone's strength is almost certain. It is not advisable to acquire other superpowers, but it should be no problem to enhance the original "alienation" ability.

It's just that this is troublesome for others.

If it works, Harry wants to try it himself.

However, he might not be able to use it anymore.

Sitting in the boss chair, he summoned the panel.

Krypton King: Harry Osborne

Experience: 4572

[Realm: Black Iron, Tier Ten]


[Non-European powerhouse competition: lottery pool, opened, updated content]

[The conversion ratio of experience value and sunshine days-100:1]

[Treasure Land of the Krypton Gold Strong: The Mall, Has Opened]


Lottery pool: [Thank you for your patronage] [Solomon’s Psionic Potion] [Thank you for your patronage] [Vulcan Sword (only)] [Thank you for your patronage] [Ten Years of Sunshine]


The content of the lottery pool has been updated many times. [Solomon's Psionic Potion] has been following from the very beginning until now, but Harry has not drawn a bottle yet!

As for [Ten Years of Sunshine]...

This is not the latest one, and it has been seen twice before.

Fortunately, Harry pulled it out with a good luck, and his strength was a great leap.

Now he is no less than the Super Super in the movie version!

Even... Harry felt that he was now comparable to the power of Heavenly Father.

Of course, this level is too general.

But Harry didn't think it was a problem for him to tear up a current Thor.

Shredded literally.

He has a hunch that if he can break through this realm, his strength will change qualitatively.

I'm afraid that when the time comes, you will have to find Odin, Thanos and other existences to play.

Of course, there is also the refreshed [Vulcan Sword (Only)], which has never appeared before.

Item name: Vulcan Sword

Grade: s

Introduction: It is a sword made by the god of fire Hephaestus that can be cut at the subatomic level. According to legend, it can kill the gods. It is also known as the'killer of gods'. It is the supreme Amazonian. Treasures.

"It turned out to be it."

Harry saw the introduction and immediately realized who the owner of the sword was.

If you look at it from the DC Comics universe, this should be Wonder Woman's great sword.

"Kill the Protoss?"

It's a good thing!

If it can be extracted, of course it's best, but if it can't, let it be.

However, according to Harry's experience, it is impossible to draw in all likelihood. He has had the experience of not winning an item for 100 consecutive draws several times.

Instead of using experience points to try your luck, it is better to use them to strengthen yourself.

As soon as Harry's fingers slipped, forty-five days of sunlight energy was replenished into his body.

This energy is okay, not so painful or itchy.

This also illustrates how powerful I am today.



A huge underground experiment base that is busy somewhere.

Baron Straker looked at the documents before him with a gloomy expression.

"It's been so long, and you haven't been able to find Kyrie Shawley!"

His voice resounded coldly throughout the office.

The first few people immediately said with trepidation, "Master Baron, it's not that we can't find it, but that guy doesn't know why, there are many people with superpowers around him!"

"Several of us have died with them."


Baron Straker smiled grimly, "Interestingly, even I can't make a lot of superpowers. Why does he have this technology? I want you to get him back to me as soon as possible!"