Meimanli's rebellious super

Chapter 88: We Are Already In The War

Far on the other side of the universe.

On a deserted island in the void, there is a huge spaceship whose majestic vitality fills the entire deserted island!

"The war is about to begin."

Among the spaceship, above the main seat, an existence with only a blood-red mouth exposed, let go of his eyes and stared at the people below.

Or... God!

The blood-red mouth opened, and a series of noises were spit out: "I hope you can get the space cube smoothly. That is the task that the adults gave you!"

"Of course."

Below, dressed in a green robe, the handsome Rocky nodded gracefully, and the corners of his mouth curled up.

"The earth is the state of mankind, and their strength is simply unbearable..."

The words stopped suddenly.

He thought of a certain horrible existence, the human who made him ashamed!

Can you really win this time?

Doubts began to appear in Loki's heart. At the same time, he was also puzzled. Why didn't he think of this person before?

"Huh? Why are you not talking anymore, afraid?"

"How could I be afraid! I was once the king of Asgard!"

Loki looked sharp in his eyes, and his tone was extremely proud.

"Don't talk about your little deeds. The whole you have heard your story."


Rocky was very angry.

This guy is really annoying!

"My lord gave you a scepter to teach you ancient knowledge. You need to get the space cube to honor him! You know, when he gets angry, how miserable you will end up!" the weird existence continued to speak .

"I know, I know."

Rocky shook his hand impatiently. "So, can we start now?"

"I already, can't wait to meet my old friends!"

His eyes gradually excited.

With that scepter of supreme power, he can control any creature!

The most important thing is that person!

As long as he controls him, he is equivalent to the god of the world, even if his brother Thor comes over, I am afraid he can only tie him.

"let's start!"

Picking up the scepter for a while, the space suddenly began to fluctuate.

Looking at the light circle that appeared in front, Loki smiled evilly.


I am coming, earth!

Immediately, he jumped in without hesitation.


Three days passed.

Stark Industries.

During this period of time, the international market has received a strong impact from the various businesses of Infinite Energy.

clean energy!

Arms provided!

Smart electronics!

Eco furniture!

A brand-new smart home lifestyle has begun to sweep the world.

Tony Stark is worrying about this.

He didn't expect that Infinite Energy would have nothing to do if it didn't make a move, and that one move would be a series of king bombs!

He could have obtained the share of clean energy business, which was greatly reduced.

The other party actually has the same clean energy as him!

"Damn it, Harry Osborne, where did he get the reactor energy production method?"

Stark sat sadly in his chair, constantly rubbing his eyebrows, "If this goes on, my mecha will not be able to be updated frequently, and Harry even opened a thermal weapons department. The huge international wealth is taken by the kid. Almost half gone."

"Did you get it from Ivan?"

It might be possible. After all, with Harry's current strength in the United States, he could easily reach Ivan Vanke before.

After all, even Hanmer could bring Ivan out of prison.

"It seems that apart from clean energy, I have to think about other businesses. With artificial intelligence, maybe I can involve finance."

The most troublesome thing is,

The thermal weapons department opened by Harry Osborne’s Infinite Energy Company has drawn customers from the arms department that he had not closed before.

Stark can see that soon, this company will become a top company in the United States.

"Sir, Agent Colson of S.H.I.E.L.D. has called you, do you connect?"

"No, say I'm outside."

Stark was annoying, how could he bother with such an agent who always pestered him.

"Well, I do believe you are outside."

Suddenly, a voice rang from the front.

Stark's eyes stared slightly, and when he looked over, he found a woman walking out of the elevator with a well-dressed Mediterranean man.


Stark turned his gaze on the woman, not smiling, "Little Pepper, you are really my dear baby."

"Don't say that." Little Pepper smiled and walked over, "I still can't be, and Coleson told me a very important thing, I think you need to be clear."

"Oh? This has aroused my curiosity. What is it?"

"Mr. Stark, it's an alien."

Agent Colson straightened his collar and said with a serious expression: "We have been attacked by aliens. He has already taken the Cube of the Universe, and also used a strange scepter to confuse our agents. "

"In that case, your agents are not so good." Stark played with it.

"Our agent is the best."

Coleson frowned, "It's just that the scepter has a kind of magic power that can transform people into slaves who completely obey themselves."

"This is about the Cube of the Universe, and I hope you can take a look at our Avengers project."

He handed out the computer in his hand.

But Stark glanced, "I don't like people handing me things."

"Excuse me, give it to me, I like the things that others hand me best."

Little Pepper smiled and took the computer over and pushed it into Stark's arms.

Stark: "..."

"You need to read these materials as soon as possible. We are already in the war."

Coleson couldn't help but say.

"Oh, I remember, what is your chief, didn't you say that I am not qualified to enter the Avengers?"

"Special times, special arrangements, we don't have so much time to discuss."


Stark put the computer on the desktop, and the artificial intelligence directly scanned the contents.


Suddenly, a series of documents appeared.

There are still many images.

"Oh, yes."

Constantly watching these contents, Stark suddenly pretended to ask unconsciously, "I heard that Harry Osborne also has a smart armor, right?"

"his words……"

Coleson's face became weird.

He still remembers how this man abused a lot of strong men from aliens.

That is not a human at all,

But a humanoid tyrannosaurus!

"What's the matter?" Stark was particularly concerned about this in his heart, and he stopped when he found Coleson's words, and immediately asked.

Coleson smiled and said, "Oh, what he said, someone has already gone to receive him."