"Take him to the laboratory and lock it up."

Harry's voice was heard in her ears, and Jessica did not say anything to him unexpectedly at this time, and responded with a good manner: "Okay, boss."

After some easy mentioning.

In the end, Jessica waved a big hand and threw Loki into the laboratory casually like a sandbag.


This is at this time.

Luo Gene woke up in pain.

His eyes opened suddenly and he stared at Jessica fiercely!

At this moment, Jessica closed the door and waved to him with a smile.

"how dare you!?"

Loki stepped up angrily.

The thing he can't bear most is being sneak attacked by a humble mortal and fainted, and then locked in it, just like a white mouse!

"You better let me out, I'm a god!"

He yelled, then slapped the glass, only to get electrocuted immediately and lay on the ground again.


"Thorough shit!"

After a while, he yelled.

"Sure enough, what you said to Harry is correct. You are a mentally retarded god, and you are really arrogant because of your three-point ability."

Jessica raised her middle finger to him, "Come to eat my sister's ass!"



Loki froze suddenly, wanting to be confirmed: "Harry, Osborne!?!"

"Maybe, after all, I'm just a small employee, but I can't get in touch with a big boss of his level."

Jessica pursed her mouth, with a sweet tone: "Where is anyone qualified to know the name of the boss."



Heard this familiar word.

Jessica turned her head and saw that Harry had come here, and immediately agreed to leave quickly.

Loki, who had been irritated by Jessica, saw Harry at this time, his face became extremely gloomy again, as if dripping water:

"It's you! Harry Osborne!"

"Yes, that's right, it's me. Are you surprised?"

Harry walked up to Loki.

Of course, there is a layer of glass between the two.

Now Loki is the little guinea pig in it.

"What do you mean?" Loki's face returned to calm, and even smiled: "You should remember that at the beginning, who risked being expelled by Asgard and fetched a few important books for a mortal like you. Magic books!"

"Oh, about this..."

"I think you know it very well."

Harry smiled plainly, "Who was it that wanted to kill me."

Loki was silent for a while, and hurriedly said: "...I think there must be some misunderstanding in it."

"There may be, but to tell you the truth, you can't get out of this laboratory."

"Of course, unless you can give me the Cube of the Universe, that will restore the deep feeling between you and me."

Harry moved a chair over and sat down comfortably. "Otherwise, I don't mind imprisoning you here, and then I will squeeze you after I get the universe cube."

"You are so big, I have a not bad body!"

Rocky insisted.

Not bad body, that is nonsense.

Only then did he realize the horror of Midgard, this is definitely not the combat power that ordinary planets can achieve!

"I have an all-encompassing fist."

Harry shook his fist at him and smiled faintly.

Loki's face immediately twitched a few times.

This person is even more terrifying than his brother.

Simply, he closed his eyes and said: "The space gem has been taken by a terrifying existence in the universe, and he told me to come here and take the space gem back."

"If I can't do it, he will definitely step into this world and slaughter this world!"

"You can't resist it, hahahahaha."

Loki smiled evilly, "Tomorrow, that man's army will descend on the earth, that is one of the most vicious and powerful army in the universe!"

"Your earth, just wait to be destroyed!"


"It can't be destroyed."

Harry's tone was calm.

Since the Universe Rubik's Cube has come to Earth, it will not be lost.

He remembered that the scene seemed to be on the Stark industrial building.

But even if it is not, according to the energy fluctuations opened by the Universe Rubik's Cube, he can detect the situation in the entire New York State!

Whenever something was abnormal, Harry would find out, and then hurried over.

In this life, Qitarui's army will not come, but he will be in charge of the Rubik's Cube of the universe and shuttle through every corner of the universe.

Of course, if you wear it casually, it will definitely be too long.

At this point, he needs to pass through the wormhole opened by the Qitari army and get into it to ask for directions.

"It just so happens, what you don't say is fine, in fact, I am also waiting for the space wormhole to open."

Harry smiled.

Loki was afraid to see this smile.

This is a smile full of conspiracy but with a clear heart!


"Rocky, talk again when you have time."

Harry got up and left.

He imprisoned Loki, just wanting to know the whereabouts of the universe cube.

Although the Universe Rubik's Cube has not been found now, it will always appear, either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

But fortunately, there is another good thing, the scepter of mind, this scepter is inlaid with the gem of the mind, it has the same powerful power as the gem of space.

If you want to use it, you must have a set of ancient secret methods, just like a mechanism, only those who understand it will not be harmed.

Otherwise, he might be used by the spiritual gem in turn.

"You can choose to make a phantom directly...no, no, no, you want a female, the voice sounds more comfortable."

Wonder Woman?

Super girl?

Or, Harley Quinn...

Harry put the fantasy aside, and went to another place, where a machine was scanning a dark golden scepter to detect its ingredients.

The results show that this kind of energy does not belong to the earth.


"This kind of energy is really unprecedented." Dr. Connors looked over there blankly.

"Of course, this is an item from outside the earth."


Hearing the sound, Connors turned around and said hello immediately.

He remembered what Harry had been admonishing before, and looked awe-inspiring: "There are really no aliens going to attack the earth, right?"

"Yes, you will be available soon to attract more attention for our company."

Although money and fame are meaningless to him.

But why not have something at your fingertips?

"So, the Infinite Energy Hero Group, is this the name of our organization?"


Jessica murmured on the side: "I told you to listen to me, how good is the invincible combat group."

Several people were speechless: "..."